Top 5 Digital Marketing Strategy in Dubai You Must Know About

Updated on: Sep 26, 2023
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Do you know how important a digital marketing strategy is for any business? And if you run a business, you must surely have incorporated it into yours. If not, we’ve got your back! Here is the top 5 Digital Marketing Strategy in Dubai.

A digital marketing strategy plays a vital role in any business. It’s like the staircase to corporate or organizational success. Companies or brands that function in the digital world often give much importance to digital marketing strategy. This is because a well-planned strategy can help you accomplish your business goals in a structured way.

In this dynamic digital marketing world, unprecedented trends are introduced now and then. Apart from other responsibilities and tasks to handle and take care of, it can become complicated to keep up with the ever-changing trends. If you are wondering how to make an effective and result-oriented digital marketing strategy, let’s find out.

Now, let’s jump up to the Digital Marketing Strategy in Dubai to understand what digital marketing strategy is and why you need one.

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What Does a Digital Marketing Strategy Look Like?

Before diving deeper into the digital marketing strategy, let us first get familiar with the surface. So, do you know what a strategy is? A strategy is a well-devised plan developed to attain certain goals or objectives.

Similarly, a marketing strategy is a proactive approach by developing a plan of action by converting a business’s resources and using them in the right way to reach the customers and turning them into potential buyers so to make them buy one’s products and services among others.

It includes all the desired activity that needs to be included for the attainment of business goals. Once the marketing strategy is devised, it is put into action to achieve the desired results.

What is a Digital Marketing Strategy?

A digital marketing strategy involves a set of pre-planned actions designed to create an online presence through the medium of various channels and increase brand awareness. To make it simple to understand, it means the actions taken to achieve the business goals.

Since every business has different goals, the crux is to attain the goals through carefully selected mediums. This is necessary because if you spend your time and money on a platform where your target audience is not available, your efforts will end up in vain.

Thus, a digital marketing strategy must be carefully devised and take into consideration the objectives, offline channel contribution, target audience as well as your products and services. But are you wondering why you should spend your time making one? 

Why Do You Need a Digital Marketing Strategy in Dubai? 

The importance of the digital marketing strategy cannot be emphasized enough. But if your business has none, it will, perhaps, end in jeopardy. Following are the top three points that will help you in your business if you have a digital marketing strategy:

Digital Marketing Strategy in Dubai - 10 Reasons You Need a Digital Marketing Strategy

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1. A Well-defined Direction

Having a well-planned strategy will help you understand what your end goal is. This may include increasing brand awareness, promoting products and services, connecting with existing customers, or making new ones. 

Not having a strategy will lead you to not be able to evaluate your analytics, waste your resources, fail to attain the goals, and in the end, be directionless. Thus, having a strategy will lead you in the right direction and guide you to your destination.

2. Making the Most Out of Your Money

Whenever a person spends his hard-earned money, he wants to make the most out of it. The same goes for business. In the case of a small business, you may have limited resources and to make it to the best use, is what a marketing strategy can help. 

Even in the case of large companies, many resources are needed for the execution of the action, and effectively utilizing the resources can be done through a well-planned strategy. It will help you drive better results and boost your ROI without wasting money.

3. Understand Your Online Marketplace

To understand the customers and meet their expectations, you must know your online marketplace and your customers. As the dynamics of digital marketing keep changing, a strategy will help you know about the audience, their behavior, competitors, and most importantly the digital marketing trends

If you don’t understand your marketplace, your competitor will win the race. You must have a good understanding of always-on marketing, evaluate your owned, paid, and media, and prioritize the activities to understand and maintain your online marketplace.

How Is Digital Marketing Strategy Different from Digital Marketing Tactics or Campaigns?

Marketing Strategy and Marketing Tactics

A marketing strategy is a plan to attain business goals, whereas a marketing tactic is actions, plans, or activities that aim to promote products or services or accomplish end goals. Simply put, marketing tactics are the way to execute marketing strategies.

Let’s understand it better with the instance. If marketing strategies are your destination then marketing tactics are the path. If the marketing strategy is pizza then the marketing tactic is ”how to get the pizza’’.

Marketing tactics make it easier to accomplish your business goals. It cut down the whole process into small steps to make it easier to attain. Without marketing tactics, it would be difficult to execute the marketing strategy.

Marketing Strategies and Marketing Campaign

A campaign is a set of strategic activities aimed to promote a brand’s products through the medium of various platforms. It is an organized effort to achieve the end goal of the business.

Seems confusing, right? Let’s make it easy to understand. Marketing campaigns execute marketing strategies with the help of marketing tactics. Like if the strategy is the first step, then tactics the second, and campaign the third.

Normally the tactics used to execute the campaign differ by channel and audience. But if you have an effective and planned campaign, it will give a similar message in a little improvised manner to the various channels.

How Can I Design an Effective Digital Marketing Strategy?

Wondering how you can create an effective digital marketing strategy? We’ve put together this in an easy and detailed way to guide you better.

1. Conduct SWOT Analysis 

The best way to start your digital marketing strategies is through a SWOT analysis. SWOT is an analysis conducted to identify and analyze the internal and external strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats of the business. It is a tool to understand what your company is good at and what areas to improve.

Strengths- Strengths imply what you’re good at or the USP that distinguishes you from your competitors. It may involve the advantage your business offers over the others. To know about your strengths, you may ask yourself questions like what is your USP or what others see as your strengths.

Weakness- Weaknesses are the internal factors that cause hindrances in the accomplishment of goals. These might be regarded as procedures, resources, people, or others. Questions like what are the areas you could improve or what others see as your weakness, may help to know about your weakness.

Opportunities- Opportunities are the positive chances or external areas that can help in improving your performance. This may include the ever-changing trend or turning your strengths into opportunities.

Threats – Threats represent the external factors that can negatively affect your business. It may include supply chain issues, shifts in consumer behavior, or others. Questions like what threats can harm your business or what your competition is doing may help to know more about threats in your business.

Digital Marketing Strategy in Dubai - SWOT

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2. Build Buyer’s Persona

After you have an insight into the strengths and weaknesses of your business, the next important step is to build a buyer’s persona. Unless you understand your audience, you won’t be able to cater to their needs and demands. A buyer’s persona is a research-built customer profile to understand your audience and to whom you’re marketing your products.

A buyer’s persona can be created from the details available from research, interviews, and surveys. But the most important thing to keep in your mind is that it must be based on real data. Any mistakes in collecting the data or if the data is based on assumptions or possibilities may cause deviation in the strategy.

If rightly made, the buyer’s persona can help in understanding the expectations, preferences, and needs of the customer. With that, it must not be forgotten that buyer persona may vary from organization to organization. Though, it may include details like location, age, income, goals, priorities, and interests among others.

Digital Marketing Strategy in Dubai - Buyer Persona

(Source: AWeber Blog)

3. Identify and Understand the Problems

Once you’ve built the buyer’s persona, you’ll get an idea of customer behavior. Now, you must identify the problems they might be facing as a customer. Suppose, you’re a coaching institute, and perhaps, people are searching about ‘how to study without procrastination’. Then you may write a blog suggesting measures on how to avoid it.

The most important thing is to put yourself in the customer’s position to understand their situation better. This way you can provide personalized service to them to solve their problems and build trust. Once the trust is built, it gives a guarantee that the customers will be loyal to your brand and your business.

4. Evaluate the Channels

When reviewing the assets to incorporate into your strategy, you must first bring together all your digital media to have a better picture. One can do this by assessing a business’s current assets like owned, earned, and paid media. 

Owned Media – Owned media implies channels or assets the business owns and has complete control over it.  This may include a website, blog, video channels, podcasts, social media, and others. As a business has complete command over owned media, it can use that accordingly to fit the best in its campaign and strategies.

Earned Media – Earned media refers to the media or content you’ve earned. It is the publicity gained through the material written about your business without paid advertising. Unlike owned media, you don’t have any control over earned media. Awards, customer reviews or experience, PR, and testimonials may count under that.

Paid Media – Just like its name, paid media is the content you’ve paid for to catch the customer’s attention. This may include paid advertising, paid social media posts, influencer marketing, or anything is done to increase your brand’s visibility.

Digital Marketing Strategy in Dubai - Earned, Bought and Paid Media

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Therefore, all these three must be included in your strategy to get the maximum result for your efforts. Advertising on Facebook or making shareable content to improve the customer experience can altogether help you make an effective marketing strategy.

5. Incorporate Everything and Understand the Budget 

The last step for making an effective digital marketing strategy is to incorporate every data and information you seek out. With that, identify the budget constraints and plan out an effective strategy that can yield good results.

No business wants to exceed the budget or get less-than-expected results after working day in and out for a strategy. Thus the strategy must be well planned because, in the end, every marketing strategy depends on the cash flow. 

Therefore, a business must think realistically that which strategy will work out and which won’t and spend money accordingly. Also, the marketing tactics and campaigns must be achievable and affordable for the business.

Some Common Digital Marketing Strategy in Dubai Examples

There are many digital marketing tactics that you may adopt in your business. To make it easier for you, we’ve added a few of them here-

(Source: Marketing Charts)

1. Content Marketing

Content marketing has a very important role in driving traffic. It is a practice of creating high-quality content regularly with the help of a content marketing strategy to gain the audience’s attention. With that, it also helps in improving the rank of that content.

People say that content is king and it is true. You must focus on creating evergreen and engaging content. And make sure, to create mobile content because smartphones make up almost half of the global devices.

2. Search Engine Optimization

SEO  implies optimizing your content to rank better in the search engine. No matter, what the trend is, SEO will always be important for you if you have a business and online presence. By making the content SEO optimized, it reaches the customers better and at a fast pace.

If you have a big business, you must have hired an SEO expert. This is because an SEO expert has thorough knowledge and experience and will drive better results than an amateur.

3. Social Media Marketing 

Social media can be the best place to create brand awareness and drive sales. Social media marketing tactics, if used correctly, can help you connect to the audience directly, no matter which social media platform they are on.

With that, you may also use social media tools like Buzzsumo, Hootsuite, and Buffer to save your time and effort to maximize good results.

4. Email Marketing

Email Marketing is a great tool to generate leads, if effectively utilized. It is one of the most affordable tools and can help you drive conversion as well as sales rates. When opting for compelling content, can shorten your sales cycle.

Sending personalized emails with discounts, coupons, and offers is the most used way to persuade customers to take action. By using an email marketing tool, you just need to upload your customer data, and voila!

5. Display Advertising

Display advertising refers to the placement of ads on various online platforms like social media, search engines, and others. It involves advertising for products or services through images, videos, gifs, and memes among others. 

As display advertising yields good results and works in almost every type of business, you must incorporate this into your marketing strategy. With the help of many metrics acquired, you may only spend on those which are yielding good results.

If you want to learn the above strategies then you should consider investing in digital marketing courses in Dubai. Take a look at what our students want to share with you.

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FAQ –  Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is digital marketing a good career in the UAE?

Ans. Digital marketing is the best and largest growing industry in the UAE.  As it is a developed nation with a high number of internet users and businesses, it’s a good career opportunity to grab.

Q.  How much does a digital marketer earn in the UAE?

Ans. The digital marketing salary in Dubai (UAE) is AED 4,398 per month. But, it may depend on factors like skills, experience, educational qualification, geography, and others. The more skills and experience you have, the more salary you may get.

Q.  Is digital marketing a hard job?

Ans. It depends on if you love and are passionate about it or not. A part of digital marketing jobs in Dubai is techy and if one goes into depth, it may get a little complicated but if you’re curious to work and are dedicated, then it’s not a hard job.

Q.  Which skill is best for digital marketing?

Ans. The most in-demand digital marketing skills are SEO Specialist, Content Marketer, Social Media Marketer, Data Analyst, Web Developer, Email Marketer, and Copywriter.

Q.  Is coding necessary for digital marketing?

Ans. No, coding is not necessary for digital marketing but if you want to become a web developer then it is. This is because it’s a technical field that needs a thorough knowledge of languages like HTML, CSS, and others.

Q. What is the future of digital marketing in Dubai?

Ans: With 9.38 million internet users in UAE, there is immense scope for digital marketing in Dubai. Companies will employ strategies to reach their users on the internet, providing a promising future for aspiring digital marketers.


Digital marketing is a universe in itself. Since every business has its digital marketing strategy, we’ve mentioned the most important steps you need to take, to create yours. But remember, your digital marketing strategy should be such that it takes into account the changing trends and adapt the changes for better results.

If you’re interested in digital marketing and are an undergraduate or a working professional, then you should check out our Professional Certification in Digital Marketing and Strategy and Advanced Certification in Digital Marketing.

We hope you had a great time reading this blog and it has enlightened you about the digital marketing strategy in Dubai. If you have any queries or doubts, please let us know in the comments below.

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