Best Strategies and Tools Available to Increase Social Media Engagement

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Want to increase social media engagement and boost traffic? This guide will help you understand why it’s important and how you can do it. 

Social media has become a very integral part of digital marketing. It has contributed immensely to brand growth and more & more businesses are taking to it. It not only increases conversions and profits but also has a huge impact on brand awareness, which in turn has an impact on brand loyalty.

We all know that social media is vital but just posting content will not get you sales. Social media engagement is essential to generate sales. Read on to know how you can use social media engagement for growing your business.

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Why is social media engagement important?

Here’s a list of reasons why social media engagement is important – 

  • Reach

The best part of social media is its reach. You can reach a large audience with the same communication. By posting consistently, your post will reach your audience and it will increase brand awareness.

  • Brand Perception 

As they say content is key when it comes to building brand perception. Content is very important in highlighting your company’s USP and also building trust for your brand turning visitors into potential customers.

When you have a considerably high number of likes, comments, and shares, it makes your brand more trustworthy.

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  • SEO purposes

SEO and social media go hand-in-hand. A good social media presence has a huge impact on SEO performance. It can drive sizable referral traffic to your social media channels.  

  • Feedback

Social media is the best way to gather instant feedback. You will be able to know whether your communication is working or not. You can understand valuable feedback from your customers and accordingly come up with new product launches. 

  • Humanistic Value 

When you interact with users, it gives your brand a humanistic approach. When you respond to each query, they will be inclined to your brand as they’ll know that you value them.

Top strategies to increase social media engagement

We have listed out the best strategies to increase social media engagement and also some social engagement examples for your reference.

1. Join social media groups 

Joining different social media groups will enable you to connect with people looking for your goods and services even though you may not have a lot of followers, this can help you grow your followers.

2. Strong customer service

Have a strong customer service team in place to answer queries and respond to potential customers in time.

3. Keep your content diverse

If there’s a trending post, share it. Or if there’s a client query answered through a post by another brand, share that too!

4. Use influencer marketing  

Use influencer marketing to create hype about your product or service. Ask influencers to promote your posts. Ensure they are relevant to your industry. 

5. Guest Posting

Guest posting by influencers will further increase website traffic and also credibility. This will further help with SEO. 

Leo Widrich, Buffer’s co-founder wrote about 150 guest blog posts. He was able to increase his customer base from 0 to 100k in a short span of just 9 months. This also positively affected his SEO rankings as shown above.

6. Keep it Visual

Use videos, photos, and emoticons to engage your audience. Text-heavy posts don’t always work. Break it down with emoticons. 

7. Add hashtags

Use relevant hashtags to connect with people using that particular hashtag. 

8. Create Polls and Surveys

It is important to post polls and surveys to understand customer opinions and also get valuable customer feedback. 

Here’s a good social engagement example where Airbnb used a poll to know where their followers would like to go on their next escape. This gives them real-time feedback. 

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3 Must-Use Tools To Increase Social Media Engagement

We have listed the top social media engagement tools so that you can use social media to engage with others easily.

  • HootSuite

Digital marketing tools - hootsuite - increase social media engagement

Hootsuite is undoubtedly one of the most popular social media engagement tools. It makes it simpler for businesses to schedule posts, analyze campaign performance and manage social media accounts from one dashboard. 

  • Buffer

Digital marketing tools - buffer - increase social media engagement

Buffer is another wonderful tool to increase social media engagement. It is great for companies with multiple accounts. 

The Buffer reply function makes it easy to reply to all social messages from a single dashboard. This can really help improve and streamline your online reputation management. Check this short online course out on online reputation management. 

  • Bitly

Increase Social Media Engagement - Bitly

Wondering how to increase social media followers? With Bitly you can easily track your social media engagement and also track overall performance. It is much more than a link shortener. 

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Q. How do you increase engagement on social media in 2021?

Here’s a guide on how to increase social media engagement in 2021 – 

  • Use humour to connect with your audience
  • Use video content
  • Host contests and giveaways
  • Use influencer marketing
  • Leverage any trending hashtags

Q. Why is it important to increase engagement on social media?

Increasing social media engagement goes much beyond increasing likes and follows. One needs to focus on building social media engagement and you will be able to reap the rewards of brand awareness, increased return on investment, and better conversions. 

To Conclude, 

We hope you enjoyed reading our blog. Let us know what strategies you used in the comments below to increase social media engagement on your page. 

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