How Artificial Intelligence in Digital Marketing is Changing the Future: 2024

Updated on: Apr 17, 2023

You probably must have heard of artificial intelligence and digital marketing as standalone concepts but the idea of artificial intelligence in digital marketing is something exciting and intriguing. And this blog is going to be an interesting read, so let’s get started. 

What exactly is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial intelligence is a type of simulation of human intelligence in machines. These machines mimic the cognitive patterns of the human brain. In simple terms, these machines can think, respond and perform various tasks just like a human based on the information fed into the machine. 

These smart algorithms make various decisions based on the available data. 

AI today is changing the face of digital marketing. Many brands such as Amazon, Shopify, etc. use AI today to understand consumer behaviour and make data-based decisions not only quickly but also accurately. The advancement in AI after the launch of ChatGPT and Google’s Search Generative Experience (SGE) is sky-rocketing. 

Read on to understand more about the potential and skill requirements of artificial intelligence in digital marketing.

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Role & Uses of (AI) Artificial Intelligence in Digital Marketing

The use of artificial intelligence in digital marketing is fast-growing and exponential. Here are the roles and uses of artificial intelligence in digital marketing. 

1. Gathering, recognizing, and analyzing data

In any business, customer relationship management or CRM is very important for sustainable relations. It understands the need for a customer-centric approach to business. AI technology can efficiently gather user data from different platforms, gain insights accurately and target customers according to their needs.  

The data input here is the behavioral information. For example, what kind of products someone uses, what videos they browse, where they shop often, etc.

With this gathered data marketers can understand a customer’s buying patterns and needs and adapt the AI to boost conversions. You can easily map the consumer journey and provide the right recommendations to the user.

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2. AI with AR and VR

Artificial intelligence along with Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality brings about a unique experience in itself.

Consumers can interact and learn more about a brand in new, interesting ways. It also contributes to brand identity and hence, increasing brand awareness as well as brand loyalty. 

3. Email Marketing

Automation in email marketing has revolutionized artificial intelligence in digital marketing. Marketers can send out personalized emails to users based on their past actions. This means relevant emails to customers’ inboxes with personalized subject lines, recommendations and conversations based on a consumer’s behaviour. 

AI-powered tools like Phrasee can optimize email personalization and targeting. The messaging is more likely to convert as it is targeted to the right customers at the right time.

4. Customer services

Chatbots are the future of customer service as they give users the best possible experience. It is low on costs and also can give personalized solutions based on information fed in.

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5. Digital ads 

Digital ads are some of the most successful areas that have adopted AI. Google, Instagram, and Facebook are a few examples of social media platforms that provide enhanced user experience. They analyze a user’s demographic information, interests, likes, preferences and then accordingly show relevant ads improving the performance of digital ad campaigns.


Examples of Artificial Intelligence in Digital Marketing

We have listed a few artificial intelligence in digital marketing examples that we feel you would enjoy reading.

1. Lenskart


lenskart- artificial intelligence in digital marketing

Indian companies like Lenskart allow users to upload pictures of their faces from 3 different angles. Once they have uploaded these images, they can pick different sunglasses and virtually ‘try’ them on. Isn’t that cool?




ikea- artificial intelligence in digital marketing


The Swedish Giant IKEA has a feature on their app in some countries where they use AI-powered technology to show users how a piece of furniture would look in their homes. If they like it, they directly buy it from the app. Furniture from the comfort of your own home. Who would’ve predicted!


3. Google’s Rankbrain Algorithm 


rankbrain- artificial intelligence in digital marketing


Google is the most used search engine in the world. If you’ve been using it then you’re interacting with AI, believe it or not!

It gives autosuggestions based on your previous searches and can know what you’re searching for before you even type! Their algorithm RanBrain is a one-of-a-kind AI-powered marketing tool.

4. Grammarly 


grammarly- artificial intelligence in digital marketing


Thank goodness for grammar correction apps such as Grammarly and Hemmingway.  They save precious time by predicting text, correcting your grammatical errors and spellings, thus saving you from embarrassment especially in important official documents and emails. 

As you write, the app corrects your mistakes. Who is doing it? It is artificial intelligence active in real-time!


5. Hubspot


hubspot- artificial intelligence in digital marketing


Hubspot, a popular digital marketing tool, helps use artificial intelligence to plan your SEO strategy and optimize website content. The AI-powered tool scans your website automatically and suggests a set of topics for you to include in your website without any kind of input. It keeps providing suggestions for relevant content. 

These were some examples of the application of artificial intelligence in digital marketing. Read on to know about its advantages.

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Advantages of Artificial Intelligence in Digital Marketing 

There are many advantages of artificial intelligence in digital marketing.


  • Customer Services

Chatbots are very helpful especially when it comes to customer care. It can help several users at a time in numerous time zones.

All customer queries and concerns can be replied to in real-time.  AI chatbots, unlike humans, do not require rest which means they can operate 24/7. They are also much more efficient in enhancing customer experience. The user can pick from different languages as well, thus making tailored customer solutions easier.


  • Enhanced Shopping and Buying Experiences

Artificial intelligence is slowly changing the way we shop. Many brands have started using AI during the pandemic to provide users with a better shopping experience, from the comfort of their own homes. 

Indian brands like Lenskart and international giants like IKEA have already used AI for retail purposes. It makes it easier for users as they can shop from home.


  • Better Advertising

The ability to reach the right audiences is very important for a marketing campaign’s success. With AI, companies can easily target the right consumers.

What artificial intelligence does is gather data, analyze it and predict or forecast future consumer behaviour. Brands across the world can target ads based on this information.

Artificial intelligence is used by Google and Facebook to understand user intent and also which users are more likely to make a conversion. Demographics, interests and other such factors are taken into consideration.


  • Increased Productivity and ROI

Since the right information reaches the right audience, there is a direct relation to the ROI. Also, with the aid of AI, companies felt that there was an increase in productivity as well as conversions.


  • Dynamic Pricing

Product pricing is truly an art. Every time you visit an Ecommerce site such as Amazon, you are displayed dynamic pricing based on your buying history. Surprising right? It uses cookies to understand more about your socio-economic status and adjusts the prices of the product accordingly. This is a perfect example of artificial intelligence in digital marketing. 


  • Remarketing 

Remarketing is targeting customers that have an interest in your product or service but may need some time to convert. Hence, displaying ads and sending emails can lead to recall and eventually to conversion. 


Future of Artificial Intelligence in Digital Marketing


The impact of artificial intelligence in digital marketing cannot be scaled. It is ever-growing and changing at a fast rate. With its exceptional ability to gather and analyze data, it has the power to revolutionize industries across the world.

Apart from digital marketing, it has a huge scope in the medical, banking, and transportation sectors.

Using AI for digital marketing can help brands improve their strategies and deliver improved customer experiences. It has changed the way we build websites, send emails, interact with customers, and also shop.

Artificial intelligence is not here to take over a marketing professional’s jobs but to help them maximize the results of their strategic efforts, making the best use of their capabilities. Marketers and digital advertisers welcome and adopt AI efficiently.

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Q. How is artificial intelligence used in digital marketing?

AI or artificial intelligence is used in digital marketing by applying it to digital marketing strategy with the ability to gather data, interpret data, apply it and lastly, learn from it.

Q. How will AI impact digital marketing?

Using artificial intelligence or AI for marketing efforts can improve customer engagement, effective usage of budgets, increase ROI, and better data segmentation. AI tools allow you to create campaigns that target potential customers better.

Q. Is AI the future of digital marketing?

The role of artificial intelligence in digital marketing is vast. Yes, AI or artificial intelligence is the only way forward for companies to keep up with the ever-growing customer demands and quality expectations. It is most definitely the future of digital marketing. It will bring human experiences closer to technology in the future. 

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AI is an amazing technology that can do wonders for your brand. If you’re a marketing professional, we recommend this MBA in Digital Marketing in India for upskilling. If you feel it is too much of a time commitment, check out this 4-month comprehensive online digital marketing course or simply choose from a range of these week-long online short courses.

We really hope you enjoyed reading the blog. Let us know more about the AI-powered tools you have used in the comments below!

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