Earn rewards up to ₹ 15,000 ₹ 25,000

Join IIDE’s Refer & Earn Program

Refer IIDE’s Digital Marketing Programs & benefit you and your referee.

It’s a win-win.

How does IIDE’s Refer and Earn work?

Refer a friend

Register yourself for this program and share your referral code

They get a fee waiver

Once the referee applies the code, they get a fee waiver

You get rewarded

After 30 days of referee’s course commencement, you will receive your referral benefit

An opportunity for you to refer and earn up to ₹25,000

An opportunity for you to refer and earn up to ₹25,000

Benefits of Refer and Earn

Associated Unassociated

If you are an IIDE student, employee, trainer, ex-employee, virtual intern, alumni, or an agency partner, you are considered as our Associated Referrer. 

As our Associated Referrer, here’s how you will benefit :

Programs Regular Cash Payouts Bonanza Cash Payouts
Post Graduate Program in Digital Marketing ₹ 15,000 ₹ 25,000
Professional Certification in Digital Marketing & Strategy ₹ 7,000 ₹ 12,000
Advanced Certification in Digital Marketing ₹ 5,000 ₹ 7,000

Even if you have never been associated with IIDE, you get the chance to earn rewards as our Unassociated Referrer. 

As our Unassociated Referrer, here’s how you will benefit :

Programs Amazon Vouchers Worth
Post Graduate Program in Digital Marketing ₹ 5,000
Professional Certification in Digital Marketing & Strategy ₹ 3,000
Advanced Certification in Digital Marketing ₹ 2,000

Associated referrers are eligible for bonanza cash payouts only if their referral code is used before 31st May, 2024.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible for IIDE’s Refer and Earn Program?

The Refer and Earn program at IIDE is open to everyone. However, benefits vary for associated and unassociated referrers.

Who is a referrer and a referee?

A referrer can be either an associated or unassociated individual suggesting or referring to a friend or connection. A referee is someone planning to enroll through a referral by a friend or connection.

Who is an associated referrer and unassociated referrer?

An “associated referrer” includes IIDE students, trainers, employees, ex-employees, virtual interns, alumni,special collaborations or agency partners. “Unassociated referrers” are those who haven’t been a part of IIDE which includes Free Masterclass participants.

What benefits will I (referrer) get?

The referrer benefits depend on the association with IIDE. A detailed breakdown of referrer benefits is provided based on their IIDE affiliation Click here to know more.

What benefits will my friend/connection (referee) get?

Referees enrolling in the Advance Certification, Professional Certification or Postgraduate Program will receive a fee waiver of up to ₹15,000.

Where can I find my unique referral code?

Registered users will receive their referral code via email or WhatsApp. If you haven’t registered, click here to register and receive your unique referral code.


Where do my friends/connections need to enter my code?

Referral codes must be entered in the application form for the scheme to apply. If the code isn’t entered during application, the referral benefit will not be applicable to you.

If my friend forgot to apply my referral code, do I still get the referral benefit?

No, both the referrer and referee are ineligible for rewards if the code is not applied during the application process.

Do I get rewarded every time my friends enroll in the program?

Yes, rewards are given for every successful enrollment, credited 30 days after course commencement.

How & when do I redeem my cash payout?

Once your referee’s batch commences, we will collect your banking details via a form. All cash payouts are subject to TDS deductions and credited after 30 days of course commencement.

I have still not received my referral reward. Why?

There are a few possible reasons why you haven’t received your reward:

  1. Your friend/family did not use your code
  2. 30 days after the course commencement are not over
  3. Banking details provided by you are incorrect.

If none of the above cases apply to you, write an email to admissions@iide.co to find out.

Can a referral program and scholarship program go hand-in-hand?

Yes, a student can avail referral benefits and still be eligible to apply for a scholarship.

As IIDE’s Virtual Intern, will I be considered an associated referrer?

Yes, if you’ve successfully completed your virtual internship at IIDE and received the Letter of Recommendation.

Are the referral benefits inclusive of taxes?

Cash payout benefits are exclusive of taxes. 5% TDS wiIl be deducted for Indian citizens. In the absence of a PAN card, the deduction is 20%. Referrers must provide PAN card details or whichever identity card has been asked for during submission.