Freelance Digital Marketing Jobs Guide: Benefits, Careers, Salary, Cons & more

Updated on: May 6, 2023
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Do you love digital marketing and want to immerse yourself in this world without a full-time commitment? If so, then freelance digital marketing jobs is your answer. As a digital marketing freelancer, you will have the best of both worlds. 

If you are seriously considering taking on freelance digital marketing jobs, we’re here to help you. 

In this blog, you’ll get to know what freelancing in digital marketing means, what are the benefits of freelance digital marketing jobs, the pros & cons of freelance digital marketing, career opportunities for freelance digital marketing jobs, and how to become a digital marketing expert.

And if you want this career to turn into a full-time digital marketing job one day, we’ll tell you how to do that too!

So without wasting much time, let’s jump into the blog. 

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What is Freelance Digital Marketing?

As a freelance digital marketer, you have to simply assist companies and clients to sell their products and services online. Your job would be to contact your target audience, direct them to their website, and convert them into paying clients. All of this without being a full-time employee of the company! 

You’re kind of your own boss, so you will be able to make your own hours. You can choose which projects you want to work on and end up working with some of the best national and international brands. You can also do work from home or while on your vacation!

But a question must appear in everybody’s mind “Is digital marketing good for freelancing?”

The answer is a big YES! Freelancing in digital marketing is an amazing career opportunity for an individual who has an interest in the field of digital marketing and for those who want to make their career in the field of digital marketing. 

The demand for freelance digital marketers is increasing day by day. And according to a survey, an average income of a freelancer in digital marketing is Rs. 60,000 per month. 

So if you’re thinking of working as a freelancer, then you can have a great career ahead. 

Now let’s take a look at how much you can earn through freelance digital marketing jobs. 

How much does a Freelance Digital Marketer earn?

There is no such thing called a fixed salary in freelancing jobs. Your earnings will totally depend upon how much work you have done, which clients you are working with, which project you are working on, and how much time you are spending doing your work. 

You need to decide your rates either on the number of hours you work or project intensity-based.

According to the report of PayPal, the average earnings of a digital marketing freelancer in India is Rs. 25 lakhs per annum. 

The initial period may yield low income but rest assured, once you set foot and get a firm hold in the market, you’re good to go. 

One of the main factors that influence your salary is the expertise you have in the services you provide. Hence, study thoroughly and then start as a freelancer. 

If you want to freelance as an all-rounded digital marketer, then opt for this 3-month Online Digital Marketing Course in India and start preparing yourself.

Although, if you want to freelance in a particular field of digital marketing, here are some short-term certification courses in digital marketing skills to get you started. 

Now that you are aware of the earnings of a freelancer, let’s see what are the benefits of being a digital marketing freelancer. 

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Top 8 Benefits of Freelance Digital Marketing Jobs

If you’re still confused about being a freelancer in digital marketing, here are some benefits to help you make a decision. 

1. You Are Your Own Boss (Most Of The Time!)

2. You Get To Choose Which Clients To Work With

3. You Can Come Into Your Own As A Content Creator

4. You Can Work With Some Of The Best Talent In The Industry

5. Your Ties With Digital Marketing Agencies Will Increase

6. No limit on the amount of earning

7. Overcome Geographical Barriers

8. You can work on your passion projects

If you’d like to read the benefits of freelance digital marketing jobs in detail and what each has to offer along with some tips, head to our blog on Top 8 Benefits of Freelance Digital Marketing Jobs

Now, many of you may believe that digital marketing is a very broad field and that you will have to handle a lot of different things as a freelancer. 

Yes, it is a very vast field but there are multiple sectors under digital marketing, in which you can expertise yourself and work on. Given below are a few of them. 

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Top Freelance Digital Marketing Jobs To Opt For 

There are various fields under digital marketing which you can select from, in which you want to specialize and work as a freelancer. Some of them are mentioned below. 

1. Content Writer

Content writing is the most famous category which you can opt for working as a freelancer. It is the most demanded job available in the market. 

Your main job role as a content writer would be to write blogs, articles, ebooks, website copies, landing pages, and many more. 

And if you have the ability to manage content, that’s a bonus for you. As a content marketer, your task will be to devise a plan for targeting your audience and persuading them to take a specific action, such as purchasing a product or service.

Check out our Online Content Marketing Course to enhance your content marketing skills. 

2. Social Media Marketing

As a Social Media Marketer, your job would be to post content on clients’ social media handles to promote their brand with social media. 

Although social media may appear to be simple, there is a science to it, and you’ll need to know how to optimize your postings for maximum reach and interaction, among other things.

And for doing so you must have the necessary social media marketing skills and with our online social media marketing course, you can master such skills. 

3. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

freelance digital marketing jobs - SEO

The goal of SEO is to get your client’s website to rank on Google (preferably on the first page). So your main job as an SEO freelancer would be to make a strategy for your client’s website so that it can rank on the top of SERP. 

With this branch of digital marketing, there’s a lot to unpack: keyword research, on-page optimization, off-page optimization, and more. 

Companies are investing more time and money in SEO as consumers increasingly explore products and services online before making a purchase.

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4. Search Engine Marketing (SEM) 

SEM is not to be confused with SEO, which focuses on getting a client’s website to rank organically on search engines. SEM, on the other hand, focuses on improving a client’s visibility on search engines through paid tactics such as PPC ads.

PPC advertising is an important element of most businesses’ digital marketing strategies, and they’re especially effective for those trying to boost sales and revenue in a short amount of time. 

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Those were some of the main categories under digital marketing, which you can opt for working as a freelancer. Apart from that, you can also choose to work as –

  • Graphic Designer 
  • Web Developer
  • UX Designer
  • Email Marketing Specialist 
  • AI Specialist
  • Copywriter

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Now that you are aware of the benefits of being a digital marketing freelancer, and various categories where you can work. Let’s see how you can become a freelancer. 

How can you become a Freelance Digital Marketer? 

Given below are the steps which you can follow in the process of becoming a freelancer. 

Step 1: Identify your talents and skillsets

The first and foremost thing in this process is to analyze your skills and make a list of the skills you have. Do you know how to write content? Do you have experience in managing social media? Do you know how to create an automated email on Mailchimp? 

After that, think about other talents and soft skills that you possess. Do you like problem-solving? Do you have expertise in a particular industry?

Now once you get the questions of all these answers, move on to the next step.

Step 2: Find a Niche

freelance-digital-marketing jobs - Niche

Once you have identified your talents and skills, the next step would be to choose a niche for yourself. The common mistake that many freelancers make is they aren’t specific. 

Instead of sticking up with a general niche, narrow down your niche, and choose something more specific. Whether you want to work as a social media marketer, a content writer, a social media marketer, or anything else. 

Find out the category where you fit the best, the category which suits you the best, and which you are most confident about. 

And for choosing and deciding a niche for yourself you’ll have to know all the digital marketing skills first. And IIDE will help you to do so. 

You can opt for our short-term certification courses in various fields like Email marketing, social media marketing, SEO, SEM, Content Marketing, and many more, to enhance your knowledge in a particular field. 

If you’re looking to upskill yourself overall in digital marketing, then our 4-month online digital marketing course is the perfect fit. 

And if you want to go to the depth of digital marketing, then we truly suggest you go for our Post Graduation in Digital Marketing. The perk here is that by the end of the program, if you still wish to pursue freelancing, you will be more than ready for it.

But if you change your mind, you will still be eligible for IIDE’s placement cell which offers job opportunities with a starting package of 5+ LPA. Thus your career will be future-proofed.

Now you’ve decided on your niche, let’s move toward the next step.

Step 3: Develop a Personal Brand

Creating a personal brand and identity is the most important thing for a freelancer so that you can stand out from all the other freelancers out there. 

Have your own USP (Unique Selling Proposition), which means what is that one thing that sets you apart from other freelancers? Ask yourself a question: “Why should someone hire me as a freelancer to do his job?”. 

Create your own portfolio for yourself, which should include your skills, your experience, or projects you’ve worked on earlier (if any). 

Now you have developed your own brand, then move on to the next step. 

Step 4: Look for Clients

There are many websites where companies go to outsource certain tasks to freelancers, such as Upwork, Chegg, and many more. 

You will have to register yourself first on those websites. Once you’ve done that you’ll be able to see job ads posted by companies. Focus on your niche and start sending proposals for the job you find interesting. And wait for your first project as a freelance digital marketer to come. 

You can also check out the traditional job sites, and reach out to the companies hiring for the required positions. Nowadays, many businesses are willing to work with freelancers. The reason for this is that when a company outsources work to a freelancer, they save money on onboarding, training, benefits, and taxes. 

Now let’s move on to our last step.

Step 5: Figure out how much to charge

If you’re new to the world of freelancing, you might get a couple of offers where the company would approach you and ask you to work in return for exposure. But you should always reject such offers. 

The only time you should work for free is if it is for a reputable company. If a company like Mailchimp is hiring a freelancer to maintain its social media accounts, for example, there’s no harm in accepting the gig for free. After all, if you say you’ve worked with Mailchimp, people will believe you’re a person with special skills. 

Look into the market, and try to find out what other people are charging for a similar service, and charge accordingly. 

Now that you’ve completed all these steps, you are all set to start your work as a freelance digital marketer. 

But before moving on let’s see what are some of the cons of freelance digital marketing jobs. 

Cons of Freelance Digital Marketing Jobs

Everything has pros and cons, and freelancing in digital marketing is no exception. Here are some cons of working as a freelance digital marketer. 


  • The competition is stiff. You’ll have to stand out above all the other freelancers from across the globe if you want to reach out to clients on freelancer platforms.
  • You have no fixed income. Your income will totally depend upon the amount of work you’ll do. You may earn $1000 in one month and maybe $100 the next.
  • No one will sponsor you to upgrade your skills. As things quickly change in the digital world, you’ll have to keep yourself updated according to the current market trend. 

So those were some of the cons of being a digital marketing freelancer. But if you have read the entire article, the pros definitely outweigh the cons, and thus opting for a freelance digital marketing career is a good choice. 

That’s about it! We hope all your queries regarding the freelance digital marketing jobs are clear. 

Freelance digital marketing jobs are not hard to come by. The hard part is deciding what to take on, at how much cost, and for whom. When you have to make all your own decisions, it’s often easy to make the wrong ones!

As a freelance digital marketer, you have to constantly be updated with new trends in the digital marketing industry. New skills are needed every year, and you need to keep up. 

Our blog on digital marketing skills might help you with this. 

And if you master these skills, there’s nothing stopping you from doubling or even tripling your income, simply by taking on freelance digital marketing work.

If you want to further your knowledge of digital marketing professionally, IIDE’s Post Graduation in Digital Marketing will bring you closer to your dream freelance digital marketing career.

What are you waiting for? Start enhancing your skills and take a step ahead in your journey of becoming a freelance digital marketer.

We hope you had a great time reading this blog. Let us know your views in the comments section below.

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