Successful Content Marketing Strategies in 2022: Different Types, Examples, and Steps

Updated on: Dec 1, 2021

We’ve all heard the phrase – ‘content is king’. Ever wondered what it actually meant? The importance of content marketing strategies has taken the forefront especially since the pandemic hit. With more companies taking to the digital space, there has been an increase in competition.

In this blog article, we will touch base upon, the meaning of a content strategy, steps to create the best content marketing strategies for 2022 with examples, and an overview of the types of content marketing strategies.

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Meaning of Content Marketing Strategies and Types Explained 

Content marketing strategies involve planning, ideation, creation, and the management of content. The term was coined in the late 1990s. Check this article out on the evolution of digital marketing.

Any content marketing strategy is used in order to gain attention, build awareness, engage and retain the audience by creating relevant content such as posts, videos, articles, podcasts, blogs, etc. 

Content marketing strategies have the advantage of communicating your brand message, promoting brand awareness, building your brand, and keeping it on top of people’s minds. 

Here’s a list of the different types of content to brainstorm content marketing strategies- 

  • Social Media Posts
  • Websites 
  • Short-form Videos 
  • E-brochures 
  • Blog posts
  • Videos
  • Case Studies 
  • Podcasts
  • Infographics
  • How-To Guides 
  • Social Media Posts

social media posts- content marketing strategies

The most common form of content marketing today in the digital world is social media posts. Whilst having a website is important, it is crucial to have a presence on social media. 

You can choose from different platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, etc. Do thorough market research as to which platforms your target audience is using and accordingly create your content for that particular platform. It takes consistency and organization to build a strong content strategy.  

Check out this short online course on social media.


  • Website

iide website- content marketing strategies

Websites are a must for even small to mid-sized companies as they build trust and credibility amongst new users. Also, it is a great way of showcasing your products, services, awards, reviews, and accomplishments. 

For website content strategy it is also important to ensure your content is in sync with your brand’s vision and values.  


  • Short-form Videos 

short form videos- content marketing strategies

We cannot disagree with the fact that a 10-30 seconds video is the top-performing piece of content today. Reels, Shorts and even TikToks (out of India) have pushed all brands to become content creators/influencers. Reels have a global average of 53 minutes of viewing minutes per session according to Influencer Marketing Hub. 

  • E-brochures

Gone are the days when brochures and pamphlets were circulated. Today in the digital age, e-brochures have become extremely popular. The reach of these brochures is also much higher as they can be circulated all over the world. 

  • Blog Posts

Blog posts need to create value for a user and have to be interesting as the aim is to keep the reader engaged, with a low bounce rate. The idea is to understand what the user is looking for through keyword research. 

Read this article on how to do keyword research. Try and keep your blog word length between 2000-3000 words for improving your SEO with higher search rankings.  

  • Videos


Videos are one of the most popular forms of content marketing today as they have a high engagement rate. It needs more effort and time as compared to written media but it has a high ROI (returns on investment). 

  • Case Studies

Case studies are a type of content marketing strategy. They can be shared using multiple mediums such as blogs, podcasts, ebooks, press releases, etc. Case studies need to communicate how your product or service helped consumers and added value to their lives by delivering what you claim. 

It is a good way of getting more B2B clients on board. Case studies work well as a product marketing content strategy as well as educational content marketing strategies.

Check out the top brand case studies here.

  • Podcasts

In case you have opinion leaders to interview or have interesting topics to discuss that would be of professional expertise, then consider investing in podcasts as many of the GenZers today prefer podcasts over reading. Read this blog to know how to market to GenZ.

If you’re looking for a content marketing strategy framework, check out this short online course on content marketing. You can also create a content marketing strategy pdf for future use once you have completed the course.

  • Infographics

An infographic is a piece of content that is displayed in the form of charts and graphics to convey the information in a user-friendly way. To create infographics, you can use tools such as Canva, Photoshop, and Illustrator.  

infographics- content marketing strategies

  • How-To Guides

A user will relate to a person who shows how he uses a particular product. For example, when a beauty influencer puts on Instagram about how to use a face pack belonging to an ‘XYZ’ brand, the viewer will relate to her/him and be interested in buying the product. Also, How-To Guides on the product pages of your website will always help a lead convert into a customer faster. 

6 Steps to Create Content Marketing Strategies

Wouldn’t it just be easy and fast if you have a step-by-step guide to creating content marketing strategies? It helps you focus more on the content instead of planning the content. Here are a few steps that can help you create the best content marketing strategies in the industry –

Step 1: Outline your Goals

Why do you wish to create a content marketing strategy? This will help you get direction before you begin planning. Knowing your goals will bring all the team members on the same page. 

Step 2: Define your Target Audience

Understand who your target audience is in order to create a successful content marketing strategy. By identifying your target audience, you will be able to produce relevant content that will make them convert. Once you know your target audience, content ideas can be filtered accordingly. For example, if you are selling diapers, your target audience is automatically new parents so you can’t plan content around teenagers. 

Step 3: Choose the Marketing Platforms

Once you’ve identified the target audience, choose the marketing platforms you wish to use. Choose from Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, etc., and accordingly create your strategy. 

Step 4: Conduct a Content Audit

If you’ve already been in the business for a while, a content audit can help determine what your target audience’s preferences are, and communication gaps, and also come up with fresh content ideas. 

It can also help you identify how to repurpose existing content. Read How to do a content audit for more information. 

Step 5: Choose a Content Management Tool

With so many platforms to create content for, it can be daunting to manage content strategy. Hence, choosing a good CMS is crucial. Invest in good software such as HubSpot with which you can plan, publish, schedule, track and manage content. 

Check out the best digital marketing tools here.

Step 6: Analyze Content Performance

After publishing your content, you need to analyze your content marketing efforts. It will help you identify if the content is working for the audience and if it needs improvement. 

Further, here are the four important elements of content marketing strategies that you must follow: 

semrush- content marketing strategies

(Source: SEMRush)

Tips to Enhance Your Content Marketing Strategies

There have been many successful content marketing strategies for 2021. We have a few tips to share that can make your brand stand out from the crowd and get you on the list as well. 

Firstly, always deliver the right content at the right time. If you are using moment marketing, make sure that you post about it when the event or trend is taking place and not a week after the trend has passed. 

Secondly, have a content plan or a calendar. Get organized as it will help you avoid missing out on important dates and events. Another tip is to map out audience needs and bridge this gap. Lastly, highlight your brand’s USP in your communication. 

If you’re looking for more content marketing tips, check this article out – 13 Best Tips and Tricks to Drive Sales.

Best Content Marketing Examples

We have listed a few examples of successful content marketing strategies, only for you –

  • Amul 

amul- content marketing strategies

Amul’s has been a household name in India and its content strategy has been admired for decades together for its quirkiness and moment marketing. Amul also creates interesting social media contests to keep its audience engaged. 

Know More: Case Study on Marketing Strategies of Amul

  • Zomato

zomato- content marketing strategies

With the idea of quality over quantity, Zomato may not post every day but when they do, they definitely nail it! They use different digital marketing platforms to share communication – Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter and also use imagery to encourage customers to convert.

Know More: Digital Marketing Strategy of Zomato

  • Oreo

oreo- content marketing strategies

Oreo’s Daily Dunk campaign has been received well all over the country. With celebrity brand ambassadors like Ranbir Kapoor, they have strived to create a connection with the younger audiences. 

Know More: Complete Marketing Strategy of Oreo

  • Durex India

durex- content marketing strategies

Durex India has relied on moment marketing for its content strategy and it has worked in thier favor. From memes to the use of puns in posts – their communication is fresh and witty and connects well with the younger lot of millennials and Gen Z. 

  • Faasos

fasos- content marketing strategies

Faasos, an Indian food brand has a brilliant content marketing strategy with its appealing visuals and catchy SMS and Email subject lines. They also send out their offer communications right before mealtime. Talk about sending the right message at the right time! 

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Q. What are the 4 types of marketing strategies?

The 4 types of marketing strategies include –

  • Paid marketing
  • Relationship marketing
  • Transactional marketing
  • Word of mouth marketing

Q. How do I create a content marketing strategy?

his is how you can create a content marketing strategy effectively –

  • Set your goals
  • Understand competition
  • Strategize according to your target audience 
  • Choose the digital marketing platforms
  • Create unique content according to the platforms
  • Promote the content
  • Analyze the results and apply the findings to your existing and new strategies

To Conclude, 

Creating the right content marketing strategies is key to a successful marketing campaign. Let us know in the comments below the best strategies that you have taken inspiration from and plan to apply to your business.

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  1. Shreyash

    Content marketing strategies are essential for businesses aiming to connect with their audience in meaningful ways. It involves creating valuable, relevant content to attract and engage potential customers. Start by understanding your target audience and their interests, then develop content that addresses their needs and concerns. Consistency is key – regularly publishing content across various channels helps maintain audience interest and build brand awareness. Don’t forget to track your results and adjust your strategies accordingly. With a well-planned content marketing strategy, businesses can establish themselves as industry leaders and drive meaningful interactions with their audience.

  2. Shruti Dedhia

    Content marketing strategies are instrumental in establishing a brand’s online presence and connecting with the audience. A prime example is blogging, where companies share valuable information to engage and educate their customers. Social media platforms also serve as powerful channels, distributing content to a broader audience. Email newsletters, another strategy, keep subscribers informed and build lasting relationships. Effective content marketing involves creating quality, relevant content that resonates with the target audience, driving brand loyalty and conversions. It’s a dynamic approach that, when executed well, positions a brand as an authority in its field and generates sustained interest.

  3. Shruti Sommanek

    This blog post provides a comprehensive overview of successful content marketing strategies for 2022, covering various types, examples, and steps. The information presented is valuable for businesses looking to enhance their online presence and engage with their target audience effectively. By exploring different types of content marketing and real-world examples, readers can gain insights into what works in today’s digital landscape. The step-by-step approach outlined in the post offers practical guidance for implementing these strategies and achieving measurable results. Overall, it’s a useful resource for anyone interested in optimizing their content marketing efforts.

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    It talks about how to do Successful Content Marketing. It explains different types with examples and steps, making it easy for everyone to understand. It also states about the steps to create content marketing strategies and also the steps to enhance these strategies. The examples help a lot, and the detailed way it’s explained makes it practical. It is helpful for the ones who want to get better at content marketing. It is a must read for people who want to improve their content marketing skills.

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    Great insights on content marketing techniques! The emphasis on target market-centric content material and regular engagement sincerely resonates. The breakdown of diverse channels, from social media to e-mail, provides a realistic roadmap for implementation. Aligning content material with the client’s adventure is a key takeaway, ensuring relevance at each level. The emphasis on analytics for measuring success provides a layer of responsibility. Overall, a comprehensive guide for novices and pro marketers looking to refine their content method. Kudos to the author for simplifying complicated standards!

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    For both novice and experienced marketers, this post provides a good summary of content marketing techniques. It simplifies difficult ideas like audience targeting, content production, distribution methods, and performance monitoring. Readers are assisted in understanding how to apply these tactics effectively by the helpful hints and examples given. Regardless of your goals—creating leads, increasing brand recognition, or increasing website traffic—this article provides insightful advice to improve your content marketing campaigns.

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    IIDE’s blog is a goldmine for content marketing tips! The actionable advice and clear explanations helped me level up my content game. Feeling inspired to create content that connects and converts!


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