Jobs Offering the Best Digital Marketing Salary in Delhi

Updated on: May 19, 2023
Digital Marketing Salary in Delhi

Have you graduated and are looking for a job to earn a good living? Digital Marketing is a sector where there are a number of job opportunities with good remuneration for you to look out for. If you are someone who is good at technical skills, content, marketing and have confidence in your skills then this might be the right place for you. 

Let’s talk about which careers you can choose in this field. We will also discuss digital marketing salary in Delhi, the capital of India. 


Why should someone look for a career in digital marketing?

Digital marketing is marketing or advertising something through digital means, such as through a website, social media platforms, emails, blogs, etc. It is meant for businesses who want to advertise their products on an international level because this is the easiest and the most cost effective way to advertise their products or services to a number of people who might have potential for purchasing it.

This sector has a lot of scope and career opportunities open out there. This is because everything is becoming more and more widespread. There are many jobs that you can do such as web developer, content writer and many others. These jobs pay well. There might be some who won’t have a good salary in the beginning but in the future your incentives will get a rise depending on the development in your skills.

This is what makes digital marketing such a field that should be looked into. It is a sector which won’t go down. This is because people are on their phone, no matter what. There are always people who look at ads while scrolling through Instagram, look at an ad and go, “Oh, this looks nice. I should check it out.” and that’s how engagement takes place. 

If you are looking for a job where you have a good future and which will give you good incentives, digital marketing might be the place for you!

If you feel like you want to look into digital marketing jobs and their salaries and you are living in Delhi, here are some careers with the best digital marketing salary in Delhi.

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Top Jobs with Best Digital Marketing Salary In Delhi:


1. Automation Experts

Automation is all there is when it comes to digital marketing. It is the procedure of using artificial intelligence and softwares to carry out the digital marketing activities. This is also an in-demand job as it is one of the important aspects of digital marketing. 

Companies want tasks to be automated which are repetitive in nature such as ad campaigns, email marketing, etc. This will help provide for the people who are potential prospects. This job comes with a good package too as these skills are required in today’s world. 

One of the best positions to apply for if you have the skills, this position offers an average of 10.5 Lakhs per annum. That is an average salary of 87,500 per month.


2. Digital Marketing Manager

An organization that is looking forward to carrying out digital marketing will require a digital marketing manager, just like any other department. A digital marketing manager is the one who makes sure what is put out for the audience to look at, how it is portrayed and on what platforms or what means it is put out. They take care of the overall marketing that has to be done digitally, 

Digital marketing is a process that could become complex for big companies and hence, Digital marketing managers play a vital role in the organization. They make sure that there is maximum engagement and come up with strategies that make sure that the organization sees growth in customers through digital means. The average salary for a digital marketing manager is around 6.8 LPA.

The salary for one of the most vital job positions such as digital marketing manager is 6.8 lakhs per annum, which is an average of 56,666 per month.


3. Paid Media Specialists

 As the name suggests, a paid media specialist is a person who specializes in which platform should be funded for marketing their ads digitally. This means that they decide on which platform brings the best traffic to their website depending on the demographics of the target audience. They need to be both creative and analytic, making it a difficult job for many.

Which platform will advertise is completely dependent on the paid media analyst. They are allotted some funds for digital marketing and they need to make sure they can make the most out of it.

The average salary for this position is 6.75 Lakhs per annum which comes down to an average of 56,250 per month


4. Analysts 

Analysis is something that every company needs. You need to know your customers, their needs and wants, the situation in the market, etc. Analyzing everything helps in providing the best possible outcome. And that’s what the job of analysts is all about.

Data analysts and even A.I technology specialists are the people who carry out these responsibilities. On the basis of their research, all the other employees make their strategies and apply them accordingly. Artificial Intelligence has also emerged as a very helpful tool when it comes to digital marketing since it makes it much easier to gather information. 

The salary for data analysts on an average is 6 Lakhs per annum, which comes to 50,000 per month.


5. Email Marketer

Many people think that email marketing is not that vital when it comes to digital marketing. They don’t know how wrong that thought was. Email marketing, even though it has been done way longer before digital marketing was a trend, is still a significant part of digital marketing. It is the process of sending personalized emails to potential customers. It helps people understand the value and specifications of the product or service being offered.

As an Email marketer, you will be drafting emails and making sure you provide personalized messages and attract as much engagement as possible.

The average salary for an email marketer is 5.6 Lakhs which is an average of 46,666 per month.


6. Content Marketer

Content, the main thing that gives an idea of what is being said. Content is very important when it comes to marketing. It is what intrigues people to keep reading and hence keeps them interested. If the content is not attractive with good grammar and layman language yet put forward in an elegant way, people will lose interest quickly.

As a content marketer, it will be your job to make sure that people keep reading about the product or service and convince them through words alone to buy the product. The content marketer is responsible to come up with content strategies and make sure that they can bring in maximum engagement. 

The salary for a content marketer on an average is 5.4 Lakhs per annum. Per month, it equals to an average of 45,000.


7. SEM Specialists

Search Engine Marketing or otherwise known as SEM is a well known method of digital marketing. Unlike SEO, this method enables ads to be visible to users if they search for a keyword that is related to the ad. You might have noticed some ads that pop up at the top of your search results or at the side of your screens, these are the results of SEM. SEM is paid search marketing.

Search Engine Marketing Specialists are responsible for paid ads across all search engines and display networks. It is an important position for the company and if you are someone who is not intimidated by numbers, you should definitely consider it. 

The average salary for SEM specialists is 4 Lakhs per annum. As for per month, it comes down to 33,333.


8. SEO Manager

SEO, one of the most spoken about topics when it comes to digital marketing. Search Engine Optimization, more commonly known as SEO is a vital part of marketing digitally. SEO is a part of SEM, and it is the process of boosting your engine rankings and trying to appear on the first page when someone searches for your keyword or for a related keyword to your product or service.

It is a very important job to do and it is a skill that will help you in the future as well. SEO is on the rise and so people who can make sure the keyword is used well in order to increase the SEO score are the ones who are the most eligible for this job. This is an in-demand job that you should definitely look into.

When you start working as a beginner, the salary is a bit low. However, once you are experienced, the salary will go up for you accordingly. The average salary for a SEO Manager is 3.84 Lakhs per annum, which comes down to 32,000 per month.


9.  Social Media Manager

Digital marketing is done through a lot of platforms and means. Through the official website of the brand, through ads on google, etc. However, social media has a major effect on people in today’s world. Everyone is on their phone, and if your product or service is meant to target teenagers or young adults, this is a significant way to market digitally.

Social Media Managers have the responsibility of looking out which social media platform is suitable for the product or service being offered and come up with strategies to bring in as much engagement as possible. They collect data from such websites and then proceed accordingly. 

Social Media Manager has an average salary of 31,000 per month which is 3.72 Lakhs per annum.


10. Web Developer

A website’s graphics are the first thing that the people notice when they visit it through any ad. That’s the first thing that attracts someone. The aesthetics, the graphics, the convenience and ease at which you can get information, etc. That is basically the job of a web developer. A web developer analyzes the needs and wants of the people and accordingly designs the website to their convenience. 

A web developer is a good job as every brand wants their website to attract people. If you have an interest in such a position, you need to know about the various coding languages, the needs of the people, the functionality and the technicality of it all. 

The average salary for a web developer is 2.88 Lakhs per annum which comes down to 24,000 per month. However, once you are experienced enough, your incentives will gradually increase.

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Top Digital Marketing Salary in Delhi according to Experience:

Given below is a table showing the increase in your incentives depending upon the position that you get in a company and your progress thereafter.

Level of Experience Position

Range of Salary Per Month

(in INR)

3 to 6 Months Intern 5,000 – 10,000
1 year Executive 15,000 – 20,000
2 years Senior Executive 30,000 – 40,000
3 years Associate Lead 45,000 – 50,000
4 years Team Lead 50,000 – 60,000
5 years Associate Manager 65,000 – 80,000
6 – 10 years Manager 1,00,000 and above



Factors Affecting Your Salary:

There are many factors that affect your salary in a company. Let’s discuss some of the major ones below.


1. Size of Organization

The size of the company is one of the main factors that affect your salary. Depending on whether you get a job in a local company or a multinational one, your salary will differ accordingly. Even if you join as an intern, if you are an intern in a MNC, your salary will differ vastly from if you are an intern at a local company.

If a company is operating on a large scale, the salary they offer will also be significant, even if you are at an entry-level position.


2. Experience

The experience a person has is one of the things that a company notices when they take an interview with a potential employee. This is because the more experience you have, the better you tend to understand and adjust and as a result, the better you perform. 

Experience is one of the major factors that affect your salary as based on your experience you get a position in the company. The more experience you have in the past, the position offered to you is higher up on the hierarchy. Hence, your salary will be decided depending on your experience.


3. Skills 

Your skills are something that every company wants to know about before hiring you. This is because everyone learns theory in their academic years. However, how you put it to use in your life is the actual thing that matters.

The better the skills, the higher the position offered and the higher the salary. It is simple like that. Sometimes even if you don’t have much experience but you can showcase your skills, you will still be offered a higher position, depending on the company.




  • Is digital marketing a good career?

If you are someone who is interested and fascinated by digital stuff and also has a creative yet analytical mind, digital marketing might just be the job for you. With its spread globally like a wildfire, it is one of the best careers to go for.


  • Is digital marketing a stressful job?

If any job were easy, everyone would be doing just that. Digital Marketing can be a complex process when learning as it has a lot of must dos and a lot of technicalities. You need to make sure your concepts are clear. However, once your hand gets used to it, it will be a lot easier and provide a lot more convenience when working.


  • Which cities are best for digital marketing careers in India?

There are opportunities in a lot of cities since this is a hot topic right now. However, cities like Delhi, Mumbai and Bengaluru are the cities which are the best for digital marketing careers in India.



So here we are, at the end of this blog. Hope this blog made the digital marketing salary in Delhi clear for you. Digital marketing is a good career to go for with a lot of scope and good incentives waiting for you in the future.

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