Elaborative SWOT Analysis of Johnson and Johnson – One Of The Leading Brands Globally Supplying Health & Health Care Products

Updated on: Dec 10, 2021
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Earlier we did the elaborated SWOT analysis of Abbott Laboratories – One of India’s Largest Pharmaceutical Companies. Today in this blog we will be talking about the demanding SWOT analysis of Johnson and Johnson. 

Johnson & Johnson started its journey in the year 1886 in the United States of America. Today it is one of the leading brands globally supplying health and health care services. The company has expanded in more than 150 countries and is the top leading chain supplier of its products in the market. 

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Do you want to learn how Johnson & Johnson succeeded in the market? In this blog, we will be learning about the SWOT analysis of Johnson and Johnson.

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About Johnson and Johnson

SWOT Analysis of Johnson and Johnson - J&J Logo
Johnson & Johnson was established in the year 1886 by James Wood Johnson, Edward Mead Johnson and Robert Wood Johnson I. With more than 130 years of legacy, the company has established itself as one of the strongest brands in the market. 

Johnson & Johnson produces various products like bandaids, baby products, face and hair care products etc. It also has a pharmaceutical arm named Jannsen. The company is spread in more than 150 countries around the globe. Its research and development in the health care sector are vast which makes the brand globally dominant.


Quick Stats on Johnson and Johnson
Founder James Johnson, Edward Johnson and Robert Johnson I
Year Founded 1886
Origin The United States of America
No. of Employees 1,34,500
Company Type Public
Market Cap $ 209.42 Billion
Annual Revenue $ 82.06 Billion
Net Income/ Profit $ 14.30 Billion


SWOT Analysis of Johnson and Johnson - J&J Range of Products
(J&J Range of Products, Source: Adage)

Products by Johnson and Johnson

Johnson and Johnson is a lifestyle and health-wellness brand. J&J covers these product categories:

  • Consumer health products 
  • Medical devices 
  • Pharmaceutical products 

Current news about the Johnson and Johnson

  1. Johnson and Johnson Board of Directors has declared to provide  a cash dividend for the third quarter of 2023 of $1.19 per share on the company’s common stock.
  2. J&J participated in the UBS MedTech, tools and also in Genomics summit.
  3. Johnson and Johnson reports Q2 results.
  4. Johnson and Johnson Sever Hemolytic Disease of the Foetus and Newborn (HDFN)
  5. Johnson and Johnson Receptor Antagonist Peptide in Development for Moderate-to-Severe Plaque Psoriasis

How does this brand use Digital Marketing in their strategy?

Johnson and Johnson has adopted a social-first strategy, that means each campaign begins with social media channels in mind. The 20-second video segments come first, with longer form content as a secondary consideration. Johnson & Johnson is one of the most well-known brands in the world, evidenced by its spot as #100 among the 2018 Fortune 500. Their products, which can be categorized between pharmaceuticals, medical devices, and consumer products, are sold in roughly 175 countries around the globe, and the company has been in existence for over 100 years. 

Johnson and Johnson has been sure to keep up with the times in terms of their global marketing strategy, and they have built up a solid distribution network. They have penetrated beyond just major cities in the countries where they have a presence, making sure to spread out to less populated areas as well.   

Furthermore, they have roughly 230 subsidiaries worldwide, which are operated by employees that are local to those areas. In Johnson and Johnson case, having the subsidiaries operated by locals has certainly proven successful, allowing the company to maintain their significant presence around the globe.

Johnson and Johnson refreshes ‘Positively fearless’ HIV Campaign with a new digital presence and LGBTQ + ambassador

Johnson & Johnson markets a number of HIV treatments but was hit by a major setback in its battle to find a HIV vaccine last year.

Johnson & Johnson is boosting its “Positively Fearless” HIV campaign as it looks to break the old stigma attached to the disease whilst boosting its outreach into the LGBTQ+ community. The unbranded campaign for HIV drugmaker J&J dates back to 2020 but is now getting a major refresh, Danielle DeFeo, communication and public affairs leader, HIV at Janssen Pharmaceuticals, explained in an interview.

“We have a redesigned digital presence, we’ve engaged in new and exciting public engagements, and we have a new ambassador,” DeFeo said. The biggest addition is Octavia Lewis as the campaign’s ambassador.

Lewis joining as the campaign’s first transgender ambassador “allows Positively Fearless to authentically consider the wants, needs, fears, concerns, and hopes for a better tomorrow for the trans community, the larger LGBTQ+ family, and all people living with HIV,” DeFeo said. J&J also redesigned and relaunched the campaign website by incorporating the “values of representation, uniqueness, and the power that comes when individuals work together,” the company told Fierce Pharma Marketing.

Buyer Persona

Buyer’s Persona


Fatima Khan




31 years




  • Better Health Product
  • Reliable Product.
  • Huge variety. 
  • Quality Products.

Interest & Hobbies

  • Travelling
  • Singing
  • Reading

Pain Points

  • Product quality
  • Eco friendly products
  • Stock Availability 

Social Media Presence

  • Instagram
  • Pinterest
  • Twitter
  • Snapchat
  • YouTube
  • Facebook
  • Tinder

Competitors of Johnson and Johnson

The top 5 competitors of Johnson and Johnson are:

SWOT Analysis of Johnson and Johnson

SWOT stands for strength, weaknesses, opportunities and threats which is an analytical technique used for assessing your business in the four aspects. SWOT analysis is simple to analyse and determine what is best for the company at present as well as to formulate a successful strategy for the future. Accordingly, the SWOT analysis of Johnson and Johnson is carried out.

SWOT Analysis of Johnson and Johnson - SWOT Infographics of Johnson and Johnson

Let’s first start by analyzing the strength of Johnson and Johnson from the SWOT analysis of Johnson and Johnson.

Strengths of Johnson and Johnson

  • Research & Development: As per Johnson & Johnson statement of earnings for the third quarter of 2020, the company spent 20.13% of its profit on research and development. Since R&D is a crucial component of drug development in the healthcare and pharma industries, a high R&D budget is the biggest strength of Johnson & Johnson.
  • Revenue Progression: Over the year Johnson & Johnson has earned a profit of $80 billion. During the same period, Pfizer, the rival of Johnson & Johnson, has earned $50billion. With a clear lead over its competitor, Johnson & Johnson’s revenue stream places the company in a dominant position in the industry.
  • Products: Johnson & Johnson make consumer health products, medical devices and pharmaceutical products. It owns brands like Listerine, Band-aid, Tylenol and Pepcid. The large array of well-known products of Johnson & Johnson is its core strength.
  • Strong Global Reach: Johnson & Johnson is present in 60+ countries and its products are sold in over 150+ countries. Since the company is spread over the globe, its products reach millions of people. 
  • Stable Market Performance: Johnson & Johnson has recorded that for the last 58 years it has had a considerable profit. Around 70% of its share came from the #1 or #2 global market share and 25% of the sales from the products of Johnson & Johnson.

SWOT Analysis of Johnson and Johnson - J&J’s Media Lead - Maria Ravina on DMT at J&J
(J&J’s Media Lead – Maria Ravina on DMT at J&J, Source: Think With Google)

You Must Watch This: What Maria Ravina – Media Lead in J&J says on “How Johnson & Johnson’s digital overhaul helped them respond to changing customer needs”. Do go, watch and come back for the overview & our bonus tip.

Overview: As you must have heard in the video, J&J got 17% ROI on baby’s social media campaigns and 63% on Listerine. It also maintained an online reputation with consumer interaction. Also, the 245% increase in e-commerce is only achievable when all the consumer communication and plans are pivoted towards e-commerce.

Bonus Tip: So, as you now must have understood, how turning the business towards digital marketing transformation becomes the strength for one business. The same goes while learning these digital marketing skills. If you are smart in taking the advantage of the privilege in your life then we can assure you that you will be benefited in terms of future endeavours and career growth.   

Weaknesses of Johnson and Johnson

  • Uneven Revenue Distribution: Approximately 50% of Johnson & Johnson revenue comes from the pharma sector. And around 32% from the immunology sector. Much of the company’s revenue depends on a few products and these products are vulnerable to expiry. This is one of the weaknesses of Johnson & Johnson. 
  • Fall in Consumer Health Sales: Among the core, pharmaceutical and medical sectors- consumer healthcare pulls the least amount of revenue. Boosting sales in this area would ensure a profit and distribute the portfolio greatly.
  • Kickback Allegations: A Kickback is a form of bribery. Pharma companies often provide a kickback to doctors to increase prescriptions of their products. A whistle-blower accused Johnson & Johnson of kick-backing Remicade and Simponi. This is one of the unfair impacts on Johnson & Johnson.

Opportunities for Johnson and Johnson

SWOT Analysis of Johnson and Johnson - J&J Dummy Image of Covid-19 Vaccine
(J&J Dummy Image of Covid-19 Vaccine, Source: CNBC)

  • One-Dose Vaccine: Companies like Pfizer and Moderna are already out with vaccines in the market however their vaccines are of two doses. Johnson & Johnson vaccine requires only a single dose. This indeed is profitable for Johnson & Johnson and a lucrative opportunity for Johnson & Johnson. 
  • Bio Implants: Bio implants are artificial body parts made from biosynthetic materialized collagen and artificially engineered tissue and skin. It is estimated by 2030 the demand for impact will increase. This is a great opportunity for Johnson & Johnson to expand in this field.
  • Mergers and Acquisitions: Mergers and acquisitions allow companies to broaden their portfolio without investing in developing the capabilities in houses. Johnson & Johnson recently acquired Momenta for $65 billion. This strengthened Johnson & Johnson position in autoimmune disease drug manufacturing and development. 
  • Telehealth: This sector covers the distribution of health services over the electronic media. Seeing potential in this sector Johnson & Johnson has invested in a Telehealth startup named Thirty Madison.

Threats to Johnson and Johnson

  • Lawsuits: Recently Johnson & Johnson paid a $100 million settlement to over 1000 cases related to Johnson & Johnson talcum powder. Accusers claimed the powder to develop ovarian cancer. Such a Lawsuit impacts the company’s reputation and is a major threat for Johnson & Johnson. 
  • Gender Discrimination Allegations: Johnson & Johnson opening lines in diversity and inclusion policy affirms a commitment to gender equality. However, there are some recent news of a former senior executive suing Johnson & Johnson for gender discrimination and harassment is going to question its commitments. If these allegations are proven true then it would be a threat to the company.
  • Competition: The biggest competition for Johnson & Johnson is Pfizer which is recently out with its high efficacy vaccine for covid 19. Johnson & Johnson has also launched its single-dose vaccine but the demand for the Pfizer vaccine is high.
  • Surgery Deferrals: Supplying medical devices is one of the biggest businesses of Johnson & Johnson. However, this is the only sector which has shown a decrease in sales especially due to Covid 19. There has been a gradual deferral in surgeries because of Covid 19.
  • Corporate Espionage: Johnson & Johnson invests heavily in research and development. Naturally, its intellect is vulnerable to cooperate espionage. For example, recently some hackers tried to steal information on Johnson & Johnson research on Covid 19.

Example of a Failed Campaign Or Backlash from Viewers


What was the issue?

Johnson & Johnson is splitting into two companies, separating the division that sells Band-Aids and Listerine, from its medical device and prescription drug business.

The board and management team believe that the planned separation of the consumer health business is the best way to accelerate our efforts to serve patients, consumers, and healthcare professionals, create opportunities for our talented global team, drive profitable growth, and – most importantly – improve healthcare outcomes for people around the world,” CEO Alex Gorsky said in a statement.

What backlash did the brand face?

Johnson & Johnson was also under public and legal fire for its role in the opioid crisis. The company was a manufacturer of potentially addictive opiate painkillers, a business it discontinued entirely in the United States last year. It faces lawsuits seeking billions of dollars, though courts in California and Oklahoma recently handed victories to Johnson & Johnson and other opioid makers.

What did the brand do in this situation? – Did they take down the campaign or change it as a whole?

Throughout, the company has relied on the “halo effect” created by popular consumer products, none more so than its Johnson’s Baby line of shampoos, lotions, moisturisers and powder for infants. Such products have thin profit margins but have embossed public perceptions of Johnson & Johnson as a benevolent, gentle company.

Suggestions for its campaigns

  • Be prepared to respond quickly to a pandemic through the development of preventive viral vaccines.
  • Develop new treatments to address global health priorities.
  • Strengthen health systems around the world.
  • Support a healthy planet through ambitious climate action.
  • Further advance diversity, equity and inclusion across Johnson & Johnson and its suppliers.
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To Conclude

Johnson & Johnson is globally well known for its health and health-related products. The company has managed to maintain its place in the market since 1886. In the SWOT analysis of Johnson and Johnson, it is observed that the company has established itself in the market. 

With the development in digital marketing, the company’s biggest hurdle is to manage its revenue and consumer products. Johnson & Johnson maintains a gender equivalent environment however has fallen for some allegations. 

Johnson & Johnson has some stringent competition with other companies but has managed to maintain its position. This is because of the excellent digital marketing strategies. Its exploration in the healthcare sector is remarkable. 

With growing times the strategies are evolving. Digital marketing is progressing day by day and learning about it is extremely crucial. So, if you are interested in discovering more and upskilling, check out IIDE’s 3 Month Advanced Online Digital Marketing Course to know more.

We hope this blog on the SWOT analysis of Johnson and Johnson has given you a good insight into the company’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. You can also check out an in-depth study on the marketing strategy of Johnson & Johnson.

If you enjoy in-depth company research just like the SWOT analysis of Johnson and Johnson, check out our IIDE Knowledge portal for more fascinating case studies.

Thank you for taking the time to read this, and do share your thoughts on this case study of the SWOT analysis of Johnson and Johnson in the comments section below.

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