Digital Marketing Career Growth & Scope in 2024 & Beyond

Updated on: Jan 31, 2023
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Are you looking to start a career in digital marketing and are confused about how it works? In this blog, we’re going to help you understand the digital marketing career growth for each job role and how you can do it. 

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Wondering why so many people are inclined toward digital marketing today? Here’s a small sneak peek into the scope of digital marketing which makes it such a lucrative option for businesses as well as career-oriented individuals. 

Scope of Digital Marketing in India in 2023

Everyone has heard about digital marketing in the last two years. With the impact of Covid – 19 and the restrictions that followed, the usage of digital technology has skyrocketed.

According to Statista there were over 658 million internet users in India in 2022 and is expected to grow to over 970 million by 2025.

Take a look at the graphical representation below:

digital marketing career growth - scope of digital marketing


Isn’t it mind-boggling? We’re not done yet, though! This graphic above is simply another example of the future potential of digital marketing, and in case you didn’t know, India is the world’s second-largest internet market as of 2019.

Not only can businesses reach a vast audience over the internet, but with digital marketing, you can reach them through various channels and approaches. Thus, the scope of digital marketing is very promising. 

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If you’re a fresher with the relevant skills, a job in digital marketing allows you to work from home or perhaps earn well-paying employment.

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Now, let’s look at digital marketing career growth for each job role. 

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Digital Marketing Career Growth For Each Digital Marketing Role in Detail 

We’ll go through the hierarchy in order of all the posts available under each profession, as well as the responsibilities that come with them.

1. Social Media Marketing

digital marketing career growth - social media marketing

The profession includes a range of tasks, such as creating content for social media, including written postings, videos, and photos. 

  • Social Media Intern

You can begin as a social media intern, where you will be responsible for tasks such as content creation, social media posting, audience engagement, and more.

  • Social Media Assistant/ Coordinator

Later on, you may be promoted to a social media assistant/ coordinator, where you will be responsible for doing competitive brand or market research, designing and implementing business-driven social media initiatives, and more.

  • Social Media Executive. 

A social media executive is responsible for developing interesting, creative, and original material for regularly scheduled postings.

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  • Social Media Manager/Community Manager

You’ll manage an organization’s online presence as a social media manager by creating a plan, creating good content, analysing use statistics, enabling customer support, and managing projects and campaigns.

  • Social Media Analyst

Analyzing user participation (e.g. click-through and bounce rates) Web traffic reporting for all social media. By incorporating keyword priority into content marketing initiatives, you can build and support SEO strategies.

Social media marketing managers may make up to 5 lakh per year, social media executives up to 3 lakh per year, and social media specialists up to 4.7 lakh per year.

Some of the popular social media platforms that are used to promote brands are Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter and Pinterest.

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2. Search Engine Optimization

digital marketing career growth - seo

Search engine optimization, or SEO, is a digital marketing approach that focuses on the visibility of your website in search engine results page in Google. 

You may use several techniques to enhance your visibility (or how high you rank) by conducting keyword research, writing informative and quality rich content, backlinking and more.

  • Seo Intern

Basic SEO methods should be learned (keyword research, link acquisition, and on-site optimization). Google Analytics, Google Webmaster Tools, and Bing Webmaster Tools are all tools that an intern should be familiar with.

  • Seo Analyst

Analyzing and finding gaps in website content, optimizing pages for enhanced search results, developing links, and monitoring content production are all tasks of an SEO analyst.

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  • Seo Strategist/ Specialist

A Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Specialist is in charge of evaluating, reviewing, and implementing modifications to websites in order to make them search-engine friendly.

The specialist increases the number of visitors to a website by increasing its search engine ranking.

  • Seo Manager

Creating and implementing search engine optimization (SEO) methods that work. Content, design, social media, pay-per-click (PPC) marketing, and other activities are all coordinated. 

Managing and reporting on off-site and on-site optimization initiatives are the responsibilities of a Seo manager.

SEO Strategist/ Specialists may expect to make upwards of 2 lakh per year, while SEO Managers can expect to earn a minimum of 3-4 lakhs per year. However, if you have a few years of experience, you will most likely experience a rise in your income.

There are several tools available to help you optimize your content, like seomofo, keyword anywhere, and ubersuggest.

Get Started Here: Online SEO Course if you want to pursue a career in the field of SEO and want to improve your skills.

3. Content Marketing

digital marketing career growth - content marketing

Content marketing is a marketing strategy for attracting and acquiring a clearly defined audience through the creation and distribution of useful, relevant, and consistent content with the goal of driving valuable customer action.

You can use tools such as Grammarly, google ads keyword planner, canvas and many more.

  • Content Marketing Intern

Curate, research, write and publish the blog and press releases. Conduct keyword research and outreach, write email newsletter and website copies and incorporate researched keywords into all articles.

  • Content Marketing Strategist

A content marketing strategist is a person who is in charge of developing or collaborating on strategy. Their role is to assist with the launch of marketing initiatives and the measurement of outcomes, which may then be used to guide future strategic decisions.

  • Content Marketing Specialist 

A content marketing specialist is someone who is in charge of creating, editing, and generating material for online campaigns.

  • Content Marketing Executive

Create a digital cross-platform content strategy that supports the company’s goals and reflects its values. To develop content that increases the reach of marketing efforts, familiarise yourself with brand principles and digital channels.

  • Content Marketing Manager

Content Marketing Managers are in charge of designing, planning, and implementing the company’s entire content strategy. They are in charge of overseeing the development and production of online and offline marketing material.

Salary packages vary depending on expertise, but content marketing specialists may expect to earn around 3 lakhs, while content managers can expect to earn around 5 lakhs per annum.

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4. Search Engine Marketing/ Pay Per Click Marketing

digital marketing career growth - search engine marketing/ pay per click

Search engine marketing or PPC refers to marketing activities conducted entirely on the Internet. Businesses pay for their advertisements to display alongside search queries in search engines through search engine marketing.

  • PPC Specialist

As a PPC specialist, you’ll collaborate with internal and external stakeholders to create and design a variety of PPC campaigns across a number of digital platforms. supervising current efforts and providing suggestions for how to improve them.

  • PPC Manager

Creating and implementing successful PPC campaigns to achieve short- and long-term goals and ROI, managing PPC budgets, and growing and strengthening platform accounts and critical partnerships.

Tracking daily, weekly & monthly KPI’s to identify opportunities for improvement in performance & regularly reporting to management.

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The salary packages expected can be between 3-20 lakhs annually depending on the experience and role they hold.

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5. Paid Media

digital marketing career growth - paid media

Paid media is a type of digital marketing that allows businesses to promote their content through paid search results, video commercials, display adverts, and paid social media postings.

Paid social techniques are frequently used to boost followers, interactions, clicks, and views by precisely targeting audiences based on demographics, regions, interests, and other factors.

A Paid Media Intern collaborates with management to use social media channels and advertisements to raise brand recognition. the job may also involve analysing engagement rates and more.

Competitor research is one of the responsibilities, as is conceiving, planning, and implementing a thorough paid media campaign that moves prospects through the buyer’s journey.

Analyzing sponsored posts on Facebook, Instagram, and other popular social media platforms is also a part of the job.

A paid media executive is responsible for managing and running paid ads and campaigns. Managing the company’s social media accounts. Collaborating with the paid media manager in strategizing future social media advertising campaigns.

A paid marketing manager is in charge of the paid marketing performance, which includes assessing budgets, implementing marketing strategies, and supervising and assisting marketing team members.

Get Started Here: Online Facebook & Instagram Ads Course taught by industry experts coupled with live projects, group discussions and more.

6. Affiliate Marketing

digital marketing career growth - affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is the practice of making money (commissions) by promoting and selling a company’s products or services. You are only compensated when you make a sale, much like a commission-only salesperson.

  • Affiliate Marketing Associate

Develop and implement a comprehensive affiliate marketing strategy. Existing affiliate/partnership connections should be nurtured. Negotiate and manage affiliate and network contracts and commission arrangements.

  • Affiliate Marketing Executive

Responsibilities include creating and supporting affiliates, partners, and broader digital marketing channels. Support senior management with affiliate and partner marketing efforts by optimising existing networks and identifying new possibilities with new partners.

  • Affiliate Marketing Manager

The job of Affiliate Marketing Manager includes overseeing all aspects of the company’s external and internal affiliate programmes, including conceptualization, launch, maintenance, trafficking, marketing, reporting, optimization, and analysis.

7. Digital Marketing Consultant

As a digital marketing consultant, you’d have a broad understanding of all areas of digital marketing that must be integrated into the marketing strategy.

The independent digital marketing consultant is in charge of planning, organising, directing, coordinating, and managing all parts of the client’s marketing strategy, including marketing, advertising, and promotions.

The digital marketing consultant might also help with branding and brand recognition in order to increase brand and consumer loyalty.

We’re all aware that digital marketing has exploded in popularity in recent years, as has the demand for digital marketers.

Companies large and small have begun to transition from traditional to digital marketing methods since they have been shown to provide better results and provide more bang for your buck.

You can opt to work as a consultant, in which case you’d do an initial assessment of the company’s general marketing goals (or lack thereof), then design an overall marketing plan with action items to be put to the marketing calendar.

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And, given the rise in demand, we feel you should not pass up such fantastic employment possibilities.

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How Can You Accelerate Your Digital Marketing Career Growth? 

One of the recommended ways to accelerate your digital marketing career growth is to learn digital marketing from scratch up to the advanced levels.

With dozens of courses and videos available, getting started in digital marketing and upskilling yourself might be intimidating. They give excellent information and cover a wide range of topics, yet they lack the most crucial aspect of teaching.

And that is structured learning. So one sure-shot way of getting starting in digital marketing & building a career for yourself is with this 11-month Digital Marketing MBA

Why? Because this program offers a compulsory 2-month internship and a guaranteed placement assurance with an average CTC of 4+ LPA. And you will be trained and mastered in your skill niche as well by industry experts & leaders. 

So not only do you learn core concepts from practising individuals, but you will also be involved in live projects to gain practical knowledge and later on bag internships & jobs too! It’s an all-in-one opportunity for you.

Get in touch with our excellent team of counsellors at to understand what IIDE has to offer. 

That is all for our blog on digital marketing career growth. We hope you enjoyed and learned a lot from it.

Be sure to leave your feedback down below and let us know if we missed out on anything.


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