Step-by-Step UrbanClap Marketing & Advertisement Strategy with Case Study

Updated on: Jan 29, 2021

In this presentation case study we will discuss Urbanclap and it’s digital marketing strategy. This case study will tackle the following topics:

  • About Urban Clap
  • Urban Clap’s Current Social Media Marketing Strategy
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Problems faced by Urban Clap
  • Suggestions and Improvements

Without further ado, let us first learn more about Urban Clap.

About Urban Clap

Founded on November 10 2014, Urban Clap in a matter of just 6 years became the largest home services market place in India. This platform helps in connecting trusted and trained professionals with customers who wish to enjoy services like hair-dressing, massages, cleaning etc. at the comfort of their home.

Urban clap employees over 25,000 service professionals and caters to 50,00,000 people in a year. It also boasts a reach of service in 18 different cities. Valued at $850 Million, Urban Clap is one of the most well-known startups.

Despite its popularity, it’s perception is mostly limited to personal services like salon and cleaning. Little is known about the Fitness services and coaching they provide, despite it being a 4-year-old feature. 

In this presentation case study, the student team will tackle the issue of the unpopularity of their fitness segment with the help of deep insights and data-driven solution making.

At IIDE, we give a holistic education experience to our students. Our training methodology focuses on inculcating practical training and creative problem-solving. You learn with the help of latest case studies, challenging assignments and get guidance from industry experts.

The following presentation is the hard work of our students – Shubham Jain and Harshit Jain. They have created an extensive pool of research for this project and identified unique problems with Urban Clap and came up with a better solution for them.

Let us look at the vast amounts of research prepared by the student team for this case study.


Urban Clap Market Research 

To provide appropriate solutions, one needs to study the question carefully. The student team has analysed Urban clap’s business model from many angles, understood their customers and researched their competitors. Let’s take a deeper dive into them:

1. Technical Analysis

The website and app of a company are like its office, a customer will judge you heavily based on how well it looks and works. The students have collated all the information in the form of creatives. Have a look:

  • Website Performance-

Webpages are judged primarily on their credibility (domain authority) and their performance, i.e., speed, ease of usage and SEO.

urbanclap marketing strategy Technical Analysis - Urban Company Marketing Strategy and Case Study

Website Analysis - Urban Company Marketing Strategy and Case Study

  • Website Traffic- 

The audience that comes to a website, represents the traffic of a website. The audience can come from majorly two sources – Organic or natural sources and Non-organic or paid sources.

Website Traffic - Urban Company Marketing Strategy and Case Study

  • App Performance-

Applications are of utmost importance now that the world has shifted to a mobile first culture. App performance is based on user experience, speed and ease of use.

urbanclap marketing strategy App Analyst - Urban Company Marketing Strategy and Case Study

2. Urban Company Marketing Strategy Analysis

During the research, the student found that Urban Clap has a great social media presence and is present on all 4 major digital platforms, i.e., Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube. The current generations, Millennials and after, are big consumers of social media. These platforms are a great way to connect to your audience, to engage them and to be the brand they remember.

Let us look at the numbers of followers, engagement rate, and average post rate enjoyed by Urban Clap.

urbanclap marketing strategy Social Media - Urban Company Marketing Strategy and Case Study

3. Competitor analysis

Urbanclap competes with two companies, one is (National competitor) and Handy (Global Competitor). The student team has created a comparison graph between the three and their social media presence to get a better view of the popularity they enjoy.

urbanclap marketing strategy Competitor Analysis - Urban Company Marketing Strategy and Case Study

We can see that Urban Clap has an edge over the other two and is present on platforms like YouTube which the others are not.

Now that we have seen the research, let us look at how the student team has approached finding the solution to Urbanclap’s problems.

Problem Identification

Problem identification is a crucial step to any solution creation process. To identify the right problem and draw the right conclusions, the student team has used certain marketing techniques. They are as follows:

Buyer Persona

Buyer Persona is a technique to visualise how the most average consumer you are trying help will be like. It is a managerial technique to better understand what the customer wants, and how the customer acts, behaves and feels.

Here are two Buyer Persona Created by the students:

urbanclap marketing strategy Buyer Persona - Urban Company Marketing Strategy and Case Study

urbanclap marketing strategy Buyer Persona 2 - Urban Company Marketing Strategy and Case Study

Now that we better understand how the customer feels like, let us turn our focus on the issues faced by Urban Clap.

Pain Points

The students have identified the problem with Urban Clap in a small and simple sentence.

urbanclap marketing strategy Pain Point - Urban Company Marketing Strategy and Case Study


As we understand what is the issue being faced by the company, the next step is to define its objectives.

The student team has used the AIDA model or Awareness, Interest, Desire and Action model of marketing to define its objective. This model helps in understanding what is lacking in the marketing channel that needs to be addressed. 

The fitness and yoga segment of Urban Clap is not as famous as it should be for the amount of time it has been available. To expand UrbanClap’s customer base, it is necessary to revive this service segment.

urbanclap marketing strategy Objective - Urban Company Marketing Strategy and Case Study

They will focus on increasing the awareness about those services in this campaign. Let us now look at the solution proposed by the students.

Solution: #BeUrbanfit

A lot of people wish to have a fit physique and a healthy lifestyle. A lot of those people also love to stay at home and relax on their couch. For those who wish to get the best of both worlds, the students have come up with the Social Media Campaign #BeUrbanFit. 

Download the entire Urban Company Case Study ppt for Free

Let us take a deeper dive into the strategy created.

1. Urban Clap Advertisement Campaign Blueprint

For a business, getting leads, or the contact information of a customer is of utmost importance. With leads, businesses can stay in contact with the customer directly and be able to communicate with them more. This makes sure the customer remembers you, and if they require any services, they think about your company first. 

Let us have a look at the blueprint and budget of the social media campaign.

urbanclap marketing strategy Campaign details - Urban Company Marketing Strategy and Case Study

urbanclap marketing strategy Media Plan - Urban Company Marketing Strategy and Case Study

2. Consumer Journey

Consumer journey refers to the interaction between a customer and a business. A business devises the flow of how they will get in touch and make the customer aware of them. A good customer journey can create interest and trust in the customer as well as educate them well enough about the company that it leaves an impression on them.

Let us look at the customer journey:

urbanclap marketing strategy Consumer Jounrey -Urban Company Marketing Strategy and Case Study

3. Organic Posts

Organic posts are the normal, unpaid for posts a page on social media platforms. These can be seen by your followers. The people who follow a business are the people who like the brand and its services. They are essentially fans of the business.

Have a gander at these social media posts and stories created by the students:

urbanclap marketing strategy Organic posts - Urban Company Marketing Strategy and Case Study

urbanclap marketing strategy IG stories - Urban Company Marketing Strategy and Case Study

4. Urban Clap Marketing Campaign

A great way to connect with potential customers on the internet is through paid advertisements. Social Media platforms know various details about all of us and a marketer can choose to market to a specific audience they wish to cater to. 

For the paid advertisements, the student team has decided to attract the 30-40 year old demographic as they are part of the digital lifestyle. Secondly, this age demographics represent affluent spenders who are also concerned about their health and fitness which comes with age and would pay well for services that help them achieve their goal with ease.

Student team has proposed to use multiple platforms for paid advertisements.

urbanclap marketing strategy Facebook Ads - Urban Company Marketing Strategy and Case Study

YouTube Ads- Urban Company Marketing Strategy and Case Study

urbanclap marketing strategy Google Ads - Urban Company Marketing Strategy and Case Study

5. Influencer Marketing

Who better to promote a fitness service than fitness and lifestyle Influencers! 

Influencers can sway people’s opinions because they are like idols to a lot of their followers. They promote your product to their fans through social media with attractive stories, making content around the product and using it in their daily lifestyle. 

The student team has created a budget and promotion plan for the influencer’s they intend to work with. The students wish to the following deliverables out of the influencers:

  • 2 stories with Swipe-up links to Urban Clap’s Fitness Segment
  • Usage of the hashtag #BeUrbanFit

urbanclap marketing strategy Influencer Marketing - Urban Company Marketing Strategy and Case Study

urbanclap marketing strategy Female influncers - Urban Company Marketing Strategy and Case Study

urbanclap marketing strategy Male influencers - Urban Company Marketing Strategy and Case Study

6. SEO Strategy

As identified earlier during research, the one aspect of Urban clap’s website strategy which is lagging is their SEO score. SEO or Search Engine Optimization refers to the process of making the website Google friendly so that whenever someone searches google for related queries, your website ranks first.

The student team has created a list of keywords or queries they would like to target. They are as follows:

urbanclap marketing strategy SEO - Urban Company Marketing Strategy and Case Study

7. SMS Marketing

SMS marketing is one of the most effective forms of communication. By making interesting, precise and engaging SMS, a company can communicate to their customers all their updates and offers quickly. 

Here is the kind of SMS the student team proposes to send to make people aware of Urbanclap’s fitness services.

urbanclap marketing strategy SMS - Urban Company Marketing Strategy and Case Study



Urbanclap is an emerging brand and already a market leader. They have leveraged technology to solve the basic issue of the modern lifestyle, the want for home-delivered everything. Urban clap has a strong social media presence and has started to become a household name in metropolitans.

While they provide a wide variety of services to their users, some services are more popular than others. Fitness services, though around for a long time, do not get the attention they deserve. To combat that, the student proposed an awareness campaign to reach to customers about the fitness services.

The social media marketing plan is extensive and informative. They have employed multiple channels of marketing to reach their customers. With the right data and ways to analyse it, great business solutions can be created.

If you wish to learn to create such real-life business plans and be a leading professional in the field of digital marketing, join us at IIDE and train with us.

If you found this presentation case study useful, please share your thoughts in the comment section below and click the like button. If you wish us to contact you, you can drop your contact details in the comment section and we will be in touch with you soon!

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