25+ Top LinkedIn Marketing Strategies for B2B, Small Businesses & More

Updated on: Feb 12, 2024

What is a LinkedIn Marketing Strategy?

LinkedIn marketing strategy is all about understanding the business, analyzing competitors, understanding the LinkedIn marketing tactics of the competitors, and drafting a clear plan using the platform to market your business or company. It can be used as a marketing tool too as it allows you to easily segment your target audience. There are 87 million young professionals on LinkedIn with 11 million in decision-making positions.

It has over 600 million users globally and the number is only increasing by the day. It allows users and companies with similar interests to connect. Thus, if you haven’t started marketing on LinkedIn, this is your cue to start. 

Why is LinkedIn Marketing important? 

Since LinkedIn’s community is professional and business-oriented, the audience is relevant and hence, business decisions are quicker. 

LinkedIn’s members have double the buying power than the random web traffic which means your business can target specific audiences more efficiently. Business decisions are also faster on this platform than on any other social media platform.

LinkedIn marketing strategies - Buying decision statistics

(Source: business.linkedin.com)

Let’s see how LinkedIn can be used for marketing before we jump to the strategies. 

How Can You Use LinkedIn for Marketing Purposes?

With LinkedIn, you can interact with potential clients directly thus cutting out any 3rd party involvement. Not sure how you could use LinkedIn for marketing? Here are a few tips that can help get you started:

  1. Start with building a business page that potential clients would find interesting. Include product and service details. Make it look appealing as well. 
  2. Invite your client base, suppliers, and vendors to follow your business page and also spread the word and share recommendations to follow the page
  3. LinkedIn groups act as networking hubs – they are a great way to share content and build contacts. Launch one such group that is related to your area of expertise. This can help get potential customers on board
  4. LinkedIn ad campaigns can help achieve your marketing goals. Use targeted advertising so that a relevant audience is reached out to
  5. The last step is to analyze the data of your campaign efforts so that you can improvise

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Steps to Create LinkedIn Marketing Strategies of 2024

1. Understand your audience

The first thing that should come to your mind as a marketer is “Who am I going to target with LinkedIn?” or “Who is the  ideal follower for my LinkedIn business profile?”

It’s a crucial step as it is going to give you clarity on what kind of content your viewers will like and turn them into your paying customers. Just understand whom you want to sell and you’ll understand that you’ve cracked 20% of the marketing game on LinkedIn. 

2. Follow and analyze LinkedIn influencers

We’re in the era of influencers where every other individual is a content creator. It’s essential to follow influencers and content creators who match your business to understand what is working best and how you can develop your LinkedIn Marketing Strategies with the learnings. 

Make a note of the format of the content that they’re posting, what’s the time when their page goes live with the post, and how they choose to interact with their audience. Understanding this small yet critical information will help you a lot in building your LinkedIn marketing strategy

3. LinkedIn Profile Optimization

Profile Image:

Developing a LinkedIn marketing strategy and missing out on profile optimization is something that you would like to avoid. As per the blogs issued by LinkedIn, posts or profiles with images related to the business receive more engagements and views compared to others. Adding an image gives a face to your business and builds credibility among your target audience. It also connects your audience to your business and projects you or your business as a reliable identity.

Here’s an example for you to make it more clear:

LinkedIn Marketing Strategies


Explaining what your business does shortly and crisply is your way to grab the busy eyeballs of your target audience. Think and research about what your ideal consumer will search to see your or similar businesses like you. Incorporate those findings in your headlines and there you go!


Your bio is something that will make your viewers stop and read. It is a segment that needs to be written in a way that makes the viewer hit that follow button. Include all the necessary keywords that you would want to target and that you think your viewers might search for when looking for your business. Incorporate those keywords to explain your business. 

Don’t forget to include contact information at the end of the bio. It can help your target audience to enquire more about your business.   

4. Create LinkedIn Post Plans 

Now that you’ve set up your LinkedIn business page, its time that you plan out on some content that you would like your target audience to see.

The steps are simple here, analyze your competitors, see how the audience is reacting to their posts and create a post plan out of it. Go fully creative yet subtle with your business page. The idea is to grab and market your business and gain loyal customers.

5. Dive into LinkedIn Ads

Harness the power of LinkedIn with LinkedIn ads. Just like any other social media platform, LinkedIn ads can pave the way to track more engagements and customers. 

Use ad formats like Inmail or text ads to build your brand on LinkedIn.

Learn more about LinkedIn ads here

6. Collaborate with LinkedIn Influencers 

Want to build your brand on LinkedIn with a sense of security among your target group, well here’s the way to do it. LinkedIn marketing strategies are incomplete without influencers. Influencers have a huge following base with good engagement rates so why not harness its potential?

Find suitable LinkedIn influencers for your business and collaborate with them. It’s a good way to gain engagement and views on LinkedIn when you start marketing your business on LinkedIn.

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7. Use your personal page to promote your business

Hands down, one of the best tactics for building successful LinkedIn marketing strategies. Using your LinkedIn profile to promote your business is one of the best ways to build credibility. It gives a face to your business and shows the person behind the business. 

8. Add value to other posts

LinkedIn is a professional platform where every other person is there to grow. Adding value to other posts just by adding crucial insights can spark discussions,., hence can lead to building a strong community of like-minded people.

9. Encourage your employees to be part of the group

Your company must look complete on LinkedIn since other businesses and prospective employees will look for you on this platform. If you want all of your LinkedIn marketing strategies to work, encourage your employees to be a part of the group.

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LinkedIn Marketing Strategies Tips

1. Draft long format content

LinkedIn is a professional and informative platform. If you scroll through LinkedIn, you’ll find content like long articles, personal success stories, business ideas, case studies, etc. It is generally advised to post long-form content on LinkedIn that adds value to others and your business.

2. Be creative and explore different formats

Just like any other social media platform, LinkedIn offers multiple post formats like carousels, text-based posts, images, videos, newsletters, polls, etc., Keep a mix of different content formats as per your business need. 

This will help you test and see what’s working best for your brand and you can include them more often in your LinkedIn content calendar.

Bonus: Check out this free AI LinkedIn post creator tool   

3.  Don’t miss the “hook”

Think of your LinkedIn post as a gift box or a newspaper. You’ll definitely feel excited and want to see more of it if you’re attracted to the packaging of the gift or just “hooked” to the headlines of the magazine. Add catchy headlines or phrases to your posts in the first half itself. It’ll increase the chances of clicks and engagements with your posts.  


LinkedIn Marketing Strategies (Direct Messaging) Tips

1. Shoot personalized DMs

LinkedIn is a platform to connect. Having meaningful conversations with like-minded people can expand your network and grow your business in unexpected ways. Send out personalized messages to people with whom you want to network.

As per the latest data from LinkedIn, personalized message gets more responses compared to bulk messages. 

2. Keep your messages short

In this fast-paced world, short and crisp communication is preferred compared to big, long paragraphs. Keep your communication short, crisp yet informative. You don’t want to shoo your reader or potential customer with too much information. Try to find a common ground and start a conversation. It’ll help you break the ice and get to know more about the other person.

3. Avoid weekends

Who doesn’t like weekends? Weekends are for relaxing and getting charged up for the upcoming week. It is advised not to send DMs during weekends to avoid slow responses or just portray yourself as too pushy for the business. You can utilize this time to make your LinkedIn post plans, analyze data, understand your viewer’s behavior, or just relax and take a break for a day. 

The idea is to get quality people in your network.   


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Advantages of Using LinkedIn Marketing Strategies for your Business

LinkedIn marketing strategies - Advantages

(Source: Neilpatel.com)

There are several advantages of using a LinkedIn marketing plan for your business – 

  •  It is much more reliable than other social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. About 40% of the B2B business owners and 21% of the B2C businesses prefer LinkedIn over the other options
  • LinkedIn pages serve as great lead generating pages with high conversion rates
  • It helps you network with other related businesses and also industry leaders and influencers that can essentially help your business grow
  • LinkedIn can help with your SEO performance as it increases brand visibility. This can be achieved by including keywords in your bio and description and also adding in your website link and blog links. Check out how to do keyword research in an efficient manner
  • It builds credibility

LinkedIn Marketing Tutorial

This section is for all those who would like a tutorial on LinkedIn marketing. Here’s a free masterclass on LinkedIn Marketing for all the enthusiasts. This masterclass covers all topics, right from how to use LinkedIn, to understanding the strategies and LinkedIn’s algorithm.

You will also learn the effective timings to post your content along with the post frequency range. So do not miss out on this masterclass if you want to learn A-Z about LinkedIn. The trainer is a digital marketing professional and has some rich years of experience in the industry. 

FAQ’s – Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Are LinkedIn Marketing Ads worth it?

Yes, LinkedIn marketing ads are definitely worth it. Since the platform is purely for business professionals and companies looking for connections, it is much more niche and targeted.

Q2. How to create a LinkedIn ad campaign?

Steps to create a LinkedIn ad campaign –

  1. Know your ad objective
  2. Sign up for campaign manager
  3. Create a new ad template
  4. Select the type of ad format that works best with your objective – video content, static content, etc.
  5. Choose your target audience
  6. Run test ads
  7. Select your budget
  8. Post your ad

Q3. How can I get more followers on my LinkedIn company page?

Follow the following steps to increase your LinkedIn Followers – 

  1. Specify what your page is about on your homepage
  2. Cross-promote your LinkedIn page on other platforms
  3. Include a LinkedIn widget on your website
  4. Post quality content regularly
  5. Run a pay-per-click campaign
  6. Follow industry leaders and other companies

To Conclude

Yes, LinkedIn marketing strategies can help drive sales and build your brand image. It is perceived to pick up in the future, so get started and sow the seeds now!

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We hope you enjoyed reading our blog. Tell us in the comments below!

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