India's Premier School For Digital Skills

Just Launched: School Of Design

India's Premier School For Digital Skills

Just Launched: School of Design

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School Of Digital Marketing

A comprehensive digital marketing course which consists of the core, analytical and agency skills needed to become a successful digital marketer.

School Of Code

With many people in the software industry not having the right skills of coding, this is created to teach the skills to become a full stack programmer.

School Of Design

A course where experts in design, teach the fundamentals of design, UI/UX and graphic design with the help of solving real-life problems.

Upcoming Courses

5th August 2019

School of Design
(Weekday – Churchgate)

19th August 2019

School of Digital Marketing
(Weekday – Mulund)

19th August 2019

School of Digital Marketing
(Weekday – Churchgate)

India’s Premier School For Digital Marketing

Corporate Associations

Corporate Associations

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Why Does Pharma Sector Need Digital transformation

Need for Digital Transformation in Pharma Industry Pharmaceutical companies are trying very hard to keep up with the revolution brought about by digital technology. Mobile communications, the cloud, advanced analytics, Digital Marketing, and the Internet of Things are...

Digital Transformation: Why the Real Estate Sector Needs It

Why the Real Estate sector needs a Digital Transformation No business can escape the digital transformation taking place across the globe. The real estate sector has to adapt to it as well. To remain ahead of the competition, it is necessary for real estate companies...

4 Reasons Why The Banking Sector Needs A Digital Transformation

Why the Banking Sector needs a Digital Transformation Traditionally, Banks and Financial Institutions could gain customers quite easily. People chose their banks depending on how near the bank branch was to their residence. Now, the situation has changed drastically....


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