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Updated on: Jan 1, 2023
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In our recent article, we talked about the marketing strategy of Gland Pharma.

The detailed marketing strategy of Bayer CropScience – a German multinational pharmaceutical company will be discussed in this article.

The major goal of this case study is to delve deeply into the marketing strategy of Bayer CropScience and understand how it seeks to prevent diseases, offer specialized agricultural solutions, and maintain a competitive price for its products.

We are fully aware that the world is now online, particularly in the wake of the epidemic, and that businesses must have an online presence, with digital marketing at its centre. Learning skills like digital marketing is prioritized due to the requirement of having an online presence as more and more organizations move online.

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We shall learn about the complete marketing strategy of Bayer CropScience by the end of this article. Now, let’s start with the company’s profile, products, audience, and internet presence before going any further.

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About Bayer CropScience –

Marketing strategy of bayer cropscience - bayer logoSource – Amazon AWS

In the areas of plant biotechnology, crop protection, and seed and pest control, Bayer CropScience is a world leader. The organization provides complete solutions for both agricultural and non-agricultural uses in today’s sustainable agriculture. The company works in the fields of bioscience, environmental science, and crop protection.

The business can create and sells products for treating seeds as well as fungicides, insecticides, and herbicides. They provide solutions for agriculture, nutrition, health, and biomaterials through plant breeding and biotechnology. Gujarat’s Himatnagar and Ankleshwar are where the company’s manufacturing plants are situated. Incorporated in 1958, Bayer CropScience Ltd. was earlier known as Bayer (India) Ltd. The business is a Bayer India subsidiary, a global chemical, and healthcare conglomerate with a wide range of products.

After acquiring Hermann C Starck of Berlin, Germany, they expanded into inorganic-chemistry-related industries such as hard metals, engineering ceramics, etc. After acquiring Hermann C Starck of Berlin, Germany, they moved into inorganic-chemistry-related industries such as hard metals, engineering ceramics, etc.

On December 28, 1996, the business became a public limited corporation. The firm and Herdillia Chemicals formed a strategic alliance in 1993 to produce a diphenyl heat transfer medium.

With effect from January 1, 1999, the company united with Jagat Chemicals, a 100% subsidiary that was formed during the 1998–1999 period. The Pharma Business Group’s sales and marketing activities ceased in August 2000 and are now handled by a new Bayer AG subsidiary in India.

With effect from July 27, 2000, the Trademark License Agreement between Bayer AG and Bayer (India) Limited with regards to the Business group Pharma has been terminated. For the new subsidiary, the company will continue producing the current items at Thane on a toll basis. On April 1, 2003, the business merged with Bayer CropScience India Ltd.

Quick Stats –

CEO Warner Baumann
Area Served Worldwide
Industry Life science/ Pharmaceutical/ chemical/ agriculture
Market Revenue 44.081 billion
Vision Health for all, Hunger for none
Tagline “Science for a better life”


Marketing Strategy of Bayer CropScience –

Let’s dive right into the fragmented marketing strategy of Bayer CropScience now that we have a good understanding of it as a business.

Segmentation, Targeting, and Positioning 

As a health professional, Bayer strives to meet the needs of a wider consumer base under the motto “Science for a better life.” Market segmentation entails choosing and classifying consumers in order to figure out how a product might be tailored to their needs or vice versa. With a focus on the needs and behaviours of its consumers, Bayer controls a sizable market and further segments it into smaller segments. Those who need medicine, agricultural supplies, or research are the usual consumers.

Bayer began to manufacture more than a century earlier. One of its main offerings, aspirin, is intended for individuals who need medication to treat fevers as well as mild to moderate aches, toothaches, common colds, and headaches. Similar to that, some of its key products include Bepanthol, Berocca, Canesten, Claritin, Elevit, Iberogast, MiraLAX, One-A-Day, Rennie, and Yasmin.

Their target market is distributors looking for such products or ordinary customers looking for medicine. For instance, women between the ages of 15 and 49 who desire to avoid pregnancy are the main emphasis of the Yasmin birth control pill’s target market. With its agricultural products, Bayer aims to reach distributors of agro-based goods, researchers, agronomists, and farmers. 

With outstanding qualities and features, Bayer positions itself as a reliable global pharma and medicine provider that caters to solutions for agricultural and crop science. In order to increase the trust factor for pharmaceutical companies, Bayer also markets itself as a great place to work for employers.

Marketing Campaigns

  • Science Marketing Campaign

marketing strategy of bayer cropscience - marketing campaign

In 2019, Bayer launched its “THIS IS WHY WE SCIENCE” PR campaign, which aims to personalize science. The campaign was successful in increasing consumer awareness of the company’s brand. Through this campaign, Bayer demonstrated how it can combine science and humanity to better the lives of its customers.

The success of the campaign increases brand favorability, trust, and acceptability by 9–10%. Bayer used a variety of channels and social media platforms to disseminate TV commercials for this campaign that showcased company efforts, goods and services, and goals in 60-second spots. At the 2020 Fierce Pharma Marketing Awards, Bayer even won a prize for its advertising campaign. Bayer started a new campaign to raise awareness about heart attacks.

The campaign’s slogan urges individuals to carry aspirin to fend off heart attacks and includes the common last name “Smith.”

The campaign was initially launched in Fort Smith, but it quickly spread beyond the city thanks to several TV and Facebook advertisements and commercials.

Aspirin couriers were hailed as American heroes in this campaign, which promoted awareness.

  • The marketing campaign for informative social media

marketing strategy of bayer cropscience - marketing campaign

Bayer began a new campaign to raise awareness about heart attacks. The campaign’s slogan urges individuals to carry aspirin to fend off heart attacks and includes the common last name “Smith.”

The campaign was initially launched in Fort Smith, but it quickly spread beyond the city thanks to several TV and Facebook commercials and advertisements.

Aspirin-carrying individuals were hailed as American heroes in this campaign, which also raised awareness.

  •  The marketing campaign for sustainability 

marketing strategy of bayer cropscience - marketing campaign

Bayer publishes brief educational videos on its social media channels, including Instagram. The preponderance of these videos is captivating and entertaining. The brief video lectures focus on health-related awareness, which attracts social media users and encourages them to watch, interact with, and share the video.

Social Media Marketing

The pharmaceutical company Bayer is active on a number of social media sites, including Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. With 4.4 million followers, LinkedIn has the largest followers due to Bayer’s regular participation in professional posts there. With almost a million followers, Facebook is second only to Twitter and Instagram, which each have 160k and 140k followers, respectively.

Bayer posts a variety of content across all of its social media accounts, including amusing, educational, and corporate news.

SEO Strategies

marketing strategy of bayer cropscience - ubersuggest seo screenshot

Source – UberSuggest

In digital marketing, SEO is important and should not be replaced. In general, it is thought that fewer than 500 keywords are awful, more than 1,000 are decent, and more than 10,000 are outstanding. It is remarkable to observe that contains 306K+ organic keywords. This indicates that Bayer has a fantastic SEO strategy in place that is getting results.

Again, it’s very amazing that there are almost 858K+ visitors per month. These numbers imply that Bayer is maintaining the brand’s organic SERP results thanks to a solid SEO approach.

Influencer Marketing

Bayer generally uses traditional media, such as newspapers, billboards, and television commercials for their advertising campaigns. In contrast, Bayer is also launching pertinent marketing campaigns on their social media in partnership with various minor too big acting and directing personalities as a result of the shift in marketing media towards social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram. Denis Vitola, who worked for years for agencies, has recently joined Bayer and plans to expand the role of influencers in addition to moving inside the company.

E-Commerce Strategies 

When it pertains to online sales, Bayer offers a variety of items directly on its website. Unfortunately, there are some chemical products that Bayer exclusively offers for sale through its website or partner delivery services. In addition, Bayer also promotes and sells common medical items as well as CropScience-related goods on online shopping sites like Amazon, Flipkart, Pharmeasy, Netmeds, AgroStar, etc.

Mobile Apps 

An app from Bayer named Bayer CropScience is available on both the IOS and Android mobile apps as well as the Google Play Market. A utility and solution app for agriculture is Bayer CropScience.

Content Marketing Strategies

Each of the major social media platforms has active Bayer pages. Along with educational articles about health and agriculture, they also offer content about their new and current product lines. Their blogs are engaging, and their content is posted with excellent colour schemes.

The information will be disclosed as professional and educational content on LinkedIn and Twitter. While entertaining, interactive, and awareness-raising information is shared on Facebook and Instagram through inventive posts and quick videos.

This brings us to the conclusion of a detailed marketing strategy of Bayer CropScience. Here is a summary of the marketing lessons we may draw from this case study.

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What’s Unique in the Marketing strategy of Bayer CropScience?

One of the oldest and most renowned chemical and pharmaceutical firms in the world is Bayer. They made breakthrough consumer product introductions like aspirin and even heroin. With a history spanning more than 120 years, Bayer has seen both controversy and praise in fields including healthcare and combat.

They promote their goal under the slogan “Science for a better life,” and they produce commercials that highlight the caring side of medical and chemical research. These marketing techniques present Bayer as a reliable company.

Every giant company or person, like Bayer, is attempting to strengthen its online presence. Digital marketing is essential for any company, content producer, or service provider to sell their brand. With more and more companies moving online in the wake of the pandemic, digital technology is becoming more important.

Digital marketing is essential since it links a business with its customers when they are online and works in many sectors. Google’s SEO and PPC programs, social media marketing, and email marketing, connect companies with their ideal customers. Check out IIDE’s 4-month digital marketing course and 11-Month Digital Marketing Course if you want to learn more and improve your skills.

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We hope that our article on the marketing strategy of Bayer CropScience has provided you with some useful insight.

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Thank you for studying the article; please feel free to comment below with your opinions on this case study marketing strategy of Bayer CropScience.

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