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Updated on: Sep 11, 2023

 Are you looking for Digital Marketing Careers In Kathmandu? then you are right place. In the blog, you will get detailed information about the digital marketing career in Kathmandu. But before getting into the career let’s first understand what digital marketing means. 

So in simple words, Digital marketing means promoting your products and services online to your potential customers. It is done through various channels such as social media, websites, email, SMS etc. 

Digital marketing career in Kathmandu is booming as the use of the internet is increasing in Kathmandu and people are becoming digital. If you are willing to learn more about digital marketing you can go through MBA in Digital Marketing. So now let us start with the digital marketing careers in Kathmandu.

The Digital Marketing Job Role Is Constantly Growing

Digital marketing is a career which is not monotonous. In digital marketing, things keep on changing as technology changes. We all know that digital marketing is the most modern way of advertising your brand. Methods and channels of marketing have constantly evolved from radio to newspaper to tv and now mobile phones. Digital marketing is the best way to connect directly with your customers as you can get instant feedback from your customers. The benefits of Digital Marketing give an idea of why it is important for companies to use digital marketing to compete in the market.

Why Digital Marketing Job Roles Are the Future? 

As we know nowadays everyone is growing and promoting their business through digital more than traditional means as digital marketing makes its reach wide and helps them cater to global audiences. Digital marketing makes it easy for customers to buy from brands from the comfort of their homes. The scope of digital marketing clearly explains the future growth of digital marketing globally.


    Source – Statista

As you can see in the above image the penetration of the internet is increasing rapidly in Nepal. In 2017 it has shot up to 34% from 19.69%. And then due to the pandemic in 2020, it has raised to 37.7%. This means that the audience in Nepal is inclined toward online marketing. This shows that demand and job opportunities for digital marketers are likely to increase in near future in Nepal.

What Is the Demand for Digital Marketers? 

Demand for digital marketing is increasing day by day as customers want to buy everything online and because of that, it becomes essential for every company and brand to have a strong digital presence to retain and attract new potential customers. This increases the demand for digital marketers who can help companies in maintaining a strong digital presence for the growth of their business. 

Digital-Marketing-Careers-In-Kathmandu-Job-Opportunities-In-KathmanduSource – Linkedin

As you can in the above image there is a decent amount of job opportunities available for digital marketers in Kathmandu. These are only results from LinkedIn there are many other sites on which job opportunities are posted by companies. This shows that a digital marketing career in Kathmandu is in-demand.

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Various Digital Marketing Careers in Kathmandu 

Before we get into the list of job roles in digital marketing, I would like to recommend you pursue a digital marketing course that will act as a support in pursuing a career in digital marketing.

Dont believe? Check out how pursuing a digital marketing course has helped Soni Rai find an entry level digital marketing careers in Kathmandu and advance her career in the field of digital marketing.


To understand digital marketing completely one should know the different job roles in digital marketing. So these are some job roles that will give you a clear view of what is done in digital marketing. 

1. Content Writer 

Content writing is one of the most important roles in digital marketing. In this, your job is to create content that is relevant to your business and easy for your audience to understand. You need to provide value to your customers by giving solutions to the problems of your audience. There are many job roles within content i.e. content writer, content marketing manager & specialist. Pay differs from your experience.


Source – Salary Explorer

2. Graphic Designer 

Graphics and Visuals are as important as the content. Brands should have meaningful content but it should also be visually appealing. Attractive graphics help the audience to understand the content better. Your job responsibility as a visual designer is to create meaningful and relevant visuals for the content. If you are creative and good with graphics, this job is for you. You can convey the brand’s message in a creative and eye-pleasing manner.

Source – Salary Explorer

3. Social Media Marketing 

As everyone is aware of social media and its rapid growth in the past few years it is important to have a strong social media presence for every business. Social media helps you to connect directly with your target audience. You can get instant feedback from your customers. Their job responsibility is to post content relevant to your brand and useful to your customers, to connect with them by answering all the questions of your audience, and to see if social media is helping their brand grow.


Source – Salary Explorer

4. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) & Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

SEO means optimizing your website in such a way that when anyone searches for your product or services your website ranks on top on the search engine result page (SERP) by Google organically. The responsibility of the SEO Manager is to optimize and make the website more user-friendly with some SEO techniques so it becomes Google-friendly and helps in ranking the website. SEM means promoting your website and business on Google SERP through Google Ads. SEM is done by paying Google to rank on SERP. The job of the SEM Manager is to bid at an excellent rate to rank and create an eye-catching ad for the customer to click on.


Source – Salary Explorer

5. Web Developer 

A web developer’s responsibility is to ensure that the website is technically fit and no issues are caused on the technical part of the website. The web developer also has to deal with various codes and paste them at essential places on the website to collect the data important to know the progress of the business.

Source – Salary Explorer

6. Email Marketing  

Email marketing is a part of digital marketing in which you promote your business through emails. Email marketing is done by sending offers, discounts, and details about your products and services. Basically, email marketing helps attract new customers and keep existing customers updated.

Average salary – 840,000 NPR (Brand logiQ)

7. Marketing Analyst 

The marketing Analyst helps in comparing, analyzing, and managing the data driven from the website and other channels about the traffic. The marketing Analyst has to analyze which campaign is doing better or which product is in demand among the customers and various other factors related to the business by using Google Analytics and other analytics tools.


Source – Salary Explorer

8. E-Commerce Marketing Manager 

E-commerce means selling and buying things through online means. E-commerce has grown rapidly in the past few years, especially at the time of the pandemic. People would rather buy stuff online than go there. Here comes the job of an E-Commerce Manager, whose responsibilities are to supervise the trends and performances, handle vendors and customers, and recognize the areas of opportunity and improvement.


Source – Salary Explorer


Now that you are aware of various specializations to make a career in the digital marketing industry and find yourself seriously inclined towards pursuing such courses, then you should check out the PG Course in Digital Marketing.

Also, always feel free to visit our Nepal campus, where we will give you a tour of our campus as well as cater to any queries you have with respect to our courses and placement assistance.



1. Is digital marketing a good career in Nepal?

     Yes, securing one of the digital marketing jobs in Nepal can be a good career. As Nepal is a developing nation the people and companies are gradually inclining towards becoming digital. Because of this, it is becoming a good career option for the people in Nepal.

2. How much does a digital marketer earn in Nepal?

     The average salary for a digital marketing manager is 110,000 NPR. Other than that salary is different for different specializations in digital marketing. Different skills along with their average salary are mentioned in the blog above in detail.

3. How can I do digital marketing in Nepal?

     You can start digital marketing in Nepal by learning about digital marketing and understanding the field first. And after that according to your interest in a particular skill, you can choose what you want to do in Digital Marketing.

4. Is digital marketing an in-demand career?

     As the use of the internet is increasing rapidly people and businesses around are becoming more digital. This increases the demand for digital marketers in the market. Hence digital marketing is in demand and a booming career.

5. What is the future of digital marketing in Kathmandu?

Digital marketing is growing in Nepal, hence there are immense opportunities for the growth in the scope of digital marketing in Kathmandu. Both consumers as well as businesses are increasingly moving online ensures a promising future if you decide to make a career in the field of digital marketing.

6. What is the salary in Kathmandu?

The digital marketing careers in Kathmandu salary may vary based on the skills that a digital marketer chooses to specialize in. However, according to timedoctor a digital marketing professional can earn an average monthly salary of 86,900 NPR.



As we saw there are many job options available for a digital marketing career in Kathmandu. You can make your career in digital marketing by knowing your interest and the job fit for you.

So to conclude, if you want to start your journey as a digital marketer and make your career in this field then you should start by learning and understanding digital marketing first. 

You can also We recommend you to go through our Online Digital Marketing Courses if you want to learn digital marketing as a whole online at your own pace.

Equipping yourself with digital marketing skills will help you to keep yourself up to date with the latest digital marketing trends that are prevailing in the industry.

We hope you liked the blog. If you have any doubts or queries let us know in the comment section so that we can clear them out for you. We would appreciate your suggestions as well.

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