Marketing Strategy of Johnson & Johnson: A Deep Case Study

Updated on: Sep 6, 2022
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My name is Aditya Shastri and I have written this case study with the help of my students from IIDE's online digital marketing courses in India.

Practical assignments, case studies & simulations from Business Review helped the students from this course present this analysis.

Building on this practical approach, we are now introducing a new dimension for our online digital marketing course learners - the Campus Immersion Experience.

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Johnson & Johnson (J&J) is an American multinational, founded in 1886, which develops medical devices, medications, and consumer packaged goods. Headquartered in New Brunswick, New Jersey. One of the trusted brands in India today. It is a globally acknowledged brand that has targeted every segment of society with the age being no bar. The ethical standards of the company lead to a strong brand.

This case study is an in-depth analysis of the Marketing Strategy of Johnson and Johnson, along with its marketing mix, marketing campaigns, social media strategy, and business strategy. 


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About Johnson & Johnson

Johnson and Johnson Brand Logo - Marketing Strategy of Johnson and Johnson | IIDE

Johnson & Johnson is an American multinational company founded by the Johnson brothers in 1886. Its consumer business is centred in Skillman, New Jersey. The company includes approximately 250 subsidiaries operating in 60 countries and its products are sold in more than 175 countries. It has 134,500 employees worldwide engaged in research and development (R&D), manufacturing, and sale of its products.

Johnson and Johnson Headquarter and offices - Marketing Strategy of Johnson and Johnson | IIDE

The company spread its roots in India 70 years ago. Since then it has brought many innovative ideas, products & services to improve the health and well-being of people.

Today Johnson & Johnson company ranks as the world’s sixth-largest consumer health company, the world’s largest and most diverse medical devices, and diagnostics company, the world’s fifth-largest biotech company, and the world’s eighth-largest pharmaceutical company. It is one of the two U.S.-based companies that have a credit rating of AAA, which is higher than that of the United States Government.


Now that we have an overview of Johnson & Johnson, let us go through its marketing mix.


Marketing Mix Of Johnson & Johnson


Marketing Mix is referred to as the 4Ps of marketing – product, price, place, and promotion, that can be controlled by a company to influence consumers to purchase its products. Johnson & Johnson has a wide variety of products. Its marketing mix is as follows:


1. Johnson and Johnson Product Strategy: 

Marketing Strategy of Johnson & Johnson: A Deep Case Study - Johnson & Johnson Image

Johnson & Johnson has a wide range of products under its portfolio which are offered under various brands. Its product strategy is divided into three segments: consumer products, pharmaceuticals, and equipment. The product range is extremely broad and diverse. It includes:


  • Baby products include soaps, creams, wipes, powders, nappy pads, massage oil, body lotion, and hair oil.
  • Skin Care products include Clean & Clear moisturizer, Clean & Clear face wash, body lotion, Neutrogena skin care products, etc.
  • Oral Care products include mouth wash which is available in three flavours by the Listerine brand.
  • Wound care includes band-aids & Neosporin first aid product lines.
  • Women’s health care includes sanitary pads.
  • Another major segment is pharmaceuticals which are used for dermatology, contraceptives, anti-fungal, etc.
  • Medical equipment is used by professionals including products that are related to circulatory disease, spinal care, etc. Also, it includes diabetes testers and disposable contact lenses. 


2. Johnson and Johnson Price Strategy: 


Johnson and Johnson Place Strategy - Marketing Strategy of Johnson and Johnson | IIDE

Johnson & Johnson embraces a rather well-planted price policy. The brand maintains its prices in the consumer price index range. It is the index used in the USA that considers the price of the products which the consumers can afford. The company is also aware of its responsibility in society so for that, it has worked closely with the government to keep the prices reasonable for medical items. 

The prices for goods are based on various factors such as the target segment, production costs, demand, supply, and customer payment capacity. For some products like baby care and consumer products, it has kept prices at a little higher rate, as the consumers are ready to pay extra money for good quality products as well as for the health of their family,


3. Johnson and Johnson Place Strategy:

Johnson & Johnson’s place strategy includes a wide distribution network. Because of its network, its products are widely available. It conducts business virtually in all the countries of the world.

It has rightly taken the opportunity to sell its goods through various online shopping portals and sites with the increasing trend of online shopping and technological advancement. Also, the products are easily accessible at retail stores and modern markets like D-mart, Big Bazaar, Reliance Fresh, etc. 


4. Johnson and Johnson Promotion Strategy:


Johnson and Johnson Promotion Strategy - Marketing Strategy of Johnson and Johnson | IIDE

Johnson & Johnson has invested a high amount of money in R&D and advertising. Prachi Desai, a leading TV actress, has been associated with the company’s advertisements. Its advertisements are placed everywhere through different mediums such as magazines, hoardings, newspapers, etc. The corporation offers various schemes & discounts on products to the customers. As part of the promotional events, it has organized different types of campaigns.

Popular cartoons like Winnie the Pooh & The Little Mermaid are being used in baby care product ads which make the brand highly popular. The baby ads that the company show on television are so delightful, people love such ads. It makes a strong emotional connection with the target audience through its ads.

Many hospitals provide special baby product kits to new mothers when they leave the hospital with their babies. Such schemes gain the trust of the mothers at the early stage.



Now that we know the 4P’s of the marketing mix, let us now understand the business strategy of Johnson & Johnson in the coming section.


Johnson & Johnson Business Strategy 


As a major player in three market segments focusing on the entire process of prevention, diagnosis, and treatment, Johnson & Johnson competes in one-third of the global medical market. It responds to the buying trend of the government and major customers. It is committed to helping individuals think holistically, drawing their attention from multiple perspectives in the disease category.

The main focus is on long-term management, building the long-term assets of our brand, building sustainable customer loyalty, and building the value of shareholders over time. As a result, its product sales ranked first and second in the global market share. Another major factor is organic growth related to innovation, the rest comes from licensing, partnerships and acquisitions. R&D centers in the emerging markets develop the products based on local insights and the needs of the patients.

The mindset of the brand is focusing on new products, new technologies, and the new business models that will truly connect the way its customers live. In the emerging world, the main focus is on expanding its presence to help more and more people.



Now that we understand the business strategy of the company, let us now go through Johnson & Johnson’s marketing strategy.


Marketing Strategy of Johnson & Johnson


In terms of global marketing strategy, Johnson & Johnson has kept up with the times and has established a strong network for distribution. In the countries where it is present, it has penetrated beyond just major cities and is spreading to less populous regions.

The company has gained a reputation for outstanding achievements and performance ever since its inception. It promotes itself through various activities like sponsoring events, creating campaigns, showcasing its CSR activities, etc.


Now let us understand its marketing efforts by looking at some campaigns by Johnson & Johnson in the coming section.


Marketing Campaigns of Johnson & Johnson


Marketing campaigns are very important for any business to succeed. It not only promotes the merchandise but also sends a meaningful message to attach with the customer. Let us look at some successful campaigns of Johnson & Johnson.


  • #SoftestTouch – A Marketing Campaign of Johnson & Johnson


Johnson and Johnson Marketing Campaign - Marketing Strategy of Johnson and Johnson | IIDE

The campaign was launched by Johnson’s Baby. Cotton touch is the first-ever baby product to be combined for zero irritation with real natural cotton. The latest brand offerings were welcomed by 700 influencers to the virtual baby shower. The virtual unboxing event consisted of expectant mothers and mothers with babies of 0-6 months of age. A box of products and a personalized certificate of appreciation were given to each influencer.


  • “CARE INSPIRES CARE” – A Marketing Campaign of Johnson & Johnson


Johnson and Johnson Marketing Campaign - Marketing Strategy of Johnson and Johnson | IIDE

In 2012, a global study revealed that many people around the world believed that the world was becoming a less caring place. Johnson & Johnson wanted to change this belief and it launched the  CARE INSPIRES CARE  platform to inspire the world. It was based on the belief that each & every person has the power to do things to care for the health and well-being of others. 

Using its global sponsorship of the 2014 FIFA WORLD CUP in Brazil, the company set out to change the belief. Throughout the World Cup, millions of people proved that the power of care could change the world. The care brought people to come together & helped to overcome the differences. 


  • “My Health Can’t Wait” – A Marketing Campaign of Johnson & Johnson


Johnson and Johnson Marketing Campaign - Marketing Strategy of Johnson and Johnson | IIDE

Through this campaign, Johnson & Johnson urges patients to prioritize their health and not to delay their healthcare during the pandemic. “My health can’t wait” this campaign took two measures, one focused on educating patients, and the other focused on encouraging doctors to start a dialogue with patients.  Physician resources on the My Health Can’t-Wait website include email templates, surgical checklists and discussion guides, tips for communicating with patients in uncertain times, and tips for communicating via telehealth.

Before starting this work, Johnson & Johnson conducted a survey of approximately 2,000 American adults in June. Through the survey, it found that 88% of people considered health a priority but 70% of people put off some care that they required. So through this campaign, the company wanted people to focus on their health.

Click here to understand more about “My Health Can’t Wait” 


We looked at some successful campaigns by the brand, let us look at the digital presence of Johnson & Johnson in the coming section.


Digital Presence of Johnson & Johnson


A digital presence gives your brand an exemplary platform to speak with consumers. It helps you to interact with your customers & set yourself apart from the competitors.

Johnson and Johnson manages a variety of social media channels & strives to create informative, engaging & supporting communities where it can share information & have conversations. The company tries to reply to all the comments and feedback from the customers.  It has a huge digital presence on Facebook as compared to Twitter and Instagram.


(Twitter page)

Johnson and Johnson Twitter - Marketing Strategy of Johnson and Johnson | IIDE


(Instagram page)

Johnson and Johnson Instagram - Marketing Strategy of Johnson and Johnson | IIDE


(Facebook page)

Johnson and Johnson Facebook - Marketing Strategy of Johnson and Johnson | IIDE


Johnson & Johnson customizes its social media content based on its products & target audience. 

Here we are at the end of the case study, let us conclude in the coming section.


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Johnson and Johnson is one of the trusted brands which produces quality products. It is so ubiquitous on the market that even the world of baby and healthy goods sounds incomplete without the company. Its business is as strongly rooted as it was when it first entered the market. The brand has earned the trust of consumers by providing natural products that do not contain chemicals. The organization is well aware that people in different countries have different opinions so that marketing campaigns are centered in different countries.

Thank you for taking the time to read the case study, we hope you found it interesting. Comment down your suggestions. Check out more of our blogs on IIDE’s website. Also If you wish to explore digital marketing, IIDE conducts a free Digital Marketing Masterclass every week. 


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