What is Facebook Engagement?

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What is Facebook Engagement?

Facebook Engagement is a term vastly used in the digital industry. By the end of this article, you will learn quick basics of Facebook Engagement

However, before proceeding did you know what’s Facebook Algorithm?

It isn’t similar to twitter. If you are on twitter, you will land up viewing all tweets in a chronological order. It’s time-based.

Is Facebook’s algorithm the same?

Answer is.


It is not the same. Facebook has a different form of an algorithm. Facebook focuses on reach out and engagement. That’s why you will always witness ‘Sarcasms’ posts every now and then.

Remember this?

Sarcasm has an amazing reach out. Within an hour 49,000 likes for a post. That’s a huge number.

Why does Sarcasm reach to the masses so easily?

Facebook ranks your page depending on your reach out and engagement.


What is engagement then? What do you mean by Facebook engagement?

According to Facebook.com,

Engagement is the number of actions your fans have taken as a result of seeing your ad. This would include likes, comments, shares, video views, and link clicks.

Well, the media and entertainment page Sarcasm gets easy engagement due to its funny content.

Way back in 1996,

Bill Gates once said, “Content is king.”

Well, the same rule is applicable in 2016 as well. 21 years, yet content is king.

However, according to Simplymeasured.com,
“Content is king, but engagement rules.”

It is absolutely true. You did read about Zomato.com, didn’t you?

It is the primary focus of the brands to engage with the audience with their brand content. Social media marketers and digital marketers prioritise Facebook engagement.

Facebook.com, despite having 1.3 Billion users, it isn’t a platform for syndication. It is a platform for engagement. And the recent additions of the emoticon or reactions shows that Facebook still focuses on engagement.

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Here is a crucial learning.
Facebook wants you to spend more time and give them more information.

Your reaction to various posts allows Facebook to push content which you like.

Smart. Damn smart.

Facebook is an amazing platform for business. It enables to reply to customer comments, click on hashtags, and know more insight about your audience. Facebook has been designed such a way to keep users on-site. Facebook has ample content to be discovered and engage with.

So in short,

What is Facebook Engagement?

Simplymeasured.com answers in one formula. Indian Institute of Digital Education believes in this formula.

How does Facebook Page Engagement work?

Engagement happens by posting content. Engagement can be measured. It is a reflection of your brand’s ability to capture your user’s attention. It should create a connection with your posts. However, such posts determine how many people see them.

When users engage with your posts or brand, it appears on their timeline. It makes a connection with your content. This is visible to their friends, which leads to awareness of your brand.

Your friend can comment like this on a page’s post. You can see this in your News feed. That’s how it determines which news feed did your post get displayed in and ultimately you could reach to how many users.

Engagement can tell a lot about your audience. The response of a post can be seen from the reactions received on the post. It indicates the volume of engagement received on your content. That’s how you come to know more about your audience. Do the like it, do they share it, do they tag other users, do they engage in certain specific types of posts only etc.

Who wouldn’t want to post, what your audience likes?

A famous quote says

“Serve your customers with what they want to, late on suggest what you want to.

If you do this, you can know what your customers are really interested in.

How is Post Engagement calculated?

3 aspects contribute to positive engagement with brand posts:

  1. Like: The number of people who like your posts. This also includes a number of people who react to your post. Likes are in an indicator which tells you the resonant and acceptance by customers.
  2. Comments: The number of people who comment on your posts. The maximum number of posts have tagging of friends, or else some customer feedback. However, comments provide insight on how people feel about the content posted. Brands need to seriously consider customer experience through such comments.
  3. Shares: The number of people who share your content. Shares embark amplification of your content which is seen by users and they feel worth a ‘share’.


Think different.
Use various content options.
Be lively, be quick, be sweet.
And learn the art of engagement.

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