35 Most Important SEO Tips and Tricks You’ll Ever Need

Updated on: May 9, 2023
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Looking for some SEO tips and tricks to better optimize your pages and start ranking on search engines? This guide will help you with some of the best SEO practices

We cannot stress the importance of search engine optimization (SEO) enough – it makes your website work! For those of you who do not know what SEO is, it is optimization efforts both on-page and off-page for your website to rank on search engine results pages (SERPs).

Without the proper use of SEO like keyword optimization and link building, search engines will not know about your website. This will lead to very little traffic to your website. Good SEO can help you generate more traffic on your page and boost your sales.

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Read on to know the SEO tips and tricks 101 for small businesses, beginners, and more.

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35 Important SEO Tips and Tricks to Boost Your Sales & Ranking 

We have a list of secret SEO tips and tricks just for you! Read on to know how that’ll help increase your sales and ranking– 

  • Seo Tips and Tricks For Beginners

If you’re a beginner looking for SEO tips and tricks, here’s a list just for you –

1. Clear objectives 

Mark out your objectives. What is it that you’d like to achieve? Some common goals are to increase sales, downloads, subscriptions and clicks.

 Make a list of your KPIs and work accordingly towards your goal. 

KPI- SEO tips and tricks

Source: AIHR

2. Use Google Search Console & Analytics 

Make sure you use GSC & GA from the very beginning and accordingly improvise your existing campaign or the next one.  

Learn what is Google Analytics and how does it work-

3. Mobile Responsive Ads 

Ensure that all your ads are mobile responsive. More than 50% of users use mobile phones for conversions and searches. So a mobile-friendly ad will get you more leads and conversions. 

4. Do Keyword Research 

It is very important to do thorough keyword research. Use keyword research tools like SEMrush, Google Analytics, etc. Check out how to do keyword research. 

  • Seo Tips For New Website

We have a list of the best SEO tips for new website owners –

5. Choose a concise domain name 

Make sure that your website domain name is short and crisp. It should not be too wordy and it should communicate to any user that visits the first time what your brand is about. 

6. Have a content calendar ready 

Always have a content calendar ready before the launch. Ideally, you should have your permanent pages such as About Us, Contact Us, etc. pages ready before the launch. Your landing pages, the home page, etc. need to be optimized before the site goes live instead of optimizing it after it goes live.

You can use Google Sheets, Hubspot, Canva, etc to create a content calendar. 

7. Have a blueprint of your site structure 

When we talk about SEO tips and tricks, it is important to note that you must have a skeleton of your site structure. Search engine crawlers will crawl on your web pages to help index your site which has a clear and easy site structure.

site structure- SEO tips and tricks

8. Prioritize on-page as well as off-page SEO 

It is important to give equal importance to both on-page and off-page SEO. Put equal efforts for both as anyone cannot help you rank higher.

9. Understand Analytics before Going Live 

It is very important to understand web analytics before going live. This will enable you to do any damage control in case something goes wrong during the launch as you would easily be able to identify the root of the problem.

  • Seo Tips For Small Businesses

Here is a list of SEO tips for small businesses – 

10. Find the right keywords 

What are your potential customers searching for? Where are they located? It is integral that you find the right keywords and incorporate them into your website.

11. Do not overdo it 

Whilst you are including the right keywords for your website, do not overstuff your website with them. This will only lead to Google’s web crawlers getting suspicious and could lead to a Google penalty. 

12. Build Links

The more sites that include your links, the more your chances of ranking. Ensure that the sites are of high quality. One high-quality website linking out to your website is more valuable than 10 other links from low-quality sites. Read more on link building in SEO.

13. Publish good content 

Make sure that your content is good. It needs to communicate what your business is about. You should also understand what your customer wants and accordingly push content. Be consistent as well. 

14. Use the power of Social Media

Link your website to your social media and direct your social media followers to your website. This will redirect traffic to your website which means a potential increase in conversions. 

15. User-friendly 

Your website needs to be user-friendly. It should be clean, and extremely easy to navigate. Focus on the user interface from the user point of view and not just aesthetics.

16. Mobile-optimized  

If your website is not mobile-responsive then it defeats the purpose as more than half of internet users use the mobile phone.

17. Use Analytics 

It does not matter how big or small your business is, always use Google Analytics to measure results. Best part? It is free!

  • Seo Tips To Boost Your Sales

An increase in conversions is the end goal for most companies and businesses. Here is a list of how you can use SEO to boost your sales –

18. Use Keyword Strategies 

Use a combination of long-tail keywords and single keywords. Your keyword strategy needs to be meticulous in order to reach your customers. 

19. Quality content 

Content is king. Your keyword strategy will not work if your content is drab. Have a mix of content types on your website such as videos, blogs, user-generated content, podcasts, etc. depending on the type of business you have. 

20. Get Social 

Develop lasting relationships with your customers through social media. A lot of people look to social media for information. This means you can direct them to your website using social media as a tool. 

21. Online Reputation Management 

Online reputation management is very important. What does a customer see when they Google your business? If there are bad reviews for your product or service, it can have an adverse effect on your reputation. Hence, it is important to tackle these in a professional manner. Check this course out on online reputation management

22. On-page SEO 

On-page SEO includes title tags, meta descriptions, URLs, etc. The goal is to optimize all these elements and reduce the bounce rate as well to increase brand credibility. 

  • Seo Tips For Youtube

Youtube has its very own in-built SEO search system that helps a user find internal content on the platform. Here are a few SEO tips you can use for Youtube – 

23. Keyword Research 

You can use the Youtube autocomplete search on the search bar for this. 

24. Optimize Video Titles  

Your video title needs to include the main keywords as well as related keywords. This will help Google pick your video for its SERP as well. 

25. Add Tags 

Include tags in your video. Youtube can easily index your video and it is essential for ranking as well.

26. Focus on Descriptions 

Make sure that you focus on descriptions as well. They need to be smart and value-creating, summarizing what your video is about by giving the user relevant information.

27. Long Format 

Short format videos of less than 2 minutes are not well-received on Youtube. An average of 5 minutes and 30 seconds are needed for a video to rank. 

  • Seo Tips For Blog Posts

Looking for SEO tips for WordPress or blog posts? We have some of the best blog SEO tips listed for you – 

28. Keyword Research First 

Always carry out your keyword research before formulating content. This will help with SEO rankings.

29. Blog Title 

Your blog title is very important and should be able to communicate the essence of your blog.

30. Internal Linking 

Internal linking to other blogs and web pages will increase time spent on the website which in turn will help with your SEO rankings. 

31. Unique Content 

Ensure that your blogs have unique content and stand out from the competition. 

32. Easy to Navigate 

Your blog should be easy to navigate. Include relevant categories and sub-categories instead of a chunk of information in one place.

33. Image Alt Tags 

Image alt tags will enable users to visit your website or blog from a Google Image search.

34. SEO-friendly WordPress theme 

Choose a WordPress theme that is SEO-friendly. There are many free themes to choose from.  WordPress is very helpful and probably one of the most useful SEO tips and tricks. 

35. SEO WordPress plugin 

Install an SEO WordPress plugin to boost your SEO rankings such as Yoast. We recommend that you check this online WordPress course out that’ll familiarize you with SEO tools such as Yoast. 

Bonus Read – Top 20 Google Ranking Factors You Should Know About.

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Q. What is SEO?

SEO or Search Engine Optimisation is the process of continuously optimizing a website/blog/webpage for it to rank higher up on the SERP for a specific search term or keyword. 

Q. What are the different types of SEO?

SEO can be divided into On-Page SEO, Off-Page SEO & Technical SEO. On-Page SEO focuses on changing the content on the page to help it rank higher. Off-Page SEO focuses on activities outside the page such as link building, social media promotion, guest posting, etc to help it rank higher. 

Q. Does my website need SEO?

All active websites need SEO to show up on the SERP or Search Engine Result Page. For example, if you are an e-commerce website selling shoes for men, your goal is to rank higher on the search term – shoes for men. People who are searching for shoes for men should come to your website. SEO tips and tricks will help you optimise your content and link-building strategy to rank in the top 1-3 position for this particular keyword, thus getting more traffic. 

Q. How do I do SEO for my website?

Here’s how you can carry out SEO for your website –

  • Choose the right URL – not too long, explaining what your site is about
  • Titles for each page
  • Use anchor text
  •  Ensure that you add alt tags to all your images
  • Give your website the right headers

Q. Which are the best SEO strategies of 2023?

Some important techniques for SEO strategies in 2023 are –

  • Featured snippets are important
  • Focus on People Also Ask
  • Keep creating new content
  • Optimize old content
  • User experience is very important
  • Evaluate your website’s core vitals
  • Build an ethical link building strategy

Q. How do beginners do SEO?

Beginners can start off by doing a short course on SEO. Check this short online SEO course out. Here’s how a beginner can start off with SEO –

  • Do keyword research
  • Do on-page SEO
  • Link building
  • Understand off-page SEO


If you’re an SEO professional looking to learn digital marketing holistically, check out this 4-month online comprehensive digital marketing course. If you’d like a course as intensive as an MBA, we recommend this best Post Graduation in Digital Marketing in India.

On the lookout for an SEO job? Check out the Top 35 SEO questions for an interview before you step into your interview.

We really hope that you enjoyed reading our blog! If you have more SEO tips, please tell us in the comments below. You can also tell us how you applied these tips to your marketing strategy!

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