Scope of Digital Marketing in India & Globally in 2024

Updated on: Feb 12, 2024

If you’re wondering what the scope of digital marketing in India and worldwide looks like, then reading this blog may be a good headstart! You can find out about the growth, future, nature, job scope, and a lot more and dive deeper into the scope of digital marketing in India and globally. 

But before we delve into the need and scope of digital marketing, let’s understand the importance of digital marketing and why do companies use it.  

Digital Marketing is the marketing activity of promoting goods/services using digital channels. And today, almost everyone is online. With access to cheap data and affordable smartphones, the number of people across the globe who have access to the internet has increased exponentially. 

So, connecting the dots, if the companies want to connect with their 

  • Potential customers on a global level
  • Engage with them
  • Create brand awareness
  • Sell and promote products/services at affordable prices
  • Earn higher ROI 

Then they can carry out all of this through digital marketing. Here’s an interactive and highly insightful Free Masterclass on digital marketing basics if you wish to learn from the industry leader Mr. Karan Shah, CEO & Founder of IIDE. 

Businesses today leverage digital channels such as social media, search engines, email, and websites to connect with current and prospective customers. Companies also hop on the bandwagon of the latest digital marketing trends to update themselves with the current industry standards.

Now, let’s look at the growth of digital marketing.

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Why do companies use digital marketing?

There’s no denying that the scope of digital marketing is evolving with each passing day, making it critical for businesses to include digital marketing strategies to grow the business. 

With the advancement in technology, the world has become one big marketplace, making it easier for users and business owners to fulfill their desired goals. 

With access to cheap data and affordable smartphones, the number of people across the globe who have access to the internet has increased exponentially.

To tap into the fresh base and turn them into your loyal customers, having a digital plan in place is more crucial than ever. Here are some benefits of having a digital marketing in place for the companies:

  • Tap potential customers on a global level

Digital marketing has unlocked doors for businesses to reach and sell globally to their target group. This helps businesses to not miss any chance of expansion, increasing their ROI and gaining new loyal customers.

  • Create brand awareness

Online marketing is cheap compared to traditional marketing. This helps businesses to use multiple online marketing mediums to reach their target audience and create brand awareness.

  •  Sell and promote products/services at affordable prices

 Digital marketing is cost-effective compared to different marketing platforms, enabling businesses to use a variety of ad formats to reach to their target audience and get high ROAS in return.

  • Gives measurable results

Digital marketing provides real-time metrics where marketers can see statistics and make decisions out of it. This makes it easy for marketers to plan their next move and prepare their strategies accordingly.

  • Unlocks two-way communication

Digital channels like social media act as a space where consumers can reach out directly to the business. 

This opens a two-way communication and helps marketers to understand the needs of the consumer and work accordingly.

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Businesses today leverage digital channels such as social media, search engines, email, and websites to connect with current and prospective customers. Companies also hop on the bandwagon of the latest digital marketing trends to update themselves with the current industry standards.

Bonus tip: If you are interested in joining a digital marketing course, make sure to explore our blog on the top 11 Best Digital Marketing Courses with Placements. It will provide you with valuable insights and a wide range of educational options to enhance your learning journey.

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Scope of Digital Marketing 2024

As per the available data, more than 9 million businesses use Facebook to connect with consumers. According to a survey by Forbes magazine, 82% of consumers shop or conduct research online. 

The growth of digital marketing has been very impressive and the numbers show that the growth is going to see an upward trend in the future. Simply put, the future of digital marketing looks secure and bright.

More and more opportunities will keep coming in and thus, being creative, innovative, and updated with the latest trends would be the basic principle of every digital marketer. 

The growth that we have witnessed on the Internet over the years especially since covid, is here to stay. People are adapting to the new normal and in fact are now very comfortable with carrying out things online, be it for shopping, ordering food or medicines, or even carrying out banking transactions online!  

Hence, to cater to these new-formed demands of consumers, digital marketing is extremely essential. 

With the growth of digital marketing, marketers are going beyond social media and exploring different mediums to market their business. Some of them are:

  1. Paid Search: Service offered usually by Google or other search engines.
  2. Organic Search: Gained using SEO or Word Of Mouth Advertising.
  3. E-mail marketing campaigns: Using email to market business to the target group. One can use platforms like MailChimp to get started.
  4. Content marketing: Hands down one of the best ways to market and engage with consumers. It’s the cheapest yet one of the most effective digital marketing strategies.
  5. Webinars: Webinars are all about conducting online meetings that provide something valuable to consumers while promoting the business.
  6. Podcasts: Podcasts are audio content. Just like webinars, podcasts function the same way but it’s all in the audio format with no visuals.

In addition to this, an important aspect to consider is the future generation will be a part of the already digital world and will be accustomed to everything being online. So to be able to deliver to these future consumers, companies must make digital marketing efforts starting today. 

An important takeaway from all this is that the future of careers in digital marketing is very promising and if you have an inclination toward digital marketing, now is the time to grab this opportunity to your advantage. 

PS: stick to the end to see how you can become a digital marketer

Now, let’s take a look at the scenario of careers in digital marketing.

Trending Digital Marketing Concepts

1. Influencers

More and more people are getting active on social media and using platforms like Instagram, FaceBook, Snapchat, etc to stay connected or just use as a medium of entertainment. Seeing this, there’s a rise of social media influencers who create relatable and engaging content for their followers. 

These influencers monetize their account by collaborating with different business that aligns with their followers. This way, marketers get a chance to promote their business and reach their target audience and influencers get to create content with monetary benefits. A win-win situation for all the 3 parties, i.e., followers, influencers, and business owners.  

2. Short video content

We’re sure you’ve come across Instagram Reels. As the attention span is decreasing with each passing day, reels and short-form video content are going to stay in the longer run, pushing marketers to adapt trending audio and video formats to make content around their business.


3. Augmented and Virtual Reality

Technology and digital marketing go hand in hand. Companies have already started using AR & VR in their campaigns and have got unexpected ROI. 

AR and VR make the entire campaign interesting and unique, persuading users to click on the ads and engage with the content. 

Careers in Digital Marketing

With the rising popularity of digital marketing, companies are demanding digital marketing professionals and experts. Even though we have started living with the pandemic and adapting to it, the job market will increasingly focus on digital and technology skills as it will enable them to work remotely. Thus, companies are looking for people who are skilled to handle digital marketing jobs.

Thus, it is highly recommended that you start learning digital marketing skills and pave a career in digital marketing. Another perk of entering this field is that if you’re a skilled digital marketer, you can expect to bag high-paying jobs at top companies.

The digital marketing career scope in the Indian internet industry alone is going to be worth $160 billion by 2025, according to a Goldman Sachs report, which is three times its current value. Thus, the number multiplies at least by 3x when it’s considered on a global scale. Many companies are shifting their focus from traditional marketing to digital marketing. 

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In terms of the job scope of digital marketing, the kind of jobs that are available in the digital marketing sector, one of the biggest jobs includes Social Media Marketing. Facebook now has 320 million active users in India — a million more than it does in the U.S. — making India the country with its largest user base. 

Social Media Marketers not only take care of digital ads which we see on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram but the organic posts on these social media sites as well. Read these benefits of social media marketing to understand its importance.

Within Social Media Marketing, there is a further division of jobs which includes Digital Ads Manager, Content Strategist, and Video Marketer. Looking at videos, Google-owned YouTube announced that India was its largest and fastest-growing audience in the world with more than 265 million monthly active users followed by USA, Brazil, and Japan. 

It is also expected that more than 500 million Internet users will consume online videos both for entertainment, sharing, and learning, making YouTube an extremely lucrative place for companies to advertise. 

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Along with Social Media Managers, SEO experts, and Google Ads, experts are also in high demand. SEO refers to Search Engine Optimization, which is where certain links rank on search engines like Google. Google receives over 63,000 searches per second on any given day. Stats show that a link that ranks higher on a Google Search page is likely to get more clicks. 

This makes SEO an important marketing strategy for companies. There are also jobs where people look after Google Ads for a company. This is because Google accounts for over 79% of all global desktop search traffic and Google Ads convert 50% better than organic search results.

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Companies also hire people for jobs like Email Marketers, Bloggers, and E-commerce Experts, Marketing Automation all of which fall under the umbrella of Digital Marketing.

Here is the careers family tree:

Scope of Digital Marketing in India

The success of Digital Marketing Worldwide 

Let’s look at the example of Starbucks and how the coffee giant used social media campaigns and other channels to mitigate the economic impact due to covid. 

Starbucks launched its drive-thrus and home delivery services to better engage with its consumers and stay connected to them in the difficult pandemic times. They also launched their app to offer smooth navigation and offerings of their products.

Scope of Digital Marketing in India

They also launched a social media campaign with the hashtag #ReconnectWithStarbucks. They asked their followers to share how they were reconnecting with their loved ones and their favorite Starbucks memory.

This was a great social media campaign as it not only reminded the people of all the good memories with Starbucks but also made them feel important and valued. This way Starbucks was successful in building its brand recognition, value, and loyalty. 

To know more about this, head to this Starbucks Case Study

Also, if you found this interesting, you can explore more such case studies here.

You May Ask ‘Is Digital Marketing A Good Career in India and Abroad?

Now that we’ve seen the growth of digital marketing over the years and what the future holds, the career scope in digital marketing, and the kind of job opportunities it has to offer, a career in digital marketing is definitely a good choice. 

Read this blog on Is Digital Marketing A Good Career? IIDE Weighs In if you want to dig deeper. 

If you wish to embark on this journey, here’s how you can get started. 

Get Assured Placements - PG in Digital Marketing

How can you become a digital marketer?

Digital Marketing is an industry that allows people as employees to explore various options and techniques. It is not meant for just one kind of person; it fits many kinds of people, including those who are creative, analytical, insightful, and technologically inclined. 

The digital marketing industry is constantly changing, where sometimes the trends will be for Voice Searches, and other times understanding trends like Virtual Reality and Artificial Intelligence will be needed. The digital marketing industry is still at a very early stage.

Now, you can also become a digital marketer with high-quality education right from the comfort of your home with IIDE’s Online Digital Marketing Course. The curriculum is highly customized, concise, and real-world relevant. It is a futuristic way of learning. A digital marketing course will train you in basics to advanced digital marketing concepts post which you can easily get placed with an average salary package of INR 3 LPA. 

In this course, you will learn from top-industry professionals through self-paced video courses. This is followed by weekly live online sessions with the trainers to solve doubts/queries and revise topics. You also get to ‘Book a Mentor’ for a 1-on-1 online session for additional questions. 

For undergraduates, a BBA in Digital Marketing is an excellent option to start early in their careers.

In case if you have recently graduated and are looking for further studies at a postgraduate level, check this IIDE’s 11-month MBA in Digital Marketing in India

To know more about IIDE, connect with us at [email protected] for a free counseling session.

What is the future of Digital Marketing?

The future of digital marketing is all about mobile apps.

This year, 30% of the world’s population will be connected online through a mobile device. So it only makes sense that this technology would be heavily incorporated into marketing strategies now more than ever before.

We hope this blog has helped you with insights into the scope of digital marketing in India and on a global scale. Do let us know about your views in the comments section below. 

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