Why digital marketing jobs for freshers?

As a fresher, you might be drawn to a digital marketing job for many reasons. 

Digital marketing is more than a mere buzzword these days, it is the future of marketing (growing at a double-digit rate of 25-30% per year!) and is here to stay. As a fresher, a digital marketing job is also extremely attractive, because this industry is fast-paced, exciting, well-paying and offers a rather accelerated career path. Also, with promising digital marketing agencies springing up in Mumbai and around India at a rapid rate, you will be spoilt for choice regarding where to work. 

But to land your very first digital marketing job as a fresher, you need to be equipped with some pre-existing knowledge. What will give you that competitive edge over a pool of freshers vying for the same digital marketing jobs?

Here are 7 ways in which you, as a fresher, can land the ideal digital marketing job:  

1. Make Sure Your Resume Is In Prime Condition

This is your first point of contact when you apply for a digital marketing job as a fresher. Your resume needs to be clear, to-the-point and strictly one page.

It might be useful to follow the ‘STAR’ format while writing the content of your resume. Lay out a situation, a related task that was your responsibility, the actions you carried out to complete that task, and the results that followed. 

Don’t worry if you do not have much experience as a fresher, but be sure to outline related digital marketing internships, college courses you might have taken and digital marketing skills you might have acquired. 

2. Load Up On Those Digital Marketing Internships

Whether you on-board as a designer, account manager or copywriter, you might envision working with the coolest and most aspirational brands. But it always helps if you have prior experience working on quality campaigns for clients.

As a fresher, your way to do this is through digital marketing internships. So even when you are studying, you’re ensuring that you gain relevant experience. Most digital marketing agencies in Mumbai offer 3-month internships to freshers. You can be guaranteed that the work will be hands-on – you won’t just be getting coffee for your manager!

3. Find A Mentor In The Digital Marketing Industry

You are more likely to get internship news and even recommendations if you have a mentor or two in the digital marketing industry. This mentor might be someone with years of experience as a digital marketer, or may currently be working at one of your dream agencies.

Understand from him how an agency works, and what to expect in your first digital marketing job as a fresher. He will also be able to give you first-hand insights from the campaigns he has worked on, and knowledge of internship opportunities while you are still a student.

4. Do Your Research Thoroughly

Before you dive into the digital marketing world, do thorough research on the digital marketing jobs that are out there. 

Of course, you can start with lists like these. But we would recommend going a little deeper and understanding the different types of agencies that exist, and which would be a better fit for you. Do you want to work in a creative agency? A media agency? A full-service digital agency?

The more you know, the more likely you are to enjoy your first digital marketing job as a fresher.

5. Understand The Specific Role You Want To Have

Digital marketing jobs are of several types, and as a fresher, you might end up in a role that is not quite right for you. So your research should also include the various digital marketing skills that exist, in order to identify which skill-set you want to develop.

Here are some of the different areas you could specialise in:

  • Social media marketing
  • SEO and web design/development
  • Email marketing
  • Online reputation management
  • Design
  • Content marketing
  • Paid marketing

Although inter-related, each area requires a different set of skills – which brings us to our next point.

6. Learn The Digital Skills You Need Before-hand

Whatever your role, it is worthwhile learning the requisite digital skills like social media before-hand. You can do this through an online digital marketing course or intensive, hands-on learning that you would receive in an institution like IIDE. IIDE’s School of Digital Marketing has digital marketing courses that will make you future-ready through live projects, interactive learning, insightful case studies and more – getting you prepared for whatever your first ever digital marketing job has to offer.

Also, if you apply to digital marketing agencies with a certification like this, you are more likely to be interviewed for meatier roles and attract higher salary packages.

7. Know That A Lot Of Your Learning Will Be On The Job

Taking a digital marketing course to learn the skills you need for your first job as a fresher is always useful. In fact, we would go as far as to say it is almost necessary!

However, you will also learn a lot on the job. As a fresher, this is a good thing, especially if you are an account manager. From client pitching skills to client management skills, you will learn with every failed or successful campaign.

You will also learn a lot from your seniors, as an agency is quite a horizontal structure. Usually, you can feel free to approach your managers and seniors with as much freedom as you would your peers. Use this to your advantage, and try and get as many brainstorming sessions with a senior you admire as possible. Observing how their ideas take shape and form will be of invaluable importance to you as you progress in your career. 

How to get started?

These are the seven things you need to know before you enter your first digital marketing job as a fresher. If you want to know more about digital marketing and how you can make your mark in this world, the IIDE blog is a good place to start.

And if you want to begin applying that knowledge to the real world, check out IIDE’s courses to bring you one step closer to bagging your dream digital marketing job as a fresher.