5 Digital Marketing Careers That Will Give You A Bright Future

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Digital marketing is a very attractive field, with new agencies springing up in Mumbai and around India almost every day. So we understand that you have an array of digital marketing careers to choose from, making the decision slightly confusing.

Should you delve deep into social media marketing? What about design? Something more technical like SEO?

Luckily, we’ve compiled a complete guide of interesting digital marketing careers with the hope that you will find the perfect one for yourself.

We’ll tell you how each digital marketing career will fit with your personality, aptitude and vision for the future. The good news is that the digital marketing industry is constantly growing, so if your ideal career doesn’t exist today, it might eventually!

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Here are 5 digital marketing careers that will give you a bright future:


Social Media Marketing

We have to start with the most popular, of course! The popularity of social media platforms is not going to wane anytime soon. But why might a career in social media marketing excite you?

If you enjoy being totally up-to-date with the latest news, trends and technologies online, and join new social media platforms before they even gain traction, this might be the right digital marketing career for you.

As a social media manager, you will need to be ‘one’ with your brand(s), and understand every aspect of their social media presence. With moment marketing being the need of the hour, you’ll need to be timely and topical. And since social media marketing is a two-way street, you will always have to have a consumer-first attitude.

This is your ideal digital marketing career if you: Love being online, 24/7!


Email Marketing

Nowadays, almost every digitally-forward company has an email marketing strategy. As an email marketer, you will have to craft emails that convert, and devise funnels that target the right audiences at the right time. You’ll be responsible for increasing open rates, all the while reducing bounce rates!

If you are interested in a career in email marketing, why not do some research on Inbound Marketing tools like HubSpot?

You will familiarise yourself with audience segmentation, email templates and email marketing funnels. You will find out if you have an aptitude for these things, and if a career in email marketing is a good fit for you.

If your passion lies in converting consumers and translating brand awareness into sales, you might end up being a very successful email marketer!

This is your ideal digital marketing career if you: Have a joint love for content marketing and design! 


Media Buying

Media buying is the practice of ‘buying’ advertising from a media company. With Facebook and Instagram advertising as relevant as ever, media buying is becoming an increasingly sought-after service in a digital marketing agency.

As a media planner, you will be responsible for managing a brand’s media budget. You will also need to optimise this budget on the right digital platforms, and ensure quality clicks and conversions.

You will also be the point of contact with the client when it comes to their media budget. So the higher the media budget you convince them to give you, the greater your propensity to garner more of those clicks and conversions!

This is your ideal digital marketing career if you: Have an aptitude for numbers, and are good at selling!


Search Engine Optimisation

Do the words ‘meta tags’, ‘meta descriptions’ and ‘URL slugs’ mean anything to you? Even if they don’t right now, are you intrigued? If you said yes, a digital marketing career in SEO might be right for you.

As a content marketer, it is not enough to know how to write well. Your writing must also be SEO-optimised for your website to gain visibility and climb the search engine rankings. If you are an SEO manager, your job is to make sure that every piece of content your brand puts out is perfectly optimised. 

SEO can get rather technical, but nothing to shy away from if you have a technical bent of mind.

This is your ideal digital marketing career if you: Have always been detail-oriented, and enjoyed technical processes.


Graphic Design

If you have always been artistic and creative, a career in graphic design might be your calling. 

With attention spans dwindling, the visuals that a brand puts out there need to be captivating and thumb-stopping. Completely in sync with the brand voice, design is no longer just static. It can take the form of GIFs, animations, cinemagraphs and more.

If you think you have what it takes for a career in graphic design, why not take a hands-on course at IIDE’s School of Design? Here, you’ll learn from experts in the field and get to work on actual brand strategies.

It’s a career that will always be in demand, as creative agencies are on the rise in India. Even conventional brands are opening their eyes to the value of good design.

This is your ideal digital marketing career if you: Have always viewed a brand’s designs and thought you could do better!

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How can I kickstart my digital marketing career?

Have we brought you a little closer towards choosing the right digital marketing career for yourself? If so, we recommend jumping straight in! Start by taking an online digital marketing course, which will immerse you fully in this world.

You will learn the intricacies of digital marketing from the best, and inch even closer to deciding the perfect role for you.  

And once you have chosen this role, read our blog on the 7 digital marketing skills that will transform your career. This will help you get fully prepared for the wonderful digital marketing career that is in your future!

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