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Updated on: Sep 18, 2023
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Looking for digital marketing careers in UAE for freshers or a working professional? Want to make a career in digital marketing? But wondering if that’s really worth it. Or wondering if enough job opportunities are available in this field? Don’t worry, we’re here with digital marketing careers in the UAE.

In this blog, we’re going to have a look at the myths for freshers in digital marketing, the booming digital marketing job roles, the future of digital marketing, its demand, and most importantly, the job roles you can try hands-on. So, let’s get started.

Digital marketing is a booming industry. It has left traditional marketing far behind. There are ample job opportunities available in this field. There are many diametrically varied skills and talents required with natural abilities and aptitudes.

Digital marketing skills are one of the highest-paying jobs. But if you’re still skeptical, about whether it’s the right career to start with or make a transition into, let’s have a look at the digital marketing jobs available in UAE:

Digital Marketing Careers in UAE - Job StatisticsSource: LinkedIn

Surprising, right? These are the career opportunities available in the digital marketing field. So, you must not have any second thoughts in this regard.

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Myth For Freshers In Digital Marketing

Every time a fresher looks for a job in digital marketing or for that matter, in any field, he may encounter the thought ‘’experience is more important than skills’’. It has become a new normal to hear people saying that you must have the experience to get your first job.

But this is untrue. Every successful businessman was once a fresher. Everyone starts with nothing and no one is born with experience. These narratives often discourage youngsters from even looking for jobs or people wanting to make the transition in their careers.

No one can deny that experience plays a very vital role in getting a job. But it’s not always important. Nowadays, experience combined with skills is important but if you think deeply, both experience and skills are complementary to each other.

If one has the experience, he must have earned it through his skills. And if one has skills, he will surely get experience. So, if you’re new to this field, you must not worry at all. Focus on improving your digital marketing skills by opting for a digital marketing course and the path will follow.

Booming Digital Marketing Job Roles

Without a second thought, digital marketing job roles are booming. The growth rate of digital marketing from 2020-2026 is 9%. With that, the budget for digital marketing spending has increased to 14% in 2017-2021.

There are 5.18 billion internet users and 4.8 billion social media users in the world as per Statista’s data of April 2023. As per Oberla data of 2023, an average person sends 410 minutes online every day. 

Digital Marketing Careers in UAE - Digital Marketing Demand

(Source: Neil Patel)

This is the revenue generated by digital marketing from 2002 to 2017. And after the pandemic, it’s reaching the sky and in the future, there are favorable trends toward it.

In layman’s language, nowadays, we shop more often online than offline. Whether it’s buying clothes, medicines, or opting for an online course. From learning how to cook to looking for a date, it’s the online era.

Digital marketing is very dynamic, it keeps on changing now and then. No one knows if the Google algorithm may change tomorrow which reels you’ll be scrolling tomorrow or which hashtags may trend.

This indicates the evolution of digital marketing and to stand out in this digital era, it is very important for a digital marketer to be curious, and innovative. He must understand the changes by adapting them and must be ready with a good and well-planned strategy.

Making brand awareness, improving user experience, interacting with them on social media, offering them discounts and coupons through email, and solving their doubts and queries cannot be done by a single person. A team of highly competent and dedicated people with the required skills is very necessary if one wants to stay in the business. 

Now, let’s jump up to the digital marketing careers in UAE salary that will lessen your burden to research more for digital marketing jobs in UAE and will guide you through the complete journey.

What are the Top 8 Digital Marketing Careers in UAE?

According to LinkedIn, there are 860,000 job openings for digital marketing specialists. It is one of the high-in-demand job opportunities available in today’s world. So, if this digital world interests you, then it’s the right time!

The digital marketing opportunities include SEO specialists, Social Media Marketers, Data Analysts, Graphic Designers, Content Marketers, VR Developers, Web Designers and Email Marketerare some of these. As this industry keeps evolving and there is less number of people with the required skills and efficiency, there are not enough people to fill in the job. So, this is the right time!

How to Get Started With a Digital Marketing Role?

As we’ve seen that the digital marketing industry is booming, it’s surely the future of marketing. Let’s have a look at the top 8 digital marketing roles with varied skills and salaries that you may start from.

1. Content Writer

Everything in business goes around content. Content forms the base and thus, plays a central role in any kind of business. A content writer mainly focuses on creating long-form of content like blogs, articles, ebooks, and case studies.

With creating content for various platforms, a content writer has to be sure that its SEO- optimized and engaging. So, to become a good content writer, one has to have a thorough knowledge of how to create content for multiple channels with managing it effectively.

Average Salary: USD 1,089  per month

2. Copywriter

More often, content writing and copywriting are misunderstood as the same by people who are not from this field or too new to understand. Copywriters need to work on taglines, emails, ads, product descriptions, and more. 

Those with creative and curious minds are most suitable for this field. They have to write clear and concise messages that customers may understand and find attractive. It simply implies saying a lot with fewer words.

Average Salary: USD 3,540 per month

3. Social Media Marketer

When hearing about social media, one usually thinks about just posting the content, but there’s more to it. You must post content that is relevant and engaging consistently. Having a well-planned social media marketing strategy may work better.

As one type of content may not suit all the social media forms, it’s important to think, plan and then decide. This helps in creating awareness and promoting the brand on various social media platforms. For this, you must have a clear understanding of social media and its tools for graphic design.

Average Salary: USD 2,722 per month


SEO/SEM plays a crucial role in any digital marketing business. Unless the content is SEO optimized, it won’t rank in the SERP. Since google’s algorithm keeps on changing and it has a technical side, it becomes difficult to understand and gain expertise.

As everyone wants to rank at the top of SERP, there’s a great demand for SEO/SEM experts who can create high-quality, valuable and relevant content consistently. To work in this niche, you must possess the knowledge of SEO-optimized content with SEO tools, and google analytics with the basics of HTML and CSS.

Average Salary: USD 1,089 per month

5. Email Marketer

Email marketing is the perfect example of creating new customers while retaining the old ones. Though it sounds very easy, it isn’t. It involves uploading the customer database involving people’s names and email addresses, sending personalized emails with coupons, discounts, and much more. 

To be a successful email marketer, you must share engaging content with the customers that they find attractive using different subject lines, formats, and texts. For this, you must have the ability to write persuasively with an email marketing strategy on the back to persuade customers to buy products or services.

Average Salary: USD 6,543 per month

6. Data Analyst

With unlimited data coming up from various platforms, it becomes difficult to understand it. That is when the need for a data analyst arises. Data Analysts extract valuable information from the piles of data and add meaning to it to understand which campaign worked better and which didn’t.

If you’re one of those who are passionate about numbers, then this career is perfect for you. For this, you must possess the knowledge of Microsoft Excel, Google Sheets, Tableau, SAS, or any one of these in depth. 

Average Salary: USD 2,718 per month

7. Designer 

In digital marketing, designing is not only limited to graphic designing but also includes UX designer, web designer, and visual design. While graphic designing mainly includes designing posts for social media, magazines, newsletters, and others, UX designers must be proficient with Adobe and web designing tools.

UX designers are responsible for designing the website, keeping in mind the need to understand the audience. If you’re tech-savvy, maybe UX designing is what you may find compelling to work in. But if you just love designs without being techy, you may opt for graphic designing.

Average Salary of Graphic Designer: USD 1,635 per month
Average Salary of UX Designer: USD 5,309 per month

8. Digital Marketing Manager

But what if digital marketing as a whole excites you and you have complete knowledge of its working? Then you may become a digital marketing manager. If you’re a strategic planner with successful execution besides working on a good digital marketing strategy, you may opt for this career.

Since the position is high, high responsibilities are handy. You must have a good experience of work, particularly in this field. Taking risks and firm decisions in times of contingency is one of the responsibilities you may have to handle in this role.

Average Salary: USD 3,267 per month

What are the benefits of pursuing a Career in Digital Marketing in UAE?

1. Booming industry

Digital Marketing has become one of the fastest-growing industries today and in fact, this field has so much potential, that every business is tapping into this opportunity by adopting these digital marketing strategies. This will help the company to create an online presence in order to increase awareness and generate leads.

2. Jobs with amazing pay

With an increase in the adoption of digital marketing strategies, the need for recruiting digital marketing professionals has increased more than ever. Everyone does not have complete knowledge of digital marketing so if you are a master in digital marketing then you can land a high-paying job in one of the top companies in UAE.

3. There is no particular degree required

There are many resources available today online where you can start. By investing in some of the best digital marketing courses you can foster an amazing career in this industry

4. Become a freelancer

As a digital marketing freelancer, you will be able to work on your own terms. You can work from home and possibly even start your own digital marketing agency by offering your services to clients such as SEO services, content, social media strategist, etc.

5. Job Security

Job security is one of the greatest concerns of most working professionals. But digital marketing has become one of the safest careers today, this has become one of the fastest-developing industries increasing the demand for digital marketing professionals even more.

Is Digital Marketing Job Roles The Future?

Yes, digital marketing roles are the future. While traditional marketing still has its place, digital marketing offers many benefits over it. Earlier there was absolutely no way to find the target audience.

As a result, companies, and brands were used to target all, through the medium of television, radio, newspapers, and others. There were no ways to target the potential customers or even methods to find out if they were one.

The earlier marketing methods were so expensive that if you wanted to reach a global audience,  it wasn’t an easy task. You couldn’t track the customer behaviour and it took a long time to find out which marketing strategies worked and which didn’t.

But digital marketing has resolved all these discrepancies with many bonus points. If you own a small coffee shop or a big hotel agency, you can target and connect all international customers with local ones. Thus, it gives your business the power of immense reach. 

With that, it’s pocket-friendly, gives you the benefit of specific targeting with a personalized touch, makes tracking easy with a variety of content to offer, helps in personal engagement and gaining credibility, and is easy and very effective.

Digital marketing has made selling products and services to various channels very easy and less complicated than traditional marketing. Not only that, seeing the trend, social media, video advertising, and artificial intelligence combined with virtual reality is the future of digital marketing.

Video as a marketing tool is used by 86% of businesses. And videos have helped 86% of marketers in generating leads. With that, AI and VR are the future of digital marketing.

Digital Marketing Careers in UAE - Social Media Marketing

(Source: WordStream)

According to Words Stream, 41% of shoppers buy online than offline, and 91% of businesses use social media for marketing their products or services. So, all these indicate that digital marketing job roles have a new future.

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FAQ –  Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is digital marketing a good career in the UAE?

Ans. Digital marketing is the best and largest growing industry in the UAE.  As it is a developed nation with a high number of internet users and businesses, it’s a good career opportunity to grab.

Q. How much does a digital marketer earn in UAE?

Ans. In UAE, the average salary of digital marketers is AED 4,398 per month. But the more skills and experience you have, the more salary you will get.

Q. Is digital marketing a hard job?

Ans.  It depends if you love and are passionate about it or not.  Though a part of digital marketing is techy and if one goes into depth, it may get a little complicated but if you’re curious to work and are dedicated, then it’s not a hard job.

Q. Which skill is best for digital marketing?

Ans. The most in-demand digital marketing skills are SEO Specialist, Content Marketer, Social Media Marketer, Data Analyst, Web Developer, Email Marketer, and Copywriter.

Q. Is coding necessary for digital marketing?

Ans. No, coding is not necessary for digital marketing but if you want to become a web developer then it is. This is because it’s a technical field that needs a thorough knowledge of languages like HTML, CSS, and others.

Q. Is there a scope for growth in Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing offers immense scope as the UAE is experiencing significant growth in this industry. This has led to an increase in demand for skills in social media marketing, SEO, content marketing, email marketing, etc.


Digital marketing is a universe in itself. If you’re looking for a fresh start or a transition, there are ample job opportunities in the form of different career options. With that, there are amazing digital marketing jobs in UAE with salary, the demand for which is increasing exponentially What one may ask for more?

If you’re looking forward to making a career in digital marketing after seeing the varied career opportunities, you as a college student or a working professional can check out our Advanced Certification in Digital Marketing and Professional Certification in Digital Marketing and Strategy where you’ll learn all the digital marketing skills needed to get you a good job.

We hope you had a great time reading this blog and it has enlightened you about the digital marketing careers in UAE. If you have any queries or doubts, please let us know in the comments below.

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