Top 5 Skills for students to make real money

College students can upgrade themselves by learning these 5 skills in order to make real money. 5 skills which are in high demand can help you earn some more money for your daily needs. It’s nothing new; it’s the same which we use on the daily basis. If you can spend 2 hours of your day on social media and other forums, why not try to learn these 5 skills online.

Social Media Marketing

Average payout – INR 10,000 to INR 200,000

Did you know our Honourable Prime Minister, Narendra Modi has a team of 100 social media handlers? 50 people work in the first shift of the day while others in the second shift. Can you imagine being a Social Media Manager?

Top 5 Skills for Students to make real money - iide

Now surely we realise why Narendra Modi is all over Social Media. No doubt why he has employed so many people for replying on Twitter and replying on comments on Facebook! That’s just a trailer of how crazy this field of social media marketing can be.

Social Media Marketing is a skill regarded to be the need of the hour. Various start-ups, retail stores, mid-sized up-coming brands need in-house social media marketers to post creative content on social media, interact with customers, engage with prospective customers, make visitors spend more time on social media.

Top 5 Skills for Students to make real money

As a freelancer, for handling 1 client, a college student like you can earn INR 10,000 for handling Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat. If you can tackle more clients, multiply INR 10,000 with the number of clients.


Graphic Designing

Average Pay-out – INR 20,000 – INR 50,000

Top 5 Skills for Students to make real money - iide

With the rise in Social Media and Website development, Graphic designing has been a highly demanded skill. Right from event management companies to training institutes, non-governmental organizations to Government of India, everyone needs a graphic designer.

Corel draw is the basic tool for image editing and graphic designing. However, it is out-dated. Adobe Photoshop is user-friendly software which allows graphic designers to engage in graphic designing.For new users,

For new users, Adobe Photoshop has its own videos online. College students can earn by designing images, invites, brochures etc. on various software. is a website which free can serve the purpose for you youngsters who wish learning editing and designing.

Website Development

Average Pay Out – INR 15,000 – INR 200,000

In the world of .com, there is high competition. Coca cola manager had to spend millions of dollars for purchasing, as once he had ignored the intensity and use of websites. He couldn’t forecast the use of websites in the near future. This was a story of 90’s. What about the recent times?

It’s all about web development. WordPress, the famous blog website also allows you to purchase a domain name and host a website. You don’t need deep knowledge of coding skills. WordPress has made the web site development procedure user friendly.

Top 5 Skills for Students to make real money - iide

Every small-medium or large business enterprise requires a website. Maximum websites are outsourced. In this era of freelancing and out sourcing, website development is an important skill. It has risen by leaps and bounds in India as well.

Those who wish to make a career in web development; they need extensive knowledge of JavaScript, HTML, and CSS etc. is the website, which provides you coding knowledge for free.Those who wish to earn something like INR 500,000 for a detailed project will need higher skills. You can invest money in courses offered by

Those who wish to earn something like INR 500,000 for a detailed project will need higher skills. You can invest money in courses offered by and as both the websites are excellent.

Content Writing

Average Payout – INR 10,000 – INR 50,000 a month If you are really passionate about writing, you can get paid fairly for being a content writer. If you have a habit of blogging, you can be a great content writer. All you need to learn is the art of blogging. Content writing is no more a traditional job of a newspaper editor or a magazine. It doesn’t need an extensive form of writing; it requires the use of correct words.

Top 5 Skills for Students to make real money

Content writing has evolved from a restricted profession of journalism to SEO based articles. It is a lucrative form of skill which can lead you to earn thousands. One website like, or other freelancing websites – you can earn per hour or on the basis of per article. Imagine someone paying you INR 500 for a 2-page article. 1500 words that are it.

Content writers are responsible for writing on the basis of Search Engine Optimisation. The essence of writing good content is in doing good research so your ‘Googling’ skills must be on point. Skills that can go really well with content writing are SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and creative design.SEO is amazing because it helps your article rank well on search engines like Google and Bing. Your earning opportunities will increase exponentially if you can write Search Engine Optimised articles. You can learn more about content writing online.

Digital Marketers – Digital Marketing

Average Payout: INR 30000 – INR 200,000 a month.

Digital Marketers are not traditional marketers who need an experience of 20 years.
It’s an upcoming stream in India with its wide scope. It is easy task for youngsters, as they are inclined towards technology on comparison with elder generation.

Top 5 Skills for Students to make real money

All you need to know is Google and social media quite really well. Digital Marketing is the technique which allows college students, free lancers and full timers to earn anything between INR 30,000 and INR 200,000.

Top 5 Skills for Students to make real money

Digital marketing courses enable individuals to take the responsibility of brand management, traffic on websites, increasing sales and social media engagement.

Digital marketers are trained in the field of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). It enables digital marketers to get their brands on the first page of Google.

It involves various aspects like Content Writing as per SEO, Web analytics, Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Marketing and many more.

A digital marketer is 10 steps ahead of traditional marketer as the businesses are now growing online.


Learn any of these 5 skills.
Join best courses for the above skills.
Get trained under the best trainers.
Mint money from 6 months from now.

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