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7 Best Digital Marketing Courses in Ghaziabad with Course Details

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Are you from Ghaziabad and looking for top digital marketing courses in Ghaziabad?

Well, to help you find the right course for you, we have constructed a rundown of the top 7 digital marketing courses in Ghaziabad including details such as course curriculum, duration, fees, placement opportunities, certifications, and more.

Scope of Digital Marketing

All businesses, even startups, are now interested in digital marketing. Ghaziabad is one of India’s fastest-growing cities, which means there is a strong need for marketing services.

Businesses are switching from conventional marketing tactics to digital marketing tactics. Companies are therefore seeking digital marketers to help them maintain their position in the market. Due to the high demand for digital marketers, companies are paying them quite generously.

Importance of Digital Marketing

Companies now rely heavily on digital marketing to market their products and services. It connects a firm with its clients online and also works across industries.

Search engine optimization and pay-per-click, social media marketing, and email marketing connect companies with ideal customers, resulting in improved brand visibility and credibility. We have written a blog on the importance of digital marketing for businesses to learn more about why it’s important.

But before we move on to the digital marketing courses in Ghaziabad, let us take a look at the demand for digital marketing professionals around you:

Digital Marketing Jobs in Ghaziabad

Source: Naurkri.com

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Digital Marketing Courses in Delhi - masterclass

Top 7 Digital Marketing Courses in Ghaziabad 


1. IIDE 


IIDE is India’s leading digital marketing institute. Since its inception in 2016, IIDE has set new standards for education around the globe. They have trained more than 2,35,000 learners globally in various aspects of digital marketing.

Taking a future-oriented approach to learning, IIDE ensures its students receive a customized, relevant curriculum that will help them upskill for their careers.

So, why do we rank IIDE #1 on the list?

Of all the reasons why IIDE stands out, one of the major reasons is the recognition they have earned by the World Education Congress as well as the Indian Education Congress for the “Best Digital Marketing Institute” award.

Digital Marketing Courses in Chennai - IIDE Awards

Digital Marketing Courses in Chennai - IIDE Awards Mobile

Apart from their excellent placement track record and a student-centric culture, an important reason to include the first is their practical approach to learning. They use a blended training method to ensure all students learn the right skills with the right application methods. 

IIDE offers a comprehensive Online Digital Marketing Course. A unique 3 teacher method is adopted by them to personalize the learning process. Here’s what it means.

3-Teacher Method via A 4-Step Methodology 

Step 1: Start with Video Lectures

Step 2: Attend Live Online Sessions

Step 3: Book A Mentor

Step 4: In-Class Presentations

Their unique method or their hybrid learning model (as they call it) starts with a series of high-quality online video courses, followed by weekly live training sessions, custom-tailored 1-on-1 mentoring sessions, and in-class presentations. 

Here’s what students have to say about IIDE:

Course Syllabus

The course syllabus is divided into terms and modules that are taught in-depth to ensure a holistic understanding and training for each student.

Term 1 Introduction to Digital Marketing
Search Engine Optimization
Key Performance Marketing Jargon
Search Engine Marketing
Campaign Planning
Presentation Making
Live Project: Search Marketing
Term 2 Content Strategy
Social Media Marketing Organic
Influencer Marketing
Resume Making
Interview Skills
Live Project: Social Media Content Strategy
Term 3 Social Media Marketing Paid
Social Analytics
Google Analytics
Live Project: Social Media Advertising
Final Project

Course Faculty

Each subject at IIDE is taught by a professional who has been working in the relevant industry practicing what they teach. Thus, students meet top industry experts and learn from them while also gaining insights into the corporate world. 

Below mentioned are just a few of the trainers:

Digital Marketing Courses in Chennai - IIDE Mentors

Our Students Work on Brands Like


Placement Partners


Certifications Offered

On completion of each module, IIDE will award you with a certificate of participation. This ensures 12 Certificates once you complete watching all modules. After which you are required to submit 7 Assignments & 1 Final Project.

On submission, you will be awarded a Certification in Advanced Digital Marketing. We also train our students to appear for Google’s Certification. 


Sign up for a free masterclass by our Founder and CEO, Karan Shah, and learn the basics of digital marketing before you make a decision.

Intrigued to know more about this course? Here’s all you need to know about IIDE’s online digital marketing course. Watch this video highlighting the student life at IIDE before we delve into the course details.


Course Duration & Fees

The duration of the online digital marketing course is 3-4 months which comes down to approximately 12 hours per week. The fee for the course is INR 88,983 + Taxes with a 0% EMI option available. (Note: The duration of the course has been upgraded to 4-5 months).  

Contact Details

Phone Number: +91 96199 58615
Email ID: admissions@iide.co
Website: https://iide.co/online-digital-marketing-course/


2. IIM Skills 

Digital Marketing Courses in Ghaziabad - IIM Skills Logo
IIM Skills is one of the most noted online training institutes offering high-grade digital marketing courses in Ghaziabad. The digital marketing course at IIM Skills is a master certification program. This institute also helps its students with 15 other essential certification exams including Google, HubSpot, and Facebook Blueprint. 

IIM Skills works with some most reputed global conglomerates like Amazon, Flipkart, TCS, Accenture to name a few. Since these companies are always looking for skilled digital marketers, this course will enable you to get your foot in the door and land assignments from top companies.

Course Curriculum

  • Search Engine Optimization 
  • WordPress Web Development 
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Email Marketing 
  • Inbound Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Web Analytics
  • Integrated Digital Marketing Strategy 
  • Online Reputation Management
  • Content Writing And Blogging
  • Media Buying
  • Affiliate Marketing 
  • Video Marketing
  • Digital Infographic Resume Preparation

Course Duration and Fee 

IIM Skills is #2 on our digital marketing courses in Ghaziabad list. Their digital marketing course in Ghaziabad is a 3-month course. To learn about their fees, you can contact them using the contact information given below. 

Contact Details:

Email ID: info@iimskills.com
Phone Number: +91 9911839503

3. Marketer Academy

Digital Marketing Courses in Ghaziabad - Marketer Academy Logo

Founded in 2015, Marketer’s Academy is one of the top providers of digital marketing courses in Ghaziabad. They offer a certification course in Digital Marketing to thoroughly take you through all the digital marketing concepts and modules. 

The salient features of the institute are that they provide practical exposure to Advanced Digital Marketing tools that are used for online promotion strategy and lead generation. Some tools the candidates work with are WordPress, HootSuite and SEMrush. 

They introduce you to social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and others. They also familiarize you with paid advertising channels to give you a holistic idea about how these platforms help in conceptualizing a complete Digital Marketing campaign.

Course Curriculum:

  1. WordPress Website Design
  2. Search Engine Optimisation & PPC
  3. Social Media Conversion Optimization
  4. Blogging
  5. Affiliate Marketing 
  6. Freelance Business Training
  7. Facebook Ads
  8. Content Marketing
  9. Website Analytics
  10. Mobile And Email Marketing
  11. Online Reputation Management
  12. Digital Marketing Fundamentals

Course Duration and Fees 

Marketer Academy is #3 on our digital marketing courses in Ghaziabad list. To learn about their course duration and fees, you can contact them using the contact information given below. 

Contact Details:

Email ID: info@marketer.asia
Phone Number: 093892 84228

4. Delhi Courses

Digital Marketing Courses in Ghaziabad - Delhi Courses Logo

Founded by Gaurav Heera and Kapil Heera back in 2008, they birthed Delhi Courses to empower people by equipping them with the 21st century’s most relevant skill – Digital Marketing. A highly demanded skill among employers in top organizations to startups.

It is one of the most popular Digital Marketing courses in Ghaziabad. They’ve proven their promise by delivering skill-oriented courses for aspiring digital marketers to take on the marketing industry.

Course Curriculum

  1. Digital Marketing Overview
  2. Search Engine Marketing
  3. Social Media Marketing
  4. Advanced SEO
  5. Content Marketing
  6. CMS Systems
  7. Blog Marketing
  8. E-commerce Marketing
  9. Affiliate Marketing
  10. Making Money Online
  11. Sales Funnels
  12. Email Marketing
  13. Mobile Marketing
  14. Online Reputation Management
  15. Keyword Research And Analysis
  16. Digital Marketing Tools
  17. Business Strategies
  18. Periscope Marketing
  19. Freelancing

Course Duration and Fees 

Delhi Courses is #4 on our digital marketing courses in Ghaziabad list. Their digital marketing course in Ghaziabad is a 3-month course. To learn about their fees, you can contact them using the contact information given below. 

Contact Details:

Email ID: info@delhicourses.in
Phone Number: +91 99901 28280

5. Insider Academy

Digital Marketing Courses in Ghaziabad - Insider Academy Logo

Insider Academy is one of the most eminent providers of digital marketing courses in Ghaziabad. At Insider Academy, you get the opportunity to learn from expert instructors’ experience and techniques to understand digital marketing technologies better.

Their digital marketing course caters to students, working professionals, entrepreneurs, marketing professionals, and aspiring digital marketers from any sector. Apart from the core Digital Marketing course they also provide specialized training in PPC, Web Designing, Graphic Designing, Search Engine Optimisation, And WordPress Training.

Course Curriculum

  1. Digital Marketing Introduction
  2. Website Planning And Creation
  3. Search Engine Marketing
  4. Search Engine Optimisation
  5. Display Advertising 
  6. Email Marketing
  7. Facebook Marketing
  8. Social Media Marketing
  9. Affiliate Marketing
  10. Content Marketing
  11. Lead Generation
  12. E-commerce Marketing
  13. Online Reputation Management
  14. Video Marketing
  15. Blogging And Adsense
  16. Mobile Marketing

Course Duration and Fees 

Insider Academy is #5 on our digital marketing courses in Ghaziabad list. To learn about their course duration and fees, you can contact them using the contact information given below. 

Contact Details:

Email ID: info@insideracademy.in
Phone Number: 7838 642 142

6. Digital Marketing Paathshala

Digital Marketing Courses in Ghaziabad - Digital Marketing Paathshala Logo

Digital Marketing Paathshala is one of the most popular Digital Marketing courses in Ghaziabad offering high-grade education in Digital Marketing and related constituents.

The institute provides a free website and web hosting for the candidates to learn all forms of Digital Marketing exhaustively. They have designed their digital marketing course keeping in mind industry best practices and trends as well as the newly developed tools of digital marketing that are helpful to professional digital marketers.

Course Curriculum

  1. Introduction To Digital Marketing
  2. Google AdWords Basic
  3. How To Integrate MailChimp with WordPress
  4. Segmenting Your Subscriber List
  5. Social Media Marketing Strategy
  6. Email Marketing Module
  7. Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram Marketing
  8. Social Media Monitoring And Listening
  9. Twitter Marketing
  10. Google AdWords Basic
  11. Search Engine Optimization Basics
  12. Introduction To Google AdWords
  13. Keyword Match
  14. Types of Ad Extensions

Course Duration and Fees 

Digital Marketing Paathshala is #6 on our digital marketing courses in Ghaziabad list. To learn about their course duration and fees, you can contact them using the contact information given below. 

Contact Details:

Email ID: info@dmpaathshala.com
Phone Number: +91-9999957255

7. Digital Vidya

digital marketing courses in ghaziabad- digital vidya

In 2009, Digital Vidya was founded with the aim of providing social media training around the world, later they started their full-fledged digital marketing courses in 2013.

Apart from training students they also guide corporate professionals in digital marketing and other IT courses. They are partnered with leading companies which helps them provide updated curriculum and train their students to face the digital marketing industry.

Course Syllabus

  • Understand Digital Marketing Landscape & create your own Online Presence
  • Digital Marketing for Brands, Social Media Marketing & Search Engine Optimization Techniques
  • Digital Brand Strategy and leveraging Email Marketing
  • Increasing Brand Visibility with Google Ads & leveraging Google Analytics
  • Inbound Marketing & Leadership Insights
  • Insights into Content Driven Marketing Techniques & Affiliate Marketing
  • Begin with Internship, E-tail techniques & Strategize Digital Marketing
  • Get industry-ready -Internship, Programmatic & Facebook Marketing
  • Marketing through Youtube & Whatsapp
  • Award yourself with your own “Wall of Certificates

Course Duration and Fees

Digital Vidya is #7 in our top digital marketing courses in Ghaziabad list. The duration of the course is 10 – 12 hours/ week for 10 months. The program fee is approximately INR 1,50,000 + taxes.

Course Highlights

  • Hands-on learning across Digital Marketing tools
  • Case Studies
  • Assignments and Quizzes to test your knowledge
  • Mentorship Sessions
  • Guaranteed Paid Internships
  • Program Support
  • Career Coaching
  • Networking

Contact Details

Phone: +91-80100-33033
Email: info@digitalvidya.com
Address: 1001, 10th Floor, Tower-1, Pearls Omaxe Building, Netaji Subhash Place, Pitampura, New Delhi – 110034

Digital Marketing Courses in Delhi - masterclass


Q. What is the fee for a digital marketing course?

The fee for a digital marketing course would range between INR 10,000 to INR 5,00,000 depending on the level of the course you choose and the institute you do it from.

Q. Which is the best institute for digital marketing in Ghaziabad?

As we have mentioned in the listicle above, IIDE’s Online Digital Marketing course is the best if you want to pursue a career in digital marketing. IIDE provides live online lectures with 1-1 mentoring sessions to help students get a thorough understanding of digital marketing topics.

Q. What is the eligibility for digital marketing courses in Ghaziabad?

Different institutes have different eligibility requirements for digital marketing. Class 12 passing certificates are usually required for the certification course. In contrast, you need a graduation degree from a university-recognized college to take a postgraduate digital marketing course.

Q. What is the salary of a digital marketer in Ghaziabad?

The average salary of a digital marketer in Ghaziabad is INR 20,000-22,000 per month for a fresher. The salary of a Digital Marketing Manager with 5 years of experience is INR 5.5 LPA on average. This depends on the organization’s size, level of expertise, and experience of the professional.

Q. Is digital marketing a good career?

Digital marketing is definitely a good career choice. As one of the fastest-growing industries, Digital Marketing offers exciting opportunities and challenges. The rewards of skilled employees are great and their careers jump ahead faster. It doesn’t matter if you’re creative, tech-driven, or analytical, there’s a place for you in digital marketing.


Digital marketing is a very simple concept to learn, and you can definitely give learning it online a thought. You need not leave your home to attend offline classes, especially keeping the ongoing pandemic and protocols in mind. With courses like our online digital marketing course, you can learn high-standard content from experts and receive amazing placement opportunities.

Do check out these digital marketing courses in Bulandshahr and Aligarh for more options.

Well, that’s it, folks! We hope this list of digital marketing courses in Ghaziabad helped you pick the best-suited course for you.

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