Top 18 Skills To Make Money Every Student Must Know

Updated on: May 28, 2024
Skills To Make Money

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Digital Marketing, Data Analysis, Website Development and Content Writing stand out as the most crucial skills to make money online. Factors such as course outcomes, fees, career prospects, earning potential should be considered when investing in a course. IIDE – The Digital School offers most profitable skills to learn at home.

How to earn money online for students?

As a college student or a recent graduate, this question must be bothering you. In the quest of finding answers to their questions many start looking for the most profitable skills to learn to make money

Well, if you are one of them, then your wait is over because in this blog I have made a list of skills to make money online. Here, I will not only tell you about the most profitable skills to learn to at home but I will also share light on how you can develop skills to learn to make money online. 

Equipping yourself with such skills will help you bag a job in one of the top companies in India. So make sure that you stay with me till the end of this blog, so that you can equip yourself with the best skill to earn money.

Before jumping to the elaborated list of online skills to make money, let’s first quickly understand what exactly high-income skills mean and why one needs to develop them.

Digital Marketing Courses in Delhi - masterclass

What is a high-income skill?

As the name suggests, high income skills are skills and abilities that are in demand and make good money compared to other skills. These skills are different from the usual abilities like time management, good communication, etc. These skills are highly specialized that require in-depth knowledge and training that are focused on just one thing rather than being a general thing.

High-income skills makes you more appealing to the recruiting managers and expands your career horizons. With money making skills, you can switch career paths easily as per the market demand and earn a handsome paycheck in return.

Now, let’s quickly go through why it’s important.


Why Do You Need To Develop High-Income Skills

  •  Offers flexible work opportunities: Learning high-income skills opens doors to flexible work opportunities, allowing individuals to balance other work and earning money easily.
  •  Career advancement: Mastering high-income skills can lead to career advancement opportunities in the future, enhancing job prospects and earning potential.
  • Adaptability in the digital age: In today’s digital age, possessing high-income skills equips professionals and individuals with the ability to adapt to changing market trends and demands.
  • Empowerment and Confidence: Mastering high-income skills instills a sense of empowerment and confidence in individuals, knowing that they have the ability to earn money and succeed on their own terms.

Now that we know why high-income skills are important….let’s get to the list of top 18 highly profitable skills to make money in 2024


Top 18 Highly Profitable Skills to Make Money

Here are the top 10 skills that you can easily learn and then start earning money in 2024:

Skills Average Salary
Digital Marketing 35,000 per month
Social Media Marketing 21,994 per month
Website Development 17,907 per month
Affiliate Marketing 5,000 – 15,000 per refer
Content Writing 26,000 per month
Copywriting 18,604 per month
Email Marketing 25,465 per month
SEO 20,136 per month
SEM 30,000 per month
Graphic Design 25,000 per month
Web Designing 16,000 per month


1. Digital Marketing 

Hands down, digital marketing is one of the most profitable skills to learn at home so, it definitely was going to make the list. In today’s digital age, understanding the fundamentals of digital marketing has become essential for every student looking to make money. 

Any marketing through the internet is digital marketing. Once you master the art of reaching and engaging with a target audience, driving traffic to websites, and converting leads into customers, then you are set in the right direction for making money.

By acquiring digital marketing skills, students can tap into the vast opportunities offered by the Internet to earn money. From social media marketing to search engine optimization, from content creation to data analytics, these skills empower students to navigate the online landscape and stand out in a competitive market. Developing proficiency in digital marketing opens doors to freelance work, part-time gigs, or even starting their own online businesses.

With IIDE’s Online Digital Marketing Course, students can get a headstart in the industry in just 4 – 5 months. But if you are thinking of making a career in digital marketing after graduation then a PG in Digital Marketing may be the right choice for you. With hands-on learning, networking opportunities and guaranteed placements, it is not something to miss.

Bonus Tip: Watch this video to know about the top digital marketing skills that will continue to be in demand in the marketing industry.


2. Social Media Marketing

With billions of people using Facebook and Instagram, social media marketing is one of the most profitable skills to learn at home that makes good money.  No brand wants to leave social media to tap into its potential customers, thus it’s clear that if a company disregards social media marketing, it will only lead to losing opportunities for brand building. This makes social media marketing skills immensely important.

A social media marketing executive deals with scheduling software and plans and executes a calendar of social media posts across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, etc.

Their task also includes executing social media marketing strategies to elevate engagement for a brand and increase brand awareness which in turn will increase sales. 

Where to learn: Online social media marketing course

Where to learn: Online social media marketing course


3. Website Development

Website development needs special mention as it is unquestionably one of the most important money making skills. 

Every other business is going online and they need a website to sell its product and service. Though there are tons of tools available online that require no code to build a functional website, the most reliable and convenient website development platform is WordPress.  

IIDE offers a website development course that offers mastering industry approved tools like Glomaps, GoDaddy, Word fence, Yoast SEO, etc. 

Now there are a lot of ways to build websites, however, the one we suggest is WordPress. Why? Because it’s extremely easy to learn and use. Not only is it easy to use for you as a developer, but it is also easy to use for someone who is just an editor and only wants to modify content on your website. 

Understanding the basics like changing a theme or installing new plugins to improve your website’s functionality is simple and will not require a lot of time. However, if you want to dive into the core of website development and want to be able to make as many changes as you wish, then you need to learn coding languages like HTML, CSS, PHP, and Javascript.

Again, learning to code can be overwhelming at first, but there are tons of amazing web development courses available online that can teach you coding.

Where to learn WordPress: Online WordPress Course

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4. Affiliate Marketing 

Affiliate Marketing is one of the most profitable skills to learn at home to earn money online. Affiliate marketing requires bare minimum investment, and one can make money by promoting products.

Sounds too good to be true right? Well, affiliate marketing is a win-win situation, for you and the company. By just sharing the affiliate link, you can earn as high as ₹1 lakh per month in commission!

You must have a clear understanding of what is being sold and have the right marketing skills for promotion. One of the primary benefits of affiliate marketing is that the company will take care of everything else like customer service and delivery, all you need to do is promote. 

Many eCommerce giants such as Flipkart, Amazon, and eBay are known for something you’d never imagine – affiliate marketing programs! And recently, India’s best digital marketing institute – IIDE has launched its own ‘Refer & Earn’ program, similar to an affiliate marketing program, where both the referrer and referee earn benefits up to ₹ 15,000. IIDE’s Refer & Earn Program is curated keeping in mind your efforts while promoting their courses and hence is one of the easiest ways to earn big money even if you are in college or a working professional. 

So how does this work? 

By just promoting IIDE’s digital marketing courses to your friends and family, you can earn benefits up to ₹15,000 every time they enroll for the course. To know more, watch this video- 


5. Content Writing 

Now let us spill some digital secrets with you!

Search engines and the internet needs content to show it to its users. The more any business publishes relatable and optimized content, the more they increase the chances of ranking high on search result page.

That’s where businesses need content writers.

The great thing about content writing is that you don’t have to do a dedicated course if you are already good at English. Writing your own blog can help you understand how content needs to be written and what kind of content is appreciated on the internet. 

The demand for content writers is huge because every website, every Facebook page, every post, every product description, and every sales pitch needs content. The essence of writing good content is in doing good research so your ‘research’ skills should be on point. Content writing can be classified as one of the best skills to learn to make money.

Skills that can go well with content writing are SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and creative design. Having SEO Training is amazing because it will help your article rank well on search engines like Google and Bing. Your earning opportunities will increase exponentially if you can write Search Engine Optimized articles. 


6. Copywriting

Many people confuse content and copywriting but they’re two totally separate skills. What we saw above was content writing. Let’s see what copywriting is.

A copywriter’s job is to form compelling ad copies to sell products, educate and engage consumers, write product descriptions, email blasts, banner advertising, etc. Their job also includes brainstorming concepts and developing storyboards. They work with marketing and other creative teams/ departments to refine communication strategies and ensure continuous brand messaging. 

If you intend to become a good copywriter, then besides writing grammatically correct texts you should also focus on mastering techniques of ‘brand recall’, learn to evoke responses from people. A good copywriter is expected to have a better understanding of the human psychology behind every buying decision, write/form compelling ad copies and come up with catchy jingles for brands.

Correct copywriting skills will enable you to make good landing pages, sales pages, and email sequences to grab the attention of people. 

You will find a plethora of instructions on how to become a professional copywriter on the internet, to start with you can read a few detailed articles and try joining a course that will only help you understand copywriting progressively. 

Where to learn: Online Copywriting Course with Certification


7. Email Marketing

Email marketing is an important aspect of every marketing plan and is one of the most profitable skills to learn at home. It is a direct marketing approach that involves sending personalized, mass emails to customers in order to persuade them to take a specific action – such as buying or subscribing to a service. 

Most people assume that email marketing is just about writing an email and then forwarding it to your customers. But that’s not just it!

As an email marketer, you need to understand your audience, write copy that will resonate with them, visualize and design email formats, segment the email lists according to their intent, analyze email KPI metrics, and much more technical stuff.

If you are someone who is good at copywriting or if you are someone who is interested in automation and technical stuff, then email marketing will be a perfect fit for you. Email marketing is one of the top skills to learn to make money.

If you are a beginner in the field of email marketing, then watch this video to understand the basics of email marketing.

Where to learn: Online Email Marketing Course


8. SEO

SEO is an underrated money making skill that requires attention to detail and patience to understand its concepts. Search Engine Optimization is the process of increasing website traffic through organic search results. An SEO specialist improves the ranking of their website, by working on both aspects- quality, and quantity. Their job is to optimize the website content and by doing so attract an ample number of genuine visitors to the website. 

SEO strategies keep evolving speedily, the reason being, the SEO specialist needs to keep a close track of the search engine algorithms, hence, website optimization is a continuous/ never-ending process.

While SEO improves your organic search, Google Analytics enables you to understand user behavior, measure marketing efforts, and make well-informed decisions. 

One of the key advantages of these behavioral metrics is that it provides SEO specialists with valuable information on which pages get the most engagement.

Where to learn: Online SEO Course, Online Google Analytics Course


9. SEM

Search Engine Marketing or SEM has become necessary to grow a business and is one of the best skills to earn money. As SEM is all about data, it has become a crucial digital marketing strategy for increasing a company’s reach. SEM has become a crucial digital marketing strategy for increasing a company’s reach.

Simply explained, if a user searches for a product online, the sites run ads to tell the users that the product is available on their site. Supposedly, these ads were not there at the top of the search engine results, the user would have gone to some other website.

This aspect of digital marketing deals with Google ads where the main aim is to drive paid traffic to a website and ultimately increase sales.

SEM enables you to optimize these ads and target the correct audience for your business so that you get relevant clicks and eventually make good sales.

Hence, Search engine marketing is one of the best skills to make money.

Where to learn: Online Google Ads Course

Digital Marketing Courses in Delhi - masterclass

10. Graphic Design


If you have a flair for color schemes & good design, if you love art and computers, you can consider becoming a graphic designer. Just like other computer-related professions, graphic designing most profitable skills to learn at home to make money, and it will remain a desirable course for years to come.

The demand for design is endless because every business requires a designer. Every button you see on a website, every background image, every logo, and every poster, are all made by designers on these software packages. Thus, we can say that Graphic Designing is one of the top skills to earn money online. 

However, only learning Photoshop is not enough. If you are creative, and someone who has an eye for art, there is amazing stuff that you can do by knowing these tools.

The internet is filled with a lot of tutorials and guides on how to use these software packages, especially Photoshop since it is so popular. has some great tutorials on Photoshop that we recommend. It is a paid website but you pay nothing compared to the learning opportunity you get. 

Another way of learning is to start with a design or edit basic stuff like a simple logo, remove the background from a picture, and look for guides online that will help you do these specific tasks. The problem with this approach, however, is that your learning will not be structured and it will be limited to what you come across which might not always be the best thing. 

You can consider being a freelance designer, all you need to start working on is a portfolio showcasing your good design skills, and to enhance your designing skills, you can engage with ample courses available on the internet. 

A few online courses for graphic design are: Photoshop, Skillshare, Canva, Udemy

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11. Web Designing

Web Designing is no doubt a great online skill to learn to make money. The design, development, and maintenance of user-friendly websites have become a difficult endeavor in an era marked by the rapid rise of digital technology. 

With that, the demand for full-stack designers capable of creating dynamic, imaginative, and sophisticated websites is slowly but steadily increasing. If you have an eye for designs or visuals and are familiar with programming languages then Web Designing is for you. 

A web designer needs to be highly proficient in graphic designing, UX/UI, coding, programming, and so much more. User Experience and User Interface play a big role because 75% of consumers form an opinion about a website solely based on how it looks and feels. A web designer must grasp the art of improving UX (user experience) and UI (user interface) 

Understanding the basics of programming language and designing is a must for creating a website that is functional and ensures a great user experience. Learning to code can be intimidating at first, but there are a plethora of excellent web designing courses accessible online to help you get started.


12. Blogging

How-Much-Do-Bloggers-Earn - SKILLS TO MAKE MONEY

Not many years back, blogging was just considered a hobby that people did besides being engaged in a full-time job. At present, blogging functions the same, the only difference is that a lot has evolved over the years! In 2024, blogging is considered one of the best skills to make money.

Speaking of the average salary in blogging, it majorly depends on the following factors:

  • The niche you picked for blogging
  • The time you dedicate to blogging, learning, and executing 
  • Traffic on your blog
  • Digital marketing techniques you implement 

Constancy, your goals, and your motivation are some other factors that matter a lot. 

Now, there are various methods to monetize your blog, your income stream depends upon your level of blogging, what kind of blogs you write, and which method you select for the same. 

Jotted down below are a few of the modern ways how to make money from blogging:

  • Direct Advertisement
  • Ad networks- Ad Sense
  • Affiliate marketing 
  • Paid Reviews
  • Sponsored post

These are a few skills that you can master to make money and most of them come under the umbrella of digital marketing. If you want to understand better how digital marketing can help you make money, then this video may help you.


13. Video Editing

Video is definitely the most effective marketing as well as a promotional tool for music, products, services, news, education purposes, etc. We can already see Video editing becoming the next big thing! Also, it is one of the easiest skills to learn online to make money.

At present, video production doesn’t require huge expenses, the availability of a computer is all that is required to make professional videos if you possess the correct editing skills. Video editing skills are finally getting huge importance which is resulting in it being the most important skill to make money online. 

Apart from YouTube itself which offers you a lot of tutorials on video editing in detail, you can find courses on and that can help you out. Adobe has video tutorials on its website that are great for learning the software, so that’s another tool that you can explore.


14. Mobile App Development

Just like website development, app development has become one of the most profitable skills to learn to make money. A few of the skills required to be an app developer are programming, UI designing, backend computing, etc. 

It is undeniable that the world is moving towards mobile applications. We have started spending more time on our phones than on our computers. Every business is looking into mobile app development to expand and the demand for individuals who can code Android and iOS apps is increasing every day. 

This field is promising and if you are interested you should start learning how to do this right now. Mobile app development will require you to be good at some coding languages (Java and the basics of XML for android before you get started, you need to know that code is not difficult if you commit to it. 

If you’re interested in learning mobile app development, then you can get started with this Online App Store Optimization course, wherein you will learn about how to attract more users to the app store, increase the conversion rates, learn ASO tools, tips, tricks, and strategies.

Tutorials on might turn out to be very helpful if you want to learn mobile app development. Since this skill pays a decent amount of money, you will be able to recover your money quite easily within several months of focused study.

Now that you have a list of some high-paying online skills to make money, let’s run through how you can develop them.

Learn From Asia’s #1
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& more...

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15. Tech Skills

In this ever-evolving digital world, equipping yourself with such skills can help you explore a world of untapped potential. With a large number of companies shifting their operations online, it becomes important to adopt cloud-based operating systems with professionals who have expertise in AI and Machine learning, IT Automation, Cloud Computing, Software Development Methodologies, Fintech, Parallel communities etc.

Witnessing a huge demand for this profession, one can earn a handsome salary by learning these most profitable skills to learn at home. 

16. Graphic Design, UX and Visual

This is one of the most demanding and earning skills for students with the question “How to earn money online for students?”. There are endless opportunities in this field because as a designer there is no limit to creativity.   

With the help of the latest tools and techniques, such as Canva, Photoshop, Illustrator and more you can craft some captivating visuals, leading to an increase in engagement with the company and its website.

Talking about websites, the role of a UX (User Experience) is enhancing the experience of their audience. This is done by smartly designing the elements of a user interface, to ensure the user has a seamless experience exploring the site.


17. Project Management

Increasing complexity in the navigation of work has increased the need for individuals who can manage an array of tasks involving initiation of tasks, laying out the plan to perform a task, executing the plan, monitoring the performance of the task executed and measuring the goals met and identifying key performance indicators that led to success or failure. 

By mastering various project management software, one can manage their tasks and meet their goals effectively within the given time frame. With a surge in demand for individuals in the field of management, it is a must to pursue these skills to make money online.


18. Data Analysis

With the increasing need for individuals who can analyse, interpret, and derive insights from data, this has become one of the demanded online skills to learn to make money. The role of a data analyst data involves studying vast amounts of data by using tools such as Microsoft Excel, Google Sheets, SQL, R, Python etc., to analyze data and derive conclusions. 

Such analysis helps businesses to make informed decisions which helps them achieve their future goals. Therefore, it is a must to invest in skills to learn to make money.

Learn From Asia’s #1
Digital Marketing Institute

AI-Based Curriculum

Dive in to the future with the latest AI tools

Placement at top brands and agencies

& more...

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How To Develop Online Skills to Make Money?


1. Enroll for a course

One might get tons of online resources to learn a skill but nothing can beat the essence of a structured and guided course that starts from the beginning to teach each and everything from scratch.

These courses follow a structure and have specific objectives for its students. A structured system aims to improve its learners abilities, making them industry ready for professional challenges.

So, if you’re seriously considering learning money making skills, you should go for a formal course.


2. Research with free resources

We’re living in the era of the internet where everything is just a click away. Make full utilization of free resources to gauge basic knowledge. Doing this will give you a fair idea if you want to go ahead with the topic or just want to switch to something fresh and new. 


3. Find a mentor

Getting a mentor is like a blessing in this competitive world. Find someone who can guide you with your queries and answer your doubts when needed. This will give you an upper hand as you’ll have someone who’s sharing interesting insights on the basis of which you can take decisions.




Q1. What is the most profitable skill to have?

Ans: Here is the list of the top 10 most profitable skills to learn at home:

  • Digital Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Website Development
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Content Writing
  • Copywriting
  • Email Marketing
  • SEO
  • SEM
  • Graphic Design


Q2. Which course is best for online learning?

Ans: Digital marketing as a whole is in itself a very booming industry. With a surge in demand for digital marketing professionals, it is a must to learn this pivotal skill to make money online.


Q3. What are the top 5 skills in 2024?

Ans: Digital marketing, social media marketing, website development, affiliate marketing and content writing are some of the top 5 skills to learn to make money online. 


Q4. How to get a high salary job?

Ans: You should follow the steps given below in order to earn a high paying salary:

  • Enroll for the most profitable skills to learn at home
  • Build experience in the skill developed
  • Network with professionals in the industry
  • Be persistent 



Now that you have made it to the end of the blog, I hope that you have received an answer to the question “Which course is best for online learning?” Also, I would always recommend you do your own research while choosing to pursue the course of your interest.

Feel inclined towards towards learning digital marketing? Then I strongly urge you to check out IIDE’s Online Digital Marketing Courses so that you can make a career a promising career in this industry.

If you still have any queries or issues then I strongly recommend you to schedule an appointment and connect with one of my senior academic counsellors. They will not only cater to your concerns regarding the course or the industry but will also help you find the course or career that aligns with your interests.

I hope the blog was helpful, if you have any questions regarding the same, please let me know in the comments below. 

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