Effective Digital Marketing Report: Fundamentals, Template & More

Updated on: May 9, 2023

If you have to make a digital marketing report and are on a strict deadline, you’ve found yourself the perfect quick guide to get started. 

In today’s day and age, even small businesses have turned to digital marketing for their business. With the scope of digital marketing at an all-time high, more and more companies have understood its importance.

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With digital marketing taking the front seat over traditional marketing, it is important to understand the need to measure its effectiveness. Yes, it is easily measurable through various analytics and digital marketing tools. 

In this blog, you’ll find out how to create a digital marketing report, along with its fundamentals and template. 

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What is a Digital Marketing Report?

A digital marketing report is a presentation or a document that represents data and findings gathered from multiple platforms to showcase the overall performance of your digital marketing strategy. 

The purpose of a digital marketing report is to understand whether the current digital marketing strategies are working or not. It also helps analyze what strategy is working in the brand’s favor so as to optimize existing campaigns and have a direction for future campaigns. 

Here’s an example of a digital marketing report.

Digital Marketing Report Example

(Source: Venngage)

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Fundamentals of a Digital Marketing Report 


Before starting out, it is important to understand the fundamentals of a digital marketing report.

  • Identify Company Goals 

First and foremost, identify your company goals. What is it that you’re trying to achieve? An increase in sales? A rise in clicks? Higher brand awareness? Accordingly, choose your report metrics.

  • Target Audience

Understand who your key target audience is. Demographics such as age, gender, location, etc. play a big role. 

  • Understand Consumer Needs

Once you’ve identified your target audience, try and look into what it is that your target audience wants. Tailor your communication and position your brand accordingly. 

  • Measurable KPIs

Understand which KPIs are important to your company or business. Listed below are some important KPIs- Bounce rate, Conversions, Leads, Brand Awareness & Impressions. 

  • ROI

The purpose of any campaign or business is to generate revenue. You need to measure ROI or returns on investment 

  • Less is More

Do not include unnecessary information in your report. Stick to important metrics only as it would only confuse the reader.


Digital Marketing Report Step-by-Step Guide


Let’s have a look at how to go about creating a good digital marketing report. 

Step 1- Defined Goals

The success or failure of any campaign is measured based on the goals that were defined in the initial stages. These goals give the digital marketing report its direction. The key is to analyze the data and compare it to the original objective.

Step 2- Make it Pictorial

Add graphs and pie charts to represent your data. Big chunks of data are easier to consume visually. It adds value to the report and also reflects the effort put in.

Step 3- Campaign Overview

When a campaign report comes in, the supervisor needs to understand the overview. Make sure that you first outline a brief summary of the report. 

Step 4- Include All Channels

Include all the channels you’re using for your marketing efforts. Include social media, paid ads, websites, etc. in your report. A supervisor or client would like to know which medium is working best for marketing.

Step 5- SEO/SEM

Include a separate SEO report. Also include SEO goals, results, and what actions were carried out to achieve them.

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Step 6- Paid Media Report

If your brand invests in paid media, have a separate section for it.

Step 7- Conclusions and Key Takeaways

Always include key takeaways and findings. In this way, you’re adding value by adding suggestions for the way forward. 

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Digital Marketing Report Template 


A digital marketing report is basically a comparison between what your digital marketing strategies were and how did you execute these strategies.

Here’s a checklist that you must include in your digital marketing report- 

digital marketing report checklist


  • Goals

While strategizing and finalizing the marketing plan for the entire year, you must have set down a certain set of goals or objectives. It is essential that you include those goals in your digital marketing report for the higher management to have a clear idea while reading the rest of the report. 

  • Summary

A summary is a gist of what your year looked like in terms of marketing. You can include highlights of your campaigns here. 

  • Overall Performance

The overall performance of your digital marketing campaigns and macro KPIs must be included here. Ensure that you use a lot of charts and graphs to make your report comprehensive and even fun. 

  • Campaigns

 Now comes the lengthy part. You have to now include a detailed report on each campaign supported by pictures, charts, and graphs. You must include these KPIs for each type of campaign in your digital marketing report-

Types of Digital Marketing Campaigns Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Organic sessions, conversions, landing pages, keywords, bounce rate, rankings, top performing content pieces, backlinks
PPC (Pay Per Click) clicks, cost per click, conversions, revenues, Ad performance
SMM (Social Media Marketing) Likes and followers, impressions, reach, engagement, top performing content, and platforms
Display Ads Cost, clicks, impressions, click-through rate, conversions
Email Marketing Email database, open rate, click rate, campaign performances


  • Conversions

The overall conversion rate and how it has been performing throughout the year are mentioned here.

Should your digital marketing report always be positive? 

Many team leaders or managers ask their teams to send digital marketing reports every week. Now, some digital marketing platforms are slow while some show direct results. One week might be extremely good for your SEO & your campaigns might’ve performed below average. 

The below-average weeks shouldn’t stop you from reporting honestly. The whole point is to keep track of what’s performing for you and what’s not. What doesn’t work for you can be a learning and what worked can be an achievement. 


This is the space where you can add your comments and observations from numbers, user behavior, and basically, how can you improve your following year’s numbers.

This was the digital marketing report template that you can easily follow, no matter which brand or target audience you are marketing to.

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That’s all from us folks! We hope the process of making a digital marketing report just got a whole lot easier for you. 

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