Teens Are Making Thousands of Rupees Online (And You Can Do It Too)

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Feeling a cash crunch? Or
Facing a lack of independence? Or
Unsure of what you want to do after college?


If you can relate to any of these questions, then read on…

Who says you need to graduate to start a career and make a respectable living? Or the only way to secure a job is with a degree to your name?

Have a passion? Show it to the world. And you can get rewarded.

It’s 2017, folks! And we are in the midst of a digital awakening in India!

Teenagers in India (and around the world) are making so much money online that many of them are in the process of turning their passions into full-fledged careers.


In marketing terms, we call such people ‘influencers’. And influencers are valuable to marketers.


If you can think of any person on social media who posts about a particular topic and has thousands of followers, that person is an influencer.

He/she can post about:

Fitness (posting selfies in the gym, their protein shakes, yoga asanas, etc)

Beauty & Fashion (OOTDs, OOTNs, beauty and fashion tips, etc)

Relatable short rants and skits

Music (singing, playing instruments, etc)

Dance (performing short routines)

Gaming (reviews, tips, hacks, etc)

Gadgets (reviews, tests, hacks, etc)

And the list goes on…

From having tens of followers to having hundreds, thousands and even millions of them, these people are celebrities in their own right and that’s why they garner the attention of several brands, securing endorsement or ambassador deals with them.

Here is a small list of popular Indian teen influencers:

Yaman Agarwal (19) – Food & Cooking

YouTube – 83,250 subscribers
Instagram – 2,285 followers
Facebook – 96,000 likes
Twitter – 1,073 followers

Antara Nandy (18) – Singer

YouTube – 30,000 subscribers
Facebook – 184,500 likes
Instagram – 123,000 followers
Twitter – 710 followers

Kanika868, Kirandeep Kaur (19) – Fashion

Instagram – 530,000 followers

There are also some very well-known teen influencers from around the world who make millions of dollars:

Nash Grier (19) – A bit of everything

YouTube – 4,820,000 subscribers
Instagram – 10.1 million followers
Facebook – 3,605,000 likes
Twitter – 6.45 million followers

Brent Rivera (19) – Funny Skits & Vines

YouTube – 3,051,000 subscribers
Instagram – 5.5 million followers
Facebook – 5,300,000 likes
Twitter – 2.29 million followers

Makeupbymandy, Amanda Steele (18) – Beauty & Fashion

YouTube – 3,000,000 subscribers
Instagram – 2.7 million followers
Facebook – 320,000 likes
Twitter – 1.02 million followers

Influencers have this huge fan base due to the large number of millennials and children coming online from all over the world. Indeed, even 6-year olds are on social media and many influencers acknowledge that their primary market consists of 9 – 10-year olds. These children are the consumers of tomorrow, and therein lies the attractiveness of influencer marketing for many brands. Even for adults in their 20’s, a brand recommendation from a person they follow on social media (who they even look upon as their friend) has a greater impact than a celebrity like Deepika Padukone or Ranveer Singh making the same recommendation on TV. That’s when influencers get the upper hand, charging high amounts of money for promoting brands.

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So, get in on the action before it’s too late! Here are some guidelines on how you can become an influencer:

1: Find Your Passion:

What are you good at? Is it Singing? Dancing? Sketching? Yoga? Do what you’re good at, and people will naturally be drawn to your account. Even being goofy or witty pays off online!

2: Find Your Voice:

After you know your passion, you need to find a unique voice. How are you different than other influencers in your niche? Do things in a unique way and claim that method as exclusively yours.

3: Choose the Channels:

Choose 2-4 platforms that you would want to be active in. These platforms should best help to portray your passion. For eg. Instagram and Pinterest are well known for high quality pictures; YouTube and Vine for videos; Twitter for self-expression; and blogging for talking about something.

4: Make a List:

Make a list of possible brands who would be receptive to your content. Once you have acquired a good following, you can gradually start reaching out to these brands for collaborations. Making such a list will also help you create favourable content and direct your efforts effectively.

5: Create Content:

Now it’s time to actually get to work. Start creating quality content and promote yourself on social media. If you can’t do it alone, get help from your friends or other professionals. Work hard to create good content… this will require you to learn many aspects of marketing, but it’s worth it. Create a content plan for 1 – 2 months in advance so you have a game plan in mind and can work accordingly. Post frequently – at least once every week and use relevant hashtags to become discoverable.

6: Build a Community:

Start interacting with your audience and build a community. Make them feel like they are a part of an exclusive group.

7: Collaborate with Others:

Collaborate with other influencers in your niche. This will help you to cross-promote and increase your reach.

8: Do it Bigger and Better:

Always try to outdo yourself as you learn and discover new things. Really try and provide your followers with value.

Hope this article has educated and inspired you to go online and do something worthwhile with your free time! We wish you all the best and if you have any questions, do let us know in the comments below!

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