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Top 25 Types of Digital Marketing and How Can They Benefit You

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It’s 2022 and if you still haven’t heard about digital marketing, it’s time you did. Digital marketing has been in major play in the last 5 years and saw a massive book since the covid-19 pandemic. Along with types of digital marketing, the entire process has also seen a rapid change since the pandemic. 

While most industries and sectors were hit badly, digital marketing experienced an amazing rise because it helped companies re-establish themselves and survive the pandemic. Thus, the scope of digital marketing saw a significant upward trend. 

In this blog, we’re going to help you understand what digital marketing is and what all comes under this umbrella. 

What is Digital Marketing? 

Digital marketing is using any online tools and devices through the internet for marketing purposes. These connected devices include mobile phones, computers and more. Messages are circulated through search engines, social media, websites and emails. Digital marketing is conversion-oriented.

In the past decade, digital marketing has become integral to a company’s overall marketing strategy. Here’s the best digital marketing tutorial if you want to catch some quick insights. 

Some of the prominent types of digital content include long-form blogs, short-form blogs, videos, podcasts, social media posts, copywriting, infographics, e-books, etc.

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Why is Digital Marketing Important? 

The use of digital marketing is very important in today’s online world. Let’s have a look at how it can help your business or company grow and flourish – 

Cost-effective – Digital marketing is much more cost-effective than traditional marketing. Read more in our blog on Digital Marketing vs Traditional Marketing for a more detailed approach. 

High reach – The reach for digital marketing is global

Effective targeting – One can effectively target niche audiences with various digital campaign tools

High engagement – Digital marketing has a 2-way conversation and hence, the engagement is very high

Instant results – When it comes to digital marketing, the results are instant and measurable in real-time which is a huge advantage

Now without further ado, let’s look at all the types of digital marketing that exist and businesses can use. 

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Top 25 Types of Digital Marketing with Examples  

There are many digital marketing channels to choose from. Whilst we recommend using a combination of different digital marketing strategies and channels, it depends on your brand’s needs and end goals. Listed below are different types of digital marketing channels and examples –

1. SEO

SEO means search engine optimization. The main aim is to improve web traffic to your website and also show up on a search engine page.

Some examples of SEO strategies are –

  • Keyword optimization
  • Optimizing on-page elements (images, content, etc.)
  • Improving the backend of your website
  • Building links
  • Stay consistent with creating content

Check out this online SEO course that’ll help you with search engine optimization better with an understanding of SEO tools such as Google Search Console, Moz and Yoast. Now is the time to build your own SEO strategy!

2. Search Engine Marketing

SEM or search engine marketing is a strategy that leverages paid ads with the help of search engines. These ads are displayed on the search engine result pages or SERPs. Pay-per-click is a great search engine marketing strategy wherein the advertiser only pays for every click on the advertisement. It is conversion-oriented. 

Google Ads is one of the best platforms to conduct SEM. Get started with it through this online Google Ads Course

3. Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is using various social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. to put out your marketing message. With social media, you can reach a large and relevant target audience. 

User-generated content is a great social media strategy as it builds credibility and also trusts amongst potential customers.

Moment marketing is another great strategy. For example, Amul has always been able to create relatable, topical content in tandem with the latest news and happenings all over the world.

amul- types of digital marketing

Looking for a short course on social media marketing? Check out this online social media marketing course to hone your digital marketing skills.

4. Email Marketing

Email marketing is promoting your brand with the use of email. The main objective of email marketing can be growth in revenue and also brand visibility. Some good email strategy examples are – 

  • Email personalization – personalized emails give the brand a humane touch and make the customer feel valued
  • Audience segmentation – Email segmentation can help your message reach the right audience. Segmentation is carried out by grouping audiences with similar demographics and likes and preferences.
  • Mobile-optimized email designs – More than half of internet users check their emails on their phone when not at work and a significant number of clicks are through the mobile. Hence, mobile optimization is necessary. 

Here’s a short online email marketing course that can help you master email marketing tools like Mailchimp and BeePro. 

5. Content Marketing

Content marketing is using any kind of content such as blogs, videos, etc. for promotional purposes. Content marketing also helps in SEO ranking. Good content marketing strategy examples are –

Create relatable content – If your target audience for example, is younger people then create reels, Tiktok videos and other such formats to engage them

Trending content – trending content with the right hashtags can make your content go viral

Keywords – Relevant keywords are very important 

Collaborations – Brand and influencer collaborations will get visibility to your page

This online content marketing course is everything you need to enhance your content marketing skills. 

6. Paid Media Advertising

Paid advertising is a paid form of advertising as opposed to organic results. 

Banner ads – these ads appear as web banners on other websites

Pay-per-click ads – these are ads that target potential customers that may already be interested in your product or service. As the name suggests, advertisers pay per click.

Influencer marketing – This involves advertising through an influencer or an opinion leader to promote your brand. Here’s an example of Lays Influencer Marketing campaign- 

lays influencer marketing- types of digital marketing


7. E-commerce

E-commerce marketing is the selling of products through online platforms and websites.

  • Integrate social media – It is important to always include your social media platforms through link-out buttons
  • Leverage Email campaigns – Send wishlist and cart reminders to all potential customers or announce the launch of new products through newsletters. You also need to redirect users from your social media to your e-store.
  • Content is key – Excellent quality images and content is essential for sales

This Online Ecommerce training course will help you set up your own ecommerce store. Go ahead and check it out!

8. Ad Design

Design plays a key component to any kind of marketing communication. In advertising, your design captures the attention of your potential consumer. Some examples of ad design strategies are –

  • Use appealing visuals
  • Include negative space – avoid clutter with imagery 
  • Align your landing page with your ad

Check this ad design online course out – it even has practice tests and assignments.

9. App Optimization

Apps are the future of digital marketing. What is better than having access to everything on your mobile phone? Optimizing your Android and iOS apps is very important to capture attention. Some app optimization examples include –

  • Quality Icons
  • Adding videos
  • Using relevant keywords
  • Including reviews

Check out our IIDE’S online app optimization course.

10. Copywriting

A compelling copy can really add to your marketing efforts. It needs to be powerful, sometimes have an emotional connect and also conversion driven. Some effective copywriting strategies that you can put to use include –

  • Use urgency
  • Include call-to-action
  • Highlight all the important information

Master your copywriting skills with IIDE’s online copywriting course.

11. Media Planning

Media planning involves when, how and what kind of advertising message should be put out there. Media planning strategies when developing a plan include aligning business and marketing objectives for maximum results and analyzing the outcome.

Here’s our online media planning course you should consider with live sessions and Q & A support.

12. Online Reputation Management

A positive brand image is very important to build a loyal customer base. This is crucial for a long-term relationship with your clients. Online reputation management, digital PR and personal branding step in here. It needs internet monitoring and control of messages.

  • Increase internet presence
  • Act upon mishaps at the earliest 
  • Take note of customer feedback

Buffer, Google Alerts and BuzzSumo are some tools you’ll master in this online reputation management course.

13. Website Planning

Your website is like a business card to your company. It speaks volumes of what your company stands for, what they do and its policies and ethics. It is important to develop a website that matches your brand personality. Here are a few strategies to keep in mind when developing your website-

  • Choose value-adding plus-ins
  • Mobile-friendly interface
  • Make sure to use keywords to rank

Check out this WordPress and Website planning online course now!

14. Advertisement Planning

Wondering how to create a comprehensive advertising plan to create targeted ROI-driven Facebook and Instagram ad campaigns? Here are some strategies for an ideal advertisement plan – 

  • Use Facebook Ads Analytics to measure ad results
  • Match your ads and website design
  • Cross-promote on social media

This Facebook online Ads course will get you started on ROI from Facebook and Instagram Ads.

Did these examples inspire you to strategize better? We recommend that you read these top digital marketing examples and case studies for some more inspo! 

15. Performance Marketing 

Performance Marketing includes all those marketing campaigns where the advertiser pays the merchant only when a certain action is performed by a user. For example, whenever a user clicks on the link, the advertiser pays the merchant. 

Read our blog on Performance Marketing for a more detailed guide. 

16. Inbound Marketing 

When you try to create awareness about your brand through creating valuable content, it is known as Inbound Marketing. Inbound Marketing lets the customer decides their actions instead of brands pushing them. 

17. Outbound Marketing 

When the company reaches out directly to potential leads/customers and directly tries to sell their product/service, it is known as outbound marketing. Outbound marketing includes paid media marketing, email marketing, and even cold calling. Both Inbound and Outbound marketing are those types of digital marketing that need to be used in proportion to one another. 

18. Integrated Marketing 

A marketing technique that tells you to spread the same message and create the same brand image across all types of digital marketing channels is known as integrated marketing. 

19. Affiliate Marketing 

Affiliate programs caught wind of those wanting to earn a little extra money in the 90s and still remain one of the most successful types of digital marketing. Influencers and experts in your niche can be your affiliates who sell the idea of your product or service to their audience and then earn a commission on each sale. 

20. Referral Marketing 

One of the types of digital marketing that involve the masses is referral marketing. In referral marketing, each referral earns certain benefits or incentives after referring a product or service to their family or friends. 

Here’s an example of Jio’s Referral Program-

jio refferal program- types of digital marketing.


21. Conversion Rate Optimization

Strategies created to optimize the conversion rate for better lead generation, higher ROI, and sales come under Conversion Rate Optimization.

Learn the A-Z of CRO in this advanced certificate course.

22. Mobile Marketing

Mobile searches contribute to 60% of the total search volume. Hence one of the most important types of digital marketing that brands need to look towards is mobile marketing. When all your digital marketing efforts are directed at the user’s experience on the mobile phone, it is known as mobile marketing. 

23. SMS Marketing 

Marketing by sending SMS in bulk to a database is known as SMS Marketing. Here is an example of SMS Marketing- 

sms marketing- types of digital marketing  

24. WhatsApp Marketing 

One of the newest types of digital marketing includes WhatsApp Marketing. As the audience moves from SMS to WhatsApp, marketing efforts have to move too. You can use automation tools to send WhatsApp messages in bulk.

25. Video Marketing 

Another trending type of digital marketing is video marketing which has taken the world by storm with Youtube and short-form videos such as reels, TikTok and youtube shorts. Here’s a video marketing statistic that shows the growth of this type of digital marketing over the years. 

video marketing- types of digital marketing

(Source: Website Planet)


Types of Digital Marketing Tools 

There are many digital marketing tools for different needs. From graphic design, web analytics to social media performance analysis. We can safely say that there is a tool for every need. Here are the top digital marketing tools we think you should check out –

Top 5 Digital Marketing Tools

  • Hootsuite

Types of Digital Marketing Tools
Hootsuite is one of the most preferred social media marketing tools. You can schedule posts, analyze campaign results from one dashboard itself. The platforms available are Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google+, Foursquare and WordPress.

  • Canva

Types of Digital Marketing Tools
Canva is a graphic design tool and offers many design options such as social posts, posters, PPT templates, PDFs, ads and much more. 

  • Google Analytics

Types of Digital Marketing Tools
Google Analytics is one of the most preferred web analytics tools out there. With its free features, you can track your website performance and many other conversion and consumer behaviour related metrics. It is used by about 60% of website users.

  • Hubspot

Types of Digital Marketing Tools
Hubspot is a comprehensive digital marketing tool. This tool can do social media analysis, look into CRM, email marketing, data analytics, SEO and much more. 

  • Mailchimp 

Types of Digital Marketing Tools
Mailchimp is one of the best email marketing tools that you will come across. It is user-friendly, many of its features are free-of-cost and can analyze campaign results. What a win-win!

Want to know more about digital marketing tools? We recommend that you check out the Top 34 Digital Marketing Tools for all your marketing needs.

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Types of Digital Marketing Courses

Are you looking to upskill? With the immense scope that digital marketing has to offer, it is important to keep learning. To stand out from the crowd, any kind of digital marketing certifications or intensive courses would add value to your resume. Let’s have a look at some of the digital marketing courses –

Short-term courses – If you’re an entrepreneur looking to understand digital marketing for your business, this is perfect. Most short courses last for a few weeks and give you the flexibility of learning from the comfort of your home. Check out IIDE’s range of short-term certification courses with which you can specialize in any particular type of digital marketing as well.

Certificate courses – Certificate courses are perfect for anybody who wants to join the digital marketing field in a short time with very little investment of time. This is great for working professionals from other industries who want to switch to digital marketing but have no formal education in the field. Our 3-month advanced digital marketing certificate course offers you the perfect crash course!

Postgraduate courses – There are quite a few postgraduate courses in digital marketing that can equip you with formal education which simply means that you can demand a higher salary package. An intensive course also expands your knowledge base and skills, making you a very valuable asset to any company. Don’t miss out on our Digital Marketing MBA!

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To Summarise 

There are many different types of digital marketing jobs out there with so much scope. It is necessary to be familiar with all the types of digital marketing, its scope, tools, jobs, salaries as well as how to draft a good digital marketing resume. Hence, a good well-rounded candidate is what you need to aim to be.

Another important thing for every aspiring digital marketer is to be updated with the latest digital marketing trends in the industry. 

Check out our blog for all your queries related to digital marketing jobs, salaries and more. Our experts at IIDE are here to save the day! 

We do hope that you enjoyed reading this blog. Let us know in the comments below.

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