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5 Best Digital Business Courses In Borivali You Must Know About

Updated on: Dec 3, 2022
Digital Business Courses in Borivali - Featured Image

Looking for Digital Business Courses in Borivali? Want to dive deeper into the digital business but don’t know how? Then this is the best place, to begin with.

This blog includes everything you need to know about digital business courses in Borivali. Whether the eligibility of digital business courses to the best courses in Borivali and career opportunities after that. But let’s first understand what a digital business course is about. 

What is a Digital Business Course?

A Digital Business Course covers the rules and mechanics that relate to conducting a business online. It provides a guide to people to become a part of the digital world and helps them understand how its works.

It offers a valuable guide to people who’re interested to know and learn the techniques, methods, and strategies involved in conducting a business digitally. A Digital Business Course develops an analytical approach and helps understand the changes taking place in the digital world.

As after the pandemic businesses have routed for online mode, the demand for people who are familiar with the nuances of digital business has surged. Thus, if you want to learn about how digital business work, this is the right time!

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Now as we know what a digital business course is about, let’s move forward with what is a digital business, its eligibility criteria and the best digital business courses in Borivali, and much more.

What is a Digital Business?

Digital business means the use of technology for adding or creating value in business models and improving customer experience. It refers to the technology and its adoption for the transformation of products or services.

A perfect example of a digital business is Amazon. It started as an online bookstore and now has become one of the top leading e-commerce platforms. It uses technology to connect with buyers and for facilitating transactions.

A digital business offers various benefits of traditional-form of business. Such as it helps in improving the efficiency of the business, builds reliability, boosts productivity, and helps better in decision-making.

Eligibility of a Digital Business Course 

The candidate must be a graduate or have an equivalent degree to be eligible for a digital business course. Thus, a graduation degree is mandatory to opt for this course. 

With that, the candidate must be creative and has communication skills with being a zealous learner. He must be passionate and curious to learn and explore the digital world.

Digital Marketing Courses in Delhi - masterclass

5 Best Digital Business Courses in Borivali:


1. Bachelors in Digital Business

BBA in Digital Marketing - Thakur College

IIDE and Thakur College of Science & Commerce (Mumbai) has launched India’s first-ever Bachelors in Digital Business that teaches you industry-relevant, modern-day strategies and concepts of handling an online business. 

The fundamentals of doing business haven’t changed but the way businesses operate, promote, and increase visibility has changed massively. This course at Thakur College of Science & Commerce offers a blended education of core concepts and online business strategies.

With a focus on the latest online business concepts, the Bachelors in Digital Business Degree Program is designed especially for the young students of the 21st century.

It’s just like a BBA degree, but the curriculum is very different and focuses more on industry skills. A faculty of expert professors with years of experience in the industry will teach you in this Bachelors in Digital Business course. Designed to ensure accelerated career advancement, the program’s comprehensive course content covers all the skills that brands today require of their employees.

A mandatory internship mapped to the curriculum and industry knowledge gained during the program makes you industry ready even before you graduate. Let’s look at what you will learn during the 3 years of the program.

Learn More About the Detailed Curriculum and List of Professors

Course Syllabus

Each year will have 2 semesters which makes it a total of 6 semesters overall. All semesters include different subjects and skills to ensure holistic learning. 

Semester 1Semester 2
Marketing FundamentalsWebsite Planning & Development
Digital Marketing LandscapeGoogle Ads
Computer Science FundamentalsSearch Engine Optimization
Digital Business Tools & TechniquesBlogging
Environmental StudiesCommercial Designing
Principles of ManagementHuman Resource Management
Business Maths & StatisticsBusiness Research Methods
Semester 3Semester 4
Content Strategy & Campaign PlanningDisplay & Video Marketing
Social Media ManagementE-commerce Management
Digital AdvertisingE-commerce Marketing
Brand ManagementInfluencer & Email Marketing
Reputation Management & Social ListeningCreative Writing for Digital Media
Financial AccountingManagement Accounting
Business EconomicsEntrepreneurial Management
Semester 5Semester 6
Media Planning and ManagementDesign Thinking (UX &UI)
Customer Relationship ManagementFuture Marketing Trends (AI & ML)
Web & Social Media AnalyticsIntegrated Marketing Strategies
Corporate ÉtiquettesPrinciples of Data Science
Financial AccountingBusiness Ethics
TaxationLogistics & Supply Chain
Live ProjectCapstone Project


Course Highlights

  • Affiliated with Mumbai University
  • Bachelor’s Degree from Thakur College
  • World-Class Faculty & Mentors
  • Compulsory Internship
  • 28+ Industry Relevant Skills
  • Cutting-Edge Curriculum
  • Interactive Projects and Case Studies
  • 5+ International University Collabs

Where You Will Work

After you graduate, you will be eligible to bag placements in the following companies and brands:

placement partners - bdb - BBA in Digital Marketing

Find Out Which Companies Will Hire You

Course Duration and Fees

Just like any other undergraduate degree, this Bachelors in Digital Business is a 3 -year degree program, and the fee for each year sums to INR 1,50,000.

Do you want to know if this Bachelors in Digital Business is the right degree choice for you? Then get on a call with our expert career counselors today and avail a FREE counseling session now! All you need to do is fill out the form below to avail a free counseling session.

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2. Bachelor of Commerce

Reena Mehta College Logo - Digital Business Courses in Borivali

This Bachelor of Commerce at Reena Mehta College of Arts, Commerce, Science & Management Studies is designed for students who want to pursue a career in the field of Accounting, Banking, Insurance Management, Finance, or others. 

This course covers the basic and the advanced level knowledge of the subjects in commerce that students must about. It inculcates the necessary skills for Business Leaders, General Managers, and Entrepreneurs to smoothly perform their responsibilities by grabbing various career opportunities.

Course Syllabus

Semester 1

  • Accountancy and Financial Management I
  • Commerce I
  • Business Economics I
  • Business Communication I
  • Environmental Studies I
  • Any one course from the list of the course
  • Mathematical and Statistical Techniques I

Semester 2

  • Accountancy and Financial Management II
  • Commerce II
  • Business Economics II
  • Business Communication II
  • Environmental Studies II
  • Any one course from the list of the course
  • Mathematical and Statistical Techniques II

Semester 3

  • Accountancy and Financial Management III
  • Any one course from the list of the course
  • Commerce III
  • Business Economics III
  • Any one course from the list of the course
  • Any one course from the list of the course
  • Business Law I

Semester 4

  • Accountancy and Financial Management IV
  • Any one course from the list of the course
  • Commerce IV
  • Business Economics IV
  • Any one course from the list of the course
  • Any one course from the list of the course
  • Business Law II

Semester 5

  • Any one course from the list of the course
  • Commerce V
  • Business Economics V
  • Any two courses from the list of the course

Semester  6

  • Any one course from the list of the course
  • Commerce VI
  • Business Economics VI
  • Any two courses from the list of the course

Course Duration & Fees

This course is three years long. For more details like course fees, please connect with the college.

Course Highlights

  • Affiliated with the University of Mumbai
  • NAAC Accredited
  • Recognized by UGC
  • Faculty of Expert Mentors

Contact Details

Phone No:  022 281 76264 / 66

Email ID:  [email protected]

Address: 150 Ft, Road opposite Maxus Mall, Bhayander West, Thane

3. Bachelor of Accounting & Finance

Sanpada College Logo - Digital Business Courses in Borivali

This course of Bachelor of Accounting & Finance at Sanpada College of Commerce & Technology is suitable for students who want to pursue a career in the field of Chartered Accountancy. It covers the topics of management together with money and business.

This course will guide you to develop transferable skills that will help you in your career. This is because it caters to practical education with high-quality learning that will help you to understand the concepts better.

Course Syllabus

Semester I

  • Financial Accounting I
  • Cost Accounting I
  • Economics I
  • Commerce I
  • Information Technology I
  • Business Communication
  • Foundation Course I

Semester II

  • Financial Accounting II
  • Auditing I
  • Financial Management I
  • Taxation I
  • Business Law I
  • Quint, Methods for Business I
  • Business Communication II

Semester III

  • Financial Accounting III
  • Cost Accounting II
  • Auditing II
  • Economics II
  • Management I
  • Business Law II
  • Foundation Course II

Semester IV

  • Financial Accounting IV
  • Management Accounting I
  • Taxation II
  • Commerce II
  • Business Law III
  • Information Technology II
  • Quint, Methods for Business I

Semester V

  • Financial Accounting V
  • Cost Accounting III 
  • Financial Accounting VI
  • Management Accounting II
  • Taxation III 
  • Economics III
  • Foundation Course II

Semester VI

  • Financial Accounting VII
  • Cost Accounting IV
  • Auditing III
  • Financial Accounting VIIII
  • Taxation IV
  • Management II
  • Quint, Methods for Business I

Course Duration & Fees

This course in Borivali is for a duration of three years. To know more, please connect with the college.

Course Highlights

  • Faculty of Expert Professors
  • Updated Curriculum

Contact Details

Phone No:  91-022-27758715

Email ID:  [email protected]

Address: Plot no. 3,4,5, Sector 2, Sanpada (W), Behind Sanpada Railway Station, Sanpada, Navi Mumbai

4. Bachelor of Commerce

Prakash College Logo - Digital Business Courses in Borivali

This Bachelor of Commerce course offered by Prakash College of Commerce & Science aims to develop an in-depth knowledge and understanding of Accounting and Financial management. It provides an education that is reforming intellectually as well as personally.

The syllabus of this program provides knowledge of the subjects like Accounting, Environmental Studies,  Economics, Auditing, and others. 

Course Syllabus

First Year

  • Accounting & Financial Management-I and II
  • Commerce – I and II
  • Business Economics – I and II
  • Business Communication – I and II
  • Environmental Studies – I and II
  • Mathematical  & Statistical Techniques – I and II

Second Year

  • Accounting & Financial Management – III and IV
  • Financial Accounting & Auditing- V and VI (Introduction to Management Accounting)
  • Commerce-III and IV
  • Business Economics III and IV
  • Advertising I and II
  • Business Law I and II
  • Foundation Course-III and IV

Third Year

  • Financial Accounting and Auditing – V and VIII (Financial Accounting)
  • Financial Accounting and Auditing – VI and IX (Cost Accounting / Management)
  • Financial Accounting and Auditing –VII and X (Management Accounting)
  • Commerce – V and VI (Human Resource Management)
  • Business Economics- V and VI
  • Export Marketing – I and II
  • Direct & Indirect Taxation  I and II

Course Duration & Fees

This digital business course in Borivali is for a duration of three years. For more information, please connect with the college.

Course Highlights

  • Faculty of Expert Professors
  • Updated Curriculum

Contact Details

Phone No:  022- 28619575/7

Email ID:  [email protected]

Address: Shantilal Modi Road, Opp. ICICI Bank, Kandivali-West, Mumbai

5. Bachelor of Management Studies

Veena College Logo- Digital Business Courses in Borivali

This Bachelor of Management Studies course at Veena College of Commerce & Science develops a basic understanding of management and includes management and entrepreneurial skills. Veena College of Commerce & Science works hard to prepare students to build as well as transform their professional life. 

With its projects, interactive sessions, guest lectures, internship programs, industrial visits, and business fairs, it gives students exposure to the business world. Thus, it helps and guides students to build expertise in this field. 

Course Syllabus

Semester I

  • Introduction to Financial Accounts
  • Business Law
  • Business Statistics
  • Business Communication 
  • Foundation of Human Skills
  • Foundation Course I
  • Business Economics-I

Semester II

  • Principles of Marketing
  • Principles of Management
  • Business Mathematics
  • Business Communication
  • Business Environment
  • Foundation Course II

Semester III

  • Information Technology in Business Management I
  • Business Planning and Entrepruinal Management
  • Accounting for Managerial Decisions
  • Strategic Management
  • Environmental Management

Finance Elective

  • Corporate  Finance
  • Cost Accounting

Marketing Elective

  • Consumer Behavior
  • Advertising

HR Elective

  • Recruitment and Selection
  • Motivation and Leadership  

Semester IV

  • Information Technology in Business Management II
  • Business  Research Methods
  • Production and Total Quality Management
  • Foundation Course
  • Business  Economics

Finance Elective

  • Corporate Restructuring
  • Auditing

Marketing Elective

  • Integrated Marketing Communications
  • Event Marketing

HR Elective

  • Human Resource Planning and Information System
  • Training and Development on HRM                              

Semester  V

  • Logistics and Supply Chain Management
  • Corporate communication and Public Relations 

Finance Elective

  • Direct Taxation
  • Commodity and Derivatives Market
  • Wealth Management
  • Investment analysis and portfolio management

Marketing Elective

  • Service marketing
  • Ecommerce and Digital Marketing
  • Sales and Distribution Management
  • Customer Relationship Management

HR Elective

  • Performance Management and Career Planning
  • Strategic Human Resources Management and HR Policies
  • Talent and Competency Management
  • Stress Management

Semester  VI

  • Operational Research
  • Project Work

Finance Elective

  • International Finance
  • Innovative Financial Services
  • Project Management
  • Indirect Taxes

Marketing Elective

  • Brand Management
  • Retail Management
  • International Marketing
  • Media Planning and Management

HR Elective

  • Organisational Development
  • HRM in Service Sector Management
  • Human Resource Accounting and Audit
  • Indian Ethos in Management

Course Duration & Fees

This course is three years long. For more details, please connect with the college.

Course Highlights

  • Affiliated With the University of Mumbai
  • Best College in Mumbai Suburb
  • Faculty of Expert Professors
  • Specialized Training
  • Updated Curriculum

Contact Details

Phone No:  +919004820754

Email ID:  [email protected]

Address: Google college campus, Shri Krishna Nagar, near a national park, near Shri Krishna mandir, Borivali East, Mumbai

Career After Digital Business Courses

1. Digital Marketing Manager

Digital Marketing Manager plans, manages, creates, strategizes, manages, and executes online campaign of the business. He is responsible for the performance of the campaign and its success or failure.

A Digital Marketing Manager analyse the data generated from an online campaign to monitor and analyze the result of the campaign and altering the campaign, if necessary, to achieve the business or marketing goals.

2. Digital Business Analyst

A Digital Business Analyst works on projects and its designs with its implementation to achieve business goals. He makes a roadmap of the digital project to make recommendations for better output.

A Digital Business Analyst possesses skills like management, communication, and analysis with knowledge of digital software to work more smoothly. He may also be excellent at communication.

3. Digital Transformation Manager

A Digital Transformation Manager reviews the existing, processes, structures, and roles within the business. He also implements digital solutions by optimizing them for better performance. A Digital Transformation Manager may have to collaborate with the staff to ensure that the new system of technology has been installed.

He worked on the technological solutions and their implementation. To become a Digital Transformation Manager, a person must possess skills like planning, operational, project, and people management.

4. Head of Ecommerce

A Head of Ecommerce is responsible for looking after the online sales of the organization or business. He plans the content with its design, devises online command signs, and analyzes the results by making changes, if necessary to increase traffic and sales. 

He also conducts A/B testing to know which project and campaign work better and which failed. One must be proficient in sales with possessing advanced digital knowledge to become a Head of E-commerce.

Digital Marketing Courses in Delhi - masterclass

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Which institute is best for business?

Ans. As mentioned above, Thakur College of Science & Commerce is the best college for digital business courses in Borivali. Its digital marketing curriculum focuses on the latest business concept and industry skills. With that, it has collaborated with 5 international universities for better placements.

Q. What do you do in Digital Business?

Ans. In digital business, one applies technology to renovate the business by transforming the products or services of the business and improving customer experience. This is done to create a product that provides more value and resonates more with the users. 

Q. What are the types of digital businesses?

Ans. There are many types of digital business models. Some of them are the On-demand Model, Freemium Model, Marketplace Model, Model of Experience, Free-Model, eCommerce Model, Digital Ecosystem Model, and Sharing Model. 

Q. Which business course has the highest salary?

Ans. Business courses and degrees can be the most marketable degree to get a good entry-level job. Business majors in Marketing, International Business, Logistics, Finance, Accounting, E-commerce, Human Resource Management, and Entrepreneurship are some of the highest-paid business courses.


Digital business courses are high in demand because it gives theoretical as well as practical exposure to the niche to the students. With that, it imparts soft skills in them like problem-solving, communication, critical thinking, teamwork, and adaptability which play a significant role in conducting a business.

A business course opens the door to many career opportunities. It helps to gain in-depth knowledge and cultivate skills in a particular field. Thus, it is very important to contemplate in what niche you want to get specialization. 

If after graduation, you want to know about digital marketing, you may opt for Post Graduation in Digital Marketing which is an MBA program that will help you learn the nuances of this industry.

We hope this blog has helped you with the best digital business courses in Borivali. If you’ve any doubts or any query at your end, please let us know in the comments below.

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