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Updated on: Dec 11, 2022
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In our previous article, we learnt in detail about the marketing strategy of a really fascinating brand, GAIL. In this article, we will elaborate on the marketing strategy of E.ON – the leading utility company in the US.

The main objective of this blog is to understand how E.ON entered the market and became a leader through its unique approach – providing green and sustainable solutions. The company also came up with some unique campaigns, a few of which will be discussed as we move forward in this blog.

Like DNA, marketing plays a critical role in the company’s existence. If a firm sells wonderful items and offers fantastic services but lacks a sound strategy, it would be challenging to survive in the tough times and make a living. Well-planned plans can take you up to heights. You may check out the CEO of IIDE Karan Shah’s Free Masterclass on Digital Marketing if you want to learn more.

Before understanding the strategies and the campaigns of the company, let us learn about the company and check the quick stats of the same. It’s important to know the history, right? Because without knowing where they started, you won’t be able to understand their strategies and STP. Without any delay, let’s dive into the marketing strategy of E.ON.

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About E.ON – 

marketing strategy of e.on - e.on logo

Source – Wikimedia Commons

E.ON is one of the largest electricity utility service providers across the globe. The company was founded on 16 June 2000 and ever since then it has been serving customers and providing them with the best services. The electric utility-based company has its headquarters in Germany.

It serves more than 50 million customers and provides them with innovative solutions, which makes it one of the companies which are leading in the market. Coming to the employees, it has 72000 employees who work hard day and night to find the best solutions for serving customers. 

An interesting fact about E.ON, the company aims to provide sustainable solutions and is committed to making energy cleaner and smarter through its services. It has a focus to improve the lives of the people and provide them with green solutions. According to data, the company plans to invest $30Bn in the energy transition by 2026 – Yes you read it right! A big investment right? 

Quick Stats on E.ON

CEO Leonhard Birnbaum
CMO Nico Joy
Area Served Europe, United States
Industry Electric Utility
Market Revenue 4,148.4 crores EUR (2019)
Vision The company aims to provide green, interconnected and decentralised solutions to its customers and lead the global shift towards new technology.
Tagline We Put People First


Marketing Strategy of E.ON – 

E.ON being the leader in the market must have adopted some unique strategies to differentiate itself from other companies in the market. Without any delay, let us dive into the marketing strategy of E.ON and understand how they are outperforming and leading the market.

Segmentation, Targeting and Positioning 

The company focuses on serving Industries, Big Cities and Ports. Its headquarter is located in Germany and the company focuses on targeting offices, homes and even those people who are travelling by road. The company aims to focus on people who are aware of technology and want to live with an eco-friendly approach at the same time.

If we talk about targeting, the company has its main focus on serving customers across Germany. Along with this, it also serves in the U.K., Europe, Russia and Spain. It aims to target people who are looking for innovative solutions and aims to connect all people to good energy.

E.ON has positioned itself as one of the major public utility companies in Europe  – providing innovative and green solutions to its customers. The company has focused on sustainability since 2000 and this has made it unique from all its competitors ( a major reason for E.ON being the leader is the unique solutions provided to the people)

Marketing Campaigns 

E.ON has always tried to come up with marketing campaigns that are different and convey the message in a fun, and easy manner. You must be wondering how a company can convey the message in a fun manner. That too when it offers utility products. Let us know how. Here are the top campaigns by E.ON :

marketing strategy of e.on - marketing campaign

The company did research where it found that almost 81% of parents, as well as 85% of children, are worried about air pollution and from here it came up with a unique campaign!!

E.ON teamed up with Scamp & Dude for its unique campaign – it collaborated with the fashion brand in order to help children become the “ Air Heroes” –  Sounds interesting right? During this campaign, Scamp & Dude made a cape which was designed especially for children and had the ability to absorb air pollution – by just wearing the cape the kids could help in reducing air pollution.

The motive behind this was to encourage parents to avoid using their cars and walk to the schools for dropping off their children. It aimed to make people aware of the seriousness of air pollution and its long-lasting impact on human life.

The launch of the campaign across the country gained popularity, especially among young children. Not only this but in 2021 E.ON also came up with a contest wherein it was giving a chance to the parents to win this cape for their children and their entire class – and make them air heroes! 

marketing strategy of e.on - marketing campaign

E.ON came up with another unique campaign “ We got the power”. This was yet another interesting campaign by E.ON where it collaborated with the virtual band Gorillaz for a music video – A utility company having a partnership with a music band sounds interesting right? The company teamed up with Gorillaz ( A British Pop band) to come up with a film as well as a music studio which was powered by solar battery storage and solar energy.

This film was produced using solar energy and featured thousands of lights, toys, UFOs and many other unique real props. It premiered at the “ Demon Dayz” Festival which took place on June 10 in England.

This was another unique collaboration which gained the attention of the people. The idea behind this campaign was that Gorillaz wanted to focus on making better music but at the same time, they wanted to preserve the planet also. E.ON is one of the best providers of batteries and used this opportunity at its best.

This campaign helped E.ON to position itself as a company which is focusing on innovative solutions. This also helped the company to showcase the power of solar energy to the people, the video had around 176,980 views on youtube which showcases that the campaign gained popularity among people.

marketing strategy of e.on - marketing campaign

The last campaign which was a great success was “Whenever, wherever” – again a unique name. The campaign introduced the Smart Pay As you go technology via a Tv advertisement.

Through this campaign, E.ON tried to showcase how a customer was easily able to pay for his energy usage – whenever and wherever he feels like it. The campaign focused on gaining attention from customers and making them realise the convince of using E.ON

It also highlighted the fast services by E.ON and showed various scenes – one such scene was like that of a maternity ward, and there were also scenes from home, horse riding etc. Clearly, the company wanted to showcase the ease of availing its services and it did grab the attention of a lot of customers.

Social Media Marketing

The company is present on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Youtube.  The wide network of E.ON clearly shows that the company must be having good connections with various companies and is followed by people across the globe. 

  • LinkedIn: 229,560 followers
  • Facebook: 763,416 followers
  • Instagram: 47K followers
  • Twitter: 39.1K followers
  • Youtube: 11.9K followers

This clearly shows it is active on all the social media pages. The content which is posted on these pages is related to the innovative solutions provided by the company, followed by the importance of being sustainable and making a change in our lives.

SEO Strategies 

marketing strategy of e.on - ubersuggest seo screenshot

Source – Uber Suggest

When it comes to SEO, E.ON has a large number of organic keywords, which is helping the company to be on the top. If we talk about the no of keywords, it is 35,936 – which is amazing as per the SEO ranking. Having more than 10,000 keywords is amazing and this clearly shows the company must be gaining good monthly insights through search engine optimization organically.

Coming to the monthly traffic, the company has monthly traffic of around 561K+ which is amazing. Having such huge monthly traffic must be helping the company to be on the top in google search as well as grow its business. The results are proof of the hard work done by E.ON and show that their campaigns must have been successful.  

Influencer Marketing

E.ON has always tried to team up and work towards sustainability and a good life for all. One of the most famous collaborations was when the company teamed up with Reinhold Messner. He’s a legend – a mountaineer and a person who has devoted his life to preserving nature. The company teamed up with him with the hope to inspire the people to take a move and join hands for a better future. 

E-commerce Strategies

Coming to the e-commerce strategies of E.ON, the company has a website where it keeps posting about its services and the latest innovations that it brings to its customers.

Mobile Apps

The company has a few applications which can be downloaded easily from the play store.

  • Mein E.ON – 3+ ratings and 5L+ downloads
  • E.ON Myline – 3+ ratings and 10L+ downloads
  • E.ON Installer App – 3+ ratings and 5T+ downloads
  • E.ON Event – 3+ ratings and 100+ downloads

Content Marketing Strategies

E.ON is active on all the social media handles. The company posts content related to the latest innovations and collaborations that it is doing with various leaders across the globe. It also posts about the events that are attended by its employees – to make people aware of taking a step towards sustainability. E.ON also posts press releases and blogs about sustainability on its website.

This brings us to the end of the marketing strategy of E.ON.

Digital Marketing Academic Challenge 2024 - DMAC

What’s unique about the marketing strategy of E.ON?

From the above blog, we can clearly understand that the marketing strategy of E.ON is innovation to gain customers. 

The company is famous for its innovative solutions and comes up with unique campaigns like “Air Heroes”, “We Got The Power”, etc. It has a presence on all social media platforms and has thousands of followers on each of the platforms. It has a strong SEO base and this helps the company drive organic traffic to its website.

The company is trying to be the leader in the market and has made the life of its customers convenient. This is because of its presence on all social media handles, a mobile app, and a website also – the company is making the best use of digital marketing to grow itself.

In today’s world, digital marketing is very important and E.ON is making the best use of it – by being active on its social media handles. To make such effective marketing strategies and 

to grow in the digital world, it is important to have in-depth knowledge of digital marketing. If you are someone who wants to learn about SEO and effective strategies, check out IIDE’S Online Digital Marketing Course & Post Graduation Program which will surely help you.

You made it to the end of this blog, amazing!! Hope this helped you to gain knowledge about the marketing strategy of E.ON. If you wish to study more about other companies and their strategies, you can check out IIDE Knowledge Portal

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