Basics to Kickstart a Successful Online Business

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Kamya Dave, Founder of Urban Modara, a Fashion brand, graduated from HR College of Commerce and Economics, Mumbai and pursued her career by starting out at Larsen and Toubro(L&T), but soon realised something was missing in her career. The motivation to wake up every morning would have to involve something she’s passionate about. This led her to pursuing her long time dream of having her own fashion brand.

She gives you an insight on how she self funded her business with just a small amount to where she has reached today. She also shares her experience and leaves us with 4 learning points, shared right after the video.


If you are a student, working professional or just confused and are planning to start your business, you should possess these 4 rules prior to starting your business online.


1. Passion

If Virgin founder – Richard Branson can start at the age of 16(back in ’66), why can’t you? Kamya Dave started at the age of 23. After working in corporate for 6 months she realized that she is meant for starting on her own. Within 3 months after quitting her job, she kick started and followed her passion.

“A never ending love affair with fashion” – Urban Modara

Today the brand has 14,000+ likes on Facebook itself in 3 months.

‘Every girl in India would love to buy the latest and trendiest clothes and when they wear Urban Modara, that’s exactly what they’d be doing’. This vision helped her stay strong and motivated her to grow.

2. Spotting a Problem

In the 21st Century, everything comes at a cost besides having an idea, it starts by spotting a problem. A human mind comes across several ideas on a day to day basis. However, the costliest thing to achieve is converting an idea into a tangible outcome. This is where you have to be proactive at looking out for problems that people experience on a regular basis. The bigger & more annoying the problem, the bigger the market.

Right from Uber to Ola, Amazon to Snapdeal, Facebook to Google, Myntra to Urban Modara, every start-up is an outcome of not only a great problem but also exquisite execution.

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3. Right Knowledge

Majority startups fail in the initial stage as the founders don’t possess the right acumen ‘to take their businesses ahead’. This is where having a fancy degree is not enough but possessing appropriate skill set is more important.

Kamya Dave attended IIDE’s course in E-Commerce and came again to attend the Social Media Marketing course that overall helped her push her business strategy in the right direction. Gaining the right knowledge is so important for founders who wish to establish a successful business, this cannot be emphasized enough!


4. Execution Methods

Right knowledge when applied correctly helps channelize your business and make it grow. Kamya learnt the skills of SEO and Social Media Marketing and the result speaks for itself, sales worth 400,000 a month! It is crucial for any business to execute in the right manner.


The above point’s Kamya spoke about are completely in alignment with the core values here at IIDE. We empower our students by recognizing their passions, creating/ building on their ideas, instilling them with the right knowledge & most importantly APPLYING that knowledge in the REAL WORLD.

We hope you get the best out of this article & when starting out on your own, or pursuing anything in life, you stick by these rules. We would love to hear back from you and stay connected, thank you for your time.

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