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Branded Content Lead at moneycontrol.com

  • At IIDE – Indian Institute of Digital Education, we had the privilege of hosting Abhishek Mehrotra ©️ Mehrotra, Branded Content Lead at moneycontrol.com and ex – CNBC, NDTV on Saturday for a Super-Session on Storytelling for Brands!
  • Abhishek began by describing his journey about how he started at CNBC, his move to Maxis, and ultimately his return to CNBC after moneycontrol.com was launched. He said that the most important thing is execution and that ideas should not be mere concepts, they should rather be implementable. He also said that it is very important to back your strengths & abilities and to build on your strengths
  • The way Abhishek explained how storytelling & branding go hand in hand and why they are so important was very easy to understand. He mentioned that the role of branding is to showcase what the company stands for. He beautifully explained the idea that the role of storytelling in branding is that storytelling creates an impact by building wisdom. It is about intervening in the customer journey and making an impact, he emphasized
  • Then, he showed us some really marvelous campaigns done by brands that portray how storytelling can be the most powerful tool in branding. To tell you about one of the many campaigns that we saw, one was Under Armour’s “The Water Diviner” which showed Michel Phelps’ daily routine. It was really fascinating to see how Under Armour created a short video but it turned out to be so impactful
  • Towards the end of the session, Abhishek answered some questions. One of the questions was the importance of video content to which he responded that video content is here to stay forever; it is only going to get more innovative and another thing like Tik-Tok can be in the waiting now

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