How to earn INR 30,000 a month?

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How to earn 30000 a month? A Digital Career Case Study

A college student earns 30000 a month, do you want to know how to earn 30000 a month?

Before anything else, Imagine you earn 30000 a month even though you are a college student. You can manage treats for your friends, gifts for your partner(s) and something you like. Maybe something like these


Dominos pizza?

how to earn INR 30,000 a month

How can one miss out on this?

how to earn INR 30,000 a month

Imagine these with your own small pocket money?

Is it possible? Definitely not.

Who doesn’t need money?

Everyone does.
And there is nothing wrong about it.
Imagine a 19-year-old college student earning 30000 a month!


How is that possible?

It is easy to earn 30000 a month online. It is easy.

Pratik Chandiramani, a 19-year-old student studying in Mumbai, who is from Gandhidham, earns 30,000 a month.

How does Pratik earn that much?

When Pratik was asked ‘How to earn 30,000 a month?’

He said he is a Facebook Advertising expert.

how to earn INR 30,000 a month
how to earn INR 30,000 a month

Reaching out to right audience and engaging with them is the basic work of a Facebook advertiser. It requires creativity and analytical skills which can be developed and learnt over a period of time. Digital Marketing courses and social media marketing courses can enhance your skills and make you an expert in Facebook Advertising and other social media aspects.

how to earn INR 30,000 a month

What is required to be an expert in Facebook Advertising and ensure good returns for your-self, something like Pratik did.

The following steps can help you out earn thousands a month just through Facebook Advertising. 3 things to remember for every Facebook advertiser in order to earn really well:

  1. Set a target audience
  2. Post creative content
  3. Engage with your audience
Digital Marketing Courses in Delhi - masterclass

Target your audience

how to earn INR 30,000 a month

Facebook allows you use various tools to reach a particular defined audience. Choose your target audience on the grounds of Demographics, Interests, behaviors, location, age group and various other features.
Remember: Your target audience shouldn’t exceed a huge number nor it should focus fewer than 1000 people.

Coke targeted its audience in the following manner.

For youngsters, they advertised like this

how to make INR 30,000 in a month

During 2012 London Olympics, Coke focused on Sports enthusiast with this ad

how to make INR 30,000 in a month

While the elder age group who work, they were promoted with Diet Coke ad

how to make INR 30,000 in a month

3 different target audiences, 3 different ads – 1 Purpose

An increase in sales of 1 Brand – Coke.


Post creative content

how to make INR 30,000 in a month

Creative content enhances viewership. Graphic designed content, info graphics, ‘how to do …’ list, such content are appreciated by the target audience. Check out what tried while maintaining this feature of creativity in their posts and ads.

how to make INR 30,000 in a month

That’s how creative posts lead to engagement. Read further.

Engage with your audience

Successful Facebook advertisers is not the one which gets likes on the Ads or on the posts published by the page. It’s all about engagement. Engagement with audience is an essential tool. It allows interaction with visitors, replies to those who comment, and to make them you prospective customers.

how to make INR 30,000 in a month

Facebook advertising is a highly demanded skill. It is an essential part of Social Media Marketing (SMM) which is a module under the umbrella of Digital Marketing.

Use these skills to reach out to perfect audience. Determine your audience and segment them. Design your graphics online on or else showcase your Photoshop-Corel Draw skills. Be creative and engage with your audience. Increase your brand’s sales by 600%.

Follow these steps. Learn more about Facebook advertising and associated skills. Clear your concepts. Plan well. Implement well. Review well.

Digital Marketing Courses in Delhi - masterclass

Corporate Demand:

Social Media Marketing (SMM) experts are in high demand. There are various ways of working with corporate. You can be a freelancer and register yourself on

Corporates, start-ups and various retail stores look out for experts who can handle social media.

With just Facebook Advertising you can earn anything between 10,000 to a 6 digit salary.

how to make INR 30,000 in a month

This is just a trailer of what Pratik Chandiramani knows. When he was interviewed, he said, he learnt this at IIDE – Indian Institute of Digital Education.


Learn more about Facebook Advertising.
Segment your target audiences.
Develop your digital marketing skills through digital marketing courses.
Showcase your Social Media marketing skills to brands.
Earn 30,000 a month like Pratik Chandiramani does.


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