Top 10 Digital Marketing Careers That Will Give You A Bright Future

Updated on: Dec 15, 2022
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Digital marketing careers are on the rise ever since businesses started to realise the importance, potential and benefits of digital marketing. All companies want a digital marketing professional to look after their marketing efforts. 

But when we speak of digital marketing careers, there are various opportunities under them. So we understand that you have a wide range of digital marketing careers to choose from, which can make the decision a little difficult & confusing. 

Should you go with social media marketing? What about design? Or something more technical like SEO?

To answer all your questions and to clear all your doubts, we’ve compiled a list of the trending digital marketing careers, with the hope that you will find the perfect one for yourself.

We’ll tell you what each digital marketing career requires & you can then decide which one will fit with your personality, aptitude and vision for the future. 

The good news is that the digital marketing industry is constantly growing, so if your ideal career doesn’t exist today, it might eventually!

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So without any further ado, let’s jump into the listicle. 

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Top 10 Trending Digital Marketing Careers in 2023 


1. Digital Marketing Manager 

The job of a digital marketing manager is to plan and execute a brand’s entire digital presence. They use every digital marketing channel to promote a company’s products or services with the primary goal of increasing sales in the most cost-effective way possible.

The primary responsibilities of a digital marketing manager include leading the marketing team and reporting to the company’s head or VP of digital marketing.

Digital marketing managers are also in charge of planning and managing overall campaigns, as well as bringing together various components of digital marketing to make them efficient and successful. (Understand the Scope of Digital Marketing)

As a digital marketing manager, you should have at least 5 years of experience and the necessary certifications to back up your expertise.

If you are passionate about digital marketing and want to work as a Digital Marketing Manager at the mid-senior managerial level, then you must have advanced knowledge in digital marketing as well as managerial skills. 

And for that, we recommend you to check out our 11-month MBA-Level PG in Digital Marketing which is designed by industry experts and will give you an A to Z knowledge of digital marketing. 

This is your ideal digital marketing career if you: want to be the jack of all trades

2. Social Media Marketing (SMM)

Second, comes the most popular career option, Social Media Marketer. The popularity of social media platforms is not going to wane anytime soon. But why might a career in social media marketing excite you?

If you enjoy being totally up-to-date with the latest news, trends and technologies online, and join new social media platforms before they even gain attraction, this might be the right digital marketing career for you.

As a social media manager, you will need to understand every aspect of the social media presence of your brand. At the moment, marketing being the need of the hour, you’ll need to be timely and topical. And since social media marketing is a two-way street, you will always have to have a consumer-first attitude.

To begin in this career field, you can start with this Online Social Media Marketing Course

This is your ideal digital marketing career if you: love being online 24/7, are creative, understand aesthetics and importance of brand building.

3. Email Marketing

Nowadays, almost every digitally forward company has an email marketing strategy. As an email marketer, you will have to craft emails that convert and devise funnels that target the right audiences at the right time. You’ll be responsible for increasing open rates, all the while reducing bounce rates!

You will familiarise yourself with audience segmentation, email templates and email marketing funnels. 

You will have to figure out, if you have an aptitude for these things, and if a career in email marketing is a good fit for you.

If your passion lies in converting consumers and translating brand awareness into sales, you might end up being a very successful email marketer!

But for being a successful email marketer you must master the best email marketing tools and know the techniques & hacks. And IIDE’s Online Email Marketing Course will help you with just that! 

This is your ideal digital marketing career if you: have a joint love for content marketing and design! 

4. Content Marketing

The process of marketing high-quality content using online channels is known as content marketing. This can be accomplished through the use of blog articles, videos, email newsletters, social media content, and so on.

Your job as a content marketer would be to create valuable content and distribute it through relevant channels in order to retain and attract an audience and increase website traffic. 

As a content marketer, you will be responsible for a variety of tasks such as managing a blog, creating drip campaigns, copywriting, guest blogging, public relations, and video creation.

This Online Content Marketing Course will introduce you to all of the strategies and techniques for content marketing.

This is your ideal digital marketing career if you: are creative and love creating new content. 

5. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Do the words ‘meta tags’, ‘meta descriptions’ and ‘URL slugs’ mean anything to you? Even if they don’t right now, are you intrigued? If yes, a digital marketing career in SEO might be the right career option for you.

Your job as an SEO Specialist would be to identify strategies, and techniques to increase the number of visitors to the website and obtain a high ranking on the search engine result page. 

If you are an SEO manager, your job is to make sure that every piece of content your brand puts out is perfectly optimised. 

SEO can get rather technical, but nothing to shy away from if you have a technical bent of mind.

Signing up for our Online SEO Course could be the head-start you need. 

This is your ideal digital marketing career if you: are good with technical, analytical and strategic aspects. 

6. Graphic Design

With attention spans dwindling, the visuals that a brand puts out there need to be captivating and thumb-stopping. Completely in sync with the brand voice, the design is no longer just static. It can take the form of GIFs, animations, and more.

It’s a career that will always be in demand, as creative agencies are on the rise in India. Even conventional brands are opening their eyes to the value of good design.

This is your ideal digital marketing career if you: have always viewed a brand’s designs and thought you could do better!

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7. Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Search Engine Marketing Specialists are in charge of paid advertisements on all search engines and display networks. If numbers don’t scare you and you have strong analytical skills, search engine marketing could be a good fit for you.

A Search Engine Marketing Specialist plans Ad campaigns, targeting, budgeting, and bidding to ensure that the ads reach the right people. They create appealing ad copy that encourages viewers to engage with the ads. 

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They also keep track of performance and make adjustments as needed. The best way to start with Search engine marketing is through learning Google Ads.

IIDE offers a comprehensive Online Google Ads Course.

This is your ideal digital marketing career if you: love numbers and understand the bidding processes. 

8. Data Analyst 

A Data Analyst interprets data and converts it into information that can be used to improve business operations, influencing business decisions.

Data analysts gather information from a variety of sources and analyse patterns and trends. Analytics is one of the most technical digital marketing skills and one of the most important parts of a digital marketing team.

Analytics is what tells a company if they’re on the right track and thus provides them with an understanding of what’s working and what isn’t.

Google Analytics is the best platform for learning data analytics. If you want to get started, here’s an Online Google Analytics course to start with. 

This is your ideal digital marketing career if you: love reporting, analysing and coming up with solutions & tactics. 

9. Media Buying

Media buying is the practice of ‘buying’ advertising space from a media company. With Facebook and Instagram advertising as relevant as ever, media buying is becoming an increasingly sought-after service in a digital marketing agency.

As a media planner, you will be responsible for managing a brand’s media budget. You will also need to optimise this budget on the right digital platforms and ensure quality clicks and conversions.

You will also be the point of contact with the client when it comes to their media budget. So the higher the media budget you convince them to give you, the greater your propensity to garner more of those clicks and conversions!

But for being a good media buyer you might need the relevant skill, and with IIDE’s Online Media Buying Course, you’ll be able to gain all the insights about Media Planning. 

This is your ideal digital marketing career if you: have an aptitude for numbers, and identifying the right places to sell, and lastly if you understand the human behavior well.

10. Web Developer

A web developer is expected to be up to date on the various coding languages used and to have the artistic ability to create a functional and appealing website for the business.

A skilled web developer analyses user requirements to ensure that the content, graphics, and navigation provide a positive user experience.

In all cases, a web developer must be familiar with computer software, HTML coding, and graphic design in order to create a website that provides the best user experience while also meeting business objectives.

But another easy way to build websites is by using platforms like WordPress. More than 41% of the websites on the Internet are built using WordPress.

Thus, you can now learn website building without learning to code, with this Online WordPress Course and learn how to build websites from the ground up. 

This is your ideal digital marketing career if you: understand user behaviour and have an eye for detail and design. (& basic knowledge of coding would be a bonus)

These were the top 10 trending digital marketing careers to consider in 2023. If you want to understand the hierarchy within each job role, read our blog on Digital Marketing Career Growth

Let’s now see how to start a career in digital marketing. 

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How Can You Kickstart Your Digital Marketing Career?

Have we brought you a little closer to choosing the right digital marketing career for yourself? If so, we recommend jumping straight in! 

Start by taking an online digital marketing course, which will immerse you fully in this world and teach you new and innovative things in under 3 months! 

But for all our serious career-oriented individuals, opting for this 11-month exhaustive PG in Digital Marketing will be the best choice. Why? Because this program offers guaranteed placement assistance and an average CTC of 5+LPA. 

We hope you enjoyed reading this blog. Let us know your views in the comments section below. 

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