Resume and Essentials of a Resume

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How To Write A Resume: Essentials Of A Resume

What if someone asks you ‘write in short what you are, how you are?’ Think of a resume like this. A deaf super busy billionaire is looking for a new CEO for his global company. The yearly salary for this position was going to be 1.5 million dollars. The billionaire knew that a lot of candidates would apply for this job. Since he was deaf, he preferred people to communicate with him in writing. Also because he was forever busy, he wanted interested candidates to tell him about themselves in not more than 2 pages.

What is a Resume?

A document created by you to sell yourself (your services) to another person. It should be better than anybody else’s document. It should have everything interesting in it for the reader to read about you. Lastly, whatever you mention in it should be 100% true.

What should you tell him in the Resume?

You should tell him your life story. 
From 0 to whatever you are today. This means what you did for the first 15 years of your life, what you did after and after and after. Tell him all the things/ activities you did to make name, fame and money. While doing those, did you get any important rewards/recognitions in your life, any important roles that you played anywhere, any skills you learned in life or a specific field, for example: digital marketing

Remember you have limited space. So whatever you state should be things about your life that should probably interest the reader. So eliminate whatever would not matter to the reader. Keep it short, concise and interesting.

Suggestion – State your:

  • Education Results
  • Various designations and roles you have performed in brief.
  • The reason you are applying to this billionaire


How do you tell him about it?

You take that piece of paper. Start writing all your life events one by one, but make sure you start writing from the bottom of the paper.


What should be first at the bottom of the document?

Either the thing that you think would be least interesting to the reader OR you could draw a historical timeline with the most historic events at the bottom and the recent happenings at the top. You could also do a combination of the both though. For example your education details could be at the bottom or your non-work related interests could be at the bottom.


Make that piece of paper look great

Make it look like a nice cleavage. Good looking, well structured and just enough detail to tease him to ask you for more.

Use good fonts, good bullet points and keep a homogenous size. Add your own photo to it for the person to imagine what you would be like. You can take a colorful template from the Internet or you could also do a graphical resume


Verification & Validation

What if he wants to do a background check on you? Attach references or testimonials to the paper as web links or so. Also you can provide your social web links to validate further. You can also state something like **references available on request.


Call to Action

Lets hope he likes you and he wants to contact you. Put down your phone number/ email id/ residence/ social links or any other details.

Example of an impressive resume.

Credits – Samrudhi Palshetkar

**Difference between a resume and CV

One of the biggest differences between a resume and a CV is in the audience. A CV speaks largely to an academic audience and documents your academic and intellectual accomplishments. A resume is read by hiring managers in a nonacademic organization and should be tailored to this group.


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