How to manage a Facebook Page?

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How to manage a Facebook Page?

We all manage one or more pages on Facebook. But are you effectively managing your Facebook page? Learn special techniques which all brands implement in order to keep their Facebook Page up to the mark. Make the most of this article ‘How to manage a Facebook Page!’

Before you get acquainted with ‘how to effectively manage a Facebook page’ you should know how to create a Page on this platform. You can learn how to create a page by clicking this link here.

All you need to do is make some clicks, decide what kind of page you wish to have, fill in basic details, add an appealing profile picture and cover photo and get going!

How to manage a Facebook Page

So, let’s begin.

How to effectively manage your Facebook Page?

There are around 300 million businesses on Facebook targeting and engaging with customers every now and then. Small businesses to large giant brands, everyone caters some or the other information to their target audience.

Is it that important to have a Facebook page and effectively manage it, even if you have a website?

Well, answer to this question is a yes.

It is crucial to mark your online reputation through social media and especially forums like Facebook.

Facebook has nearly 2 billion users across the globe and they consume content provided by brands and companies across the world.

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Rule: It is important to be in touch with your end users, your customers.

Hence, managing a Facebook Page is extremely important.

What are the benefits of having a Page on Facebook?

  • Increased brand recognition
  • Improved brand loyalty
  • Higher conversion rates
  • Decreased marketing costs
  • Richer customer experiences
  • Improved customer insights

And much more

How to effectively manage a Facebook Page?

Answer: By posting content for your users.

Users on Facebook are for fun. Social media should be used really in a social manner. It is a good platform for selling but those brands which focus only on selling; the users tend to lose interest and shall stop liking your brand.

What to post on your Facebook Page

1. Test your content

It really matters what kind of content you share on Facebook. There are no scientific rules, but your content needs to be shareable. If your content is shared across on social media, you shall seek higher brand awareness.

How to manage a Facebook Page

Mind you well, Facebook is a master place to have a wonderful online reputation.

2. Keep is short

Posts with 80 characters or less receive 23% higher interaction than longer posts. Statuses play an important role as they are a short and concise form of posts.

How to manage a Facebook Page

Way back in 2011, Coke used this technique for posting on Facebook.

However, the new features of Facebook allow the short statuses to appear more frequently in comparison of the other statuses.

3. Use Images

Facebook promotes content which is visual. Images have played an important role in engaging with your target audience. You should learn more about how to engage with your target audience by reading this case study on Zomato.

How to manage a Facebook Page

Zomato understands the need for engaging with your target audience and the purpose of why a brand should be publishing content which is shareable.

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4. Post Info-graphics

Comparisons and graphical representations which provide some statistics or information should be formulated as a graphic.

How to manage a Facebook Page

Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the biggest digital influencer of India has been utilizing this technique right from the day he sworn in as a Prime Minister. Check more about ‘How he is the biggest digital influencer in India’.

5. Videos have a higher chances to be viewed

According to social media today, live video is not the only type of video content getting a lot of exposure on Facebook – video posts in general reach a larger audience, on average. A study by Social Bakers, the average video post generates 135% greater organic reach, when compared to photo posts.

There are various YouTubers who post a lot of video content on Facebook as well.

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