Top 20 Successful Blogging Tips That Will 100% Work in 2024

Updated on: May 7, 2023

Looking for the top successful blogging tips that will 100% work? This blog is the perfect guide for all bloggers- beginners and experts. 

Blogging might be the oldest but still the most experimental type of content marketing. With the onset of the pandemic, many people started their own blogs to channel their creativity and also to make the optimum use of their time.

With so many blogs out there already, how do you wonder how do you stand out from the crowd? If you had this question in mind, then this article is perfect for you! We have some successful blogging tips that’ll get visitors returning for more content and help you build a loyal fan base.

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20 Most Successful Blogging Tips for 2023

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1. Keyword Research 

What do you want to write your blog on? And where do you want the user to find your blog? Keyword Research is an integral part of blogging. Use Google Keyword Planner to find the appropriate keyword for your blog based on its popularity and usage. Make sure that that particular keyword is integrated into your blog atleast 6-8 times. Do not increase the frequency of keywords as it will lead to keyword stuffing which is unethical.

Here’s how you can execute good keyword research. 

2. Choose a Platform

Getting started is half the battle won. The first thing that you’ll need to do is pick which platform you’d like to go ahead with. There are many options for blogging including free options such as WordPress, TypePad, and Blogger. WordPress is one of the most popular blogging platforms as it is very user-friendly. Check this short online WordPress course out to understand the platform better. 

3. SEO-friendly Themes

Make sure to pick an SEO-friendly theme. There are many types of themes available on each platform. You can pick themes that resonate with your blog topic the most. 

4. Integration

From an SEO perspective, it is essential to integrate your existing website with your blog. This will help in Google rankings and also make it easy for the audience to find all your blogs. 

Check out these top Google ranking factors you should know about. 

5. Find a Niche

Once you start, your first job is to find a niche. If you want to blog about more, you can add content buckets later. This will help both SEO rankings and also will help you connect with your audience much better. 

For example, a blogging tip for writers is to find their niche like food, travel, etc. A travel blogging trip is to know what kind of blogging are you into – budgeted or luxury travels? A food blogging tip is to understand what kind of food you want to write about. Is it world cuisine, traditional foods, top restaurants, etc? 

6. Read References 

Blogging looks easy to read but to write a blog that holds the attention of readers till the end is extremely tricky. Hence it is recommended that you read blogs written by experienced bloggers and see what kind of context they use while writing. 

7. Be passionate

We’ve heard this a lot – pick something you are passionate about. As cliched as it may sound, one of my most successful blogging tips is to choose a niche that you are extremely passionate about. This is the only way you will go that extra mile to make it work and your passion will be evident in your blog. 

8. Audience Engagement

Interacting with your audience is very important. It will not only help SEO rankings, but it will build a community of like-minded people interested in your blog. Ask people to comment or share your blog.

9. Social Plugins 

Always plug in your social media platforms on your blog page as it makes your brand look complete and also easy for your audience to reach you. It also indirectly improves your engagement on other social media platforms.

10. Easy to Engage

If you want people to comment or share your blog post, ensure that there are not too many steps involved. Keep it as simple and interactive as possible. 

11. Online reputation management

Ideally, a blog is where you can freely express yourself. However, you might occasionally have a negative comment or someone who might not agree with you. When this happens, do not let it throw you off. 

You can either respond nicely, expressing your views whilst being respectful, or deleted the comment. We recommend this short online reputation management course to deal with such situations better.

12. Break down your content

It is very important to break your content down. Use images to do this. This will help break chunks of content down into paragraphs and will be easier on the eye whilst scrolling. Always use image alt tags for all your images. This will aid in Google search rankings.

13. Engaging titles

Make sure that your blog post has a fun, engaging title. They need to have the focus keyword and related keyword for SEO purposes but also need to be catchy. You want a user to click on the blog after all. 

14. Easy reading

Avoid using difficult words, keep it as simple as possible. Provide listicles or bullet points instead of paragraphs wherever possible. 

15. Clutter-free

Choose blog themes that are clutter-free and easy to the eye. If you use unnecessary plug-ins it might confuse the user.

16. Cross-promote

Cross-promote your blogs on different social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Most of the audience is today attracted to short-form content which is easily available on social media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. So if you want great numbers on your blog, plugin your blogs on your social media platforms. A teaser on Instagram linking to the main blog is a great way to market your blogs.

17. Use web analytics 

It is very important to keep track of where your web traffic is coming from. Use a free tool such as Google Analytics for this. You can check this short online Google Analytics course out to know more.

18. Be authentic 

Every blogger will claim this as one of their successful blogging tips- be authentic. People do not want to follow brands, but they want to follow real people. In fact, in a recent study for Gen Zers, they realized they prefer real reviews. 

Read more about how to market to Gen Z.

19. Grammar and Spell Check

Keeping the grammar and spelling in check will always help you rank better and also entice your user to think that you are a professional blogger.  Grammarly is a great chrome extension that will help you with grammar and spelling checks.

20. Plagiarism 

Google crawlers really don’t like web pages or content that has any kind of plagiarism in it. Therefore, one of the successful blogging tips that you need once your blog is ready is to always run your blog through a free plagiarism checker (available online) before you publish the blog.


Best SEO Blogging Tips of 2023

We are here to share some of the best SEO blogging tips of 2023. 

  • The golden rule is to first carry out keyword research before making a list of the topics you’d like to blog about. You’ll be able to identify the right keywords and then accordingly make a list. 
  • Ensure that your blog is rich in keywords, but do not overdo it. This can make Google web crawlers suspicious of your page. 
  • Ensure that your metadata such as meta descriptions, meta titles, etc. are in place. 
  • Image alt tags are also a very important part of SEO as they help users to discover your blog through Google image search.
  • Keep optimizing your content, try using long-tail keywords in your content as well. 
  • Also, stay up-to-date with social media trends. If a topic is trending, make sure that you cover it on your blog. 
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Q. How do bloggers get paid?

Bloggers get paid through brand collaborations. They get paid to promote brand products or services on their blog. It can also be in the form of paid reviews.

Q. How can I get better at blogging?

You can better at blogging by doing the following – 

  • See what others are doing
  • Create user-generated content
  • Add images
  • Always do a spell-check
  • Stay consistent
  • Read more about related topics
  • Expand your knowledge
  • Experiment with different plug-ins

Q. How do you write a blog for beginners?

If you’re a beginner, here’s how you can get your blog started – 

  • Pick your niche
  • Come up with a blog name
  • Select your platform
  • Write a few posts
  • Go live

Q. Is blogging easy?

Just like any other profession, blogging requires time, effort and serious commitment to your work. With time, a better understanding of the platform, organization and experience, blogging will become easier.


That’s all from us! We really do hope you enjoyed reading our blog post. If you’re a professional blogger and would like to understand more about digital marketing, check this 3-month online comprehensive digital marketing course. It will add value to your blog for sure!

Let us know more tips and tricks that you used to get your blog up and running. You could also share your best blog inspirations in the comments below!

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