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7 Best Business Degrees In Bandra – With Syllabus

Updated on: Dec 4, 2022
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Are you looking for the most popular Business degrees in Bandra? The most useful and in-demand business degrees in Bandra will be discussed in this blog.

Most business degrees are three years long and equip students with the knowledge and skills they need to succeed in business. Accounting, finance, marketing, and management are just a few of the many business topics covered in the curriculum.

Students in the program have the chance to improve their skills in a variety of business settings and put their knowledge to use in real-world business situations.

Eligibility for any business degree program is primarily determined by two factors: your academic merit (a minimum of 50% in 12th grade) and the entrance exam.

Those who wish to pursue a career in business will benefit from having a degree in business. or for people who want to work for multinational corporations. You can learn everything there is to know about your area of expertise with a business degree, whether it’s finance and banking, marketing, human resources, or any other area.

In this blog, in addition to listing the various degrees, we have also discussed who they are useful for and the considerations you should make when selecting one.

Therefore, let’s jump right into the blog about Business Degrees in Bandra without further ado.


Who should take a business degree?

Let’s first determine who ought to earn a business degree and for what purpose.

1. Students 

With a keen interest in business and a desire to pursue a career in it, students should pursue a business degree. Students who pursue a degree in business would have a clear understanding of their interests and guidance. Business degrees offer a variety of specialization options for various company departments.

They can learn which department they are most interested in or which part of the business they can work in to help the company grow by taking any business degree specialization. They can discover their strengths and choose a profession accordingly. They have the opportunity to stand out in an interview thanks to their business degree.

2. Aspiring Entrepreneurs 

There are other people who should pursue a business degree. A business degree is an option for entrepreneurs who are still new to the business or this industry but are determined to pursue a business career.

They are better able to comprehend the field thanks to a business degree. They can get an idea of the things they should think about when starting their business. They also learn what the “red” and “green” signs are and how to deal with them.

3. Business Owner

 Now, you must be thinking that a business degree is necessary for any leader or owner of a business. You won’t just use a business degree to boost your resume and land a job. Having a degree in business allows you to gain insider knowledge of the industry. A leader in the business can learn about the business from all angles, allowing them to spot flaws and mistakes.

They can acquire a variety of brand-new business growth strategies. Degrees in business, such as international business, can help business owners decide which areas to concentrate on in order to expand their brand or business internationally.

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7 Best Business Degrees In Bandra –

1. Bachelors In Digital Business

IIDE and Thakur College of Science & Commerce (Mumbai) have launched India’s first-ever Bachelor in Digital Business that teaches you industry-relevant, modern-day strategies and concepts of handling an online business. 

The fundamentals of doing business haven’t changed but the way businesses operate, promote, and increase visibility has changed massively. This course at Thakur College of Science & Commerce offers a blended education of core concepts and online business strategies.

With a focus on the latest online business concepts, the Bachelors in Digital Business Degree Program is designed especially for the young students of the 21st century.

It’s just like a BBA degree, but the curriculum is very different and focuses more on industry skills. A faculty of expert professors with years of experience in the industry will teach you in this Bachelor in Digital Business course.

Designed to ensure accelerated career advancement, the program’s comprehensive course content covers all the skills that brands today require of their employees.

A mandatory internship mapped to the curriculum and industry knowledge gained during the program makes you industry ready even before you graduate. Let’s look at what you will learn during the 3 years of the program. 

Learn More About the Detailed Curriculum and List of Professors

Course Syllabus

Each year will have 2 semesters which makes it a total of 6 semesters overall. All semesters include different subjects and skills to ensure holistic learning. 

Semester 1Semester 2
Marketing FundamentalsWebsite Planning & Development
Digital Marketing LandscapeGoogle Ads
Computer Science FundamentalsSearch Engine Optimization
Digital Business Tools & TechniquesBlogging
Environmental StudiesCommercial Designing
Principles of ManagementHuman Resource Management
Business Maths & StatisticsBusiness Research Methods
Semester 3Semester 4
Content Strategy & Campaign PlanningDisplay & Video Marketing
Social Media ManagementE-commerce Management
Digital AdvertisingE-commerce Marketing
Brand ManagementInfluencer & Email Marketing
Reputation Management & Social ListeningCreative Writing for Digital Media
Financial AccountingManagement Accounting
Business EconomicsEntrepreneurial Management
Semester 5Semester 6
Media Planning and ManagementDesign Thinking (UX &UI)
Customer Relationship ManagementFuture Marketing Trends (AI & ML)
Web & Social Media AnalyticsIntegrated Marketing Strategies
Corporate ÉtiquettesPrinciples of Data Science
Financial AccountingBusiness Ethics
TaxationLogistics & Supply Chain
Live ProjectCapstone Project


Course Highlights

  • Affiliated with Mumbai University
  • Bachelor’s Degree from Thakur College
  • World-Class Faculty & Mentors
  • Compulsory Internship
  • 28+ Industry Relevant Skills
  • Cutting-Edge Curriculum
  • Interactive Projects and Case Studies
  • 5+ International University Collabs

Where You Will Work

After you graduate, you will be eligible to bag placements in the following companies and brands:

placement partners - bdb - BBA in Digital Marketing

Find Out Which Companies Will Hire You

Course Duration and Fees

Just like any other undergraduate degree, this Bachelors in Digital Business is a 3 -year degree program, and the fee for each year sums to INR 1,50,000.

Do you want to know if this Bachelors in Digital Business is the right degree choice for you? Then get on a call with our expert career counselors today and avail a FREE counseling session now! All you need to do is fill out the form below to avail a free counseling session.

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2. Business Management Degree 

The three-year degree program in business management equips students with the knowledge and abilities necessary to manage individuals and organizations. 

Human resources, organizational behaviour, and project management are just a few of the management topics covered in the curriculum. 

The program gives students the chance to improve their management skills in a variety of settings and put their knowledge to use in real-world management situations.

Course Syllabus

Semester 1 

  • Principles of Management
  • Business Communication & Soft Skills
  • Financial Accounting
  • Business Mathematics
  • Economic Environment of Business

Semester 2 

  • Business Regulatory Framework
  • Business Statistics
  • Managerial Economics
  • Office Management and Automation
  • Cost Accounting
  • General Hindi

Semester 3 

  • Corporate Accounting
  • Entrepreneurship Development
  • Indian Financial System
  • International Trade & Finance
  • Income Tax

Semester 4 

  • Organizational Behaviour
  • Research Methodology
  • e-Commerce
  • General English
  • Financial Management
  • Comprehensive Viva

Semester 5 

  • Auditing
  • Production Management
  • Project Management
  • Human Resource Management
  • Accounting for Managers

Semester 6 

  • Operation Research
  • Project & Viva-Voice
  • Environmental Studies
  • Company Law & Secretarial Practice
  • Banking Law & Practices in India
  • Marketing Management


3. Logistics and Supply Chain Degree

The specialization is intended to help you examine and enhance your organization’s store network utilizing progressed insightful strategies.

You will figure out how to utilize examination to further develop your organization’s store network execution. You will also learn how to plan and optimize your company’s supply chain operations by utilizing optimization techniques.

Additionally, you will gain knowledge of risk management strategies for managing supply chain risk for your business. Finally, you will gain knowledge of distribution network design and management.

Business professionals who want to learn how to use analytics to improve their company’s supply chain performance are the ideal candidates for this specialization. Students who want to work in supply chain management will also benefit from the specialization.

Course Syllabus

Semester 1 

  • Business Communication I
  • Micro Economics
  • Fundamentals of Management
  • Business Accounting I
  • Principles of Logistics
  • Indian Constitution & Environmental Studies
  • Employability skill development 1
  • Workshop on Indian Company analysis & Corporate social responsibility

Semester 2 

  • Business Communication II
  • Macro Economics
  • Managerial Mathematics and Statistics
  • Business Accounting II
  • Marketing Management (With Experiential Learning)
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Employability skill development II
  • Soft skill training and International company analysis

Semester 3 

  • Financial Management
  • Management Information Systems
  • Corporate Accounting
  • Business Law
  • Domestics & International Logistics Management
  • Product and operation management
  • Cyber law and security analysis
  • Leadership attitude and industry analysis

Semester 4 

  • Operations Research
  • E-Business
  • Company Law
  • Global Business Management
  • Inventory & Warehousing Management (With experiential learning)
  • Procurement and Supply management
  • Retail management
  • Intellectual property rights
  • Business project Development

Semester 5 

  • Cost Accounting
  • Business Research Methods
  • Business Strategy and management
  • Entrepreneurship Development
  • International Trade law

Semester 6 

  • Industry Internship
  • Dissertation
  • Viva-voce


4. Finance Degree

Courses on managing capital resources and investments are included in the finance specialization. The role of financial institutions, investment strategies, and the financial markets are all covered.

Insurance and risk management may be covered in other courses. Students who earn a degree in finance are better prepared for careers in the financial sector. Accounting, economics, business, and mathematics are all part of the finance degree curriculum.

A finance degree program teaches students how to analyze financial data and make wise investments. Careers in insurance, banking, investment banking, and financial planning are all possible with a finance degree.

Course Syllabus

Semester 1 

  • Principles & Practice of Management
  • Business Communication
  • Financial Accounting
  • Business Law
  • Business Economics
  • Computer Application

Semester 2 

  • Organisational Behaviour
  • Business Environment
  • Business Mathematics
  • Environmental Management
  • Management Accounting
  • Profit Planning & Control

Semester 3 

  • Production Methods
  • Manpower Management
  • Marketing Concepts
  • Business Finance – I
  • Business Statistics
  • Computer Application

Semester 4 

  • Operations Research
  • Industrial Law
  • Office Management
  • Sales & Distribution Management
  • Research Methodology
  • Business Finance – II

Semester 5

  • Management Information System
  • Indian Economy
  • Banking Law & Practice
  • Advertising & Public Relations
  • Human Resources Development
  • Summer Training Report

Semester 6 

  • Corporate Planning & Strategic Management
  • International Marketing
  • Marketing of Services
  • Financial Institutions and Markets
  • Entrepreneurial Development
  • Comprehensive viva-voce


5. International Business Degree 

The degree program in International Business trains students to conduct international business. The curriculum equips students with the knowledge and abilities they need to find and evaluate opportunities in global markets, as well as to plan for success and put those plans into action.

The program teaches students how to effectively operate in a global business environment and places an emphasis on cultural awareness and understanding of international business.

Course Syllabus

Semester 1

  • Business Mathematics
  • Management Foundation
  • Economic Environment – I
  • Micro Economics & Applications
  • Computer Awareness – I
  • Fundamentals of International Business
  • Foreign Language – I (French, German, Spanish, Japanese, Chinese)
  • English
  • Environmental Studies
  • Behavioural Science – I

Semester 2

  • Computer Awareness – II
  • Indian System of Business
  • Economic Environment – II
  • Macro Economics & Applications
  • Accounting – I
  • Values & Ethics in International Business
  • Foreign Language – II (French, German, Spanish, Japanese, Chinese)
  • English
  • Global Business Management
  • Behavioural Science – II

Semester 3

  • Financial Management – I
  • Fundamentals of Marketing
  • Business Statistics
  • Database Management System
  • Accounting – II
  • Communication Skills – I
  • Behavioural Science – III
  • International institutions & trade implications
  • Foreign language -III (French, German, Spanish, Japanese, Chinese)
  • Summer Assignment – I ( Evaluation)

Semester 4

  • Principles of Marketing
  • Financial management – II
  • Legal Framework of Business & Management
  • Research Methods & Reports Preparing Module
  • System analysis & design
  • Project Management
  • International strategic management
  • Communication skills – II
  • Behavioural Science – IV
  • Foreign language -IV (French, German, Spanish, Japanese, Chinese)

Semester 5

  • Entrepreneurship Development
  • Human resource management
  • Taxation laws & practices
  • Computer applications
  • International marketing
  • Communication skills – III
  • Behavioural science – V
  • Operation Research
  • Foreign language – V (French, German, Spanish, Japanese, Chinese)
  • Summer Internship ( evaluation)

Semester 6

  • Managerial Accounting
  • Export-Import documentation & Logistics
  • E-Commerce & international trade
  • Sales management
  • International financial management
  • Foreign language -III (French, German, Spanish, Japanese, Chinese)
  • Cross-cultural management & management of multinational companies
  • Communication skills – IV
  • Behavioural science – VI


6. Project Management Degree

The goal of the Project Management specialization is to equip students with the knowledge, abilities, and skills they need to effectively manage projects.

The various stages of the project life cycle—initiation, planning, execution, monitoring and control, and closure—will be covered by the students.

Students will also learn about tools and methods for project management and how to communicate with project stakeholders in an efficient manner.

Course Syllabus

Year 1:

  • Business Law
  • Human Skills
  • Computer Applications in Business
  • Business Communications
  • Managerial Economics, and more.

Year 2:

  • Environment Management
  • Introduction to Cost Accounting
  • Managerial Economic II
  • Strategic Management
  • Product and Materials Management
  • Cooperative and Rural Markets, and more.

Year 3:

  • HR Management
  • PR Management
  • Financial Management
  • Service Sector Management
  • Project Work
  • E-Commerce
  • International Finance
  • International Management, and more.


7. Human Resource Management Degree

Through HR executives are the most common way of enlisting, choosing, onboarding, preparing, and remunerating workers. The goal of the Human Resources Management Specialization is to learn how to effectively manage organizations’ human resources functions.

This specialization is intended for understudies who are keen on chasing after a lifelong in HR executives or are presently working in HR and trying to additionally foster their insight and abilities in the field.

Students who want to gain a general understanding of human resources management and the roles it plays in organizations would also benefit from this specialization.

Course Syllabus

Semester 1 

  • Communication Skills
  • Organizational Behavior
  • Quantitative Technique in Business
  • Computer Fundamentals

Semester 2 

  • Research Methods
  • Business Strategy
  • Financial Accounting
  • Marketing Management, Management Information Systems

Semester 3 

  • Legal Studies
  • Human Resource Management
  • Quality Management
  • Advertising and Sales

Semester 4 

  • E-Commerce
  • Management Accounting
  • International Marketing
  • Small Business Management, Retail Management

Semester 5 

  • Production and Operations Management
  • Financial Management
  • Economic Management
  • Taxation Management
  • Entrepreneurship Management

Semester 6 

  • Technology Management
  • Management Development Skills
  • Roles of International Financial Institutions
  • Projects


How to choose a suitable business degree? 

1. Fees 

 As we saw, there are numerous reasons to pursue a business degree. This may or may not be a cause for concern for some people. Similar to how this is a topic of concern for students, business owners might not consider it.

But fees are still one of the things you can’t ignore. Therefore, check the fees for the specialization to ensure that they are not excessively high in comparison to the services they provide.

2. Curriculum 

This aspect of the equation is somewhat related to the fee aspect. Always think about tuition and curriculum together. There are numerous aspects of the business degree, such as core and elective courses. And that implies some are fundamental for you to learn and some have choices for you to look over.

Check the curriculum to see if the subjects you want to learn are included. because not all courses and colleges offer the same subjects. Therefore, before choosing a business degree, review the curriculum.

3. Environment/ Scope

Along with tuition and curriculum, you should also think about the environment and scope. If you intend to work in that area in the future, you should determine whether the degree you choose has marketability. Examine the market’s growth and demand for that skill or specialization.

4. Eligibility

Last but certainly not least is eligibility. When pursuing various business degrees, this is an essential consideration to keep in mind. Check the requirements for the business degrees you’re interested in to see if you qualify. Usually, the basic criteria are merit or passing an entrance exam.

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FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the best degree to do in business?

There are various Business Degree options available – 

  • Finance 
  • Marketing 
  • Human Resources 
  • Entrepreneurship 
  • Project Management 
  • International Business, etc.

Q. Which institute is best for business?

Thakur College of Science & Commerce, as already mentioned, is the best college in Andheri for business degrees. The program’s emphasis on cutting-edge business concepts and practical skills is quite high. It has cooperated with foreign colleges to enhance placements.

Q. What business degree pays the most?

Every business degree has a distinct market need and application. Marketing, finance, and international business are among the business degrees with the highest salaries.

Q. Is BBA difficult or easy?

The BBA programme is in no way difficult. It introduces you to the business world and helps you learn the many ideas required for success there. Just be sure to pick a speciality in a subject that interests you.


Thus, the Business Degrees in Bandra blog has come to an end. Let’s sum up the information presented in the blog. A business degree is available to students, aspiring entrepreneurs, and business owners.

As you can see, there are a variety of business degrees to choose from. The BBA in Digital Marketing is one of them. This course deserves special mention because of its market scope.

A career in digital marketing is in demand. Particularly in light of the pandemic, it is widely accepted by the public worldwide. Digital marketing is beneficial to all kinds of businesses. We are so accustomed to placing orders and conducting checks online ourselves. As a result, there is a growing demand for digital marketing.

MBA in Digital Marketing and Online Digital Marketing Course by IIDE are here to assist you if you want to learn Digital Marketing to increase your value in the business world with these in-demand skills. Through these courses, you can learn digital marketing at your own pace.

We hope this blog on Business Degrees in Bandra helped you clarify your questions. We appreciate you reading the blog to the end. Please share your thoughts and opinions in the section below.

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