Top 10 Digital Marketing Courses in Lucknow with Details 2023

Updated on: Mar 31, 2023
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If you’re looking for the best digital marketing courses in Lucknow, then you’re search ends here!

In this blog, we’ve listed the 10 best digital marketing courses in Lucknow including course details such as curriculum, duration, fees, placements, and more.

Why learn digital marketing in Lucknow?

Digital marketing is now crucial for all businesses, including startups, in fast-growing cities like Lucknow. Services like SEO, social media marketing, and website development are in high demand.

As companies switch to digital marketing tactics, they need digital marketers to help them maintain their market position. Due to the high demand for digital marketers, salaries in this field are generous, and the scope of digital marketing is immense.

Digital marketing connects companies with their clients online and improves brand visibility and credibility. 

Before we dive into this list of best digital marketing training in Lucknow, let’s take a look at the job market for digital marketers in Lucknow:

Digital marketing jobs in Lucknow


Now is the right time to look for a digital marketing course to kick-start your career in digital marketing.

If you’re a fresh graduate looking for postgraduation courses or a working professional who wants to upskill, I suggest you check out our extensive guide on MBA in Digital Marketing in India in 2023. Or you can proceed to the shortlisted top 10 digital marketing courses in Lucknow.  

What Makes an Ideal Digital Marketing Course?

Choosing a digital marketing course can be overwhelming. This blog helps you narrow down your options. Any digital marketing course offering these benefits will assure you a great return on investment and significant career growth.

AI Integrated Tools And Syllabus

AI-integrated syllabus ensures that you are on par with AI tools that are currently widely used in the industry. It provides you with both concept and hands-on experience on how to use various AI tools to automate your digital marketing efforts.

✅Interview Prep

Securing a job in the digital marketing field is a breeze with dedicated interview preparation. Gain valuable tips, insights, and practice sessions to boost your confidence and increase your chances of acing that crucial interview.

✅ Module-Specific Professors

Since digital marketing covers a vast number of topics, it’s important that every module is taught by subject matter experts. Make sure that for every new topic, there is a different instructor who can teach you the basic and advanced sections of the topic.

✅1:1 Mentoring

Ensuring your queries are promptly addressed is crucial for a fruitful learning journey. Look for a course that offers personalized doubt resolution and 1-1 mentoring. By having a dedicated guide throughout, you’ll receive clarity and support whenever necessary.

✅Dedicated Hiring Portal

A dedicated hiring portal connects you directly with potential employers. Browse job listings, submit applications, and kickstart your digital marketing career seamlessly. This invaluable resource streamlines the job search process, giving you a competitive edge in the market.

✅Offline Lectures

Interacting face-to-face with instructors and peers fosters a sense of community and immediate feedback. For some learners, the structured routine of attending physical classes enhances discipline and accountability. Embracing offline classes can be a refreshing and effective way to absorb knowledge.

✅Mandatory Internships

Mandatory Internships provide students with practical, hands-on experience in their chosen field, helping them bridge the gap between theory and practice. Internships are a great way for students to build their resumes and get real-world experience in their careers.

Later in the blog, we cover how you can use these benefits to understand a perfect match for your requirements as a digital marketing aspirant. Let’s now look at the top institutes and the features offered by their courses.

Top 10 Digital Marketing Courses in Lucknow with Benefits

Here’s an overview of the top 11 digital marketing courses in Lucknow with the features they offer.

Course Benefits Matrix Ai Integrated Syllabus Module Specific Instructors 1:1 Mentoring Interview Prep Dedicated Hiring Portal Mandatory Internships Offline lectures
IIDE – The Digital School

Knowledge Hut


Let’s look at the Top Digital Marketing Course providers in Lucknow individually with their syllabus, duration, fees, and course highlights.

1. IIDE – The Digital School


IIDE is India’s leading digital marketing institute that offers various Online Digital Marketing Courses. Since its inception in 2016, IIDE has trained more than 2,35,000 learners in digital marketing, giving them an opportunity to make a high-paying digital marketing career in this competitive industry.

Not just college students & fresh graduates, in fact, IIDE courses are also highly preferred by working professionals and small business owners who are either looking to upskill or switch their career to digital marketing.

So, why do we rank IIDE #1 on the list?

Of all the reasons why IIDE stands out, one of the major reasons is the recognition they have earned by the World Education Congress as well as the Indian Education Congress for the “Best Digital Marketing Institute” award.

Digital Marketing Courses - Indian & World Education Congress Awards

Digital Marketing Courses - Indian & World Education Congress Awards

Apart from their excellent placement track record and a student-centric culture, an important reason to include the first is their practical approach to learning. They use a blended training method to ensure all students learn the right skills with the right application methods.

A unique teaching method is adopted by IIDE to personalize the learning process. Here’s what it entails.

Learning Methodology

Step 1: Start with Video Lectures

Step 2: Attend Live Online Sessions

Step 3: Book A Mentor

Step 4: In-Class Presentations

Their unique method or their hybrid learning model (as they call it) starts with a series of high-quality online video courses, followed by weekly live training sessions, custom-tailored 1-on-1 mentoring sessions, and in-class presentations.

Digital Marketing Courses - IIDE Course Brochure
Digital Marketing Courses - IIDE Course Brochure


Courses Offered

IIDE offers the following online certifications in digital marketing:

Here’s a brief comparison of both the online courses:

Duration 4 Months 6 Months
Live Projects & Assignments 4 7
Certifications Offered Yes Yes
Placement Assistance Yes Yes
Interpersonal & Corporate Skills Yes Yes
Agency & Leadership Skills No Yes
Project Management No Yes
Case Studies from Harvard Business Review No Yes
Simulation from Harvard Business Review No Yes


Digital Marketing Courses - IIDE Course Curriculum



Courses Modules Covered
Advance &
Professional Course
● Brand Truth: Marketing Fundamentals
● Customer Journey: AIDA Funnel
● Presentation Skills
● Introduction to Agencies & Departments
Advance &
Professional Course
Search Marketing
● Website Basics
● Search Engine Optimisation
● Google Ads
● E-Commerce
● Corporate Soft Skills
● Reporting & Excel Training
Advance &
Professional Course
Social Marketing
● Social Media Organic
● Brand Reputation Management
● Social Media Paid
● Influencer Marketing
● Resume & LinkedIn Profile Building
Advance &
Professional Course
Growth & Analytics
● Lead Generation & Nurturing
● Google Analytics
● Capstone Project
● Interview Preparation
● Mock Interviews
Exclusively in
Professional Course
Planning & Strategy
● Media Planning
● Conversion Rate Optimization
● Customer Relationship Management
● Blogging, AdSense & Affiliate Marketing
● Freelancing Economics & Overview
● Portfolio & Personal Brand Building
Exclusively in
Professional Course
Agency Skills
● Art of Pitching
● Client Servicing
● Campaign Planning
● Project Management
● Harvard Multimedia Case Study
● Leadership & Conflict Resolution Skills
● Masterclass: Economics of Digital Marketing


Digital Marketing Courses - IIDE Course Curriculum
Digital Marketing Courses - IIDE Course Curriculum


Course Faculty

PCDMS Trainers


Marketing Tools You’ll Master

A digital marketer’s day includes strategizing & executing those strategies with the help of tools. Mastering tools, both digital marketing & artificial intelligence (AI), that will fasten your progress as a digital marketer, is included in IIDE’s online digital marketing course.

Some of the marketing tools IIDE learners will master are:

IIDE Digital Marketing Tools


AI Tools You’ll Master

With AI revolutionizing industries, it’s crucial to be proficient in AI tools. IIDE empowers its students with the expertise and knowledge to effectively leverage AI-powered tools for impactful marketing campaigns and maximized ROI.

IIDE AI Digital Marketing Tools


Placement Assistance

IIDE offers 100% placement assistance to everyone who opts for it. Apart from connecting learners with big agencies & global brands, they also provide placement workshops such as AI-based mock interviews, soft skills & agency skills training, etc to make you corporate-ready.

Some of the brands where IIDE alumni have worked at are:


Here’s what students have to say about IIDE:


Course Duration and Fees

Here’s a table showing the duration and fees of the online digital marketing courses:

IIDE’s Online Courses Duration Fees (INR) Scholarships
Advanced Certification in Digital Marketing (ACDM) 4 months ₹1,15,000 upto ₹15,000*
Professional Certification in Digital Marketing & Strategy (PCDMS) 6 months ₹1,60,000 upto ₹30,000*
Digital Marketing Courses - IIDE Scholarships
Digital Marketing Courses - IIDE Scholarships


Contact Details

Phone Number: +91 96199 58615
Email ID: [email protected]

2. Simplilearn

Digital marketing courses in Lucknow - Simplilearn logo

Founded in 2009, Simplilearn is a renowned platform for Digital Training Skills. It focuses on helping people to acquire skills that they need to thrive in the Digital Economy. They provide training in fields like Cyber Security, Cloud Computing, Project Management, Digital Marketing, and Data Science. Headquartered in San Francisco, CA they have helped many professionals and companies get trained and upskill.

Their practical and applied approach has resulted in learners reporting career benefits including promotions and new jobs after completing the training.           

Course Syllabus

  • Mastering SEO, Content Marketing, PPC, and Digital Analytics
  • Mastering Social Media, Mobile Marketing, and Digital Strategy
  • Advanced Web Analytics
  • Advanced Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Advanced Pay Per Click (PPC) Program
  • Advanced Social Media (With Facebook Blueprint Voucher)
  • Digital Marketing Capstone

Course Duration and Fees

The course takes 12 months to complete. The program fees are approximately INR 64,200      

Course Highlights

  • Certifications
  • Co-created with Facebook
  • 45+ Projects and Case studies
  • Career mentoring
  • Resume assistance
  • Job assistance

Contact Details

Phone: 1800-212-7688
Address: NALANDA 53/1 C, Manoj Arcade, 24th Main Rd, Sector 2, HSR Layout, Bengaluru – 560102, Karnataka, India.

3. Upgrad 

Digital marketing courses in Lucknow - Upgrad logo

Online higher education company UpGrad offers degrees and certificates in digital marketing and other fields such as IT, accounting, and management from top universities all over the world. The purpose of the program is to help working adults and students upskill while continuing to study and work at the same time. This course will help students in getting an understanding of SEO, SMM, and other digital skills required in the field of marketing.

Course Syllabus

  • Digital Marketing Landscape
  • Digital Channels Deep Dive – I
  • Digital Channels Deep Dive – II
  • Marketing Analytics and Integrated Strategy
  • Capstone Project and e-Commerce Bootcamp
  • Specialization in Branding and Communications
  • Specialization in Marketing Analytics
  • Specialization in Social Media and Content Marketing
  • Specialization in Marketing Communications (Focus on PR)

Course Duration and Fees

This digital marketing course comprises 32-weeks of learning with 80+ tools and 4 specializations. Kindly visit the website for information regarding the fees structure as they differ according to the specializations.

Course Highlights

  • Certifications from MICA and Facebook
  • 15 Case Studies and Live Projects
  • MICA Alumni Status
  • Video Library with 80+ Tools
  • Fortnightly Coaching by Industry Mentors
  • Personalized Resume Feedback
  • Mock Interviews by Hiring Managers
  • No Cost EMI Option 

Contact Details

Phone:  1800 210 2020
Email: [email protected]

4. DigiTrend

Digital marketing courses in Lucknow - Digitrend logo

Digitrend is a reputed digital marketing institute provider that offers digital marketing courses in Lucknow. The principal aim of this institute is to bridge the gap between the industry’s needs for digital marketers and the trained talent available by providing practical training. They offer courses via online mode as well. Let’s look at their course details. 

Course Syllabus:

  1. Internet Basics & Web Development
  2. Google Ads Fundamentals
  3. Google Analytics
  4. SEO
  5. Social Media Optimisation
  6. Photoshop & Infographics
  7. Content & Inbound Marketing
  8. Adsense & Affiliate Marketing
  9. Email Marketing
  10. Blogging
  11. YouTube

Course Duration & Fees: 

They offer a digital marketing course for 6 months. The course fee is INR 45,000. 

Course Highlights:

  • Internship
  • Live Project Training
  • Certifications

Contact Details:

Address: IMRT College, Vipul Khand 6, Vipul Khand, Gomti Nagar, Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh 226010

5. Slide Scope

Slide Scope Logo - Digital Marketing Courses in Lucknow

Slide Scope is a professional training institute and software development firm. Their aim is to provide an extremely professional and powerful digital medium for marketing, trade, technology,  educational research and projects. They provide job-oriented training suited for students, job seekers and freshers. They are a team of experienced and skilled professionals belonging from the digital marketing field. They provide one of the top digital marketing courses in Lucknow.

Course Syllabus:

  1. Search Engine Marketing 
  2. Social Media Optimization
  3. Social Media Marketing
  4. Content Marketing 
  5. Inbound Marketing 
  6.  Influencer Marketing
  7. Local Business Listings
  8. Discussion forum management
  9. Business directory listings
  10. Classified ad listings
  11. Google AdWords Ad Setup
  12. Data Analytics 
  13. Bing and Google Webmasters Tools – Practical Training
  14.  website creation
  15. Video Marketing
  16. Email Marketing
  17. Push Notifications Marketing
  18. Strategy Planning and Execution for Campaigns
  19. Introduction to cPanel of hosting
  20. Graphic Designing

Course Duration and Fees:

It offers a digital marketing course for 3-6 months.  To learn about their fees, you can contact them using the contact information given below. 

Courses Highlights:

  • 100% Placement Assistance
  • 8+ certificates
  • Live Campaigns

Contact Details:

Phone Number: +91 8604000569
Address: Sector 3 Vikas Nagar, Lucknow – 226022.
E-mail: [email protected]

6. Learning Institute Of Internet Marketing

LIIM Logo - Digital Marketing Courses in Lucknow

LIIM is one of the best institutes providing digital marketing courses in Lucknow. They provide classroom training for web marketing which covers all concepts of online marketing. With the help of their expert faculty, they provide quality training and conduct sessions on live projects. They have small batches to provide personal attention to the students.

Course Syllabus:

  1. Search Engine Optimization
  2. Search Engine Marketing
  3. Keywords Analysis
  4. Search Engine Algorithms
  5. Website Analysis
  6. Competitor Analysis
  7. Google Analytics
  8. Google Webmaster
  9. Google AdWords
  10. Google Pay Per Click (PPC)
  11. Blogging
  12. Email Marketing
  13. Facebook Advertising
  14. Linkedin Advertising
  15. YouTube Video Advertising
  16. Twitter Ads
  17. How to Create Campaigns
  18. How to Create Websites

Course Duration and Fees:

It offers a digital marketing course for a duration of 3 months. To learn about their fees, you can contact them using the contact information given below. 

Course Highlights:

  • 100% Job Placement
  • Learn from Industry Experts
  • Practical Training
  • No Batch System

Contact Details:

Phone: 987837635
Address: 1/79, virat khand -1, gomti nagar, Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh 22010.
E-mail: [email protected]

7. Escalera Technologies

Escalera Technologies Logo - Digital Marketing Courses in Lucknow

Escalera provides you the best digital marketing courses in Lucknow via classroom training. Escalera technologies provides quality and practical training with live project opportunities. Their faculty is a team of highly qualified professionals, and the course syllabus is designed keeping the latest digital marketing trends in mind. They guarantee 100% job placement assistance to their students.

Course Syllabus:

  1. Digital Marketing Basics
  2. Basics of Search Engine Optimization
  3. Search Engine Marketing [SEM]
  4. Google Analytics for SEO
  5. Google Webmaster Tools
  6. Keywords Research and Analysis
  7. Social Media Marketing [SMM]
  8. Video Marketing
  9. Facebook Advertising
  10. Email Marketing
  11. LinkedIn Marketing
  12. Video Marketing using YouTube
  13. On-Page Optimization
  14. Twitter Marketing
  15. Reports and Management
  16. Shopping Campaign
  17. Link Building Strategies

Course Duration & Fees:

They offer a digital marketing course for 3-3.5 months. To learn about their fees, you can contact them using the contact information given below. 

Course Highlights:

  • 100% Job Assistance 
  • Opportunity to Work With them

Contact Details:

Phone: +91 8960655666, 9453937447
Address: second floor, 1/132, Kursi Road Vikas Nagar, Lucknow – 226022, Uttar Pradesh, India.
E-mail: [email protected]

8. Promosys Technology:

Promosys Technology Logo - Digital Marketing Courses in Lucknow

Promosys Technology utilises an innovative approach in their digital marketing training. They also provide 100% job placement to the professionals. It is one of the best digital marketing training institutes in Lucknow with one of the best digital marketing courses in Lucknow.

Course Syllabus: 

  1. Digital Marketing Overview
  2. Search Engine Optimization
  3. Social Media Optimization
  4. Social Media Marketing
  5. PPC with Google Adwords
  6. Inbound Marketing
  7. Leads & Traffic Generation
  8. Affiliate Marketing
  9. Online Reputation Management
  10.  EMail marketing
  11.  Bing PPC
  12.  Video Marketing
  13.  Mobile marketing
  14.  Google Adsense
  15.  Blogging
  16.  Wordpress Website
  17.  Content Marketing
  18.  E-Commerce Marketing
  19.  Google Webmaster Tool
  20.  Google Analytics Tool

Course Duration & Fees:

They offer both individual courses for 2-4 months. To learn about their fees, you can contact them using the contact information given below. 

Course Highlights:

  • Digital Book
  • Free Software
  • Online Support
  • 1 Year Membership
  • Live Project
  • Career Counselling
  • Domain Reg & Hosting
  • How to Crack an Interview
  • Professional CV Template
  • 100% Job Assistance

Contact Details:

Phone: 078804-64999, 07880463999, 075239-19999
Address: 2nd floor Shiva Palace 2/1 Vikas Khand Near  BSNL Office Manoj Pandey Chauraha Gomti Nagar Lucknow 226010
E-mail: [email protected]

9. EduPristine 

Digital marketing courses in Lucknow - Edupristine logo

Started in 2007 EduPristine is an online and offline education provider which invites professional experts of digital marketing from all around the globe to provide the advanced skills necessary for a digital marketer.

Headquartered in the United States, EduPristine is a member of Adtalem Global Education (NYSE: ATGE).

Course Syllabus

  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Mobile Marketing and Optimization»
  • SEM
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Marketing Automation
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Funnel Marketing and Growth Hacking
  • Web Analytics
  • Content Marketing
  • Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)
  • Soft Skill Training

Course Duration and Fees

Kindly contact EduPristine or visit their website to know about the course duration and fees.

Course Highlights 

  • Live Onboarding Session
  • 100 hrs Instructor-led Online Training
  • 15 hrs Soft Skill Training
  • Self-paced Learning Content
  • Case Study for Real-Life Practice
  • 1 Domain Name
  • 1 Business Email Account
  • Assured 6 Months Web Hosting
  • 1 Live Website Deployment
  • Prepare for International Certifications
  • 24*7 LMS access with a 1-year validity
  • Experienced and Passionate Trainers
  • Dedicated Discussion Forums
  • After Course Engagement (ACE)
  • Placement Assistance

Contact Details

Phone: 1800 200 5835
Email: [email protected]

10. Knowledge Hut

Digital marketing courses in Lucknow - Knowledge hut logo

Knowledge Hut helps professionals from a variety of industries and sectors to develop new skills and apply them in a variety of ways within the global corporate world. In addition, the school offers courses in industries such as technology and digital media. Also in creative and practical ways, the organization offers high-value training.

Through workshops conducted by industry experts, the company ignites minds and motivates professionals to overcome obstacles. 

Course Syllabus 

  • Introduction to Digital Marketing
    • Business strategy and marketing
    • Brand strategy
  • Marketing Analytics
    • Introduction to marketing analytics
    • Excel, Statistics and Data Visualization
    • Metrics, Sources, and Statistics
    • Segmentation, Targeting, and Tracking
    • Testing & Experimentation
    • Budgeting & Planning
    • Presenting & Storytelling
    • Mid-course lab
  • Acquiring and Engaging Users
    • UX Fundamentals & Trends
    • Developing a content strategy
    • Activation & Retention
    • Email Marketing
    • Search Marketing
    • Social Media Management & Influencer Marketing
    • Facebook Advertising
    • Twitter, LinkedIn & Display Advertising
    • Final Presentations

Course Duration and Fees

The duration of the course is 16 hours of interactive online training. Kindly contact the institute to know about their fee structure.

Courses Highlights

  • 16 hours intensive and interactive course on Digital marketing
  • Learn the strategies needed to improve the reach of your business
  • Understand what works and what does not
  • Get comprehensive training from marketing gurus
  • Learn from real-world examples and case studies
  • Get downloadable courseware and course credits

Contact Details                                   

Phone:  +91-84484-45027 / 1800-121-9232
Email: [email protected]

Things to Keep in Mind While Choosing a Course

If you are struggling to find which digital marketing course suits you, you are not alone. To help you figure it out below are some questions you should ask yourself. Answering these questions will help you narrow down your choices and help you choose the right course that’ll help you achieve your career objectives.

Demo Lecture

Many course providers often offer free demo lectures. You should take one to get a better understanding of their teaching style, course content, and instructor expertise. It can be a great opportunity for you to ask questions to the instructor and get feedback from them.

If you are taking a highly advanced course, taking a demo lecture can be a great way for you to decide if you’re ready for the challenge. It also helps you to gauge the credibility of a course before actually enrolling in one.

Industry Relevant Syllabus

Syllabus is an integral part of any course which is why you should always make sure it is on par with the latest industry trends and best practices. By thoroughly reviewing the syllabus, you can easily determine if it aligns with your needs and expectations, ensuring a fruitful learning experience.

With AI rapidly transforming the field of digital marketing, it is also essential for a digital marketing course to cover AI in its syllabus.

Institutions Reviews & Ratings

When enrolling in a course, it is always a good idea to read reviews from other students. You can also check if the institution has been ranked by any reputable publications. High rankings and positive reviews are indicators of a quality course.

On the other hand, if the course has negative reviews such as a track record of low placement rates or if it lacks recognition from reputable industry players, you may want to reconsider your choice.

To Conclude

If you aren’t comfortable moving out of your house considering the pandemic, you can still advance in your career by joining us. If you wish to learn specific digital marketing skills and create a niche in it, do check out IIDE’s short-term certification courses in digital marketing!

However, for our readers who prefer classroom training, we hope you found our list of the top 6 digital marketing courses in Lucknow useful. 

We wish you all the best in your digital career and all your future endeavours.

Now that we’ve looked at the best courses for digital marketing training in Lucknow, let’s look at some common questions.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Which institute provides the best digital marketing courses in Lucknow?

Ans: As we have mentioned in the listicle above, IIDE’s Online Digital Marketing Course is the best if you want to pursue a career in digital marketing. IIDE provides live online lectures with 1-1 mentoring sessions to help students get a thorough understanding of digital marketing topics.

Q. What is the fee for a digital marketing course in Lucknow?

Ans: The fee for a digital marketing course would range between INR 10,000 to INR 5,00,000 depending on the level of the course you choose and the institute you do it from. The fee for IIDE’s Online Digital Marketing Course is INR 1,15,000. IIDE also offers merit-based scholarships up to INR 20,000, and 0% EMI options so that you can get the best digital marketing education without any compromise. 

Q. What is the eligibility for digital marketing courses in Lucknow?

Ans: Different institutes have different eligibility requirements for digital marketing. Class 12 passing certificates are usually required for the certification course. In contrast, you need a graduation degree from a university-recognized college to take a postgraduate digital marketing course.

Q. What is the salary of a digital marketer in Lucknow?

Ans: The average salary of a digital marketer in Lucknow is INR 17,700 per month for a fresher. The salary of a Digital Marketing Manager with 5 years of experience is INR 3.5 LPA on average. This depends on the organization’s size, level of expertise, and experience of the professional.

Q. Is digital marketing a good career in Lucknow?

Ans: There is no doubt that digital marketing is a good career choice. A fast-growing industry, Digital Marketing offers exciting opportunities and challenges. The rewards of skilled employees are great, and their careers progress faster. It doesn’t matter if you’re creative, tech-driven, or analytical, there’s a place for you in digital marketing.


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