8 Best Digital Marketing Careers In George Town

Updated on: Sep 20, 2022

Searching for Digital Marketing Careers In George Town ? then you are right place. In the blog, you will get unique statistics about the digital marketing career in George Town. But beforehand getting into the profession let’s first apprehend what digital marketing means.

So in easy words, Digital marketing means advertising your product and services online to your possible customers. It is completed thru a range of channels such as social media, websites, email, SMS etc.

The digital marketing profession in George Town is booming as the use of the internet is growing in George Town and people are turning digital. If you are inclined to analyze greater about digital marketing you can go through Free Digital Marketing Masterclass. So now let us begin with the digital marketing careers in George Town.

The Digital Marketing Job Roles are Continuously Progressing

Digital Marketing is a career which is no longer monotonous. In digital marketing, matters hold on to alter as technological know-how changes. We all recognize that digital marketing is the most modern-day way of advertising your brand. Methods and channels of advertising have continuously developed from radio to newspaper to tv and now cell phones.

Digital marketing is a fantastic way to connect with your customers as you can get on-the-spot remarks from them. The Benefits of Digital Marketing grant a concept of why it is essential for corporations to use digital marketing to compete in the market.

Why Digital Marketing Job Roles Are the Future?

As we are conscious at present all people are growing and merchandising their business enterprise through digital more than again than common capabilities as digital marketing makes its gain extensively and helps them cater for world audiences.

Digital marketing makes it convenient for customers to buy from manufacturers from the comfort of their homes. The scope of digital marketing genuinely described the future increase of digital marketing globally.

What Is the Demand for Digital Marketers?

Demand for digital marketing is growing daily with the aid of day as customers favour buying the whole lot online and due to the fact that, and it will turn out to be critical for each business enterprise and producer to have a sturdy digital presence to hold and entice new conceivable customers. This will increase the demand for digital entrepreneurs who can assist organizations in maintaining a strong digital presence the increase their business.

Digital marketing careers in George town - Job opportunities in George town

Source – Linkedin 

As you can in the above image there is a decent volume of job opportunities reachable for digital marketers in George Town. These are solely from LinkedIn there are many one-of-a-kind websites on which job vacancies are posted using the companies. This shows that a digital marketing profession in George Town is in-demand.

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8 Digital Marketing Job Roles :

To recognize digital marketing surely one should be aware of the special job roles in digital marketing. So these are some job roles that will supply you with a clear view of what is completed in digital marketing. Learning in-demand skills in digital marketing helps in getting a job as per your choice.

1. Content Writer –

Content writing is one of the quintessential roles in digital marketing. In this, your job is to create content material that is applicable to your corporation and convenient for your target market to understand. You need to provide value to your customers by giving solutions to the issues of your audience. Pay differs from your experience.

Digital Marketing Careers In George Town - Content Writer Salary

Source – PayScale

2. Graphic Designer –

Graphics and Visuals are foremost as the content. Brands ought to have huge content but they need to also be visually appealing. Attractive pictures assist the target audience to connect with the content material better.

Your job accountability as a graphic designer is to create significant and relevant visuals for the content. If you are true in graphics, this job is for you. You can elevate the brand’s message in an innovative and eye-pleasing manner.

Digital Marketing Careers In George Town - Graphic Designer SalarySource – PayScale

3. Social Media Marketer – 

As all human beings are aware of social media and its fast increase in the preceding few years it is imperative to have a robust social media presence for each business. Social media helps you to connect at once with your target audience. You can get on-the-spot comments from your customers.

Their job accountability is to put up content applicable to your organisation and beneficial to your customer, to join with them through answering all the questions of your target market and see if social media is supporting their brand growth.

Digital Marketing Careers In George Town - Social Media Manager SalarySource – PayScale

4. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) & Search Engine Marketing (SEM) –

SEO ability optimise your net website in such a way that when everyone searches for something your product or offerings your net site ranks on top on the search engine end result page (SERP) with the aid of google organically. The accountability of the search engine optimisation Manager is to optimise and make the internet site higher undemanding with some internet optimization methods so it will become google exceptional and helps in rating the website.

SEM ability to market your website on google SERP via Google Ads. SEM is achieved by using paying google to rank on SERP. The job of the SEM Manager is to bid at a suitable fee to rank and create an eye catchy ad for the consumer to click on it.

Digital Marketing Careers In George Town - search engine optimisation Manager SalarySource – PayScale

5. Web Developer –

The obligation of a web developer is to make certain that the web website online is technically healthy and no troubles are delivered throughout the technical phase of the website. The web developer additionally has to deal with a wide variety of codes and paste them at fundamental locations on the site to gather the statistics fundamental to understanding the development of the business.

Digital Marketing Careers In George Town - Web Developer SalarySource – PayScale

6. Email Marketer –

Email advertising is a phase of digital marketing in which you promote your commercial company by means of emails. Email marketing is done with the useful resource of sending offers, reductions and small print about your products and services. Basically, email advertising helps in attracting new customers and retaining existing customers updated.

Average E-mail Marketer Salary – RM 43,000/ yr (PayScale)

7. Marketing Analyst –

The marketing analyst helps in comparing, analysing and managing the records driven from the website and different channels of traffic. The marketing analyst has to analyse which advertising campaign is doing better or which product is in-demand amongst the customers and greater than a few one-of-a-kind factors associated with the corporation by way of the use of google analytics and different analytics tools.

Digital Marketing Careers In George Town - Marketing Analyst SalarySource – PayScale

8. E-Commerce Manager –

E-Commerce potential selling and purchasing of things thru online means. E-Commerce has grown all of sudden in the previous few years, in particular at the time of the pandemic. People choose to buy things online as a choice to go out.

Here comes the job of an E-Commerce Manager, whose obligations are to supervise the tendencies and performances, take care of carriers and customers, and apprehend the areas of alternative and improvement.

Digital Marketing Careers In George Town - E-Commerce Manager SalarySource – PayScale

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Frequently Asked Questions 

Q. Is digital marketing a good career in Malaysia?

A. Yes, as Malaysia is a developed country there are vast job opportunities available for digital marketers. As the globe is turning digital it makes digital marketing is a good career choice in Malaysia.

Q. Does marketing pay well in Malaysia?

A. Marketing pays well in Malaysia. But the amount may vary for experience and job role. In-depth information about various job roles in digital marketing and their salary is mentioned in the blog.

Q. What is the monthly salary of a digital marketer?

A. The average salary of a digital marketer is RM 1,793 per month in Ipoh. Detailed information about the salary of different job roles is mentioned above in the blog.

Q. Do I need a degree to do digital marketing?

A. As such you don’t need any degree to do digital marketing. But you should have some sort of certification that shows that you have learned digital marketing skills and you are aware of how to use them.


As we saw there are many jobs picks reachable for a digital marketing occupation in George Town. You can make your profession in digital marketing with the aid of the usage of understanding your activity and the job in shape for you.

So to conclude, if you desire to commence your journey as a digital marketer and make your career in this place then you should begin by using analyzing and perceiving digital marketing first.

We would recommend Short Term Digital Marketing Certification Course to start with as it helps you take a look at the specific idea you are involved in. You can also go through Online Digital Marketing Courses and MBA in Digital Marekting Courses if you choose to look at digital marketing and advertising as an entire online at your pace. Thank you for taking out the time and studying this blog.

We hope you favored the blog. If you have any doubts or queries let us aware of them in the comment part so that we can clear them out for you. We would admire your suggestions as well.

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