Beginners Guide: Facebook Remarketing

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Introduction: Facebook Remarketing

Before learning more about Facebook Remarketing, it is furthermore essential for you to master two aspects of Facebook.

Facebook has changed over the period of years and now it is claimed to be an amazing platform to advertise and make business.

More than 300 million businesses are available on Facebook and they too master on these two aspects viz.:

1. Facebook Ads

2. Facebook Pixel Code

So, it is really essential to know ‘How to make Facebook Ads’ and ‘How to use Facebook Pixel Code’ as they are prerequisites of learning Facebook Remarketing.

Furthermore, you can master the art of remarketing by first knowing how big Brands like and are doing remarketing.

Let’s take an example:

You were probably looking out for a travel bag on

You probably saw some features of the bag and didn’t buy it.

Any big brand would focus on increasing sales.

What strategy would these big brands implement?

First of all, they would remind you and retarget you. You would probably (we mean definitely) would see such an Ad on Facebook.

If you are the marketing manager of a brand or owner, what action would you take in addition to remarketing. Read our article on ‘the main 4 reasons why you should be remarketing for your brand’.

So, what is Facebook Remarketing?

The definition:
It is targeting a person more than once on Facebook and Instagram.

Why brands adopt Remarketing?

Let’s understand this with a practical example.

Let’s consider you like watches and you search for Fossil watches on You probably saw all features and the pictures of the product. You didn’t buy it and you left the website.

By the time you land up on any product, on websites like and, a Cookie is placed in your device’s memory.

It’s a really simple process.

Remarketing takes place by utilising visitors’ cookies. Databases are created by recording ‘Cookie ID’ of such customers. For example, will target a visitor that viewed a particular product on Amazon’s website but didn’t make a purchase or left it on the cart.

In order to retarget such visitors, a code is placed on the page that the user visits, which then triggers’s ads to follow that ‘cookie ID’ user around the web. One of the most popular social media remarketing tool is Facebook Pixel Code. Such ads can be seen on a social media site or on various websites across the internet. So when users go through ads on the side bars or top banners with the Fossil watch which you saw on, this isn’t a coincidence or “fate,” it’s remarketing.

Most big brands doing remarketing in an extremely complex manner, where they have automatic ads for each and every product viewed by a potential customer. We have written a free and extremely simple guide on how to do custom remarketing.

How does this form of technique help various big brands like and


Users surf through their website and check various products. People visit various pages on the portal of online stores. And they add products to cart. Out of 100 people visiting a store, 40 users surf like that. Around 25users view products. 15% users add products to cart. 8% users take a long time to purchase it. But, only 2% actually check out i.e. they buy such products. That means around 23% of the targeted customers turn around even before buying it.

So, how is such a situation tackled?

Facebook Pixel Code is your answer.


1) Remarketing can help track every potential customer and hence it is a must. Learn more about ‘What is Remarketing’.

2) Keep your engagement going on all social platforms. It will lead to more traffic and eventual sale.
Learn the technique of How to use Facebook Pixel Code in our next article. Do it for your brand and see the results.

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