7 Best Digital Marketing Youtube Channels to Follow in 2024

Updated on: Feb 20, 2024
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In this Gen-Z era, education is not just limited to books and blogs. Today, freshers and aspiring marketers are looking for resources that can help them evolve with the digital marketing trends and Youtube has become their go-to place. With 100s of channels creating content around digital marketing, it gets difficult to choose the right one. This is where this blog will help you it includes a list of the 7 best digital marketing youtube channels and what makes them unique. 

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Scope of YouTube in 2024

YouTube is one of the most commonly used platforms for viewing videos across the world. It has, in recent years, become a key platform for content creators to reach out to viewers from all over the globe and share their creations with them.

YouTube was founded in 2005 by three former PayPal employees, Chad Hurley, Steve Chen, and Jawed Karim. The first video uploaded to the site was titled “Me at the zoo” as a way to test out the then-new video functionality of YouTube.

At present, YouTube boasts a staggering 1.5 billion monthly viewers who watch 400 hours of video per person every month. The interesting thing about YouTube is that it will continue to be more popular than ever in 2024, as more and more people turn towards online streaming services and away from traditional television channels. In fact, creators‚Äô profiles on Youtube are known as ‚Äėchannels‚Äô.

Another way that YouTube can be used in education is as an assessment tool. For those who are looking to upskill themselves without having to burn their pockets, Youtube is the best platform. It is also an excellent learning tool. It has videos for every subject you can think of. Whether it is a cooking tutorial, a history of the world lesson, or digital marketing concepts, there is something for everyone.

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7 Best Digital Marketing Youtube Channels to Follow in 2024

A digital marketing youtube channel is different from a digital marketing course. There is no structure but these videos are full of real-time strategies and case studies that can help you keep updated with the latest trends. Here’s a list of the 7 best youtube channels to learn digital marketing to follow in 2024:

  • IIDE
  • Digital Deepak
  • Neil Patel
  • Ahrefs
  • Adam Erhart
  • SEMRush
  • Jordan Platten


1. IIDE Online

iide- digital marketing youtube channels

Recognized as the best digital marketing institute in India by the World Education Congress, IIDE truly believes in education being everyone’s right. Apart from their digital marketing courses, they started creating digital marketing awareness through Youtube.

IIDE Online uploads masterclasses around digital marketing concepts such as Search Engine Optimization careers in digital marketing, student experiences, IIDE events, and brand case studies. 

This is the best youtube channel to learn digital marketing in both long-form and short-form videos.

Most Popular:

The brand case studies that IIDE posts make them one of the most practical digital marketing youtube channels. In these videos, the host talks about the background of popular brands, their marketing strategies, and how they earn their revenue. 

For example, in the above video, he talks about the various reasons why a successful venture such as Big Bazaar started falling in this decade. 


2. Digital Deepak

digital deepak- digital marketing youtube channels

Another popular digital marketing youtube channel is Digital Deepak. Digital Deepak is a youtube channel founded by Deepak Kanakaraju who has more than a decade of experience in digital marketing. 

On his youtube channel, Deepak posts videos related to SEO Tips, Facebook Marketing, Digital Marketing Tools, and careers in Digital Marketing. You will also find testimonials of the professional courses and internships by Digital Deepak.

One of the growing digital marketing youtube channels, it is consistently gaining attention. You will find more long-form videos on Digital Deepak. 

Most Popular: 

Digital Deepak’s most popular video is a 3-hour guide on Lead Generation where he talks about various digital marketing strategies that can be adopted for higher lead generation.


3. Neil Patel

neil patel- digital marketing youtube channels

Neil Patel is one of the trending digital marketing influencers globally. He is the founder of Neil Patel Digital which is a global digital education platform. 

Neil also uses YouTube as a platform to share his expertise on concepts primarily related to digital marketing and search engine optimization. A marketing genius, his 5-7 minute long videos provide quick hacks required in digital marketing, making his channel a valuable resource among digital marketing YouTube channels.

Since he has been making videos since 2011, Neil Patel has had a dedicated and growing audience with over a million subscribers in the last decade. 

Most Popular:

Blending the new SEO updates along with his basic expertise, Neil Patel’s this video on SEO for Beginners is one of the most popular on his digital marketing youtube channel. 



4. Ahrefs

ahrefs- digital marketing youtube channels

If you have a passion for SEO, you must have heard about Ahrefs – one of the most popular digital marketing tools. Ever since 2015, Ahrefs started creating videos educating digital marketing professionals on SEO and YouTube Marketing, making their YouTube channel a go-to resource for valuable insights and strategies in the field of digital marketing.

Through these digital marketing tutorials, Ahrefs has tried to create content for both digital marketing experts and amateurs. They particularly use easy-to-understand examples that help the viewer. 

Ahrefs is one of the first marketing companies that started uploading videos to YouTube. That’s because they realized early on that video content was an effective way to reach out to audiences.¬†

Most Popular: 

One of the most informative digital marketing youtube channels, Ahrefs most popular video is an SEO guide for beginners particularly aimed at strategies for higher Google Rankings. 



5. Adam Erhart

adam erhart- digital marketing youtube channels

 We’ve looked at majorly SEO-friendly digital marketing youtube channels but Adam Erhart’s youtube channel is for those looking for social media marketing training. Adam has been creating digital marketing guides for students, content creators, and entrepreneurs since 2015. 

His videos are mostly long-form including end-to-end guidance on a particular topic. Some of the social media marketing videos that have gained traction are Instagram marketing guide, social media for businesses, and crisis management on social media. 

Most Popular:

Adam’s most popular video is based on Instagram Marketing for Small Business. This video is popular because of the number of small businesses that have risen since the pandemic. 


6. SEMRush 

semrush- digital marketing youtube channels

A leading SEO marketing tool, SEMRush started its journey of becoming a leading digital marketing youtube channel back in 2014. On this youtube channel, you will primarily learn about Search Engine Optimization guides, hacks, algorithm updates, and youtube optimization. 

SEMRush also uploads guides on ‚Äėhow to use SEMRush‚Äô for those who face difficulties in understanding the tool.¬†

Another interesting fact about SEMRush is that they have separate youtube channels based on languages. For example, there are multiple SEMRush channels such as SEMRush France, SEMRush Italia, and SEMRush Brasil.

Most Popular: 

SEMRush’s most popular video on their English youtube channel is a quick guide on how to use the SEMRush tool to boost your Website Performance. 


7. Jordan Platten

jordan platten- digital marketing youtube channels

Jordan is a UK-based marketer who quit his corporate job to start mentoring thousands on digital marketing. Jordan is an influential digital marketing expert and is the founder of Affluent Academy. 

On his digital marketing youtube channel, he provides tips, tricks, and tutorials to help people grow their social media accounts and businesses through social media marketing. 

He has been featured in multiple publications such as Forbes, Mogul, Buzzfeed, Inc, and Medium. 

Most Popular:  

Jordan Platten’s most popular video on his youtube is based on Facebook Ads for Beginners which is a complete guide on how to set up Facebook Ads Account, Ad Campaigns, and much more.

Now that we have looked at the best 7 digital marketing youtube channels, let’s understand the frequently asked questions along with answers. 

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Digital marketing youtube channels are those which will get you started on digital marketing training according to the latest trends and updates. If you wish to learn digital marketing from scratch, here’s a free masterclass that will teach you the basics in detail. 

If you are interested in digital marketing training to become a digital marketing expert, this 4-month online digital marketing course is best for you.  

You can also go for an MBA in Digital Marketing that provides a valuable combination of business management principles and specialized knowledge in today’s ever-evolving digital landscape, giving you a competitive edge in the industry.

Hope that you enjoyed this blog on the best 7 digital marketing youtube channels. Let me know in the comments if you have watched any of these youtube videos before!


FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Which youtube channel is best for digital marketing?

According to the blog and popular opinion, here’s the list of best digital marketing youtube channels-

  • IIDE Online¬†
  • Digital Deepak¬†
  • Neil Patel¬†
  • Ahrefs
  • Adam Erhart¬†
  • SEMRush¬†
  • Jordan Platten¬†

Q. How can a beginner start with digital marketing on youtube?

The first step for a beginner who wishes to teach digital marketing on youtube is to pick a niche. Picking a niche that you have expertise over will help you chalk about niche-related video ideas and will help you stand out from the crowd. Next is to conduct research to understand what the viewers particularly wish to learn about in your niche. 

Q. Which are the best digital marketing youtube channels for business case studies?

According to the list above, IIDE Online is considered one of the best digital marketing youtube channels for business case studies. Their case studies on Zomato, Big Bazaar, Facebook, Cred, and many more are found to be informative and insightful.

Q. How can start learning about digital marketing at home?

If you want to learn digital marketing at home for free, you can visit any of the youtube channels listed above such as IIDE Online and SEMRush.


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