Top 10 Digital Marketing Challenges in 2024 & How to Tackle Them

Updated on: Feb 12, 2024

Wherever there is success in digital marketing, it always comes with its own set of digital marketing challenges. The Indian digital marketing industry has seen tremendous growth in the last 5 years. Young aspirants and companies have been looking for more opportunities to grow in this field. 

With the pandemic hitting in 2020, many companies took to online marketing. In 2024, digital has become our normal. Whilst it looks all glamorous on the outside, ever wondered what the challenges in digital marketing are like?

Let’s have a look at some of the top digital marketing challenges and solutions faced by businesses all over the world.

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10 Common Digital Marketing Challenges and How to Overcome Them

Listed below are some digital marketing challenges for companies.

1. Dynamic Platforms

With dynamically changing platform algorithms where your post ranking and engagement rates can go on a toss with just one update, marketers get tons of different options to create and analyze reports, test campaigns and see what’s working out, it is very difficult to keep up, especially with multi-channel marketing. 

What you can do:

Adopt an agile mindset:

If you want to overcome this biggest challenge in digital marketing, you need to be agile with your approach. Study what’s trending in the industry, invest time and resources in learning different platforms, create content that can be used on multiple platforms, and there you go!

Don’t forget the power of data. Analyze data that you get from the dashboards and different tracking tools. Tweak your marketing strategy according to the data and you’ll see how easy it’ll be for you to handle multiple marketing channels with ease. 

2. Competing with big brands and companies

The biggest challenge is competing with the top companies. With big marketing budgets and a strong presence in the market, their reach and communication impact are much greater. Hence, it is difficult for smaller companies to grow and sustain in the market.

What you can do:

Be focused on niche and authenticity:

Audience loves it when they see content around their interest area. Be specific to your niche and create content that aligns with your brand’s unique value proposition. Stress on authenticity and personalized interactions to build genuine connections. Doing this will help you create a strong brand identity and will compete easily with top players in the industry.

3. Unpredictable buying behavior

With the advent of the internet, the world has become one marketplace. Consumers are highly aware now and their decisions are influenced by ever-evolving trends and sudden shifts in preferences. Hence, consumer buying behavior is very unpredictable.

What you can do:

Custom data is a boon to tackle such digital marketing challenges. Inculcate using AI tools to derive custom data. Churn out your marketing strategy around this data and develop custom plans for such users. Doing this will help you understand the buying pattern of your consumer and enhance your skill as a marketer where you’ll be able to analyze real-time data while making a strategy out of it.

4. Limited marketing budgets

The bigger the company, the bigger the budget. Startups struggle with limited marketing budgets which in turn hinder their capability to explore, test, and tap into different marketing tactics and resources. It also affects the growth of the overall business.

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What you can do:

Strategic planning and a thorough understanding of your target group are the keys to this situation. Prioritise high-impact channels that suit your business and target consumers while developing your marketing plan. Choose cost-effective marketing mediums like content marketing, email marketing, and low-budget digital ads for your business. Try to adopt a lean approach and see where you can get maximum returns for your business. Keeping a check and optimizing your limited budget will surely give you efficient results and help you survive this competitive digital marketing realm. 

5. Consumer-centric market

The market has adopted a consumer-centric approach and its expectations are constantly evolving. Customers expect personalization and like it when companies really tend to their needs. This can be really challenging for companies and businesses.

What you can do:

With the advancement in tech, AI and data analytics are boon for marketers. Use AI and machine learning to send out personalized marketing messages to your target group. Focus on creating customer journey maps to see your area of improvement. Work on your communication strategy with your consumer and seek their feedback to make changes in your plans. Remember, the more you know your consumers, the better you’ll be able to serve them and make them your brand users. 

6. Creating fresh engaging content

This is one of the major digital marketing challenges marketers face when it comes to online marketing. Creating fresh, unique content and keeping your audience glued in this saturated digital world is a big challenge as it requires adaptability and quick creativity

Compelling and engaging content has seen popularity and with every other brand investing in new and engaging content, it is difficult to stand out from the crowd and mark your position in the market.

What you can do:

Using different content formats can save you from this hustle. Keep a bank of videos, infographics, and especially images of your work BTS. Leverage the power of user-generated content and add it to your content calendar. Use AI to create posts like custom filters for your audience. Maintaining a content calendar with a mix of different post concepts will never make you fall short of content.

7. Striving to be mobile-friendly 

More than 50% of users shop from smartphones and tablets as opposed to a desktop. Ensuring a smooth and engaging mobile experience becomes important for marketers. This also comes as a challenge to many companies.

What you can do:  

It’s super easy. Ask your developer to prioritize mobile optimization when they’re making your website. Stress on responsive design principles to ensure content adapts easily to different screen sizes. Go for mobile-friendly ad formats like vertical video ads to keep them engaging. Use data from mobile analytics to understand user behavior. Doing this will give you a thorough idea of how a user is interacting with your business while searching for them online and how you can improve your user experience. You can solve half of your problem by stressing on optimizing your website for mobile and tablets.     

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9. Data and Security Issues 

Data is a big asset when it comes to digital marketing and people hesitate to give their personal information like email, phone numbers, etc. to any brand as they might face some data security or privacy issues. It poses a big threat to brands as these are some crucial assets that a marketer can use to remarket the business.

What you can do:

To address such digital marketing challenges, go for stringent data governance policies. Implement data protection policies like GDPR and CCPA. Implement cyber security points like encryption and secure payment gateways. Educate and make your team aware of best practices for data security. With a compliance and robust cybersecurity measures, marketers can easily sail through this hurdle.

9. Content Strategy

Creating a content strategy is a big challenge for the brand because social media platforms are extremely dynamic and the audience is globally spread. It also creates a problem to make it relatable to all its viewers who may or may not engage with the content piece.

What you can do:  

Keep your audience on priority. Understand what they like and what pushes them to hit that like button for the content that you’ve shared. Conduct frequent surveys to get their feedback. Analyze and see data on engagements to get a clear picture. Focus on data and audience preferences to cater to this challenge.  

10. Fast-changing trends and updates

Digital marketing trends are important to inculcate in your marketing strategy but it is one of the biggest digital marketing challenges to keep up with them. Secondly, Google and other platforms update their algorithm in order to create a better experience for users. However, such updates hamper the SEO and SMM efforts of brands.

What you can do: 

Keep an eye on what’s happening. It is understandable that one cannot tap into all the trends but businesses need to do it to stay relevant and be at the top of their consumer’s mind. Keep up with the industry trends and go for only and only those things that align with your business. Inculcate a habit of rapid response in your team. This will help you adapt things quickly without missing out on any opportunity.    

Top 10 Solutions for Digital Marketing Challenges

There are many opportunities and challenges in digital marketing in India. Wondering how to handle digital marketing challenges? 

1. Customer Needs 

Addressing customer needs via email or chatbots is a great way to save time and effort. Automated emails and replies to customer queries will also make them feel heard and appreciated.

Check out the other Applications of Artificial Intelligence in Digital Marketing.

2. Make Use of Online Tools

Making use of online digital marketing tools will make your life much simpler. Tools such as Hootsuite and Buffer have an in-built dashboard with which you can easily carry out online reputation management and also schedule posts easily. 

Check out this short course on online reputation management for an in-depth understanding of how it is important for brand perception.

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3. Keep updated with Trends

Keeping an eye out for updates and trends is very important. Leveraging these trends in digital marketing and updates on various platforms will surely get you ahead. Weighing the pros and cons of an update is also good. 

Trending hashtags are also a great way to get discovered on social media and are great for SEO purposes.

4. Media Planning

media planning- digital marketing challenges

Source: IndiaMART

Proper budget allocation is integral. A challenge for digital marketers is budget restraints. For a stellar campaign, media planning is required. A data-driven report and analysis on ROI presented to the client can really help. It is important to include analytics in the report. 

Check out this short online course on Media Planning.

5. Efficient Delegation 

Keeping the website updated, making sure it is SEO rich, and also ensuring it has been optimized for speed is quite a challenge. It can be difficult juggling all of these but the key here is hiring a talented and dedicated team and efficiently delegating and supervising their work. 

6. Find Your Niche

Finding your niche will solve all of your problems. Finding a niche will help you in building a content strategy, choosing the right target audience and also planning your budget accordingly.

7. Omnichannel 

If you are just starting out then focus on one channel of online marketing such as Youtube, Instagram, Google, etc. Once you build a great hold of the audience there, multichannel marketing becomes easy for your brand.

8. Flexible Marketing Strategy

Keeping up with all the digital marketing trends that are dynamic in nature is a challenge but you can counter it with a flexible marketing strategy. Don’t over plan your content and paid marketing strategy to an extent that there is no room for improvement.

9. Research Competitive Content

Marketers argue that digital marketing is both an advantage as all kinds of brands and businesses are uniformly marketing on the same channel but also a challenge because small businesses might not be able to keep up with big brands. Hence, the solution is to research the content of your competitors and draw inspiration from them. 

10. Upskill

Upskilling is very important. Many corporations have started investing in upskilling their employees so that they have a wider knowledge base and it also leads to more productivity. It can also help employees to understand digital marketing holistically rather than just one particular area of the field. 

The current top recommendation is to opt for full-fledged digital marketing corporate training where all problem-based solutions are provided as well complete training is given in that discipline.

Quick Tips to Stay Ahead of the Game:

  1. Be quick with the trends
  2. Be picky with what you exactly want your audience to see
  3. Build a strong plan of action and adhere to it
  4. Keep on making changes to your plan as per the data
  5. Use AI whenever and wherever possible
  6. Be flexible to changes
  7. Automate as much as you can 
  8. Think of the bigger picture and plan things ahead


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Q1. What are the challenges of digital marketing?

  • Getting more conversions
  • Getting lost in the crowd
  • Generating traffic
  • Creating quality content consistently
  • Budget constraints
  • Adverse audience
  • Saturation 

Q2. What is the biggest problem in digital marketing?

Increasing competition is one of the biggest problems in digital marketing. Since more and more companies are turning to digital marketing, standing out from the crowd has become increasingly difficult. 


We really do hope that you enjoyed reading our blog. Let us know what challenges you’ve faced in digital marketing in the comments below. 

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Have you personally faced any digital marketing challenges not mentioned above? Let us know in the comments section below. 

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