How To Increase Engagement On Facebook?

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Facebook engagement is a crucial part of social media marketing. It allows brands to maintain their visibility and increases brand recognition in the eyes of the viewers.

IIDE believes Facebook engagement is really crucial for brands to focus on. There are 14 ways in which brands can increase engagement on Facebook.

Mind you. It’s easy.

14 Ways In Which You can Increase Facebook Engagement

1. Be Consistent

“Out of sight is out of mind.” However, too much of something is dangerous.
Consistency is necessary in order to engage with your audience.

Average 5 posts a week is considered to be consistent, as you are posting on regular times. 5 posts a week can impact your organic reach out.

2. Time It Right

Check out your competitors time cycle of posting and compare with yours. Somewhere you will notice that your competitor, who has better social media marketing than yours, may have posted content on time.

Maximum people are online between 9 pm to 1 am; This is a generic time slot to be posted. For your nature of business, different posts can be timed accordingly.

3. Use Eye-catching Images

Case study: Zomato is a master at engaging with the audience through creative posts.

Creative content, video content, 80% image 20% text rule of Facebook, all these features makes it easy for the audience to comprehend your content and react to it.

4. Keep It Short

Facebook appreciates content which is short and crisp. It has a similar characteristic of Twitter. If your content is between 100 and 150 characters i.e. 3 lines of text, you are supposed to get 60% more engagement. For a fact, that’s proposed by Facebook.

Check out yourself

The difference between two statuses is around 6000 likes. That’s a huge number. Isn’t it?

5. Be Relevant

You cannot be spamming your customers. You cannot be posting fake content. Relevant content can increase the trust of your customers and audience. H&M India is way smart to use the relevance feature. That’s what they did when they launched a new outlet in Pune.

More than 17,000 people liked this post.

6. Use Your Authentic Voice

Don’t post something which you shouldn’t be posting. You are not ScoopWhoop or Buzz Feed. Your content should represent your brand.

You should have your own content, your own posts, your own way of engaging. Because that engagement rate determines your brand, and probably that’s why people like your page

7. Include A Call To Action

If you want to increase your reach out, ask your fans to like, comment and share.

According to kissmetrics.com,
Call to actions instil psychological nudges that help marketers drive their audience to respond the way that they want to.

Something like, comment if you like this post, share it with your friends, tag your friends etc. helps you increase your engagement as you tell your viewers what is to be done.

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8. Be Creative With Apps

Travel BIG, a small travel business agency had a small contest for a trip to Las Vegas. Around 1731 people were engaged and they were talking about this brand due to such a small contest.

However, brands dealing in food, clothing, designing, music etc. can have brilliant contest ideas which can generate a huge amount of audience reach out. People shall like, comment and share in order to win these contests. Facebook contests are an important aspect of integrated marketing and offline-remarketing.

9. Have A Sense Of Urgency

Users love to check out gossips and myths on Facebook. Make stories, give information regarding your brand, write controversies; people are bound to check such articles.

10. Offer Value In Your Posts

Offer valuable content. Don’t post for the sake of posting on your social media handles. Introduce your new products or services; let your audience know more about your offers which can increase your sales.

That’s what Oreo did on the longest day of the year – June 21. It offered a new pack which was longer in size in comparison with prior versions of the same.

11. Be Entertaining

Facebook is not LinkedIn. Users are not here for serious content. Facebook might be good for recent news and trend, however, it is known for its casual, social and funny content.

Your brand should entertain your customers revolving around your business. It will retain your customers, increase your engagement and convey a message to your audience.

Who else could be better than sarcasm in terms of entertainment?
Don’t be sarcastic, however, be like sarcasm.

12. Be Educational

Users wish to grasp information. They wish to know top how to earn 30,000 a month while you go to college, best skills to add to the resume, top 5 skills to be learned in 2017 and what not.

That’s what Ayurveda posted some time back in order to educate their audience.

Educate your audience. Give the insights on how to use a product, how to hire your services etc. Be informative. Use info-graphics.

13. Make A List

Who could be better than ScoopWhoop and Buzz Feed?
ScoopWhoop and Buzz Feed are paid in lakhs for posting promotional content.
For 1 paid article they post around 6-7 bait articles in order to engage with their target audience. Crazy, isn’t it?

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14. Be Seasonal

We are no more in the world where in you can sell ice to those who live in igloos. It’s no more the same. World is way ahead. You need to target your audience and bombard them with your products in context with the season. That’s what Zara did in order to showcase its spring collection for kids.

You need to be reasonably seasonal and work with the current trends and affairs.


Follow these 14 steps for engagement.
Analyze your content.
Then, create Facebook ads.
Learn more about Facebook ads to reach out to your audience.

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