15 Top Content Marketing Tips to Drive Sales in 2022

Updated on: Oct 20, 2021

This blog is for all our readers who want to enhance their sales with some effective content marketing tips and hacks. 

Content is king in today’s digital marketing world. With content marketing, you can build a good rapport and trust with your customers. It helps answer their questions, build conversations and also generate leads.

Creating high-quality content and being consistent with it is extremely important. Let’s have a look at how to improve content marketing with these digital marketing content ideas. 

But before we begin, here’s our first tip – learn content marketing online with IIDE’s experts to know how it’s done in the business world. 

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15 Top Content Marketing Tips That Drive Sales

content marketing tips

Listed here are some of the top content marketing tips along with digital marketing that we have compiled for you – 

  • Recognize your Target Audience

To curate content that impresses and resonates with your audience, you need to first recognize your target audience. What gender/age group/income group does your brand/product cater to becomes your target audience. 

  • Put your best foot forward 

A good tip for digital marketing posts is to publish your best content. One good post is much better than 5 posts that are mediocre in nature. Try and post something that adds value, is informative, or trending. Keeping the quality of your content high is important. 

  •  Measurable Success

Always measure the success of your content marketing through web analytics. Digital marketers and writers need to not only know how to create stellar content but also measure performance success. Check out this course on Google Analytics.

  •  Conduct a content audit

Conduct a content audit on a regular basis to re-use and also optimize existing content. You could use a ready template or create a customized one. Check out this Ultimate Guide on Conduction a Content Audit. 

  • Repurpose your Content

Repurposing your content is one of the top content marketing tips for small businesses and big ones alike. Since content takes time, money and effort, make sure to repurpose your content from one format to another. For example, some blog posts can be well-suited for an E-mailer and vice versa. 

  •  Ad Campaigns

In case you’re running an ad, you can consider repurposing headlines into the ad copy. Check your analytics for the topmost performing headline and repurpose them. Check out 21 Must-Use PPC Strategies To Get You 3x Returns in 2021.

  • Keep it Authentic 

Keeping your content as authentic as possible is one of the top content marketing tips that set you apart. Speak your mind and be bold. At the same time, instead of only writing about how great your product is, write about how it can genuinely add value to the user. In a recent study on GenZers, it was found that they prefer authentic content over fluff. 

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  • Personal Approach 

A personal and human approach goes a long way when it comes to brand perception and brand loyalty. Write blog articles on CSR activities and also include them as a content peg in your strategy. 

  • Back your Statements with Data

Trying to prove a point? Make sure that any argument or statement is backed by data or that the source is shared. Proof as data always adds credibility to your content. 

  • Make it SEO rich

Your content needs to be rich in SEO. Conduct thorough keyword research and include these keywords in your strategy. Check this blog out to learn more about how to conduct efficient keyword research.

  • Have a Unique Brand Voice 

Do not try to copy another brand’s voice. It is also essential to maintain consistency in brand voice across the team. This is a huge challenge when larger teams are involved. The brand voice needs to be authentic, sincere, and relatable to the audience. 

  • Appealing Content

To create appealing content, you need to recognize what works best for your audience. If the age group ‘15-20’ is your target audience then adding the lingo in the content will always appeal. 

  • Challenge Your Writing Skills Constantly 

Keep challenging your content writing skills. This is a great tip for digital marketing content writing. Write about different genres, do not stick to just one. This will help you to push your abilities and challenge you. 

  • Content Remarketing  

Invest in content remarketing to get better ROI (returns on investment). You can use remarketing as a way to increase the number of visitors, leading to more brand awareness and thus, greater engagement. 

  • Don’t blindly follow

A lot of content marketing guides will tell you to shadow your competitor or follow someone’s successful content but it is important that you create your own content uniquely and just take inspiration from the highly engaging content. 

With this, we are at the end of the 15 top content marketing tips. 

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Where can you learn Content Marketing?

Before you apply these top content marketing tips to your business/brand, it is that you know the basics of content marketing and strategy. IIDE offers an 8-hour course on Content Marketing and Strategy that teaches you about-

  • Setting up your base
  • Breaking down the AIDA funnel
  • Define your brand and target audience
  • Content creation
  • Content publishing 

IIDE’s Content Marketing and Strategy course has trained over 1000 students so it will definitely benefit you.

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Q. What are some content marketing tips for beginners?

Here are some practical content marketing tips for beginners – 

  • Understand your KPIs and work accordingly
  • Know your target audience
  • Plan your content calendar
  • Re-use existing content
  • Know your competition
  • Promote your content

Q. What are some content marketing tips for startups? 

Here are some quick content marketing tips for startups – 

  • Write about industry-relevant topics
  • Follow the trends
  • Publish regular content
  • Invest in guest blogging
  • Include visuals in your content
  • Find out the best time to post the content

Q. What are some content marketing tips for writers? 

Here is a list of actionable content marketing tips for writers – 

  • Keep up-to-date with the latest trends
  • Integrate SEO
  • Create engaging content
  • Have an outline
  • Have a unique brand voice
  • Keep your target audience in mind

Q. What are some content marketing tips for youtube?

Here are some easy content marketing tips for youtube – 

  • Incorporate essential keywords and CTAs
  • Do not always aim to make your video go viral
  • Collaborate with influencers and relevant brands
  • Optimize existing video footage
  • Learn from competition
  • Try Youtube advertising


That’s all from us at IIDE! We hope that these content marketing tips help you in your content strategy for your brand. We recommend the short online course on content marketing.

If you’re an entrepreneur looking to understand more about digital marketing, check out this 3-month digital marketing online course that’ll give you a good understanding of the industry. 

If you’re a digital marketing professional looking to upskill, check out this intensive MBA in Digital Marketing – PG Program.

Hope you enjoyed reading this blog, please do let us know your favourite content marketing tips in the comments section below. 

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