Digital Marketing Salary in Lumajang: Latest Trends you should look out for

Updated on: Feb 17, 2023

Want to know the salary of a digital marketing professional in Lumajang? There are so many career opportunities in Lumajang these coming days where you can work as a digital marketing professional. So, here we have the ultimate digital marketing salary guide for you, with insights on Digital Marketing Salary in Lumajang.

But first, we will talk a little about digital marketing, its compensation, and its importance.

Digital marketing refers to promoting products and services through digital channels like social media, search engines, email, and mobile apps. It involves few of the same principles as traditional marketing and is generally considered a new way for companies to approach consumers and understand their behaviour.

The importance of digital marketing is continuously increasing. So it’s a great chance to start your career in the digital marketing field. There are a lot of opportunities in the digital marketing field such as digital marketing managers, SEO specialists, content writers, social media managers, and many more. For salary, it depends on the amount of knowledge you have, its demand in the market, and different factors in that field.

In this blog, we will discuss in brief, factors affecting digital marketing salary, as well as the 10 best trends in digital marketing salary in Lumajang.

Also, if you want to know more about the digital marketing salary for different job roles then you must check out this blog.

So, if you want to make a career in digital marketing, then you are on the right path because there are so many opportunities waiting for professionals like you who want to take advantage of that opportunities.


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Factors Affecting Digital Marketing Salary

So what are actually the factors that affect Digital Marketing Salary; let’s have a look.


According to LinkedIn 94% of digital marketing professionals have at least a bachelor’s degree. For various marketing roles, you have at least a bachelor’s degree in business, advertising, communication, and journalism. Maximum employees start their careers without having a formal college education.

So, if you add a little amount of additional qualification in digital marketing it leads you to have a better package. Additional qualification includes various specialized courses which are search engine optimization (SEO), search engine marketing (sem), and data analytics. These specialization courses can accelerate your career and help you negotiate for a higher salary. So, it’s a very important factor that affects digital salary in Lumajang.


Experience is the most important factor that affects digital marketing salary. The more years you’ve spent working in digital marketing, the more salary you’ll get. Your experience may include employment, freelance work, and even your own business. Experience plays an important role in determining a digital marketer’s salary. 

The average salary of a digital marketing specialist is approx $52,000 and many more for many different roles. So, experience is not just measured in years. You can also collect experience in a specific industry, or with specific skills and tools. eg. a mobile marketing manager or analytics specialist might earn more than a marketing copywriter.


Getting through the different viewpoints in a more creative way will always add benefit to you and your company. Look for different and efficient ways to complete a task. The more creative you are, the higher the results will be. Creativity is the core of digital marketing. Creative thinking is necessary. 

Thinking out of the box and creating something new gives you a different level of experience. Due to the increase in competition, the demand for creativity has also increased. The job roles such as social media managers require a creative brain to engage with the audience. It also adds to the firm’s productivity.


If you are working in a big city in Indonesia then, your chances of getting a higher salary are high. Your salary will be affected by where your company operates. Your location of working decides the amount of salary you get. 

Generally, working in big cities gives you more opportunities to work and make a career in digital marketing. And, also the pay packages are also high. Though, the salary can differ from location to location. Salaries in tier 1, tier 2 and tier 3 cities also differ accordingly. The packages get higher as per the infrastructure facility, population, literacy rate, and industries available in the city.


Alongside your bachelor’s degree and certifications, skills are also and always important in today’s digital world. The skills like SEO, SEM, etc are in high demand and there are growing opportunities in digital marketing. The higher the level of skills you have, the greater the salary will be.

Companies are always looking for a skilful employee who can do the task with maximum efficiency. You are always required to upskill yourself in order to survive in the digital marketing field.

Job Role

Depending on the role you have, your salary will also differentiate. Digital Media Managers, Pay-Per-Click Managers, SEO/SEM Managers, etc are three of the highest-paid job roles in Lumajang. According to your job role, your salary will also differ. The roles you will play in any company will decide the salary you will get. 

Different job roles will give you different salaries. As a fresher, your salary will be enough to survive in the city. As you get experience in digital marketing, your salary will also increase. As per job responsibility, your salary will vary. Managers have more salary than freshers.


Your salary also depends on factors like company size and its marketing and advertising budget. It varies from business to business. If you are working in an organisation then you are most likely to get a better salary than working in an agency. The bigger the company you work at so will be the salary. 

Depending on the company’s operations, your salary will be affected. It not only depends on the company you work at but also where the company operates and to what extent. The type of firm, and what services it offers will decide the salary you will get.


Specialisation in any of the fields of Digital Marketing will add benefit to your career. If you have expertise in any digital marketing subject then it will add to your salary. The digital marketing specialists/ experts are paid more than the freshers. Industry experts require special knowledge and experience in the relevant field. Practising these skills will add benefits to your career. 

Any specialised employee’s salary will be higher than that of a normal working employee.  For e.g., SEO Specialist, SEM Specialist, Pay-per-click expert etc. These specialists are profound in their field and hence they get higher pay.


Digital Marketing Salary Trends in 2023

The unemployment rate is rising due to not having the right skill set for people. Recruiters are finding this difficult to find the right fit for the company, but there is high demand for digital marketing. Below we can observe that, with the latest trends:

  • Search Engine Optimization Specialists 

The task of the Search Engine Specialists is to optimize, analyse and change the website in such a way as to rank the website of our business in the top search result of google or any other search engine. 

So the more the presence on the internet the more will be the generating lead for the business. They are also responsible for creating and executing link-building strategies. They also change the keywords, content, and architecture of the website to improve and maintain the website in the top results. This is the most organic way of advertising and generating leads. The average salary of Search Engine Optimization Specialists is Rp270,886,043 (IDR)/yr.

  • Content Writers

Digital Marketing Salary in Lumajang - Content Writer Graphic Image

(Source: Hostinger)

These people play the most important role in digital marketing. These people are responsible for writing the storytelling and the awareness of their business or brand so that people can know about the services and the products.

They are responsible for writing unique content for the website, blogs, emails, social media campaigns, social media posts, technical writing etc in other words and the main responsibility of the content writer is that content should not be plagiarized. Because of the content only we can target a specific audience which helps us to generate more leads. The average salary of a Content Writer in Lumajang is around RP125,000,000 IDR/ yr.

  • Social Media Manager

A social media manager is the person in the organisation who is responsible for having a social presence, monitoring, publishing ads, and promoting products and services of the brand on various social media platforms. As a result followers, and driving engagement increase which turns into generating more leads. 

To become a good Social Media Manager one should have some necessary skills in writing, editing, designing, knowledge of the analytical tool, and presence and knowledge of different social media. The average salary of a Social Media Manager in Lumajang is around RP 148,000,000 IDR/ yr and you can easily learn these skills from IIDE courses.

  • Pay-per-click Analyst 

A Pay-Per-Click Analyst is a person who is responsible for analysing performance using data and analytical tools for Pay-Per-Click Media and paid ads offered by google or other search engine or any other social media. They are responsible for Keyword research, Account steps up on different social media, Landing page development, Ad creation, Tracking installation and testing, Campaign launch, etc. 

To become a Pay-Per-Click Analyst a person should have skills like an Analytical mind, Managing time and tasks, Communication Skills, Understanding of Customer intent ability, and Technical and Creative Skills. The average salary of a Pay-Per-Click analyst in Lumajang is Rp282,028,509 (IDR)/yr.

  • Digital Marketing Manager 

A Digital Marketing Manager is a person who is responsible for managing the social media presence of the brand, and advertisements, promoting the brand and generating profitable leads using marketing campaigns. They are also responsible for managing databases, and emails, analysing and developing reports on different social media campaigns, Identifying trends and insights, Creative Growth strategies, Collaborating with other agencies and other vending partners, etc. 

There are various skill sets required to become a Digital marketing manager are Data analysis, Social Media Marketing, Paid Social Advertising, Paid Search, Customer Relationship Management, Designing etc. The average salary of a Digital Marketing Manager in Lumajang is 210,000,000 IDR/yr.

  • Search Engine Marketing Specialist  

A Search Engine Marketing Specialist is a person who is responsible for managing, optimising, publishing new campaigns and reviewing the campaigns for the organisation. They manage the paid search budget and work with the marketing and SEO team in order to achieve maximum ROI. 

There are various kinds of ads for example Text ads, Image Ads, Video ads, Youtube ads and shopping ads.  Because of them also website ranking affects. They have to work with other teams also like web designers, SEO specialists, and content managers.  A Search Engine Marketing Specialist has an average salary of around Rp274,886,043 (IDR)/yr.

  • Graphic Designer 

Digital Marketing Salary in Lumajang - Graphic Designer Image


They are one of the most important people for the marketing team because they are responsible for making beautiful and engaging visual text, images, videos, banners, posts, and any kind of content which is displayed to the customers. They are mainly responsible for maintaining the layout and overall colour design, font and illustrations of the brand. They are also responsible for making rough sketches and making presentations, creating ads, developing logos, etc. To become an excellent graphic designer a person should have good knowledge of Software like photoshop, illustrator, etc. A graphic designer has an average salary of RP 58,960,000 IDR/yr.

  • Email Marketing Managers 

These are the people who directly send an email to customers about the brand introduction, promotions and offers. An Email Marketing Manager is responsible for writing an engaging Email to generate leads. 

They are responsible for creating Email lists and Email Campaigns and increasing email subscriptions. The newsletter is a clever way of engaging more audiences, educating audiences and generating direct leads from the audience. To become an Email marketer one should have quite a knowledge of some tools like Mailchimp, Benchmark Email, Sendplus, Omnisend, Sendinblue etc.  Email Marketing managers have an average salary of around  RP 270,000,000 IDR/yr.

  • Mobile Marketing 

A mobile marketer is responsible for creating brand awareness, promotions and offers of the products and services that an organisation has to offer via SMS or Text marketing, MMS, Mobile application, Pay Per Call, Barcodes, etc. They are also responsible for building and re-targeting strategies for customers and also for shareholders. 

A mobile marketer should have skills like analytical, communication, engaging content and a customer-centric approach. They have to be up-to-date with new market trends, Technologies. To engage more users mobile marketers send a unique link to specific users of some offers or promotions.  A Mobile Marketer has an average salary of 145,000,000 IDR/yr.

  • Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate managers are responsible for managing relations between their company and third-party affiliates. They also increase brand awareness by generating affiliates basically they purchase some product and service and when they promote it they get monetary incentives as rewards. These people should be more exposed to different social media. 

They need to stay up-to-date with the market trend, and technologies, socialise more, and Set up events or meets to explain how specific companies’ affiliate marketing works. They conduct affiliate programs in order to recommend products and explain the affiliate marketing of that company. An affiliate marketer has an average salary of around 165,000,000 IDR/yr.


Where can you learn Digital Marketing in Lumajang?

There are humongous job opportunities in the market and recruiters are finding it hard to get skilled and certified people in digital marketing at Lumajang. If you read till now, it means you have a keen interest in learning digital marketing and you want to become a successful digital marketer. 

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Learn this digital marketing course and your dream digital marketing job is waiting for you. Key Highlights of the Course:

  • 100+ Hours of a Live Class 
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  • Scholarships

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FAQs– Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the salary for digital marketing in Lumajang?
Ans. In digital marketing average salary is around Rp 240,000,000+ but it also depends upon the skill set we have and the experience we have in a particular field.

Q. What is the minimum salary of a digital marketer?
Ans. The minimum salary of a digital marketer is around Rp 8,000,000.

Q. Is digital marketing a good career in Lumajang?
Ans. Yes, digital marketing is a fantastic career in Lumajang. There are many jobs available in this field. And with the ever-increasing scope of digital marketing as a whole, it surely is a good career to go for.

Q. Which country is best in Digital Marketing?
Ans. The USA performs best in digital marketing followed by Canada, France and India respectively.

Q. What are the four benefits of digital marketing?
Ans. Real-time marketing, better measurability, data-driven market and reaching the right audience at the right time.




So, coming to the end of the blog ‘Digital Marketing Salary in Lumajang’, you must have realised that there are plenty of opportunities in Lumajang, Indonesia.

If you are really interested in making a good career in digital marketing then,  IIDEs 11 month MBA Program might be a kick-start for it. If you want to make a career in digital marketing then, learning digital marketing from a good institute is very important.

Digital skills like SEO, and SEM are no longer just skills. These are must-have skills for any professional who wants to excel in their profession.

More so, if you want to learn a specific concept of digital marketing then you can go through IIDE’s short-term certification courses. So, we think you must look forward to these courses if you want deep knowledge in the digital marketing field.

Hope this blog on ‘Digital Marketing Salary in Lumajang’ was helpful to you. Comment down your doubts, if you have any.


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