Elaborative SWOT Analysis of Freshtohome – An Online Meat & Seafood Products Seller In India

Updated on: Dec 18, 2021
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Practical assignments, case studies & simulations from Business Review helped the students from this course present this analysis.

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We have previously written an article on the SWOT analysis of HelloFresh – a publicly-traded German meal-kit company. This time we are back with another blog on the SWOT analysis of Freshtohome.

Freshtohome is an online meat & seafood products seller in India that originate in Bangalore, India. Their 100% fresh seafood, mutton, poultry, steaks and fillet are delivered straight from the farm without any harm. Today, Freshtohome has become India’s No.1 fresh fish & Meat home delivery business.  

Freshtohome marketing tactics have been updated with the latest trends. Freshtohome markets its product offline as well as online. But, Freshtohome’s central focus has been digital marketing strategies since the beginning of digital marketing popularity. However, if you feel the urge to grasp more knowledge about digital marketing. Give a shot to our Free Masterclass on Digital Marketing especially prepared and brought to the table for beginners by our CEO Karan Shah.

This blog has been written to gain a thorough understanding of Freshtohome company, its products, its popularity, net revenue, and to give an authentic picture of the SWOT analysis of Freshtohome.

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About Freshtohome

SWOT Analysis of Freshtohome - Shan Kadavil - The Founder & CEO of Freshtohome
(Shan Kadavil – The Founder & CEO of Freshtohome, Source: IIDE Creator Room)

Freshtohome is an online grocery store that sells a wide variety of fish and seafood, mutton, poultry, steaks and fillet freshly and directly from the farmers market. The company was founded in the year 2015 by Matthew Joseph and Kadavil.

Freshtohome serves chemical-free, 100% fresh produce within 24hrs. Freshtohome helps in removing middlemen and buying the product directly from the farmers and selling it to the consumers at a reasonable price across cities such as Bangalore, Delhi(NCR), Pune, Mumbai, Coachi, Calicut, Hyderabad, Trivandrum, Thrissur at your doorstep. The startup is generating employment as well as helping the farmers and local fishermen in getting a steady income. The startup is expanding in India as well as UAE.

Quick Stats on Freshtohome
Founder Shan Kadavil
Year Founded 2015
Origin Bangalore, India
No. of Employees 17000+
Company Type Private
Market Cap N/A
Annual Revenue $ 28.8 Million (2021)
Net Income/ Profit Rs 600 Crore (2021)


SWOT Analysis of Freshtohome - Products by Freshtohome

Products by Freshtohome

  • Marine Fish
  • Shell Fish
  • Freshwater Fish
  • Poultry
  • Meat

Competitors of Freshtohome

  • Bigbasket
  • Licious
  • Zappfresh
  • Meatwale
  • Meatigo
  • FreshPick
  • Easymeat

Now that we understand the company’s key business, let’s look after the SWOT Analysis of Freshtohome.

SWOT Analysis of Freshtohome

SWOT Analysis of Freshtohome can show how a well-established company uses its opportunities to ensure its growth. It can show how the company takes advantage of its strengths to use the opportunities while working on its weaknesses. SWOT Analysis of Freshtohome will also reveal its expansion plans.

To better understand the SWOT analysis of Freshtohome, refer to the infographic below:

SWOT Analysis of Freshtohome - SWOT Infographics of Freshtohome

Now first let’s begin with the strengths of the company from the SWOT analysis of Freshtohome.

Strengths of Freshtohome

  • 100% Fresh and 0% Chemicals: The major strength of Freshtohome is that they provide 100% Fresh and Chemical-free produce to the customers. 
  • Systematic Business: Fishermen with the fresh catch use the app where they can bid with the company, functioning as an electronic commodity exchange market and selling their catch. The company then sends trucks within 100km responsible for that area to collect the produce in RO treated ice and bring it to the company where it is processed, packed and checked for quality in labs.

SWOT Analysis of Freshtohome- Freshtohome Campaign To Convince Consumers To Buy Online
(Freshtohome Campaign To Convince Consumers To Buy Online, Source: BestMediaInfo)

  • Direct To Home: Freshtohome offers the convenience of shopping from home and getting the required goods directly. Freshtohome deals with fishermen directly eliminating the middlemen and breaking the long supply chain and getting the produce freshly delivered at your doorstep within 1 day.
  • Supplying Produce at Wet Market Rates: Freshtohome supplies livestock produce and fish directly from the farmers and fishermen to the customers eliminating the middlemen in the scenario and therefore the product is sold at a reasonable price i.e, the wet market price or sometimes even less than that.
  • Huge Basket of Options: Freshtohome provides a huge variety of options to its customers. The major perk of shopping online is that one can get a huge variety of products under one roof and so is the case with Freshtohome. Freshtohome provides marine fish, freshwater fish, chicken, mutton, etc as well as ready to cook products and also provides its users’ deals of the day, combo packs and many other offers.
  • Good Investor Support: Freshtohome has good investor support and has recently raised $121 million for expansion. The company is aiming to capture the Indian market as well as also move its operations forward towards the UAE.
  • Helping Fishermen & Farmers: Freshtohome has helped farmers and fishermen sell their produce directly through an app without any hap-hazard. The produce is collected by the company itself. This has helped farmers and fishermen receive appropriate amounts for the sale without the need to go through any of the trouble.

From the above bullet points, you can understand that how a small online start-up becomes a huge success in the market using simple and effective digital marketing tools & techniques. Start-ups like these such as Freshtohome, Big Basket, Groffers, Licious are running their business fully on digital platforms with minimal to no use of traditional marketing methods. 

Bonus Advice For You: These start-ups cum future business tycoons are looking for freshers like you who are well versed with various digital marketing skills to help their business boost in the market. If you are still not upgraded with the latest digital marketing skills then you must soon upskill yourself for your benefit.  

  • 3 Shift Delivery: Freshtohome allows its customers to choose its delivery shift between morning, afternoon and evening. A customer can select any of the above slots and get their order delivered to them according to their time preference.

Weaknesses of Freshtohome

  • Limited Reach: One of the major limitations of Freshtohome is its reach. It is currently operating in a small segment of the country. Majorly working in the metropolitan cities. It does not deliver to some of the major cities of the country and this becomes a weakness as the company is losing some of its potential customers.
  • Literacy Among Farmers: The sellers, fishermen and farmers as most of them are illiterate and do not have the means to connect on the internet. This has become a problem in terms of expanding the suppliers base.
  • Lack of Physical Outlets: Freshtohome does not have any physical outlets which affect its sales and brand presence in many ways. Sometimes people who are willing to buy products on the move or at the moment do not have the opportunity to do so.

Opportunities for Freshtohome

  • Size of Indian Fish Market: The size of the fish market in India is more than 50 billion dollars, in production and sale, according to the statistics released by the Indian Fisheries Department in the year 2016, 90% of this comes from India and the rest 10% is imported. This becomes a major opportunity for Freshtohome to expand and cover the Indian fish and livestock market.
  • Increasing PPP: Companies like Freshtohome help in increasing the Purchasing Power Parity of the country. (PPP is an economic theory that compares different countries’ currencies through the goods basket approach).
  • Expansion: Freshtohome is expanding rapidly, the firm has recently raised $121 million in the funding round by DCF, Allana Group, Investcorp, Ascent Capital and other investors. The company aims to expand their services to around 56 cities in the next 2 years. The company also aims to become a million-dollar company in the upcoming 5 years.
  • Changing Lifestyles: As the changing lifestyle and workload getting even more increased for working professionals, people are more tend to consume ready to cook meals which saves their time. Freshtohome has an opportunity to tap and enter this gap where it can deliver food ingredients and recipes to customers just like what HelloFresh do.   
  • Online Presence: As more and more people come online and spend most of their time over the internet, the ways to widen its e-commerce presence creates a great opportunity for Freshtohome to connect and serve more and more people that will ultimately increase its customer base.

Threats to Freshtohome

  • Depend Completely on the Internet: Freshtohome works and depends completely on the internet for its operations. It could turn very risky in situations such as internet shutdown, blackout or even in terms of a server outage. In addition to this, the fishermen and farmers are also expected to sell the produce to Freshtohome via an app which makes it difficult for them as a huge number of villages in India do not have a steady internet connection.
  • Intense Competition: There is immense competition in this sector as Freshtohome has to compete with a lot of existing as well as upcoming startups along with supermarkets, shops, vendors, etc to maintain their position in the market.
  • Deals on Perishable Products: As Freshtohome deals in perishable products, it creates a huge threat of products getting contaminated so Freshtohome has to maintain a constant temperature all the time along the cycle to avoid such contamination.

This ends our outstanding SWOT analysis of Freshtohome. Let us conclude our learning below.

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To Conclude

Freshtohome is an Indian startup expanding to the gulf countries which has changed the way fish, meat and dairy products are sold in the market. Freshtohome has also integrated emergent technologies in enhancing its performance and has also revolutionized the fish, meat and dairy market in the country. 

Freshtohome is expanding at a rapid pace and is going to achieve tremendous growth in future as it is altering the way fish and meat are sold in Indian markets and enhancing the quality of life of the people of the country.

Talking about the competition where marketing plays a crucial role, taking advantage of technology not merely in this industry in which every other company is focusing on digital marketing to rise ahead of each other. If you have the curiosity to learn you may check out IIDE’s 3 Month Advanced Online Digital Marketing Course to know more.

We hope this blog on the SWOT analysis of Freshtohome has given you a good insight into the company’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.

If you enjoy in-depth company research just like the SWOT analysis of Freshtohome, check out our IIDE Knowledge portal for more fascinating case studies.

Thank you for taking the time to read this, and do share your thoughts on this case study of the SWOT analysis of Freshtohome in the comments section below.

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