The Future and Scope of Digital Marketing in Nepal

Updated on: Nov 14, 2022
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Do you want to know the scope of digital marketing in Nepal? From seeing 2-3 billboards while your parents drive you to school to now scrolling on platforms with millions of advertisements, the millennials and Gen-Z in Nepal have seen it all. 

About Digital Marketing in Nepal 

Digital marketing in Nepal is defined as a type of marketing that happens on online platforms such as search engines and social media platforms. With digital marketing, businesses in Nepal can reach globally and always attract newer audiences to their products/services. 

To understand the scope of digital marketing a little better, let’s first understand all types of digital marketing- 

  • Search Engine Optimization– Strategies developed to rank higher on search engines than competitors is known as SEO. 
  • Social Media Marketing– Marketing efforts to promote a product or service on social media platforms are known as SMM.
  • Paid Ad Marketing– Receiving website traffic and lead generation via paid ads on search engines, third-party websites, and social media platforms is called Paid Ad Marketing.
  • Performance Marketing– Campaigns in which the advertiser pays the merchant only when a certain action is completed are known as Performance Marketing.
  • Email Marketing– Promotion and follow-ups to a bulk database via emails are Email Marketing.

There are many other types of digital marketing such as influencer marketing, e-commerce management, marketing automation, etc but these are the most basic and important. 

Now, let’s understand the Scope of Digital Marketing in Nepal in the next section. 

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Scope of Digital Marketing in Nepal

Digital marketing experts have recently understood and voiced their opinion on how digital marketing is taking Nepal by a silent storm. There have been many factors that have contributed to this growth and will also be primarily responsible for the future scope of digital marketing in Nepal. 

Scope of Digital Marketing in Nepal - Scope of digital marketing in Nepal


Following are the reasons that discuss the scope of digital marketing in Nepal-

  1. Growth of Digital Marketing Agencies

Nepal has seen a surge in the number of digital marketing agencies with the number reaching more than 20. The growth in businesses and target audience are primarily responsible for this. More digital marketing agencies, more employment generation, and eventually higher scope of digital marketing in Nepal. The top digital marketing agencies in Nepal are-

  • Feat International
  • Arbitrary Digital Marketing 
  • Ansoft Inc
  • Digital Terai
  • Lone Tree Marketing 
  • Trilogy Digital Media 

All these digital marketing agencies keep hiring trained digital marketers as businesses and the need for digital marketing grows in Nepal. 

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  • Increasing Trends in Tourism 

Tourism is an important industry in Nepal contributing to 3% of the GDP. And January 2022 saw more tourists than all of 2021. This is a big statement and accounts for the growing tourism in Nepal. With tourism, the hospitality industry in Nepal is outsourcing or hiring digital marketers, precisely social media marketers who are promoting their brands and reaching out to those looking to travel and visit Nepal.

For example, Trilogy Media provides digital marketing services to the Lumbini Hokke Hotel and even Kuti Resort in Pokhara.

So along with tourism, the scope of digital marketing in Nepal is growing immensely over the years. 

  • A wave of TikTok and Influencer Marketing

During the lockdown, people in Nepal started showing interest in making videos on TikTok and the trend keeps on growing today. Interestingly, TikTok has become extremely popular in Nepal with various influencers and micro-influencers clocking in brand collaborations and earning an income through TikTok.

Hence, the growth of TikTok and Influencers has introduced a new concept to Nepal known as Influencer Marketing. Brands 

  • Global Audience

One advantage of Nepal’s internet marketing is this. With digital marketing, you can select the audience type to which you want to show your adverts. In order to run ads that are relevant to the audience’s psychographic and demographic characteristics, some digital marketing technologies will assist. You may reach the correct audience this way, which will help you get more conversions.

  • E-Commerce Opportunities

The Kathmandu Post reports that following the first closure, more Nepalis are now using online shopping. People began buying online for all the necessities while nearly everyone was at home. People started loving internet shopping and never turned back as this eventually became a habit. People continued to shop online after the lockdown, and as a result, e-retailers continued to make money because their businesses did not suffer after COVID.

  • Growth in Digital Marketing Jobs

Professionals in digital marketing are in high demand in Nepal. The following are a few of the most in-demand positions: 

Digital Marketing Executive SEO specialist
Manager of social media
Writing copy and/or content
Manager of online marketing, among many others

Additionally, in the near future, the demand for experts and specialists in digital marketing will double and triple. Therefore, be prepared to shine in the future with your knowledge of digital marketing.

Top Digital Marketing Career Opportunities in Nepal

From all the points mentioned above, it is clear that there is a huge scope for digital marketing in Nepal and it will continue to grow. As more and more people get access to the internet, the digital marketing industry in Nepal will increase. 

Scope of Digital Marketing in Nepal - Career in digital marketing

(Source: Digitug)

Talking about the scope of digital marketing in Nepal and career opportunities, let’s discuss the popular digital marketing job profiles (according to LinkedIn)  in Nepal that you can apply for. 

  • Digital Marketing Manager

A manager of digital marketing is in charge of initiating projects, overseeing the company’s entire digital strategy, and keeping lines of communication open with customers, the sales team, and the management team.

A digital marketing manager also examines the data, clients, and users of the organisation. They must be skilled communicators who are knowledgeable about both business and marketing. This is one of the best positions in digital marketing in Nepal.

  • Social Media Marketing Manager 

The publishing, the kind of content, and the timing are all under the control of the social media manager. The social media manager is also responsible for creating efficient marketing strategies for events and other noteworthy occasions, planning the posting schedule, and organising all of the postings beforehand.

A social media manager must be able to interact with their target market on social media and comprehend the kinds of content they find engaging. A social media marketer manages all social media operations.

  • Email Marketer 

One of the top digital marketing jobs in Nepal is this one. Email marketing, to put it simply, is the act of marketing by email. An email marketer is a person who sends emails with a sales emphasis. Information, urgency, or scarcity may be established in the email’s content. An email marketer decides what will be in the email, when to send it to customers, and how to deliver it.

  • Content Writer 

A content writer is a person who creates content for a company or brand. An article, a blog post, or a script for a television programme or film can all be written by a content writer. A content writer also generates post captions, and regardless of whether they are sales-focused, merely a story, or something else, they are written in the most understandable and captivating way possible. This is one of the best positions in digital marketing in Nepal.

A content writer should be knowledgeable about research techniques because the information they provide must be factual. In order to generate SEO-focused content that will make it simple for readers to get the information, content writers must also have a solid understanding of SEO.

Where can you learn Digital Marketing in Nepal?

There are digital marketing jobs available in Nepal, but all employers are looking for certified digital marketers who understand the industry’s nuances. So, if you are optimistic about digital marketing, invest your time and money in improving your skills so that you can offer a higher salary when applying for digital marketing jobs in Nepal.

In less than 4 months, IIDE’s advanced digital marketing course will teach you the A-Z of digital marketing and industry-relevant training.

IIDE’s online digital marketing courses are unique because they assist you with education, skill training, and job placement.

Here are the key points of the course:

  • 100+ hours of live instruction
  • More than 50 hours of video lectures
  • Scholarships worth up to NPR 70,000
  • 1-on-1 mentoring sessions
  • 20+ industry tools mastery
  • In-class live presentations
  • 7+ live projects and assignments
  • 100% placement assistance 
  • Resume and interview training 
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FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the scope of digital marketing in Nepal for the next 10 years?

Ans: In Nepal, the reach of digital marketing is expanding daily. It expanded by 40% last year, which was far more than the 3–5% growth seen in other marketing disciplines.

Q. Is digital marketing a good career in Nepal?

Ans: There is a high need for digital marketers in large banks, shopping centres, e-commerce sites, global corporations, and factories. These employers offer competitive salaries and prompt bonuses. Overall, into this new decade, digital marketing may be among Nepal’s most promising and lucrative IT careers.

Q. How much does a digital marketer earn in Nepal?

Ans: One can expect a salary ranging from NRs. 40,000 to NRs. 110,000.

Q. Where can I work as a digital marketer in Nepal?

Ans: As a digital marketer, you can either work as a freelancer or work in any company that hires digital marketing professionals.

Q. Should I be trained to get a digital marketing job in Nepal?

Ans: Yes, you need to have a sufficient amount of knowledge in digital marketing. Both theory and practical understanding of digital marketing are required to get a job in Nepal.


Oh no! We have come to the end of this blog, but the beginning of your digital marketing journey. We hope that you understand the scope of digital marketing in Nepal.

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We hope that you enjoyed reading this blog. If you have any suggestions or queries please let us know in the comments section below. Happy Reading!

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