How to Build an All-Star Digital Marketing Team From Scratch

Updated on: Aug 26, 2020

Looking to build a digital marketing team of your own? I’ve got some pointers for you. Being in this industry for years now, I am aware of how the digital marketing team operates, the kind of individuals you’ll need and all the different roles you need to hire for.

I know that there is a stark difference between traditional and digital marketing. While the impact of traditional marketing has taken a hit in the present world, digital marketing is on the rise. 

In this increasingly digital world, to be the best, first, you must compete with the best. And for this, what you need is an able and skilled digital marketing team of experts who will ensure your brand’s output is at its best at whatever given point of time. 

Now, before we delve into the list of digital marketing roles needed to build an all-star digital marketing team, I’ve listed out a few traits to look out for while choosing professionals to make up a dynamic & skilled digital marketing team. 

Traits to Lookout for While Building A Digital Marketing Team

It is always wise to split your search into two broad categories: Creative and Logical. 

A popular theory based on this is the theory of left-brain or right-brain dominance also known as the theory of lateralisation. Loosely put, this theory states that every individual uses one hemisphere of their brain more vigorously than the other; the left brain being the logical half and the right brain being the creative half. 

While both hemispheres work together, there is always an inclination towards one side. They are not independent of one another and rather exist in higher/lower intensities. 

The following explanation will give you a clearer picture:

Left-brained individuals 

Individuals who dominantly use their left brain are known to be more logical. They have an analytical take on things and require facts to produce effective work. They have a linear or sequential train of thought and are primarily objective in terms of their work. 

Right-brained individuals

These individuals dominantly use their right brain to function daily. Right-brain users are known to have a more holistic approach to life. They are creative by nature, depend on intuition, are artistically skilled and imaginative, expressive, have a sense of rhythm and tone. 

A company is only as good as its team. A good team consists of a balanced mixture of creative and logical thinkers. When these different individuals brainstorm and put out work, a foolproof concept or idea emerges. 

Just like the brain, the balanced use of both these halves is what helps a team function efficiently. 

In the hundreds of thousands of applications you receive, whom do you think you should hire? Keep a lookout for individuals who possess the following characteristics:

1. Creative

No company would run smoothly today if it was all numbers and data. The common people neither understand nor want to understand the technical aspects of goods and services. They want something they can easily relate to. 

This is where a creative head comes into play. They will use your data and statistics from different audiences and come up with plans, campaigns, posters, website content, slogans, etc to increase engagement with the company. No matter how new your product is, potential consumers will convert only if there is some string of familiarity to ground them. 

Digital Marketing Roles: Content Writers, Graphic Designers, Ad Campaign Executives, Online Campaign Manager, Social Media Marketer, Email Marketer, etc.

2. Logical

As the famous saying goes “there are always two sides to a coin”. Much like the saying, while hiring a digital marketing team, you cannot have employees only from one end of the spectrum. You need a balance in order to succeed.

Not all creative thinkers have the ability to run logistics behind campaigns and launches. In order to have a well-rounded team, you need to hire someone who is objective and data-driven. Your company will survive only if you know how well or not your products or services are selling. 

These individuals ensure that the product being marketed has reached the target group. They conduct surveys, risk analysis, collect and record data before and after product launches and over, keep your company running smoothly. 

Digital Marketing Roles: Research Analyst, PR Executive, Data Analyst, Search Engine Marketing Specialist, Marketing Manager, SEO Strategist, Project Managers, etc.

As important as a team of digital marketers may be, it is only effective if you have a team filled with people who are creative as well as logical. 

You cannot survive based purely on the creativity of your products neither can you survive solely through data and specs. You need to adopt a rounded approach of creativity shown in your products, campaigns, etc which is brought about by research and data collected over a period of time by your analysts. 

While these qualities may seem like a lot of people to invest in, remember, these are present in all individuals. Find someone who possesses a range of qualities within one sphere so as to control over expenditure at the same time, bring out the maximum capabilities of the said individual.  

Hope this brief list of digital marketing roles needed in a digital marketing team has helped you gain a clearer picture of what your company needs. Remember to plan smartly based on your organisation’s goals and what you want to see soon. A digital marketing team comprising the above digital marketing roles will prove beneficial to the growth of your company. 

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8 Vital Roles You Need to Hire For A Digital Marketing Team 

Without further ado, let’s jump into the 8 essential digital marketing roles needed to win the digital game.

1. Project Manager

Digital marketing teams usually comprise a small group of people who are expected to possess multiple skills and perform various duties. Regardless of how good a product is, without the right advertising and exposure, it just wouldn’t sell. A digital marketing team carries a huge responsibility in any company.

This is where a project manager would step in. They act as a link between a company’s digital marketing team and the rest of the organisation. On one hand, they handle and delegate projects that the team receives and on the other, they coordinate with different departments from within the company to ensure that they are getting whatever they need. 

2. Strategist 

Every company has a plan for their future. The products and services they offer are usually in line with their vision. The work of a strategist is to ensure that campaigns, products, and customers fall within the principles of the company and fit the future plans. 

They work as a brand manager and try to keep what goes out complies with their marketing strategy and communication. Strategists are a key member of a digital marketing team. They keep a tab on customer influx, understand and execute keywords, establish key metrics and more. 

3. SEO Specialist

Research shows that little to no consumers go past the first search page on Google. If your brand does not show up on Google’s search engine page, it is likely that it may never gain recognition. This is where an SEO specialist steps in. While building a digital marketing team from scratch, keep in mind that a skilled SEO specialist is a key to long-term digital success. 

An SEO specialist works on Google Analytics and is an expert with SEO tools. They use their expertise to boost your brand’s ratings and ensure that your company shows up on the first page of a search engine. 

4. Content Writers

I’m sure you’re already familiar with the phrase “Content is King”. Well, this statement is as true as it gets. The only way to sell your products, grow your brand and extend your reach is if you have good and relevant content. 

Hiring content writers with a diverse and creative portfolio can be one of the best decisions you make for your company’s digital marketing team. They can be full-time writers, part-time writers or even freelancers. 

These individuals will be in charge of writing blogs, FAQs, website content, product descriptions, emails, etc. Content writers will turn your abstract ideas into more concrete and engaging content. 

5. Social Media Manager

As the title states, a social media manager’s job entails them to handle all content uploaded on social media and the marketing strategies that go along with it. 

Social media is one of the best platforms to increase brand awareness and communicate with your target audience. If you keep your social media alive and attractive, you are bound to pull in more consumers. 

6. Graphic Designer

Along with good content, you need quality images and graphics to support it. Visuals always grab attention. If these visuals are made well and paired with good content, you can ensure increased visibility of your brand.

Graphic designers would come in handy while designing creatives for ad campaigns, social media posts, blurbs, blog content or anything else needed by different teams. 

Similar to content writers, you can hire either in-house graphic designers or freelancers depending on your company’s needs. Ensure you hire quality designers who are creative and equally expressive in their work. Adept graphic designers can add great value to your digital marketing team and boost your digital performance. 

7. Email Marketing/Automation Specialist

These individuals effectively manage email marketing and marketing automation which includes planning, coordinating, managing and measuring all the company’s marketing campaigns, both online and offline.

8. Search Engine Marketing Specialist 

The point of marketing is to ultimately convert visitors into buyers/consumers. Search engine marketing helps you do just that, by using tools like Google AdWords, search engine marketers help in increasing targeted traffic on your website and also grow your brand’s visibility on search engines. 

Keeping a track of your traffic, conversions and retargeting/remarketing can be a tedious job unless you have someone dedicated full time to watch over it. You can hire an in-house Search Engine Marketer to join your digital marketing team or can even outsource the work as per your needs.

You can find more digital marketing job roles along with their descriptions to get a fair idea of what their responsibilities will be in our guide on digital marketing roles and job descriptions. 

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Where Can You Hire Skilled Professionals for Your Digital Marketing Team?

At IIDE we take pride in sharing that we equip all our graduates with all the above skills and more. Our graduates are not only well-versed with the concepts discussed above but also have hands-on experience in carrying out these skills.

Because of our extensive training, we have successfully placed our graduates at the top digital corporations in the country. Here’s a snapshot of where a few of IIDE’s alumni are working at:

Digital Marketing Team - IIDE Student Placements

The talent at IIDE has attracted over 50+ placement partners, who have always been pleasantly surprised with the expertise and skills of our graduates. Thus, if you wish to build a digital marketing team or are already in the middle of building a digital marketing team, IIDE is the right place to look for your next digital marketing professional. 

All you have to do is fill up our RECRUIT FROM US FORM, Tell us what kind of talent you are searching for and we will get you in touch with the right talent. And, you can also join us at our placement drives to handpick your next digital marketing professional in person. 

Here’s what our placement partners have to say about the talent at IIDE:

Digital Marketing Team - Placement Partner Reviews

Digital Marketing Team - Hiring Partner Reviews

Wrapping Up, 

That’s all from my side in terms of how you can create your very own digital marketing team and get the right candidates on board. If you have any questions for me, feel free to leave them in the comments section below.  

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