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Updated on: Sep 19, 2022
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Looking for a Scope of Digital Marketing in Johor Bahru? Or looking for making a start or career transition and wondering if this is the right career to get into. Don’t worry, to solve your dilemmas, we’ve your back.

In this blog, we’ll have a look at digital marketing in the post covid situation, the scope of digital marketing for businesses and students, and the future of digital marketing. But before we dive deeper, let’s first understand the nuances.

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing implies all the acts done to connect to the respected target audience through various means of advertising to create brand awareness and eventually convert them into potential buyers.

Simply, all the efforts made to promote or sell products as well as services online are referred to as Digital Marketing. This differs a lot from traditional marketing. Digital marketing is dynamic and that’s why digital marketing trends always keep on changing.

Digital marketing offers various benefits to businessmen to expand their businesses and accomplish their goals. These may include:

  • Specific Targeting
  • Immense Reach
  • Pocket Friendly
  • Simple Tracking 
  • Variety of Content to Offer

These are some of the points that enable a brand or company to connect with its customers in this fast-growing world. But to exploit these opportunities, one must have a basic understanding of how digital marketing works. 

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Now, let’s have a look at the Scope of Digital Marketing in Johor Bahru to understand if that’s the right career for you to indulge in.

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Scope of Digital Marketing in Johor Bahru:


Scope of Digital Marketing Post COVID-19

Just like Covid-19 has left a deep impression on everyone’s lives, it did the same with the marketing and digital marketing industry. It presented unprecedented challenges before the business with two options – adapt or quit.

As a result, those keen to make or continue their digital marketing careers had to change their marketing strategies and campaigns to remain in the race and face the competition. Wondering what’s the scope of digital marketing after Covid-19? Let’s find it out.

1. Switch To Online Marketing

The pandemic has changed the dynamic of traditional and digital marketing. While before Covid-19, businesses rely more on traditional marketing with advertising, switching to online ways of promoting products and services was the aftermath. Since people have been locked in their houses, the demand for digital marketing has boomed. 

People started buying online goods, opting for online courses, and even going on online dates! The need for entertainment was a must. This resulted in more use of OTT platforms and a high subscription rate for Netflix. In the crux, it changed marketing for good. 

2. Rise of E-Commerce

The average share of internet users making online purchases increased from 53% to 60% during the pandemic. With that, the global e-commerce market crossed  $26.7 trillion. This includes both B2B as well as B2C sales.

Scope of Digital Marketing in Johor Bahru - Impact of Covid on Ecommerce

(Source: Channel Advisor)

The graph shows GMV growth rates in the categories of Health, Beauty, Clothing, Computers, and  Sporting Goods among others. It shows that the GMV rate increased from January 2020 to March 2020 exponentially. It reflects the increased need for consumer necessities while working from home.

3. Local VS Global

Scope of Digital Marketing in Johor Bahru - Local vs Global

(Source: The Lancet)

In the pandemic, believe it or not, there was a tug of war between local and global. While one cannot deny the stats about online marketing, people searched for more ‘local’ products and services. This might be because of the necessity to get the goods faster.

The keywords like ‘local’ and ‘business’ rose 80% on Google Search. Nextdoor, a social media network saw a rise of 73% in its engagement because it mainly focuses on its neighborhood. Thus, during the lockdown, people supported each other online and gave more value to the community.

4. Customer Experience

Customers became more conscious regarding nature and the environment during the pandemic. They were keen to know the origin of the products and whether it’s eco-friendly or not. With that, they got bored with the ‘how we’re better than our competitor’ or ‘our product is the best’, kind of mundane promotions.

Not only that, but the customers expected more from the brands than ever and if their expectations were not met, they left. So, the competition became more intense. They wanted the brands to hear their needs and understand the same. For instance, the brand Mamas & Papas developed a virtual shopping service to help newly become parents during the pandemic.

5. Booming Social Commerce

Scope of Digital Marketing in Johor Bahru - - Social Commerce

(Source: Velocity Consultancy)

Social commerce brought sociability i.e., social interaction among the consumers on the websites. Social commerce platform offers features like reviews, tags, recommendations, user profiles to share their experience, and much more which makes the environment trustworthy for the business. 

As it provides the opportunity for the customers to connect and communicate with each other via review, rating, group, or community. The advancement of technology-enhanced online buying added to the sociable experience of users during the pandemic. 

Scope of Digital Marketing for Small Businesses 

Many believe that there is no scope for digital marketing for small businesses. It doesn’t offer any scope for small businesses as such. But this isn’t true! With the big brands, agencies, companies, and businesses, it offers large scope for small businesses. Let’s have a look at that:

1. Connect You With Your Customer

Digital marketing can be a great place to connect and engage with customers. It, when used effectively and wisely, can be very helpful in communicating your brand’s message or USP to the customers. According to the report, 80% of consumers find relevant details regarding the products or services they are looking for online. 

Whether it’s on the website or social media platforms, digital marketing offers various ways to target customers to promote or advertise its products. And for small businesses, the local directory can also work wonders!

2. High Conversion Rates

Digital marketing helps you track the conversion rates of your business. You can know, through the various metrics available, who fills out the form, subscribe to an event, or make a purchase. If you don’t get the conversation rate you expected, that’s a sign you need to change your marketing strategy.

To improve your conversion rates, you can use A/B testing, and heat maps, optimize the form, create clear CTA and urgency, and mobile-friendly content. These are the few things that can help you drive better conversion rates, more than what you can expect in traditional marketing.

3. Pocket Friendly

Being a small business, the thought of spending too much on marketing can be haunting. But it won’t haunt you anymore! Digital marketing demands much less money or even no money (if you don’t want to advertise and have an excellent marketing strategy) than traditional marketing.

Do you know that 40% of small business owners believe that digital marketing has helped them in their businesses? Various metrics like CPC, CTR, and CPL help you understand what’s working and what’s not. By analyzing these details you may cut down your money on the ads which aren’t working as desired. 

4. Real-Time Customer Service

If you want to win your customers, you can do this through real-time customer service. When we talk about the objectives of a business, customer engagement counts as the priority but being available 24/7 can be a bit difficult when customers want to get their doubts and queries solved immediately.

For this, companies, brands, or even small businesses must create trust-based relations with the customers. This can be done by live streaming videos, having social media presence, offering live chats, or hosting events for the customers.

5. Connects With Mobile Customer

There are 6,567 Million mobile users in the world as of September 2022, according to Statista. Mobile marketing generates 34% of all organic traffic. So using mobile marketing to target the potential customer in your neighborhood or those sitting in another corner of the world can prove to be beneficial for you.

Scope of Digital Marketing in Johor Bahru - Mobile Phone Users

(Source: Statista)

Therefore it becomes important to make your website mobile-friendly and mobile apps with responsive designs and landing pages to target your potential buyers. 

Scope of Digital Marketing for Students

There are 860,000 job openings for digital marketing specialists as per LinkedIn! But there aren’t enough skilled talents to fill up the space. So if you want to make a career in digital marketing, this is the right time! Now, let’s have a look at the scope of digital marketing for students in Johor Bahru.

1. Growing Demand

The demand for digital marketing is growing exponentially with time and it’ll keep growing seeing the stats. The growth of the digital marketing industry annually is projected at 9%. With that, the IT/ Computer industry has the highest demand for digital marketing jobs with 46.01%.

Scope of Digital Marketing in Johor Bahru - Job Statistics

(Source: LinkedIn)

In simple words, the demand for digital marketing jobs is booming. That’s the digital marketing job opportunities available in Johor Bahru! Surprising right? So, if you want to make a career in digital marketing there must be no second thoughts.

2. Opportunities To Explore

If you’re someone who likes exploring and learning new skills without sticking to a single career to spend your life on, then there are many career opportunities digital marketing offers for you to explore. If you’re someone who likes designing, writing, making reels or videos, and analyzing numbers, digital marketing has a treasure of careers to offer.

Scope of Digital Marketing in Johor Bahru - -Most Important Future Skills For Marketers

(Source: Lessons At Startup)

While the demand for data analysis is 30% followed by content marketing by 20%, the demand for app development is just 1%. SEO Specialist, Email Marketer, Automation Expert, Digital marketing manager, and Graphic Designer are some other careers where you can try your hands on.

3. Easy To Start

One of the main reasons behind the popularity of digital marketing is that it’s easy to start. Whether you’re looking for your first job or want to make a transition, digital marketing will never disappoint you.

You don’t need to be from a specific educational background or don’t need a Bachelor’s or master’s degree to make a fresh start. All you need is to enroll in an online digital marketing course where you can gain both the basics as well as advanced knowledge of the field right from your home.

4. Certifications Add Weight To The Resume

Developing digital marketing skills can be beneficial for you if you want to have a  career in this field. But do you know what can be the cherry on the cake? Having certifications in all those skills you’ve developed and aced.

When going for the job interview, this will add weight to your resume and leave a better impression. Who knows if that may move the employer to hire you or get you a better salary?

5. Diverse Freelancing Opportunities

Gone are the days when people used to like working for someone under their rules and orders. Nowadays, people prefer working for themselves under their own made rules. According to the International Labor Organization, around 46.5% of the total workforce of the world is self-employed.

Scope of Digital Marketing in Johor Bahru - Freelancers by Industry

(Source: Zippia)

Do you know that 75% of the total workforce works in the arts and design industry? Thus, there are many freelance career opportunities in digital marketing. All you need is a laptop with a good internet connection and you’re good to go!

Scope of Digital Marketing in the Future

In the southeast Asia region, Malaysia has one of the largest internet penetration rates with 89.6% of its population. While the number of its internet users is 29.55 Million. The numbers are very surprising and the scope of digital marketing in the future is bright. Let’s have a look at that.

Scope of Digital Marketing in Johor Bahru - Malaysia Digital Marketing Landscape

(Source: Asia Pac Digital)

1. Geofencing Is Taking Over 

Geofencing is the perimeter that uses GPS or RFID to define geographical boundaries. It helps to track a customer’s location. It can be used to target a certain place, business category, demographic market area, city, or place. And you know why geofencing is important? 

Because 73% of customers prefer personalized messages while 53% of the customers visit the shop after receiving the location-based message. Using this technology for getting more traffic and customers, can prove to be a plus point for your business.

2. Omni Channel Marketing

Scope of Digital Marketing in Johor Bahru - Omnichannel Marketing

(Source: Easy Affiliate)

Omni-channel marketing is the integration of various channels to connect and interact with customers to enrich the brand experience. It aims to provide a better user experience to customers by offering various content and services to fulfill their needs.

Companies with omnichannel states retain about 89% of their customers. As per SDL, 90% of the customers expect consistent interactions on various channels. A well-planned omnichannel strategy can prove to be the best way to retain customers.

3. Power of Influencer Marketing

The influencer marketing industry has reached  $16.4B in 2022. This is the reason why it has become one of the biggest trends of this year. It is anticipated that by 2028 that the influencer marketing market size will cross $84.89B.

But now here is the trick-  brands are now not only focusing on big and popular influencers or celebrities with more than 50K followers but also on micro-influencers having more engagement. Because micro-influencers have the highest engagement rates around 7% as per the reports of the report of Later and Foher.

4. Rise of Podcast

Scope of Digital Marketing in Johor Bahru - Podcasts

(Source: Kaltura)

While video, reels, or shorts keep booming, podcasts aren’t back in the race anymore. It offers many benefits over video. One such is cutting down screen time making multitasking easier. And do you know there are 383.7 million podcast listeners across the globe?

This shows that even in this cut-throat competition, it’s booming. It can be the best way to promote your brand or products or services or perhaps, create brand awareness, whatever your business goal might be.

5. The Era of NFT

Scope of Digital Marketing in Johor Bahru - NFT

(Source: Information Age)

The global market value of NFT is around $3 billion, according to the data of BeInCrypto. While on OpenSea, 250,000 people trade NFTs every month!  People nowadays are buying NFTs in significant numbers. 

Brands can use NFT for their digital assets like music, videos, or art. This can be used to trade these assets without or with the least possibility of fraud. It can also be used for rewards or points, creating digital collectibles, utility tokens, or gaming applications.

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FAQ –  Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is there any scope in digital marketing?

Yes, there is a scope of digital marketing that is very bright and constantly booming. It is a billion-dollar industry and provides many career opportunities. While digital marketing trends are dynamic, it offers many benefits over traditional marketing.

Q.  Is it worth learning digital marketing in 2022?

Yes, digital marketing is worth learning in 2022. There are many job opportunities coming up as brands and businesses are hiring talent who can help them to accomplish their business goals. So, if you’re thinking so make a career in digital marketing, now is the time!

Q.  Is digital marketing difficult?

Well, this can be a subjective answer. But no, digital marketing is not difficult. It is a very interesting field to learn the most in-demand skills of today’s world and make a career in the highest-paid jobs.

Q.  Does digital marketing needs coding?

No, digital marketing specifically doesn’t need coding. But web development does. It is a niche of digital marketing that requires coding to make websites and work on responsive designs to improve the user experience.

Q.  What skills do you need to be a digital marketer?

SEO, SEM, Social Media Marketing, Content Writing, Google Ads, Google Analytics, Graphic Designing, Video Marketing, Email Marketing, Data Analysis, and Web Development, are some of the skills that digital marketers may learn and ace. 


Digital marketing is a universe in itself. Seeing the above numbers with the details proves that it has a secured future and you too if you’re going to enter this field. But it’s very dynamic. So, you must be creative and innovative to adapt to the changes and stand out in the competition.

If you’re an undergraduate, you may opt for BBA in Digital Marketing courses to start your career and master the basics as well as advanced knowledge of Digital Marketing.

You may check out the MBA-Level PG in Digital Marketing Program If you’re looking forward to making a career in digital marketing. This program will help you understand the nuances of digital marketing.

We hope you had a great time reading this blog and it has enlightened you about the scope of digital marketing in Dubai. If you have any queries or doubts, please let us know in the comments below.

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