12 Amazing Benefits of Digital Marketing In Dubai

Updated on: Sep 22, 2022
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Are you curious about why digital marketing is so hyped in today’s time? Do you want to know what are the Benefits of digital marketing in Dubai? Then this blog is here for your help. In this blog, we have listed all the benefits of digital marketing in Dubai.

But if you are a beginner and don’t know what exactly digital marketing then this Free Digital Marketing Masterclass will help you. So before diving into the benefits of digital marketing in Dubai first let’s understand what digital marketing is.

What is Digital Marketing? 

Digital marketing means advertising / marketing your brand i.e products & services you provide to your ideal target audience to convert them into your potential customers with the use of various digital means (online channels) irrespective of their location i.e. globally.

We all know that internet usage is increasing day by day around the globe. And that is turning everything into digital be it shopping, learning, etc. You name it and you can find it online and buy it in the comfort of your home or from any place in the world. To make this possible and satisfy your customer base all around the world brands need to do digital marketing. 

This is just the start, in the future digital marketing is going to grow tremendously. The scope of digital marketing will make you understand its growth in the near future.

Now let us get started with the Benefits of Digital Marketing In Dubai.

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Benefits of Digital Marketing in Dubai in 2022 

 We have listed some benefits of digital marketing in Dubai which will help you realise its importance and the reason for its tremendous growth.

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Source – urmad solutions

1. Cost-effective

Digital marketing is very cost-effective & budget-friendly. You can advertise your brand to the world within your budget. With the help of Facebook ads, optimising your website and using many other tactics you can promote your brand to the world at a low cost.

Unlike traditional marketing, you don’t have to use the money for pamphlets or hoarding instead you can create a creative ad at half cost and market your business.

2. Global reach 

With the help of digital marketing now you can grow your business and cater for your customers at a global level. By doing some marketing research about where is the need for your product in the world you can target the people in that locality and sell your product to them via online channels. 

3. Local reach 

Along with the global reach, digital marketing also helps in local reach. Suppose you open a store somewhere you need to promote your shop by sending pamphlets in newspapers and many other things.

But digital marketing makes it easy for you to target your audience. You can select the specific kilometre radius around your shop and advertise them accordingly.

This has one more advantage it not only targets the residents but also the people passing by within that radius.

4. Detailed targeting 

Here comes the biggest and most important benefit of digital marketing and that is detailed targeting.

In traditional marketing, brands use to advertise on tv or in the newspaper in which they would advertise to each and every irrespective of the relevance of their brands to the people.

But with the use of digital marketing, you can target the exact and ideal audience who you want to be your customers.

5. Easy to learn 

In this era, where everyone is using mobiles and laptops in their everyday life and is connected on social media and google it’s very easy for them to learn and use digital marketing for their benefit.

Nowadays everyday uses google to search and social media platforms to connect and pass their time. If you can use these to grow your business globally by just learning some details then there is nothing better than that.

13+ Short-Term Certification Courses in Digital Marketing | IIDE helps you to learn digital marketing skills according to your interest and time schedule.

6. Engaging with customers at every level

Using traditional marketing you can connect to your customers only when they are in your store. Once they are out of your eyesight you can’t do anything about that.

But digital marketing has a solution to this problem, now with the help of digital marketing, you can not track your customers from the awareness stage till the final payment stage. You can engage and connect with your customers at every stage, you can solve their queries and convince them to make a purchase.

By placing some codes on your ads or website you can track the activity of your customers and target them accordingly.

7. Improves conversion rate

Using various digital marketing tactics helps you to reach a wide range of people which results in a higher conversion rate.

As more people become aware of your brand they search for your product and make a buy according to their needs and wants. You can optimise your website and social media presence in such a way that attracts customers and make them buy from you.

8. Personalised communication with customers

Along with detailed targeting and connecting with consumers at every stage, digital marketing helps in personalised communication with them as well.

By installing digital chatbots you can chat with every customer personally. You can also remarket your customers personally according to their needs and interests.

9. Multiple strategies 

Digital marketing is a huge term that has various marketing strategies and tactics to offer. You can choose the tactics that might be useful, relevant to your brand and under your budget limit.

There are various strategies you can use such as SEO, social media, email marketing, and google ads you can use any tactic to grow your business and promote your brand to your ideal audience.

10. Multiple content types

Along with the various marketing strategies digital marketing also offers multiple content types. You can select the target audience and research which content they consume the most.

Then you can alter your content according to their interests and advertise your product to them. Eg. Blogs, video content, e-books, etc.

11. Analytics 

Here comes the best part of digital marketing analytics. You can measure and analyse your performance on various channels by using some analytics tools.

You can compare your growth, see what is in demand,  what people when they are on your online platforms and much more. Analytics helps you in improving your marketing strategy and recommends what you can change and grow more.

12. Scope of A/B testing 

One more benefit you have of doing digital marketing is that you can do A/B testing. If you are not sure which content or ad will connect more or is more relevant to the interest of your target audience.

By using digital marketing i.e via Facebook ads, you can make two ad creatives and you can show half audience A creative and the other half B creative. By the audience’s feedback and reaction, you can recognise which is more relevant and then use that accordingly.

Careers in Digital Marketing in Dubai 

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Source – Western Michigan University

1. SEO manager 

SEO i.e Search Engine Optimisation, as an SEO manager you have to: 

Optimise the brand’s site according to the need of your customers and make it user-friendly and that makes it google friendly as well. And this helps you to rank on top of google’s search engine result page organically by google without paying anything back.

Seo manager has other responsibilities like making blogs SEO optimised related to the brand for their customers, and collecting backlinks from neutral and relevant sites saying that your website & brand is good. And check if the website is technically sound or not. 

2. Social media manager 

We all are aware of what happens on social media, we all see it every day on our phones. We see thousands of brands promoting their products to us on social media. A brand’s social media page is a kind of presentation of the brand to the customers about who they are and what they do. So a social media manager’s responsibility is to : 

  • Check if the content posted on their social media platforms is relevant and provides any value to their customers to make them stay connected with the brand.
  • Check the analytics to increase your engagement with your audience on social media.
  • Be there for your customers when they need you.

3. Content Marketer 

Content marketing means marketing your brand by writing about your business and products in multiple forms like blogs, ad creatives etc. The things you need to keep in mind as a content marketer are : 

  • Write content that is in simple words for your target audience to understand worldwide. 
  • Content should be relevant and define your brand properly.
  • Alter your content according to different segments of your target audience to connect with them on a personal level.
  • Provide value to your audience by suggesting solutions to their queries.

4. E-mail Marketing

E-mail marketing means marketing and promoting your brand to your leads ( people that can be your customers) via emails.

Email marketing helps you connect with new potential customers. And helps you keep your existing customers updated about the changes in your business.

You can attract new customers by sending them sale/discount offer emails.

5. Web Developer 

The work of a web developer is very important in digital marketing. A website helps you to showcase your brand in front of your audience. The website is the place where users will check to know and buy your products.

The website should load fast and have clear images and many other factors should be taken into consideration to make the website user-friendly. The web developer also has to deal with codes and place them correctly to collect and trace the data.

6. Marketing Analyst 

Analysing data is one of the biggest benefits of digital marketing. So as a marketing analyst your job is to check the analyse the data collected via the codes installed by the web developer.

Analysts should be familiar with the current standards of the market through which they can compare the gathered data and use them for the benefit and growth of the business.

Check Digital Marketing Careers in Dubai – 2022 | IIDE to know more about careers and salaries for digital marketing in Dubai.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is Dubai good for digital marketing?

A. Yes choosing digital marketing as a career in Dubai is a good decision. UAE is the largest market for internet marketing so there is confirmed growth and scope of digital marketing in Dubai.

Q. What are the 5 benefits of digital marketing?

A. Top 5 benefits of digital marketing :

  • Global reach
  • Cost Effective
  • Analytics 
  • Helps in engaging with customers at every stage
  • Detailed Targeting

Q. How much does a digital marketer earn in Dubai?

A. Digital marketer earns around AED 177105/yearly on average. Salary differs on your experience and the industry you work in.

Q. What skills do you need for digital marketing?

A. To be a successful digital marketer you need skills like : 

  • Search enfine optimisation (SEO)
  • Facebook & Instagram Ads
  • Designing & Editing 
  • Content Marketing 
  • WordPress 
  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM), etc


By getting to know the multiple benefits of digital marketing in Dubai you might have got an idea why digital marketing is booming and growly so rapidly. The scope of digital marketing explains its future growth around the globe.

Apart from now, in future using digital marketing to promote your business to your audience will be mandatory as everyone is turning towards online platforms and becoming digital.

After knowing about the rise of demand for digital marketers in the future then you can start learning digital marketing and upskilling yourself. 11- months digital marketing program and a 4-months digital marketing program are the two best online courses that help you learn digital marketing online and at your convenience.

We appreciate that you took out time and read the benefits of digital marketing in the Dubai blog. If you want answers to any of your digital marketing questions put them down in the comment section we would be happy to help you.

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