7 🔥 Tips to Choose the Best Digital Marketing Course for You

Updated on: Nov 26, 2022
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Do you find yourself asking the following questions:

  • Should I opt for a complete digital marketing course, or specialize in one field?
  • Should I opt for an online or an offline digital marketing course?
  • Is a digital marketing certification from a reputed institute more valuable than practical skills?
  • Should I stress on the curriculum or placement opportunities offered? Can I get both?

With over 650+ digital marketing institutes in the country bombarding you with their course features, you’re bound to be confused. 

Thus, in this blog, we will answer each of these questions and ultimately help you choose the best digital marketing course for yourself.  

One of the significant effects of the pandemic was an accelerated digital shift in every business, irrespective of its size or industry. And today in 2023, the need for skilled digital marketing professionals to handle the same has increased tenfold. 

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To help you embark on a successful career in digital marketing, we bring to you seven comprehensive tips; to help you pick the best digital marketing course.

Besides the tips mentioned in the video above, we’ve also elaborated on a few other tips to help you pick the best digital marketing course for your benefit.

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Expert’s Tips on How to Choose the Best Digital Marketing Course

Without further ado, let’s dive into 7 full-proof tips to choose best digital marketing course for you:

1. Understand Your Requirements

Before you even begin to look for a digital marketing course, I’d recommend you to make a list of reasons why you wish to learn digital marketing in the first place. 

Ask yourself – 

  • Why am I learning digital marketing?
  • Am I learning digital marketing to up-skill or to make a career in this field?
  • Do I want to learn a complete digital marketing course or specialize in a single module?

After your objective looks a lot clearer, then proceed to find what you would want to prioritize. 

For example, if you’re handling a company’s social media, and wish to take it up a notch, opt for a social media marketing-specific course. 

If you wish to completely delve into the digital marketing industry, opt for a comprehensive postgraduate course or diploma in digital marketing to gain exhaustive 360-degree training.

Figuring out what you want will take you a step closer to choosing what course would be best for you. And if you still can’t narrow it down, you can always sign up for just 1 module to test the waters. From there, if you wish to indulge more in the digital marketing landscape, you can specialize in more modules.

2. What Works for You: Self-Learning or Mentor-Led Training?

The virtual world has presented us with two learning options: one, a self-taught method of learning, and two learning with a mentor. 

Now that you’ve got a clearer idea about your learning objective, ask yourself:

  • Do I thrive in a classroom training environment?
  • Do I need my own space and time to learn?

If you’re someone who needs that extra push while learning, you’ll find mentor-led digital marketing courses to be the best fit. Here, you’ll get the chance to learn in a collaborative environment with like-minded individuals. 

Also, you’ll get direct access to an expert trainer to clear all your doubts and get that much-needed hands-on training.

However, if you’re someone like me, who identifies with a keen urge to learn but with a tight schedule, you’ll find self-paced digital marketing courses to be the best fit for you. 

Self-paced courses help you learn from the experts, at your own pace, and more importantly, at your own convenience. It offers you the best of both worlds; if you can motivate yourself to get ahead in the program without constant supervision.

3. Are the Course Trainers Field Experts?  

Digital marketing is an umbrella term that branches out into more specific domains such as Search Engine Optimisation, Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing, and so on. 

Each of these domains is highly sophisticated and takes years of experience to become proficient in. 

Between a social media marketer and a digital marketer, I believe a social media marketer can teach you social media marketing better. Why? Simply because he/she practices social media marketing daily. 

Sure, a digital marketer knows about social media marketing too, but not like a professional social media marketer, who has hands-on experience in a particular field. 

So, if you come across a course that is conducted by only one trainer teaching all of these domains, that should be your first red flag.

That’s why at IIDE, each field is taught by different practicing professionals, all of whom are leading experts in their domain. They help you learn every module by getting into the nooks and crannies of the subject; thereby leaving no stone unturned. 

Thus, when choosing a digital marketing course, look out for instructors with more experience in their respective digital marketing fields as this will help you understand both a theoretical setting as well as gain knowledge on how to operate in the field. 

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4. Concentrate on the Course Format

Once you’ve looked into the type of trainers offered by the course, it’s time to look into the course format or rather the ‘course features’ offered.

Check if the course you’re inclining towards tick the following boxes:

  • Are there any live projects?
  • Will they conduct classroom presentations?
  • Do they swear by practical learning?
  • Do they provide internship or placement opportunities?
  • Will I have a mentor?
  • Do they conduct any type of assessment?

All of these points are imperative to help you become an employable digital marketer. 

Digital marketing is an intensively experience-based industry, and hands-on learning is the only way to learn digital marketing correctly. 

Thus, we always recommend learners thoroughly research a digital marketing course’s format before signing up for one. 

5. Do they Offer Career Guidance?

Specializing is an important part of being a digital marketer; being unique in one area helps you be at the top of your game. This is why I’d recommend you to look for a digital marketing course that offers career guidance.

Dedicated mentors can help you identify your strengths and guide you towards choosing the right specialization as they assess your performance throughout the course. 

So, ask yourself the following important questions:

  • Do they provide course mentors?
  • Do they offer personal career guidance?
  • Will they help me build my resume?
  • Do they provide interview training sessions?
  • Will they help improve my communication skills?

Keeping this in mind, we also recommend you to look for a course that offers excellent placement opportunities on completion. 

Having had the right training, an appealing portfolio, and an industry-recognized certification, you can land a much better job than you may have anticipated. 

6. Does it Comply With Your Budget and Schedule? 

Be it with respect to a schedule or your budget, you need a course that best caters to how you operate. 

Before you decide on a course, here’s a piece of advice that we give all our students – think of education as an investment rather than an expense

When you’re zeroing down on a course, think of it as an investment for your future self, as it adds to the skill-set you already possess and you’ll inevitably reap its benefits before you know it.

The next step would be for you to choose timings that would fit into your everyday life smoothly. If you’re a working professional, weekends may be the only time you get to take on something new. 

Hence, we’d recommend finding an institute that offers a weekend course specifically designed for working professionals. And, if you’re a student, we’d recommend getting all the studying done within the working week and leaving your weekends for leisure.

7. Take up a Free Demo Session

We strongly recommend you sign up for a demo class at any institute before you choose to invest your time and money in them. 

Just like our Free Masterclass on Digital Marketing, led by Mr. Karan Shah (CEO & founder of IIDE), which will help you to find out whether the course suits you or not. 

Why? Just like you watch a trailer before you watch a movie, a demo class is a must before signing up in an institute.

When you’re taking up a demo class, ask yourself that – 

  • Is the classroom environment up to the mark?
  • Is the lecture interactive?
  • Did you learn anything new?
  • Do you think you feel challenged?
  • Was the learning pace in line with yours?

If your answer is yes, then you can definitely consider signing up for their course. 

You can even take this a step further and request to speak with their alumni or read their reviews online. Doing your homework will help you be more confident about your choice.

If you happen to refer to multiple institutes before you make your decision, use an excel sheet and jot down these 7 points against the names of the institutions. Rate each institute based on these criteria and you’ll have an answer which best suits your needs.

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The Final Verdict: Which is the Best Digital Marketing Course for Me?

To help you further, we’ve narrowed down the best digital marketing course based on each type of learner keeping in mind their unique schedules, budget, and other course requirements.

Best Digital Marketing Course for College Students

If you’re a college student, and you’re looking to completely indulge in the digital marketing industry, we’d recommend you to join a mentor-led training course. 

Constant assignments, assessments, and presentations will help you learn digital marketing the right way. By the end of the course, you’ll have the much-needed hands-on training desired by top employers.

Here is the best digital marketing course for college students:

Best Digital Marketing Course for Fresh Graduates

The first question asked to graduate after his/her degree is ‘So, what’s next?’. If you’re really interested in digital marketing and see yourself crafting a career in this industry, we’d recommend you take up a postgraduate course. 

An exhaustive program will not only help you become a well-seasoned digital marketer but also increase your chances of bagging your dream job.

Here are some of our top recommendations for graduates:

Best Digital Marketing Course for Working Professionals

If you’re already working, you need a course that allows you to work & learn at the same time. Hence, we’d recommend you look for online or rather self-paced courses as they might work better with your schedule.

Here are some of our top recommendations for working professionals:

Best Digital Marketing Course for Business Owners

Being a business owner you might not have the luxury of attending 11-month or 6-month courses with scheduled timings as other learners do. 

Hence, we’d recommend self-paced business-oriented digital marketing courses to help you up-skill at your own convenience.

Here are some of our top recommendations for business owners:

Bonus: We understand that if you’re an entrepreneur or a business owner & have recently started your business, you may be on a solid-time crunch. But it is necessary that you & your employees are aware of digital marketing and its capabilities right from the beginning. So if you do not have the time to attend a course or program, you can consider opting for IIDE’s customized digital marketing corporate training.

You will be provided with custom tailor-made digital solutions for your business & all your concerned employees will be trained in it. If this is what you’re looking for, connect with us to get a free demo today!

Well, that’s it, folks! we hope these top 7 tips will help you choose the best digital marketing course for you.

We hope you enjoyed reading this blog. Let us know your views in the comments section below. 

We wish you success with all your future endeavours!

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