India's Premier School For Digital Skills

Just Launched: School Of Design

India's Premier School For Digital Skills

Just Launched: School of Design

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School Of Digital Marketing

A comprehensive digital marketing course which consists of the core, analytical and agency skills needed to become a successful digital marketer.

School Of Code

With many people in the software industry not having the right skills of coding, this is created to teach the skills to become a full stack programmer.

School Of Design

A course where experts in design, teach the fundamentals of design, UI/UX and graphic design with the help of solving real-life problems.

Upcoming Courses

18th June 2019

School of Digital Marketing
(Weekday – Churchgate)

25th June 2019

School of Design
(Weekday – Andheri)

25th June 2019

School of Code
(Weekday – Andheri)

India’s Premier School For Digital Marketing

Corporate Associations

Corporate Associations

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Kinnecting With Rohan Mehta On Digital Marketing

In this golden era of digital, it is imperative for a business to have a digital presence. Although establishing various accounts on social media platforms is a piece of cake, it is quite a task to generate revenue from it. Social Kinnect is a full-service digital...

Top 10 Skills Every Recruiter Look For Before Hiring

If you’re in college and are absolutely bombarded with ‘career-making advice’, don’t stress. We’ve all been there. And so, we’ve put together a list of top ten skills you need to know. Now, you can conveniently drown out all that unwanted advice and work...


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